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  1. Kal Yafai retains WBA super-flyweight title in Birmingham
  2. Briton beat Japan's Suguru Maranaka on points
  3. Nicola Adams beats Maryan Salazar in second pro fight
  4. Adams stops Mexican in third round to delight of her home fans in Leeds
  5. Josh Warrington beats Kiko Martinez (WBC international featherweight)

Live Reporting

By Michael Emons, Kal Sajad and Shamoon Hafez

All times stated are UK

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Thanks and goodbye

So that concludes a very hectic night of British boxing.

We had Nicola Adams stopping Maryan Salazar in the third round of Adams' Leeds homecoming and then wins for Kal Yafai and Josh Warrington.

Yafai's points victory means he retains his WBA Super-Flyweight World Championship, while Warrington moves closer to a world title shot of his own in the featherweight category.

It has been frantic, but it has been fun. Thanks for joining us and bye for now.

Nicola Adams
Getty Images
Kal Yafai
Lawrence Lustig
Josh Warrington

A world title fight in six months?

Josh Warrington beats Kiko Martinez with a majority decision

Josh Warrington's promoter Frank Warren tells BT Sport: "I am astonished John Keane gave it a draw.

"Josh needed those rounds under his belt and we have got to look to get him a world title fight. We should look to do that in the next six months and I am going to work hard to deliver that."

'I think I am ready for a world title fight'

Some quotes from Josh Warrington, who has won in his first fight in 10 months. He tells BT Sport: "I felt all right, I felt good. It probably looked I was going through the motions. At times I felt I had him wobbled I never felt tired, at times I just switched off and it was good to get the rounds under my belt.

"I can't thank these fans enough, I owe them so much and that is why I want to get a world title. I always felt in control.

"I think I am ready to go (for a world title). I wanted to stand and trade a bit and I did, but he never troubled me and we go on.

"I kept him busy with my jab, I could have teed him up a bit better, I was trying a few things in there and it feels great to be back."

Josh Warrington

So Josh Warrington can go on to bigger and better things, but it was a tough, tough test that he has just about got through it.

BreakingWarrington wins by majority decision

It is tense around the First Direct Arena as the first judge calls it a 114-114 draw, but Josh Warrington's unbeaten run is intact, and he still has the WBC International Featherweight Championship as two judges give it to him by 116-112, 116-112 margins.

He wins by a majority decision.

Josh Warrington

Judges call

Josh Warrington v Kiko Martinez

So, again, we go to the judges' scorecards. Has Josh Warrington done enough?

Josh Warrington

Round 12: Josh Warrington v Kiko Martinez

The final round...

Martinez keeps coming at Warrington and lands a powerful right to the body, followed by the head.

The Leeds man is stunned for a second and his Spanish opponent comes back at him but unable to finish the job.

Warrington takes a step back to try and regain his composure but he fails to land anything of note in the 12th.

The crowd comes to life with 30 seconds to go, but it is another solid Martinez body blow which sneaks through.

All over and the two greet each other with a big hug.

Round 11: Josh Warrington v Kiko Martinez

The duo go toe-to-toe at the beginning of the 11th as blood drips down Martinez's eye after the cut he suffered by an accidental clash of heads.

They are really going for it now as Martinez swings a left hook with Warrington looking tired and weary with little left in the tank.

He may need to take the last round to ensure victory here.

'Chase the unification bouts'

Kal Yafai beats Suguru Muranaka to retain his WBA Super-Flyweight World Championship

Some quotes from Kal Yafai's promoter Eddie Hearn. He tells Sky Sports: "I thought it was a great performance, one more defence then he can chase the unification bouts." 

Kal Yafai
Lawrence Lustig

Round 10: Josh Warrington v Kiko Martinez

Nicola Adams, looking fresh after her fight, sits ringside to cheer on her fellow Leeds boxer.

The short and stocky Martinez again lands with a blow to the body, but Warrington moves quickly on his feet to respond with punches of his own.

The referee chats to both men for a couple of hits below the belt, but they touch gloves and return to their stools at the end of the round.

Kiko Martinez

'My hands are in agony'

Kal Yafai beats Suguru Muranaka to retain his WBA Super-Flyweight Championship

Some quotes from Great Britain's Kal Yafai, who has defended his WBA Super-Flyweight Championship with a convincing points win over Japan's tough Suguru Muranaka.

Yafai tells Sky Sports: "I had to box my way through, that kid, boy, his head has everything.

"My hand was in a bad way after two rounds, but I got through it. My hands are in agony.

"There is a lot to work on, I'm still a work in progress. I need to work on taking my time but I will watch it back and there will be some positives to take.

"He has a tough head. At the end, he said 'you are strong' but he took everything I had."

Kal Yafai

BreakingYafai retains his WBA Super-Flyweight Championship

It is a unanimous points win for Great Britain's Kal Yafai, and it is a big win.

