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  1. Cook & Bell recover from 25-2
  2. Lyth & Ballance fall early
  3. NZ 523: Williamson 132, 67 extras
  4. Broad 3-77, Wood 3-93, Moeen 3-94
  5. First Test, day three, Lord's

Live Reporting

By James Gheerbrant and Phil Dawkes

All times stated are UK

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Right, that brings us to the close of today's coverage. If your cricket appetite still hasn't been sated, you can read Stephan Shemilt's match report


A tough day for England, but that partnership before the close just gives them a glimmer of hope. We'll be back tomorrow at 10:30 BST. See you then.

Player reaction

New Zealand batsman Kane Williamson, who scored 132, on Sky Sports: "It is nice to get your name on the board but at the same time I was disappointed to get out at the stage I did. With the conditions and the rain around, it was a different type of game.

"The challenge is the mental transition from a shorter format to the longer one and make good decisions over a longer period of time. I wanted to bat longer than I did today, hence my frustration.

"It is important that we are patient and the bowlers stick to their areas. There is still something in the wicket and hopefully it will make for a challenge for the opposition."

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David in Essex: Bat well tomorrow and set them 300+ to win on final day. What a cracking day that would be whoever wins.

Player reaction

England bowler Mark Wood on Sky Sports: "It was nice to get wickets in the end. It was special. I didn't sleep for three days before the start of this Test but I have thoroughly enjoyed the occasion.

"I bowled 13 overs yesterday and I was as tired as if I'd bowled 30 in county cricket, such is the intensity. Today I forgot the crowd and the cameras and ran in and bowled. Once the nerves had calmed, I showed people what I could do."

On the no-ball that cost him a wicket on day two: "I make a point of not bowling no-balls in training but in games I creep up a bit. The umpire mentioned I was tight. But I haven't bowled one since that one that cost me the wicket."

On the match situation: "There is a lot of hard work to do in this game. We need two days of good cricket. A lead of 200 and I will fancy us."

Review of the day

So, England are behind the eight-ball but certainly not dead and buried yet after the third day. They bowled well but lucklessly in the morning and afternoon as Kane Williamson and Brendon McCullum batted New Zealand into a dominant position.

When Trent Boult and Tim Southee removed Adam Lyth and Gary Ballance cheaply, it looked as though England were really in the soup. But Alastair Cook and Ian Bell fought back well as England made some inroads into the deficit.

Despite that though, they remain 60 runs in arrears and will have to play very well tomorrow if they are to avoid defeat in this match.

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Jeffrey Yeung: England not out yet but feels like the chance of winning the match is shifting slowly towards NZ, good recovery after 2 wickets.

Chris Blazer Mann: Cook and Bell needed that but they need to stay there for at least tomorrow morning as well now!!

Close-of-play scorecard

England 74-2 - trail by 60 runs

Batsmen: Cook 32*, Bell 29*

Fall of wickets: 14-1 (Lyth 12), 25-2 (Ballance 0)

Bowling figures: Boult 9-2-22-1, Southee 9-0-30-1, Henry 5-0-15-0, Craig 3-0-6-0

England 389: Root 98, Stokes 92

New Zealand 523: Williamson 132, Guptill 70

Full scorecard

Geoffrey Boycott

Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

"I was thinking by the end of the third day we'd have a clear idea of a potential winner. I'm not so sure now. It is still indecisive. It could be decisive on someone having a great spell of bowling or someone scoring a hundred."

Close of play

Eng 74-2 (trail by 60)

Spinner Mark Craig will bowl the final over of the day. Alastair Cook cuts a wide one into the outfield and desperately hopes that will be just a single, but Ian Bell makes sure the skipper retains the strike by turning for two. Cook survives the remaining deliveries. Decent fightback by England, but New Zealand's day again.

Stephan Shemilt

BBC Sport at Lord's

"Lots and lots of empty seats inside Lord's now, the late finish probably means that plenty have had to dash for the train home. Those that remain are witnessing a crucial phase. There's a world of difference between England being two down overnight compared to three being back in the hutch."

How's stat?!

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OptaJim: 5 - Alastair Cook has become the fifth player to score 12,000 international runs for England.

Eng 71-2

A probing over from Southee, and in fact there will be one more as he hustled through it quickly...

Jeremy Coney

Ex-New Zealand captain on BBC Test Match Special

"It was a tighter day today. It has been a bowling day after two batting days. I think the England bowlers have bowled better than New Zealand today. A bit quicker and a bit harder into the pitch."

Eng 70-2 (Cook 29, Bell 29)

Cook tickles Boult fine down the leg side for four. One more over to survive for England...

Alastair Cook

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Matt Beresford: Will anyone challenge England on the many fewer full balls bowled compared to NZ? Seems to happen more and more.

Eng 66-2 (trail by 68)

What England would give to get through to the close without another wicket. New Zealand are still in full-on attack mode, and Ian Bell is so lucky not to pick out Kane Williamson at gully with a third-man glide that gets a little more air than he intended. That was so close to carrying.

Jeremy Coney

Ex-New Zealand captain on BBC Test Match Special

"Bell has certainly calmed down now. he had a frenetic start but he is 27 now and has played some nice strokes. He looks more comfortable at the crease. Maybe he felt, after sitting in the balcony watching Root and Stokes attack in the first innings, that this is how he will do it as well."

Eng 63-2

This partnership got out of the blocks quite sharply, but Cook and Bell are in survival mode now. Cook pinches a single off Boult.

