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  1. Tony Bellew beats David Haye by an 11th-round technical knockout
  2. Haye was limping after hurting his ankle in sixth round of extraordinary fight
  3. Both fighters embraced at end of fight at London's O2 Arena
  4. Eggington beat Malignaggi earlier
  5. Ohara Davies and Lee Selby also won fights
  6. Katie Taylor wins her third pro fight

Live Reporting

By Alex Bysouth

All times stated are UK

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Bellew Hearn
Getty Images

Well, that was quite remarkable.

We said it would take an Oscar-winning performance beforehand, but didn't expect both fighters to play such a starring role in a fight fit for a Hollywood script.

Injuries, underdogs, even hugs and kisses by the end of it, not even Tony Bellew's appearance in Rocky spin-off Creed had that much drama.

That's it from us, but you can relive that mammoth bout with Luke Reddy's report from the O2 Arena right here.

Parker or Wilder next?

Steve Bunce

Boxing pundit on BBC Radio 5 live

Had David Haye won in the first round or the 11th round, we wouldn't have questioned his eligibility to chase any heavyweight. 

Bellew didn't mention Anthony Joshua, so go and chase it, put an offer out to Joseph Parker, put an offer out to Deontay Wilder.

In the summer, at Goodison Park, there will be enough money on the table to get those guys in the ring.

Should Tony Bellew really go after another heavyweight bout? Steve Bunce says why not chase it while it's there...

BBC Radio 5 live

Promoter Eddie Hearn on Radio 5 live: "We've got to go after a heavyweight world title for Bellew now. I am so pleased for him. He's secured the future for his family and they can live a wonderful life.

"He is everything you would want in a man, he has a big heart, never gives up, has a wonderful family and I am so happy for him."

'People underestimate me'

BBC Radio 5 live

Tony Bellew on Radio 5 live: "He's probably the hardest puncher in the world, and he's so quick early on, he's like a sprinter. He can really hit but he can also take a few himself.

"In my eyes I've beaten one of the best cruiserweights and heavyweights we've ever had. I am honoured to fight in the same ring as him. I've looked up to him.

"People underestimate me. Watch me on tape and I'm terrible but in the ring I'm harder to hit than you think."


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Richard Phillips: Serious do Haye and Bellew need to get a room!! Talk aiming to set up a rematch!  

Carl Sumner: That was a fairly insane fight. And a finish that epitomises sport and sportsmanship.  

Karl Bristow: Astonishing scenes, what an upset, credit to Haye for carrying on with one leg!   

'The noise was deafening'

Luke Reddy

BBC Sport boxing reporter in London

What can you say about that?

Did it live up to the hype? I can't speak for those watching or listening at home but ringside it had the twists and drama of an award-winning film. 

The noise was simply deafening. Some seemed shocked at what they were seeing, others thrilled to see the fighter who played the bad-guy role for the most part of the build-up, beaten.

What next for David Haye?

'It was like a Rocky movie'

BBC Radio 5 live

More from David Haye on BBC Radio 5 live: "The ankle was just one of those things. The better man won on the night. 

"I knew he was tough and had a big heart and I congratulate him. My best wasn't good enough tonight and I'd like the chance to do it again.

"It wasn't my night. I didn't land the good shots, I was in good shape but his game was better than mine.

"It felt like a Rocky movie and I was one punch away from knocking him out but I couldn't quite do it. 

"Even when I was in a bad way. I trained hard and was in good shape but it wasn't good enough."

'King of the misfits'

Tony Bellew plays down a fight with Anthony Joshua - just as well as AJ looked to have a good giggle when his name was mentioned.

"I am the most valuable man outside of the heavyweights," adds Bellew. "I'm the king of the misfits!

A little more from the two fighters...

With all that pre-fight hype, I must admit that I thought the night might not live up to the build-up.

It didn't just live up to it, it surprised and entertained with brutal unpredictability.

That's one to remember.

'I'd love to do it again'

David Haye:  "Tony was a great fighter. I felt great and trained great. This guy has a heart of a lion, I've knocked out guys a lot bigger and stronger but he has the heart of a lion.

"I gave it my best and it wasn't good enough. He was by far the better fighter tonight. He dug deep and took my best shots and put me down.

"I would love to do it agian, I have never been in a fight like that. If the fans want to see it again I would do it again.

"We'll do it on his terms, in his town - he deserves it."

Haye v Bellew II? They're talking it up...

'I secured my kids' future'

Here's Tony Bellew: "I want to thank all you people in here and watching. You all made it possible for me.

"I sent my kids away and all that matters tonight is I secured my kids' future.

"David I thank you from the bottom of my heart, because you could have picked a lot of other guys.

"It was genuine, I really wanted to beat him and he wanted to beat me. I have so much respect for him.

"Who wants to see it again?"

Haye v Bellew

'Scary but sensational'

Bellew beats Haye

Steve Bunce

Boxing pundit on BBC Radio 5 live

That was pure bravery and guts and up there with anything I've ever seen. They went to hell. It was sensational, scary but sensational.

Michael Buffer clarifies that ending - Haye's corner threw the towel in at round 11, but it could well have been over long before that.

Fantastic stuff at the O2 Arena. What a fight.

