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  1. SA win by 146 runs and qualify for quarter-finals
  2. SA 341-6; De Villiers 99, Behardien 64 not out
  3. UAE 195 all out; Patil 57 not out
  4. UAE were already eliminated before the game

Live Reporting

By Mark Mitchener and Michael Emons

All times stated are UK

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That's about it from us: you can read Michael Emons's

match report if you're just getting up (shame on you!) and have missed the game.

You'll need to set your alarms tomorrow as there are two games on: we'll be here at 00:30 GMT for Bangladesh v New Zealand (01:00 start), swiftly followed by England's final game of a pretty sorry World Cup at 03:30 when they bid to avoid an Afghanistan-shaped banana skin. You'll be able to hear Test Match Special commentary on both games via BBC Radio 5 live sports extra and the BBC Sport website.

Until then, enjoy the rest of your day. We'll be back tomorrow.

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Kishin Mahtani: Last World Cup the team that beat only West Indies among Test nations and finished second in their group went on to win the Cup.

Man of the match

More from AB de Villiers: "It's never just a given you are going to make the quarter-finals of the World Cup, we have a lot of people we are representing back home and we have a great opportunity.

[on taking 2-15 with his bowling] "There was an opportunity to give some of the part-time bowlers a run and it might come in handy in the knock-out games, it's not a given we are going to play seven batsmen but if we do it's good to have bowling options."

AB de Villiers
Getty Images

Man of the match

South Africa skipper AB de Villiers: "Very happy about today, in the early stages of the match it moved around a bit and they made it difficult so I was very happy with the way we fought, which is what I want to see as a captain.

"I try to keep it simple and stick to my game plans, it's not always easy to play against what they say is not such a good team so it was important to stick to my game plans and I think most of our batters did that really well."

Man of the match

He bats, he scores the most runs; he bowls, he takes wickets; he fields, he keeps, he takes catches, he captains, and he can probably knock you up a mean soufflé in his spare time - the man of the match is AB de Villiers.

So how's the table looking?

South Africa get a "Q" next to their name and have completed their pool fixtures. Barring an unlikely net run-rate scenario elsewhere, they'll likely finish second, earning them a quarter-final place against the third-placed Pool A team, which barring any upsets in the final games, looks likely to be Sri Lanka.

Pool B graphic

Captain's view

UAE captain Mohammad Tauqir: "We bowled well until 44-45 overs when things went a bit wrong. In batting it was a good knock from Patil and we almost batted 50 overs which is very positive for our batters.

"It has given us a lot of confidence, they have some amazing bowlers, we are not used to playing against them. There is a huge difference between our domestic and this level so this is good experience, the more we play against these nations the better it is for our cricket."

Getty Images

Final scorecard

UAE 195-9 (all out) (47.3 overs)

Batsman: Patil 57*

Fall of wicket: 29-1 (Berenger 5), 45-2 (Amjad 21), 45-3 (Khurram 12), 108-4 (Anwar 39), 118-5 (Haider 7), 125-6 (Javed 5), 163-7 (Naveed 17), 189-8 (Tauqir 3), 195-9 (Shazad 0) - Alhashmi absent hurt

Bowling figures: Steyn 9-1-40-1, Philander 8.3-1-34-2, Morkel 10-2-23-2, Duminy 3-1-12-1, Behardien 4-1-11-0, Tahir 10-0-40-1 De Villiers 3-0-15-2.

South Africa 341-6 (50 overs); De Villiers 99, Behardien 64 not out, Naveed 3-63

UAE won toss

Full scorecard

A fairly routine win for South Africa - and the doughty Swapnil Patil finishes with 57 not out from 100 balls.

Neil Manthorp

BBC Test Match Special

"South Africa's ground fielding was a bit untidy, the catching was very good, I think they would have liked a few more runs but you can't complain too much about 341. Morne Morkel bowled very well. Philander looked a bit rusty which is understandable, he hasn't played a game for over a fortnight.

