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  1. Mayweather v McGregor on Saturday at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas
  2. Ex-five weight world champion Mayweather has come out of retirement for the fight and defends a 49-0 record
  3. McGregor is the UFC lightweight champion and has never had a professional boxing fight
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Live Reporting

By Matt Davis

All times stated are UK

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That's all from me for tonight.

Next stop is the weigh-in on Friday.

Calm - at last!

Luke Reddy

BBC Sport boxing reporter in Las Vegas

That was very civilised. Far more so than any event we have seen in the build-up so far. Maybe both men have been warned that a lid needs to be applied, maybe the MGM Grand is just not the type of establishment to tolerate any nonsense.

Either way it was a little flat. I guess they can't win. If they go heavy in their trash talk they get criticised, if they ease things back and conform to corporate rules, we're a little under fed.

McGregor seemed the more uncomfortable of the two for my money. Shorter answers, less poised.

Next stop the weigh in!

Bruce Lee

Luke Reddy

BBC Sport boxing reporter in Las Vegas


"This is Bruce Lee stuff"," says Conor McGregor as he poses for photographs. It draws a big laugh from the media.

One of Floyd Mayweather's followers has heckled the UFC star throughout. Enough is enough and Mayweather puts him straight, telling him "I told you if you can't conduct yourself you shouldn't be in here."

Business like, that might be the best way to describe that.

Face to face they stand.

McGregor takes off his glasses, chewing on his gum.

Neither fighter flinches.

The Irishman mumbles under his breath and then Mayweather is gently moved aside and Dana White does the same with McGregor.

They both then pull some ridiculous poses for the cameras and that's it. They walk off stage.

The biggest surprise was the expletive count. It didn't even get into double figures.

Placid affair. The weigh-in might be different.

Time for the face-off.

It's been calm until now.

McGregor: "When this fight is done, I will have 20 seconds to relish in victory and then I will be like 'who's next?'"

He then talks about creating an octagon/boxing ring hybrid, an interesting idea.

The media are now asking questions.

McGregor is asked if he can take Mayweather's punches? "I have been through shinbone", he replies.

The Irishman definitely doesn't seem at ease on the stage, not the same as he was on the publicity tour last month.

The tension of being three days away from the main event is showing in both fighters.

Mayweather finishes off. A humble speech, praising his opponent, but reminding people of his undefeated record.

McGregor looked a bit nervous, the swagger was not there.

Mayweather has now praised McGregor, calling him a "hell of a fighter".

These are not the fireworks we expected.

"I am pretty sure he had a tremendous training camp, now it is about the best fighting the best. He is the best at what he does and so am I. It comes down to the skills, fighting and competing and giving you what you want to see."

A more humble Mayweather speaks.

"You come to these press conferences and conduct ourselves in an orderly fashion.

"I had a great training camp. To be in a combat sport we are fighters at the end of the day. To be in the sport 21 years I had to take it extremely seriously.

"When it is all said and done, one thing I can do is fight. To be 49-0 it is obvious I am giving it, not receiving it."

Floyd Mayweather is next up to talk.

Mayweather shakes his finger as McGregor talks.

It's short and sweet and ends with a few swear words.

He says he will feel "sad" when it is done. "You should have left me where I was. You will all eat your words."

McGregor: "We are prepared for three minuets rounds of non stop pace I will break this old man," he said.

"He made a big error in 8oz gloves, he messed up, he won't last two rounds."

Mayweather agreed to use 8oz gloves instead of the usual 10oz gloves.

He's wearing a green suit for those asking.

First up is McGregor.

Smattering of applause from the press.

He's straight into Floyd.

And here is Floyd Mayweather, who is in a checked suit.

Both fighters looking smart!

Conor McGregor is in the house.

Dressed in a sharp suit.

Here's another look at the belt...

It's not one you'd wear down to your local pub.

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We have a made up (but expensive) belt

Luke Reddy

BBC Sport boxing reporter in Las Vegas


WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman on the money belt.

“In order to celebrate this event, the WBC has created the money belt. This belt has 3,360 diamonds, 600 sapphires, 300 emeralds and 1.5kg of solid gold, as well as alligator leather.”

42 minutes late than billed and the stage still looks like a doctors' waiting room.

Apparently we are still waiting for McGregor.

The WBC have created a special "money belt" for the winner of this fight.

It is made of 3,360 diamonds and crocodile skin.


Warning! Warning!

Luke Reddy

BBC Sport boxing reporter in Las Vegas


"You need to cooperate today. If you do not we are going to cut your wristband off and revoke your accreditation for the week."

That was the message from Kelly Swanson for media today. Yesterday got out of hand, this they hope will be more civilized. Over 1,000 media have been accredited from across the world, hence the need for an auditorium this big.

The scene is set.

Two tables on a stage, separated by a lectern.

In just a few moments, two huge sporting stars will have the eyes of the world on them as they have their final say before one of the biggest fights boxing has ever seen.

The men in suits are having their say first though.

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Have patience Capt. Simon, we are minutes away now!

