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  1. NZ win Pool A match by three wickets
  2. Hosts made 146-7 from 24.5 overs in Dunedin
  3. Scotland were all out for 142 in 36.2 overs
  4. Scots were 1-2 in 2nd over & 12-4 in 5th
  5. Machan (56) and Berrington (50) put on 97
  6. NZ now have two wins from two

Live Reporting

By James Gheerbrant and Jamie Lillywhite

All times stated are UK

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Thanks for your company this evening, the time has come to call it a night. Commiserations to any Scotland fans out there, but your boys fought hard and their chances of making an impression at this tournament may not be over. Next up: a crunch match with the Auld Enemy on Sunday!

Don't be a stranger until then though - do come back and join us at around 03:00 GMT tomorrow for Afghanistan v Bangladesh. See you then!

Vic Marks

Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

Trent Boult
Getty Images

"I would be worried about Boult if I were England. It's not just MacLeod and Gardiner who can fall to that swing, it's the likes of Bell and others, they were serious deliveries."

By a curious quirk of scheduling, both these teams will play England next. Eoin Morgan's side take on New Zealand on Friday, then Scotland on Sunday.

England will have seen plenty to worry them in New Zealand's seam bowling department, but they may be heartened by the way the Scottish bowlers took regular wickets against a vaunted Kiwi batting line-up.

Should England lose to New Zealand, that game against Scotland suddenly assumes huge significance - and on today's evidence, there will be a number of out-of-form English batsmen who will be worried about facing the Scottish bowlers.

Vic Marks

Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

"The Irish have won key matches and if they get into a situation where they can win they know how to do it. The Scots, who man for man are not that different, haven't got that experience but they are perfectly good cricketers who could easily beat Afghanistan and cause an embarrassment to someone else."

Player reaction

Scotland captain Preston Mommsen: "It was a very tough start for us. They bowled very well and the ball did a little more than expected. Matt Machan and Richie Berrington batted well, but unfortunately they couldn't go on. We put the ball in the right areas - unfortunately we couldn't get the final three wickets, but I'm very proud of the performance."

New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum: "It was a tough one. Credit to Scotland for the way they hung in there. That total was always going to be challenging on a surface like that where it was nibbling about. As a pair we've seen how effective Trent Boult and Tim Southee can be and they were outstanding. It was a really good performance with the ball - with the bat, we showed glimpses but we have to improve. England will be a challenge - they're hurting, they'll be tough to beat and we'll have to play incredibly well."

Player reaction

Scotland batsman Matt Machan: "Credit to the way we fought back. We took it as deep as we could but 140 is not a lot to play with. Bitterly disappointed, we've been playing a lot better than we showed today and it's up to us to bounce back."

Player reaction

New Zealand's Corey Anderson: "Scotland bowled pretty well on a wicket that started to slow up. I guess it doesn't matter if you win ugly it still counts as a win. You think you can take it down quickly and when you lose a couple of wickets it can become a bit of a roll. It was a good first half performance and the second probably needs a bit of work."

A curious match indeed. New Zealand have their second victory of the tournament, as expected, but Scotland ran them a lot closer than many would have thought - especially after having been reduced to 12-4.

Matt Machan and Richie Berrington rebuilt the innings for the Scots before Corey Anderson and Daniel Vettori seized control for New Zealand again with a flurry of lower-order wickets.

In reply, New Zealand seemed impatient to get the job done, and they surrendered a succession of wickets with loose shots. But they just about managed to keep the chase on track, and will go into their match with England on Friday with two wins from two - but a few chinks in their armour exposed.