The judges give it to Yafai by 118-108, 119-107 and 119-107 margins

Kal Yafai

Round nine: Josh Warrington v Kiko Martinez

Is that cut going to force Martinez to go to all-out attacking mode?

It a deep one and the Spaniard has to set the tempo.

But it leaves him exposed and Warrington gets through the defences with a superb right flush on the nose which rocks back Martinez's head.

The Lee Carsley lookalike's face is a mess now.

We go to the judges' scorecards

Kal Yafai v Suguru Muranaka (WBA Super-Flyweight Championship)

He has taken some punishment, but Japan's Suguru Muranaka gets to hear the final bell. Which way will this one go?

'Earned his wage'

Round 12: Kal Yafai v Suguru Muranaka

Luke Campbell, the Olympic Games bantamweight gold medallist in 2012, has his say...

This Japanese lad has earned his wage tonight! He's relentless!

Round eight: Josh Warrington v Kiko Martinez

Warrington needs to be careful.

He goes on the attack but a big missed right allows Martinez to catch his man with a clean left hook.

But Martinez is cut with claret seeping down his right cheek following what looked like a clash of heads.

"Make him look silly now," says trainer Sean O'Hagan in the corner.

Four more rounds to come.

Round 11: Kal Yafai v Suguru Muranaka

Can Suguru Muranaka get to hear the final bell? He deserves to. This is the first time he has fought outside of Japan, but he will have gained a lot of friends and admirers for his tenacity, bravery and sheer doggedness.

Still, this is Kal Yafai's fight to lose. One round to go.

Kal Yafai
Lawrence Lustig

Round seven: Josh Warrington v Kiko Martinez

Body shots is the way to go for Martinez, catching Warrington in the ribcage.

But the Leeds fighter holds himself together to club the Spaniard one, two, three times to the right of the head.

Both boxers have taken some shots, but seem to be soaking them up well.

Kiko Martinez

Round 10: Kal Yafai v Suguru Muranaka

This has been a lot tougher for the Birmingham man than many in the Barclaycard Arena in Yafai's home city thought it would be.

The Japanese fighter is getting the plaudits for being so tough, but Yafai is keeping hold of his title - unless something special happens in the last nine minutes.

Unless something special happens. I remember writing something similar at this stage of Anthony Joshua versus Wladimir Klitschko with the Ukrainian on top and we all know what happened there.

Suguru Muranaka

Round 6: Josh Warrington v Kiko Martinez

Josh Warrington

"Marching on together," sing the Leeds crowd.

Their man dances around the ring to try and evade the right hand hammer of Martinez.

The Spaniard is comfortable in taking the shots from Warrington, before striking back by working the body of the Englishman.

Warrington then unleashes some heavy artillery late in the round, which Martinez feels for the first time.

"You are giving him a masterclass in boxing," says father and trainer Sean O' Hagan in the corner.

Round nine: Kal Yafai v Suguru Muranaka

A big left hook from Kal Yafai again lands cleanly, followed by another right hand, and an uppercut. Still Suguru Muranaka comes back.

As Trevor Sinclair says...

Muranaka isn't human #Robot #YafaiMuranaka

Round five: Josh Warrington v Kiko Martinez

Josh Warrington

Commentator Richie Woodall - on TV duty today - says he has Warrington up by two points on the scorecard.

Warrington stands, legs apart, and delivers a left-right-left combo which would have got you plenty of points on Fight Night on the Playstation.

Martinez shows his power with a hefty blow to the head, but the Leeds man sucks it up

Round eight: Kal Yafai v Suguru Muranaka

Suguru Muranaka is going to be checking out some bruises tomorrow. He has taken a lot of punishment in this fight, which is now into round eight. 

Muranaka blocks a right hook... with his face... but then comes straight back.

Oh, wait, referee Steve Gray has just knocked a point off of Kal Yafai for a second low punch. The Birmingham fighter was warned about it in the fifth and the referee has taken action now. Will that be crucial later on?

Kal Yafai Suguru Muranaka

Round 4: Josh Warrington v Kiko Martinez

Yes, Warrington. A lovely combination puts Martinez on the back foot and brings the crowd alive again.

A beautiful upper cut gets through the defences but Martinez is a tough cookie and responds with body shots of his own to ask Warrington a few questions.

Warrington smiles at the end of the round, nerves or confidence?

Every @J_Warrington being roared by the thousands of Leeds nutters here @fdarena, round 4!

Round seven: Kal Yafai v Suguru Muranaka

We are into the second half of the fight, something which did not look likely after a blistering start from Kal Yafai, which included Suguru Muranaka taking a count in the second.

Both opt to work to the body, with Yafai then following with a cracking right hook to the head. His opponent is tough, but how much more can he take?

Ex-England international Trevor Sinclair is impressed with the Japanese fighter's toughness. He tweets...