'The biggest star on earth'

Luke Reddy

BBC Sport boxing reporter in Las Vegas

Dana white

Dana White is on fire. The UFC boss tells the BBC.

"To think Conor can't beat Floyd Mayweather is quite something. The naysayers will be asking different questions on Sunday. This is not a boxing match, it's a fight.

"He is completely different to anyone I have ever met. His belief in himself, his fight IQ, if he hits Floyd Mayweather he will hurt him and knock him out.

"Every time I've seen him he is in great shape.

"His legacy will be that he is the greates combat sports star ever. If he knocks him out he will be the biggest star on earth.

"Bob Arum is an idiot boxing promoter. He's a moron. He said this is like LeBron James fighting Anthony Joshua. Conor McGregor is a fighter and has done it his whole life. It is not the end of the world and the end of boxing if he knocks Floyd out on Saturday night."

On trash talk going too far: "What happens is, you take two guys who get into it verbally. Dumb things fly out of their mouths. I've done it. These guys are going to try to knock one another out. When you talk about guys who are heated, sometimes things that are not politically correct will fly out."

Will McGregor return to the UFC?: "He could make $100m and never want to fight again. He's done a lot of good things for this company and whatever happens I'm happy for him. He's going to be the biggest star in all of sports on Saturday night. He will be the biggest star on earth, period."

I'm hearing we are now very close to the main event and the media have been told to take their seats inside the KA Theatre.

Odds shortening for McGregor

Just had a quick look at the latest odds for the fight.

Mayweather is still the favourite at 1-4, but McGregor is gaining traction and is now 3-1 with some bookmakers.

Getty Images

This news conference is 15 minutes late already.

We have already seen Floyd Mayweather come through the mixed zone and speak to the media, so we're waiting on Conor McGregor now to do the same, before they both take to the stage.

Have the psychological battles started already?

The circus is in town

This is the scene that will welcome both fighters in the KA Theater at the MGM Grand tonight, when they actually get here.

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You can get involved with our coverage tonight and tweet me via #bbcboxing.

Send in your predictions, views and thoughts on the fight.

The pair held a media event yesterday and there were some chaotic scenes.

Fans out in force to see McGregor & Mayweather

Floyd on fine form

Luke Reddy

BBC Sport boxing reporter in Las Vegas


Here we have Floyd Mayweather chatting to BBC Sport's Richard Conway and 5 live's Mike Costello. He's not giving away big news lines but he's in a fun mood.

Asked about other fight options he replies: "Why take a chance of making $30m when you can make over $300m?

"I can't say where Conor McGregor sits among the great fighters I have faced until I face him. This is a great fight, something that's worldwide.

"I don't miss the hype and this at all. I'd rather be at home watching TV. This is my job.

"McGregor can say whatever he wants to say, when it comes down to it I can fight. I'm going to look good don't worry. No matter what he's said, he's in a real fight. Mentally, no athlete is stronger than me."

Asked about the threat of one good McGregor punch he hits back fast: "I don't worry about that. Shane Mosley landed. I'm a true champion. True champions can take anything."

And on reports his diet has been a bit slack: "I can eat a burger. I'm eating a burger tonight. Come eat one with me, we have cheeseburgers at my strip club."

No messing!

Luke Reddy

BBC Sport boxing reporter in Las Vegas

Big guy

Strikes me that Floyd's security detail could do with adding some height and muscle. Maybe not, this guy is built for the NBA, NFL and if he stood somewhere in Leeds, he'd block any wind blowing north or south across the UK.

Speaking of his bodyguards, apparently they are so big, Mayweather forces them to take a separate plane.

Listen to the full story in the clip below.

Mike Costello says Floyd Mayweather makes his bodyguards take a separate private jet.

We're expecting Mayweather and McGregor on stage about 21:00 BST, though they are notoriously late.

BBC Sport's Richard Conway has already caught a word with Mayweather, so we know he is in the building.

And let's just take a moment to appreciate the size of his bodyguard!

BBC Sport

What can we expect tonight?

This will be the first time the pair have come face to face since the last of their four-city global publicity tour in July.

Both fighters attracted criticism for the insults they hurled at one another.

Homophobic put-downs, and racially motivated slurs and stereotypes have soured the build-up.

McGregor's pre-fight UFC news conferences have seen him try and throw chairs and water bottles.

One things for sure they're going to be plenty of talking points and expletives tonight.

Getty Images
Getty Images

There are just three days to go until one of the richest boxing contests of all-time.

It's been called a "farce" and " a circus", but it's also the fight that everyone is talking about and the one no one wants to miss.

Saturday will see arguably one of the greatest boxers of all-time, Floyd Mayweather, defend his perfect 49-0 record against the king of UFC, Conor McGregor, a mixed martial artist who has never boxed professionally.

The build-up has been relentless since the fight was agreed in June. and the name calling has intensified as the weeks have gone on.

We're now deep into fight week and tonight the pair hold their final news conference, live from Las Vegas.

Getty Images

The talking is almost over. Almost.

Mayweather v McGregor
Getty Images