Final scorecard

New Zealand 146-7 after 24.5 overs

Not out batsmen: Vettori 8, Milne 1

Fall of wickets: 18-1 (Guptill 17), 48-2 (McCullum 15), 66-3 (Taylor 9), 106-4 (Williamson 38), 117-5 (Elliott 29), 133-6 (Anderson 1), 137-7 (Ronchi 12)

Bowling figures: Wardlaw 9.5-0-57-3, Taylor 4-0-27-0, Davey 7-0-40-3, Haq 4-0-21-1

Scotland all out for 142 off 36.2 overs

Fall of wickets: 1-1 (MacLeod 0), 1-2 (Gardiner 0), 12-3 (Coetzer 1), 12-4 (Mommsen 0), 109-5 (Machan 56) 117-6 (Berrington 50), 129-7 (Cross 14), 136-8 (Taylor 4), 142-9 (Haq 0) 142-10 (Wardlaw 0)

Bowling figures: Southee 8-3-35-2, Boult 6-1-21-2, Milne 7-0-32-0, Vettori 8.2-1-24-3, Elliott 2-0-11-0, Anderson 5-1-18-3

Full scorecard

Live commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

Vic Marks

Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

"Were still trying to work out how they managed to lose seven wickets but they did. Their minds weren't quite there but they've got the win."


Daniel Vettori of New Zealand (R) shakes hands with Iain Wardlaw
Getty Images

So, New Zealand crawl over the finish line - Daniel Vettori finishes the job with a thick edge over the top of the slips. It was a wholly unconvincing batting display from the hosts but a win is a win and they have their second of their tournament, taking them to the top of Pool A.

NZ 138-7 (target 143)

Adam Milne joins the veteran Daniel Vettori at the crease. Can these two see New Zealand home?


Ronchi c Gardiner b Davey 12 (NZ 137-7)

Scotland celebrate Luke Ronchi's wicket
Getty Images

This is just plain weird from New Zealand. They continue to gift wickets away with the finish line in sight - Ronchi the latest as he heaves leg-side and picks out Hamish Gardiner on the boundary at deep mid-wicket. Six needed, three wickets left - Scotland couldn't, could they?


Anderson c Wardlaw b Davey 11 (NZ 133-6)

You have to applaud this bowling performance from Scotland - they've made some top-class batsmen look very ordinary. Corey Anderson joins the procession, top-edging an attempted leg-side flick, which Wardlaw does very well to catch running round.

NZ 129-5

Wardlaw back into the attack, no doubt still replaying that drop in his mind. Can he make amends? No - in fact he delivers a rank short ball, allowing Ronchi to free his arms and clatter it over cover for four. Just 14 needed for New Zealand now.

Dropped catch

NZ 122-5 (target 143)

Luke Ronchi, the New Zealand wicket-keeper, is the new batsman. And immediately Scotland should have had another man back in the hutch! Corey Anderson pulls Josh Davey flat behind square and picks out Iain Wardlaw on the rope, but the fielder spills a very simple catch. What an opportunity for Scotland - was that their last chance to really make the Kiwis sweat?

Vic Marks

Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

"Just a little bit of movement, opening the face perhaps. So 26 to win and only five wickets left, the game is still alive. Just a few little butterflies, they've made a meal of this and are looking a bit tentative now."


Elliott c Cross b Wardlaw 29 (NZ 117-5)

Grant Elliott walks off after being dismissed
Getty Images

New Zealand's curiously stuttering chase continues. Again it's Iain Wardlaw who does the damage, pitching one up in the corridor of uncertainty and enticing Elliott to nibble one through to the keeper.

Scorecard update

New Zealand 110-4 after 20 overs (target 143)

Batsmen: Elliott 23, Anderson 2

Fall of wickets: 18-1 (Guptill 17), 48-2 (McCullum 15), 66-3 (Taylor 9), 106-4 (Williamson 38)

Bowling figures: Wardlaw 7-0-35-2, Taylor 4-0-27-0, Davey 5-0-26-1, Haq 4-0-21-1

Scotland all out for 142 off 36.2 overs

Fall of wickets: 1-1 (MacLeod 0), 1-2 (Gardiner 0), 12-3 (Coetzer 1), 12-4 (Mommsen 0), 109-5 (Machan 56) 117-6 (Berrington 50), 129-7 (Cross 14), 136-8 (Taylor 4), 142-9 (Haq 0) 142-10 (Wardlaw 0)

Bowling figures: Southee 8-3-35-2, Boult 6-1-21-2, Milne 7-0-32-0, Vettori 8.2-1-24-3, Elliott 2-0-11-0, Anderson 5-1-18-3

Full scorecard

Live commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

NZ 110-4 (Elliott 23, Anderson 4)

Anderson is a big, burly brute of a batsman and he laid waste to Sri Lanka a few days ago with an explosive innings, but he's in circumspect mood so far here, playing all six deliveries of Josh Davey's over and only managing a single off the last.