Eng 62-2 (Southee 7-0-26-1)

The lights are on at Lord's. When they were illuminated this morning, they made the ball talk like a celebrity on a chat-show couch with a book to promote. The early signs are that they're offering a bit of extra movement for the bowlers again - Tim Southee gets a couple to absolutely hoop.

Ian Bell
Getty Images

Jeremy Coney

Ex-New Zealand captain on BBC Test Match Special

"If it hit anything it just flicked the pad on the way through as Bell squared himself up to a good ball that pitched outside off and held its line. That will encourage New Zealand. They need to keep going here."

Eng 61-2 (Cook 22, Bell 27)

This is eye-watering stuff. Trent Boult has got one to nip back in off a good length and strike Ian Bell in a very delicate area. Bell requires a moment to compose himself and the physio rushes on with a bottle of water. Does that help? Bell very nearly perishes off the final ball of the over, just about withdrawing his bat from the line of a very tasty inswinger.

Eng 60-2 (trail by 74)

Bell, who has done well to get himself going considering his poor recent form, steers Craig into the off side for two.

Eng 58-2

A huge appeal from Trent Boult as Alastair Cook chases one down the leg side, but there didn't look to be any bat in that. A maiden - the runs are just drying up here for England.

Michael Vaughan

Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

"We saw Moeen bowl early in the day and there is left-hander in Alastair Cook for New Zealand to target with spin. I will be interested to see how Bell plays Craig. He encourages someone to go over the top as he gives it a bit of flight."

Eng 58-2 (Cook 21, Bell 25)

Time for a bit of tweak as Brendon McCullum introduces Mark Craig. Bell knocks him for two through point. Cautious accumulation from England.

Eng 56-2 (trail by 78)

Bell sneaks two through point. Trent Boult just hasn't quite looked at the peak of his powers yet, and England are battling.

Michael Vaughan

Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

"I would always encourage any player who has scored a few low scores to come out and play with intent. You say to yourself, 'rather than prod around I will look to score'. It clears everything out and makes it more simple. You don't worry about the field set either as that distracts you from hitting the ball."

Ian Bell
Getty Images

Eng 53-2 (Cook 21, Bell 20)

Matt Henry has bowled beautifully in this match, slipping into Test cricket as smoothly as a silk handkerchief into a breast pocket. Bell flicks him behind square leg for a single.

Matt Henry bowling

Eng 52-2 (Boult 4-1-13-1)

Trent Boult is back into the attack, and it's a tight first over, though without any major alarms. A maiden.

Michael Vaughan

Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

"Ian Bell has come out playing a few strokes which I think is the best way for him to get his form back. he is a better player when he tries to force the bowler with some positivity. The second four was in the air, though, so it will give New Zealand further encouragement."

Eng 52-2 (trail by 82)

A primal scream of 'No!' from Henry has he strays onto Ian Bell's pads. You know where that's going. Beautifully clipped into the leg-side outfield by Bell, who is showing real positive intent here. And again Bell finds the gap nicely, flaying one between point and cover for four. Plenty of wide open spaces in the field thanks to McCullum's ultra-attacking fields - can England keep finding them?

Jeremy Coney

Ex-New Zealand captain on BBC Test Match Special

"Stroke of pedigree as Southee searched for the full outswinger. Bell was more orthodox to find the gap in the off-side. He did that successfully and it raced away. It will make Bell feel much better."

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Dave Hansford: Easy to criticise England but sometimes you just get a beauty and there's nowt you can do. No rash changes if we lose this test.

Sahil Oberoi: This is incredible bowling in foreign conditions, Anderson & Broad are being schooled at bowling with swing & accuracy.

Eng 43-2 (Cook 19, Bell 12)

Lovely shot from Bell, lacing Southee through the covers. England need plenty more of those from him.

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Matthew Clark: Unless Cook pulls off a big score, it looks like England will be reliant on their middle order again. Still might not be enough.

Jon Dunn: It's going to take something pretty spectacular to not lose this one from here.

Henry Ellison: Redeem yourself Ian! Pair in Barbados, Failure in the 1st innings and 3 dropped catches. Can't get much worse can it?!

Brendon McCullum

Eng 38-2 (Henry 3-0-4-0)

This partnership is so key for England. Their two most experienced players are at the crease - if New Zealand can part them, they will have landed a real body-blow on their opponents. And Matt Henry so nearly does the trick! Full, swinging in, Cook just pushes at it uppishly and the ball drops just short of Luke Ronchi at mid-on. And then Henry finds the edge, squaring Cook up, the ball dropping just short of the slips. This is an examination.

Jeremy Coney

Ex-New Zealand captain on BBC Test Match Special

"It is interesting, if you feel you are a bit out of nick, two choices occur to you: put up the sandbags or you play freely and try to get to 20 and then start playing. You feel this is the second of those two options from Bell."

Eng 35-2 (trail by 99)

Some spell this by Southee, a man who has done plenty of damage to England batting orders in his time. The shape he's getting is gorgeous, curving the ball back into the batsman's pads from a nagging off-stump line. Ian Bell doesn't miss out when the bowler does eventually err, flaying a wide one backward of point.

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Rob Meech: New Zealand are a quality side and a pleasure to watch. This two-match series could slip away from us very quickly.

Charles Isere: Got to love McCullum's aggressive field: if Bell & Cook can't make a quick 25 here each before stumps, there's no hope for them.

Merlyn: Really like this New Zealand team. Good attack energy in the field and batting with explosive power. Better side than England.