'Injury had an impact'

Bellew beats Haye

Steve Bunce

Boxing pundit on BBC Radio 5 live

How much of an impact did that injury of Haye's have? I had Haye up four rounds to one going into the sixth but he didn't win a round after the injury. 

Bellew beats Haye

Tony Bellew is up on the ropes, he's embracing this moment and why not - he put in a fantastic performance despite the injury for Haye.

They're hugging again, and you'd have to say Haye will take some plaudits from this one too.

He's fought five or six rounds with an injury and could barely walk by the end of the fight.

He even wanted to carry on once Bellew put him through the ropes before the towel went in!

'What a fight'

Bellew beats Haye

Steve Bunce

Boxing pundit on BBC Radio 5 live

That was brilliant for the crowd, what a fight, what a relentless fight.

Bellew beats Haye

Well, there was so much pre-fight animosity but I think these two fighters realise what each other's been through tonight.

They embrace each other, Bellew kisses Haye on the cheek and now the Liverpudlian is in tears.

Round 11

Richie Woodhall

Former world champion on BBC Radio 5 live

An incredible upset. They both embraced, and Bellew walked him back to his corner, that was the only way he could get back. That was fantastic to see.

Bellew wins

Round 11

Haye is down again! He's out of the ropes in fact.

That's it, it's all over - Tony Bellew takes it!

Round 11

David Haye is still really struggling and Bellew knows he can bide his time with rounds in the bank.

And Haye is down - not from a Bellew punch, but from having to try and throw everything into each punch with only one leg to push off from.

He misses Bellew and hits the canvas.

'Haye really struggling'

Round 10

Richie Woodhall

Former world champion on BBC Radio 5 live

Tremendous from Bellew in that round. Haye is really struggling. His body language is pretty bad, he's turning his back on Bellew when the referee steps in to separate them and those are not good signs.

Round 10

Bellew looked far too casual there and Haye finds a gap in his defence with a jab.

Haye wheels in but Bellew ducks and the Hayemaker goes flying off, almost hopping on his one good leg, towards the other side of the ring.

Bellew is the man landing the consistent blows, and the one clocking up the rounds.

Round 10

Haye's still managing to land. Bellew is then given a telling off by the referee and told to keep his punches high. 

Getty Images

Round 10

Haye has some strapping on his right ankle. But he marches straight in a throws a right hook.

But now Bellew is upping the pace, he tries to cut the ring off but is halted by a timeout.

'Haye can't chase him without falling over'

Round Nine

Steve Bunce

Boxing pundit on BBC Radio 5 live

It's going the way of Bellew but it's a long time ago that Haye twisted his ankle. 

Bellew must be exhausted but all he needs to do is keep his distance and throw a few jabs. Haye can't chase him without falling over.

Round Nine

Whatever happened with all the pre-fight verbals, Haye is showing character here to keep looking for that knockout blow.

It's Bellew's to lose, but now he looks hurt too. Haye is almost playing dead before bouncing up and striking his prey.

A surprise strike to the gut seemed to have winded the Bomber.

Round Nine

Bellew has been going for the knockout all fight, you can see he is blowing a bit now. Oh how he would love to stop Haye after all the trash talk - but he will need to find a second wind and throw some combos. 

Getty Images

Round Nine

That back leg of David Haye is dead straight, he looks like he's trying to hide the pain and discomfort.

But he dives forward trying to catch the Bomber. 

Bellew rides the attack and lands a couple of body shots.

Round Eight

Steve Bunce

Boxing pundit on BBC Radio 5 live

Haye can only win this if Bellew is an idiot and stands there trading blows. Bellew has to stand back.

Round Eight

They say a boxer's power comes from the legs, well Haye still looks in discomfort and although he lands a right, Bellew is unmoved. Could it be the Achilles injury which Haye was rumored to have suffered during his camp?  

Haye Bellew

Round Eight

This is seriously punishing.

You feel if Bellew could muster the energy to throw a punch Haye would go down again.

The Liverpudlian catches him straight on with a couple of jabs as Haye drops his hands and looks to draw the Bomber in.

Both are still in it, just.

Round Eight

Mike Costello

Radio 5 live boxing correspondent - ringside at London's O2 Arena

Haye is suddenly growing in confidence, inviting Bellew to come forward again. 

Surely he can't believe he can win from here?

Round Eight


Another round. I'm not sure either fighter saw this coming.

Haye is relying on his guard to keep out those Bellew punches, he limps forward, almost dragging that injured leg behind him. But that means he can't set himself to throw a punch.

He tries with a left, but Bellew backs up and then pins the Hayemaker on the ropes once more.

'Extraordinary from Haye'

Round Seven

Steve Bunce

Boxing pundit on BBC Radio 5 live

Haye has half a chance of landing one punch but Bellew has punched for five minutes and not finished it. 

Haye was holding the rope to keep himself up. This is extraordinary from Haye to keep going like this.

Round Seven

Haye's trainer Shane McGuigan has had the towel ready in his hand this whole round. Surely this can't go on much longer. Maybe the referee will step in? Despite the injury, Haye looks spent. 


Round Seven

Haye can't move from the ropes, he's swinging and missing. He looks gone.

But Bellew is tiring too, and Haye buys a little time by grappling with the Bomber close up.

Bellew looks exhausted, but he's the man in control and the one choosing when to go for Haye and when to back off.

This is extraordinary.