Round seven
Lawrence Lustig

Round 3: Josh Warrington v Kiko Martinez

The doctor gives the OK for Martinez to carry on, but it is one that the referee will keep an eye on. It's a golf ball sized bruise at the moment.

Warrington is looking to hurt Martinez with attacks to the body, followed by a big right, but the Spaniard is taking all that is coming to him.

Round 3: Josh Warrington v Kiko Martinez

The third round has not started yet as the referee calls in a doctor to take a look at a bump to the right of Martinez's head.

It's growing by the second. Will he be allowed to continue?

Kiko Martinez

Round six: Kal Yafai v Suguru Muranaka (WBA Super-Flyweight World Championship)

Kal Yafai gets a warning at the end of the fifth for a low punch. Referee Steve Gray is not too impressed. Signs of the Briton becoming a bit desperate? Maybe. He is still in charge, but is his Japanese opponent Suguru Muranaka starting to gain in confidence?

Kal Yafai
Lawrence Lustig

Round 2: Josh Warrington v Kiko Martinez

Warrington looks to unload with his combinations but fails to connect as the crouching Martinez edges forward to try and catch the Englishman on the counter.

The Leeds man lands with a strong shot to the body, but the Spaniard is unmoved, almost as though he was tickled by a feather.

Josh Warrington

Round five: Kal Yafai v Suguru Muranaka

The first sign of danger for Kal Yafai comes in the form of a sharp body shot towards the end of the fourth from Japan's Suguru Muranaka.

Yafai is already well ahead on the scorecards, including that 10-8 round in the second when Muranaka took a count, but there could well be a twist if Yafai is not careful.

Suguru Muranaka

Round one: Josh Warrington v Kiko Martinez

The crowd are on their feet early in this contest as Warrington catches Martinez with a couple of right hooks.

Plenty of mutual respect between the pair as the Leeds man grins at his opponent at the bell, before Martinez reaches out to touch gloves.

Time to celebrate for Sam...

Sam Eggington wins European Welterweight Championship

Backstage @eggington_sam celebrates his sensational KO victory with trainer @LouieCounihan #AndTheNew

Backstage @eggington_sam celebrates his sensational KO victory with trainer @LouieCounihan #AndTheNew

Under way in Leeds

We are under way in Leeds as well, with Josh Warrington aiming to extend his unbeaten record to 25 professional fights.

Josh Warrington

Round three: Kal Yafai v Suguru Muranaka (WBA Super-Flyweight World Championship)

Yafai has pretty much had it his own way for the first seven minutes, but Muranaka, who has already gone down once - in round two - fights back towards the end of the third.

It may not be the one-sided fight it had looked like being.

Kal Yafai and Suguru Muranaka

Josh Warrington v Kiko Martinez

A little flash point in this contest and we have not even got going yet.

Referee Victor Loughlin has a look at Martinez's gloves and says the binding is encroaching too much on to the punching area.

Discussions take place, but one of the officials in a suit gives a nod and decides it is OK to continue.

Marching on together

Josh Warrington v Kiko Martinez

Earlier on, we mentioned Josh Warrington has the support of his city Leeds.

He also has the support of their football club too with the current manager present and a former player in Jermaine Beckford accompanying Warrington during the ring walk.

BBC Sport app users may need to click on the link to see the tweet.

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Muranaka down in round two

Kal Yafai v Suguru Muranka (WBA Super-Flyweight World Championship)

Back in Birmingham...Muranaka touches down in the second round. He has struggled to land anything in the opening five minutes, and one Kal Yafai shot causes Muranaka to momentarily touch his knee down on to the canvas.

He can continue, but Yafai is in charge.

Kal Yafai Suguru Muranaka

Tale of the Tape

Josh Warrinton v Kiko Martinez

Spain's Martinez is no doubt the more experienced man, can he dish out a first defeat to the home favourite? 

Josh Warrington
BBC Sport

'The Leeds Warrior'

Josh Warrington v Kiko Martinez

Josh Warrington, the current WBC International featherweight champion, has been out of the ring for nearly 10 months. 

The Leeds fighter is unbeaten in 25 fights. With only five wins by stoppage he is not considered to be a big puncher but is a technically astute boxer. 

It will be his first fight since leaving promoter Eddie Hearn's Matchroom stable to join Frank Warren's Queensbury Promotions.   

His opponent, Spain's Kiko Martinez, is a name that some of you may recognise - he lost twice against Northern Ireland's world champion Carl Frampton and once against Manchester's Scott Quigg. 

But Martinez is a former world champion himself and undoubtedly Warrington's toughest fight, on paper, to date. 

A win for the Josh Warrington will set him up for a grudge world title fight against Welshman Lee Selby, the IBF featherweight champion. 

Josh Warrington
Getty Images

Meanwhile in Leeds... the fighters are heading into the ring.