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  1. Zimbabwe beat UAE by four wickets
  2. UAE 285-7 (50 overs): Anwar 67, Khan 45
  3. Zimbabwe 287-6 (48 overs): Williams 76
  4. Pool B, Saxton Oval, Nelson, New Zealand

Live Reporting

By Jamie Lillywhite and Jonathan Jurejko

All times stated are UK

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Close of play

Well we've seen an enjoyable contest between two of the lesser lights, best of luck to them for the remainder of the tournament, and the Saxton Oval in Nelson has again provided the most glorious setting.

As we said earlier, Zimbabwe next face West Indies in Canberra on Tuesday, while for UAE it is also a day-night fixture, against Ireland in Brisbane, a day later.

The next match in the tournament sees England looking to overcome that heavy opening defeat against Australia, but they face another leading contender New Zealand, on their home patch, the "Cake Tin" Westpac Stadium at Wellington.

It starts at 01:00 GMT on Friday and our team will be in place to provide build-up, with 5 live sports extra on air from 00:45 GMT. Tune in for that but from us, it's cheerio for now.

Pool B table

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Prettiest grounds

Lynton and Lymouth CC

Andy JR Hartley: I vote for the Valley of the Rocks (Lynton and Lynmouth CC)

I would definitely like to see this ground. Looks sensational. Might there be a quaint old stone hostelry nearby too?

UAE captain Mohammad Tauqir: "We played some good cricket but we were expecting a different result. In the previous game on this wicket we saw that 300 was not enough. We know our limitations and we scored 285. But they batted well, struck up some good partnerships and they won the game.

"Overall the bowlers bowled well. That one crucial partnership between the two left-handers - Ervine and Williams - saw them through the game. If one of them had got out it would have been a different game. It was a good learning experience for both our batters and bowlers."

Zimbabwe captain Elton Chigumbura: "We're disappointed about our fielding - we are better than that. But I thought the guys played well with the bat. The good thing about our team is we have eight batters so there was no pressure. Getting over the line was the most important thing to do - and we did it."

Final scorecard

Zimbabwe 286-6 after 48 overs (target 286)

Not out batsmen: Williams 76, Chigumbura 14

Fall of wickets: 64-1 (Raza 46), 72-2 (Masakadza 1), 112-3 (Chakabva 35), 144-4 (Taylor 47), 167-5 (Mire 9), 250-6 (Ervine 42)

Bowling figures: Naveed 10-1-60-1, Javed 9-0-49-1, Aziz 10-0-53-1, Tauqir 9-0-51-2, Chandran 9-0-59-1, Mustafa 1-0-8-0

United Arab Emirates: 285-7(Anwar 67)

Match scorecard

Radio 5 live sports extra commentary

They don't play Ireland next, they play West Indies on Tuesday. So cynics might say they have more of a chance of winning!

Graeme Swann

Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

"Zimbabwe are not one of the strongest. If they played Ireland tomorrow I'd back Ireland to win. Whether they are good enough to get out of the group stages I don't think they are. But this was the best game I've seen at this World Cup so far. It was a really good advert for these teams because outside of their own countries they won't be known names."

Graeme Swann

Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

"I think the UAE are going to struggle with their bowling all the big teams will dissect this and I don't think there is anything that will worry their batsmen. A few bowlers will be worried though, the UAE know how to play proper shots. Whether they can win a match at this World Cup, my heart says yes but my head says they won't."

Sean Williams

Zimbabwe's matchwinner Sean Williams: "I tried not to feel the pressure, but we lost wickets at the wrong stages of the game. I felt the wicket was good to knock balls down the ground and get close to the total. That's exactly what happened.

"It was a really good wicket to play back down past the bowler but anything across the line was difficult. We focused on having wickets at the end and rotating the strike. They bowled really well."

Graeme Swann

Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

"UAE coach Paul Franks told me they had talent but were a little wet behind the ears, and they have not got the experience certainly at this level. Scoring 284 even here on a very good batting wicket against an Test playing nation was an exceptional effort. I thought Zimbabwe were letting the pressure build too much but they were obviously letting UAE run out of steam."

Sean Williams finishes on 76 and is greeted with jubilation by his colleagues as they walk out on to the field. Shades of another Zimbabwe left-hander a certain Andy Flower with that punched straight drive winning hit.


Zim 286-6 (Williams 76, Chigumbura 14)

Williams is a fluent hitter, and a cool customer. When Naveed decides to send it short the left-hander accepts the challenge with successive boundaries and then adds a third with an assured straight drive to settle the contest. A fitting stroke to end a fine match.

Zim 270-6 (16 needed from 18 balls)

Too much width outside off stump with the slower ball from Chandran in his penultimate over and Chigumbura thumps it to the cover boundary. Is there time for one more twist? Who's going to be Chubby Checker?

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Prettiest grounds

Instow CC

JP Bowden: Instow cricket club in Devon, beautiful ground!

Zim 263-6 (23 needed from 24 balls)

Skipper Tauqir striking a blow for the 43-year-olds, athletically diving at mid-wicket to save a certain boundary. But Chigumbura relieves the pressure with an authoritative cover drive to the pickets (works better with a New Zealand accent) off Javed.

Zim 254-6 (31 needed from 30 balls)

Zimbabwe fans show their support
Getty Images

They should still be happy at the end of the match these Zimbabweans, but it's not as straightforward as it might have been. Chigumbura playing calmly but no boundary off Chandran's eighth over.

How's stat?

Andrew Samson

BBC Test Match Special statistician

Sean Williams has now made 18 fifties without a 100, this equals Elton Chigumbura's Zimbabwe record of failing to convert his 1st 18 fifties into 100s in ODIs.