"They did what they were allowed to. It can be difficult, a bit like when a soccer team plays a team three leagues below them and they put eight across the goal."

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Champagne moment



Shazad c Steyn b Philander 0 (UAE 195-9, all out)

Can Philander finish off the innings? Shazad takes the traditional tail-ender's step back, and swing - he tries that and misses twice, and is caught at mid-on off the third ball.

The players shake hands - with the injured Alhashmi unable to bat, the UAE are nine down but all out.

Getty Images

Neil Manthorp

BBC Test Match Special

"There's only been horrible result when the UAE were bowled out for 100 by India and I just think 200 is entirely respectable by the UAE. All of the associates have done themselves proud."

UAE 195-8

Patil is joined by Kamran Shazad, who we think will be the last man as the injured Fahad Alhashmi is unlikely to bat. But for now, Patil's enjoying himself, knocking Morkel back over his head for four. He sees off the over, but Shazad will be facing next over.

With the required rate having climbed above 36 and the UAE therefore needing snookers, I hope you'll understand if I no longer list the target each over...

Charles Dagnall

BBC Test Match Special

"The bail must have gone 50 metres!"

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Tauqir b Steyn 3 (UAE 189-8)

With Patil having reached 50, Tauqir won't win any bravery awards here - backing away to square leg while Steyn bowls him middle stump, and one of the flashing bails disappears into the night.

Getty Images

Neil Manthorp

BBC Test Match Special

"Patil has worked, dare I say, probably harder than anyone else who has reached fifty in this tournament. He's been there for a very long time, he came to the wicket in the 13th over."

Patil 50

UAE 188-7

Whisper it quietly, the UAE could end up batting out the overs here, something which looked unfathomable half-an-hour or so ago. It's celebration time for the doughty Swapnil Patil, who pulls a two through mid-wicket for his second ODI fifty from 93 balls.

UAE 186-7 (target 342)

Can Morne Morkel, with 2-16 from eight overs, finish it for South Africa? He fires one in from round the wicket which hits Tauqir's armguard and disappears for four "leg" byes - acceptable, as he was taking evasive action.

Morne Morkel

Charles Dagnall

BBC Test Match Special

"They're getting peppered but they're sticking in there. Good on them!"

Listen to Test Match Special commentary by clicking the audio icon.

UAE 181-7

This match is sleepwalking towards its inevitable conclusion - Steyn has two slips in but can't draw the edge from captain Tauqir, who defends a couple of straight ones. Maiden over. In the 44th over of an ODI.

UAE 181-7 (target 342)

Patil goes for the scoop, shovelling Tahir over his left shoulder for a couple, while we then have a collector's item - a fielding mistake by De Villiers who swoops on the ball but can't effect a clean pick-up and they run one. Maybe he's human after all.

UAE 177-7 (Patil 44*, Tauqir 2*)

Dale Steyn to return, it's not quite been vintage Steyn today as he's now wicketless in seven overs as the UAE pair help themselves to occasional ones and twos. Patil is six runs away from what would be only a second ODI half-century.

And a bit of news for England fans - former England and Wales Cricket Board chief executive David Collier has a new job. He'll be taking over as CEO of the Rugby League International Federation on 1 April.

UAE 173-7 (target 342)

Tahir in for his ninth over, Patil sweeps and they run two to the lumbering Morne Morkel at fine leg, while in a rare attacking foray, he whacks a four through extra cover. If anyone's still holding out hope of an unlikely UAE win, the required rate is up above 18.

Scorecard update

UAE 166-7 (40 overs)

Batsmen: Patil 35*, Tauqir 1*

Fall of wicket: 29-1 (Berenger 5), 45-2 (Amjad 21), 45-3 (Khurram 12) 108-4 (Anwar 39) 118-5 (Haider 7) 125-6 (Javed 5) 163-7 (Naveed 17)

Bowling figures: Steyn 6-0-33-0, Philander 8-1-34-1, Morkel 8-2-16-2, Duminy 3-1-12-1, Behardien 4-1-11-0, Tahir 8-0-29-1 De Villiers 3-0-15-2

South Africa 341-6 (50 overs); De Villiers 99, Behardien 64 not out, Naveed 3-63

UAE won toss

Full scorecard

UAE 166-7 (Patil 34*, Tauqir 1*)

Captain Mohammad Tauqir in at nine, one place higher than he's been for most of the tournament so far. He pokes a single into the covers while at the other end, Patil is chipping away with another couple of singles and has 35 from 73 balls.