NZ 109-4

Scotland skipper Preston Mommsen turns back to Iain Wardlaw, who picked up McCullum and Guptill earlier, to see if he can winkle out a few more wickets. He almost does as well, enticing Elliott into a very rash flash outside off, which luckily for him doesn't make contact.

NZ 107-4

Corey Anderson is the new man. Daley errs with a wide.

Vic Marks

Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

"I think the Kiwis will be a little bit grumpy, they are chasing a very modest target and have lost four wickets. Most of them have been given away. I understand they want to play their positive way but there is something almost futile about that when the target is so low."

Listen to live Test Match Special commentary


Williamson c Cross b Davey 38 (NZ 106-4)

Kane Williamson perishes to a very uncharacteristic shot. He sashays down the wicket and tries to launch Davey to cow corner, but gets a little under-edge and gives Matthew Cross his third catch of the day.

NZ 104-3

Haq, Scotland's all-time leading wicket-taker in ODIs, continues. He offers up a juicy half-volley outside off, and Elliott picks the gap with a crashing square drive. New Zealand cantering along nicely now.

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Seb Horner: Ross Taylor out, caught Rob Taylor - with WI's Jerome Taylor and ENG's James Taylor this WC really is Taylor-made.

NZ 97-3 (target 143)

Elliott is beginning to tick over - he collects four more off Davey with a punchy drive through extra-cover. But then the bowler so nearly has his revenge - he gets one to jag back off the seam and it cuts Elliott in half, but flies just over the top of the stumps. Elliott looks round, relieved not to hear the clatter of timber behind him.

Warren Lees

Ex-New Zealand wicketkeeper on BBC Test Match Special

"Williamson hardly ever misses middling a sweep shot. I'd say he's played it thousands of times in the nets and he can nearly always find the gap between the fielders."

NZ 91-3

Haq, with his leisurely, loping run-up, continues. He drifts just a little straight, and Williamson unfurls a lovely, classical sweep shot, bisecting the fielders on the leg side and finding the rope.

NZ 84-3 (Williamson 28, Elliott 10)

Josh Davey is recalled to the attack, and that's a lovely shot from Grant Elliott - Davey drops too short and Elliott creams him away through point off the back foot. And another! Width again, and this time Elliott goes onto the front foot and square-drives the ball at the top of its bounce - four more through the off-side. Lovely batting.

Kane Williamson graphic

NZ 75-3

Haq ruins a very good over with a rank long hop off the final delivery, which Williamson pulls powerfully to the cow-corner fence.

Umpire review

NZ 70-3

Grant Elliott sweeps, the ball bobbles through to slip and bowler Majid Haq wants a review. Was there any glove in this?

No - the replay shows it came off Elliott's arm. He survives, and Scotland have lost their one review.

NZ 69-3 (Williamson 23, Elliott 0)

Grant Elliott can certainly motor when he gets going, but for now he eschews the belligerent approach of McCullum and Guptill and plays out five dots after a leg bye early in Wardlaw's over.

NZ 67-3

So, Grant Elliott is the new man - can he see the Black Caps home?

Warren Lees

Ex-New Zealand wicketkeeper on BBC Test Match Special

"That was Ross Taylor trying to make an impression on the Scottish bowlers and a very good catch taken by the fielder, who was looking into the sun. Again New Zealand not pressing home their advantage."


Taylor c Taylor b Haq 9 (NZ 66-3)

New Zealand, who batted so fluently against Sri Lanka the other night, are making a bit of a Horlicks of this modest chase. Ross Taylor is the latest man to depart - he tries to hoick new bowler Majid Haq over cow corner but gets his timing wrong and Rob Taylor claims a steepling catch on the boundary at deep midwicket.

NZ 66-2 (target 143)

Iain Wardlaw, who claimed those two scalps before the lunch interval, is handed the ball again. Ross Taylor, who looked to be searching for his best form before lunch, clips sweetly off his legs for three.

We're back! You're still awake, right? Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor are out in the middle, looking to knock off the remaining 80 runs. Let's play.