Zim 251-6 (Williams 55, Chigumbura 0)

Skipper Elton is the new man. Will he be still standing at the end of the match? He slashes at a wide final ball of the over from Javed but no contact is made and there are five dot balls in the over, with only a single added.


Ervine c & b Chandran 42 (Zim 250-5)

Masterful mockers from GP Swann. Ervine is through his shot too early and chips a simple return catch off the leading edge to Chandran.

Zim 241-5 (Williams 52, Ervine 35)

Big Javed is back in the attack, his first six overs produced 1-38. Only two singles conceded but the rate is not a concern for the Zimbabweans. Wickets urgently required by UAE. Some rare fair weather cloud partially shields the sun momentarily.

Graeme Swann

Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

"Zimbabwe are just showing the experience they have over UAE. They have kept their wickets intact and put themselves in a position where they should definitely win this game. It's theirs to lose."

Zim 239-5 (partnership 72)

There were 45 scored in those five powerplay overs and Zimbabwe seem to be in command now. Naveed sends one down that barely pitches on the cut strip. Three wides in the over and Williams also picks up two fours to reach fifty from 42 balls, his 18th in ODIs.

Scorecard update

Zimbabwe 222-5 after 40 overs (target 286)

Batsmen: Williams 38, Ervine 33

Fall of wickets: 64-1 (Raza 46), 72-2 (Masakadza 1), 112-3 (Chakabva 35), 144-4 (Taylor 47), 167-5 (Mire 9)

Bowling figures: Naveed 8-1-31-1, Javed 6-0-38-1, Aziz 10-0-53-1, Tauqir 9-0-51-2, Chandran 6-0-39-0, Mustafa 1-0-8-0

United Arab Emirates: 285-7(Anwar 67)

Match scorecard

Radio 5 live sports extra commentary

Zim 222-5 (64 needed)

Fifty partnership from 41 balls between the two left-handers. Rohan Mustafa is the new bowler, in only his fourth ODI. Fairly wretched final ball from the spinner, a half tracker which Ervine had time to play half a dozen shots to. He thumps it ruthlessly through the covers for his first four.


Zim 214-5 (Williams 37, Ervine 26)

Colourful character Chandran, an earring gleaming in his left ear. No distraction for Ervine, who thumps his second six with a delightfully fluid stroke into the leg-side.

Dropped catch

Zim 200-5 (Aziz -53 from 10 overs)

Aziz completes his spell and almost collects a wicket with his final delivery, Williams driving to extra cover and it perhaps dips just in front of the fielder, in fairness to him.

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Prettiest grounds

Ryan Whittaker: Played at a lovely little ground just outside of Amsterdam. Definition of picturesque.


Zim 191-5 (Williams 23, Ervine 17)

That's a pretty good way to reduce the rate, Ervine flicking Chandran off his legs for a sweetly timed six, the fourth Zimbabwean to clear the ropes in this innings. Still plenty of excited chatter in the field from the UAE, however, very different to the West Indies the other day.

Zim 183-5 (103 needed)

The skies are still beautifully clear approaching 6pm in Nelson. A delicate paddle sweep from Ervine brings him three as Aziz sends down a full toss, but the required run rate has slipped above seven per over.

Zim 177-5 (Williams 20, Ervine 6)

Karate Kid Chandran back for another burst of his (slow medium) fast medium. He restricts the scoring to two singles. The requirement is 109 from 15 overs with only five wickets intact. Much for the Zimbos (as Graeme Swann calls them, anyone else?) to ponder during the drinks break.

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Prettiest grounds

Bishop Auckland

Michael Blighe: My hometown Bishop Auckland has got a lovely little ground. Little wooden decking area, lush grass. Sigh.

David Langley: Newlands in Cape Town with Table Mountain in the background! Always visually stunning on TV.

I think David may have you there Michael.

Zim 175-5 (required run-rate 6.93)

This is the UAE's 19th ODI. Their first win came in the 1996 World Cup when they overcame the Netherlands but since then they have only beaten Hong Kong and Afghanistan. Craig Ervine is the new man, so two left-handers at the crease now. He is the man with the highest average in the team, 34, with a best of 85. Williams collects an overthrow, when the attempt to run him out is not backed up and flies over the timbers.


Mire c Patil b Naveed 9 (Zim 167-5)

But maybe we still can. Mire is on his way. He had thumped a full blooded pull into his own pad the ball before and then edges a wide one from Naveed into the grateful gloves of the wicketkeeper.

Zim 167-4 (119 more to win)

Aziz rattles through his overs, no consideration these little spinners. Just the two singles. No chance yet to use the "Zimbabwe in the Mire" pun.

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Agent Giuseppe: You know you're a cricket obsessive when you're still going at 4am for UAE v Zimbabwe...

(But what about your prettiest ground Agent?)

Zim 165-4 (target 286)

A waist high full toss down the leg-side from the returning Naveed will not be what his captain is looking for and it brushes the thigh pad for four leg byes. Now our prettiest grounds debate has not got going. At all. I'm well aware it is 04:16 in the UK but those of you in the southern hemisphere have no excuse. It's #bbccricket for your entries please.

Zim 157-4 (Williams 13, Mire 6)

Zimbabwe's first ODI win came in the 1983 World Cup in England and it was against Australia when a certain portly left-hander by the name of Duncan Fletcher got a few runs. Mire clips Aziz for two to mid-wicket but then requires some treatment on his hamstring, allowing Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" to continue into a second chorus. I wonder where it reached in the New Zealand charts.


Zim 154-4 (target 286)

Solomon Mire is the new batsman facing Tauqir and he gets off the mark with a risky single to mid-off. It would have been close had it hit but the throw was the equivalent of a shot at goal going for a throw-in. Williams thumps a swashbuckling six into the brown dried grass bank over mid-wicket.