Neil Manthorp

BBC Test Match Special

"Good old fashioned tailender's innings, swung at just about everything and 17 off 15 deliveries was the result."

Listen to Test Match Special commentary by clicking the audio icon.


Naveed c De Villiers b Philander 17 (UAE 163-7)

Naveed's entertaining cameo is ended as he swipes the ball over mid-wicket and is easily caught by the skipper to give the recalled Philander another wicket. De Villiers has scored 99, taken two wickets and a catch, the man of the match award engraver can probably make a start.


Supporters cheer as South Africa claim another wicket

UAE 162-6 (target 342)

Having tried his three fast bowlers so far in this powerplay, De Villiers turns to leg-spinner Imran Tahir. Naveed clubs a couple of singles.

And if you didn't hear the Paul Farbrace interview on TMS during the interval between innings, you can

read it on the BBC Sport website.

Neil Manthorp

BBC Test Match Special

"Very, very impressive from Morne Morkel, he's pretty frightening at the moment. But if a bowler bowls a no-ball it's amazing how many times the seventh ball of the over goes to the boundary. Morkel has had the chastening experience of losing out on wickets because of bowling no balls."

UAE 158-6 (Patil 32*, Naveed 15*)

Morkel replaces Philander, the crowd will be pleased as a Patil single gets the entertaining Naveed back on strike. He backs away to leg and swings but Morkel, bowling round the wicket, delivers a no-ball. (Not that Naveed really needs the invitation of a free hit to have a wild swing). The free hit ball is signalled as wide, so we get another, which Naveed swipes high into the night sky. He's "caught" by De Kock as the batsmen run a single. With Patil back on strike, the tempo changes, and he has to rear away from a snorter from Morkel.

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Moose: Is AB even human?! Or is he a secret Dr Who robot?

UAE 154-6 (target 342)

Shaun Pollock on TMS correctly predicts a slower ball... but it's wide of off sump and Naveed lets it go by. 15 from the over, keep doing that and they could theoretically win...


UAE 154-6

An enormous change in pace at the other end, as De Villiers (right-arm medium if we're being generous) is replaced by Dale Steyn (right-arm fast, no arguments). But the faster he bowls, the faster he can go to the boundary, as an attempted yorker is guided off his legs for four by Patil. A single brings the free-swinging Naveed on strike, he aims a cross-batted blast which flies over the keeper for four and then hoists Steyn into the stand at long-on for six! It's keeping the crowd on their feet, at least. UAE past 150.

Shaun Pollock

Ex-South Africa captain on BBC Test Match Special

"This is the danger for South Africa, this is when Philander comes back and he's not nearly as effective as he could be, the lack of pace at this time of the innings you can definitely put him under pressure."

Listen to Test Match Special commentary by clicking the audio icon.

UAE 139-6 (target 342)

Amla steps back from slip to virtually a fly slip position. We have two contrasting batsmen at the crease: while Patil is attempting to bat through the 50 overs, Naveed looks determined to go out in a blaze of glory - and when he does connect, he swings the ball high over extra cover for four.

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Chaos Theory: Wayne Parnell now doing tricks in the field just like football players do when they are winning by a huge margin.


UAE 135-6

Aussie umpire Steve Davis, who rarely shows much emotion on the field, twirls his arm with a little more gusto than usual to signal the batting powerplay, and Philander returns from the City End. Patil pushes ahead with a single, Naveed has a huge agricultural mow and misses, earning him a smaile from Philander, who then fires in a bouncer which plunks Naveed on the helmet and flicks over the keeper's head for four leg byes.