1. England beat NZ by 56 runs
  2. New Zealand bowled out for 135
  3. Williamson run out 57 off 37 balls
  4. England score 191-7 from 20 overs
  5. Root makes 68 off 46 balls

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By Mike Henson

All times stated are UK

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Oh, hello there fellas.

Catch that did you?

The first Ashes Test begins on 8 July.

Hope you are ready. I think England might just be...

See you there.

Bye for now.

England captain Eoin Morgan on TMS: The aggressive nature was outstanding and was led by Joe Root. He has been brilliant for the changing room, he is the epitome of a professional cricketer.

"The performance with the ball was exceptional. The guys maintained the mindset and the aggressive nature and it paid off.

"The run out changed the game. We ran out of ways of getting Williamson out and we have just found one - run him out."

England batsman Joe Root on TMS: "Everyone has committed themselves 100 % to the team and it has come off so far. The guys that have come in have set the tone. The way we are playing we want to keep developing and keep improving.

"We knew if we got 191, that would be a good score. We backed our bowlers to defend it. It is hard to tell what a good score is these days because everyone is coming out and whacking it.

"You want to play in front of big crowds and see people enjoying how you play. This summer has been a really good start with all that. We have some important cricket coming up and it is really exciting."

Remember this is a New Zealand team who won all of their nine games at the World Cup before losing in the final.

I'm sure there was a little end-of-term fatigue with their bags already packed for home, but, whatever the caveats you can drum up, that was a pretty sensational England performance.

And if this sort of attacking cricket is a flash in the pan, then it has been burning for a pretty long time.

England captain Eoin Morgan on Sky Sports: "This felt a million miles away after the World Cup because we were so far off the mark there. We had a lot of hard work to do and a lot of hard lessons to learn but it has turned round pretty quickly and that is credit to Paul Farbrace and the rest of the backroom staff and the way that the squad have bought into what we want to be about as a side.

"I'm excited about the guys because we have not seen the best of our squad yet.

"It is probably a lot easier to keep this feel for the Ashes, this momentum now that we have won this ODI Series and this game playing in that way wins us games against one of the best sides in the world, it reinforces to everyone in the dressing room and gives confidence to the guys that, sometimes it might not come off, but when we do play that way we win games of cricket. That is the most important thing."

Graeme Swann

Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

"Adil has done himself a world of good. I would stick with him in one day cricket. I am not clamouring for him in the Test side It is a huge frustration he wasn't given a chance in the Test side so we could see what he can do ahead of the Ashes. That is a hangover of the last regime.".

"A bit amateurish"

New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum, speaking to Sky Sports: "I thought that 190-odd was about par. I was not unhappy at half-time, but we batted a bit amateurishly to be honest.

"It would have been nice to bat with Kane a bit longer and take us a little closer, but it wasn't to be. Credit to England, we wish them all the best for what is to come.

"I think overall we have played very well on this tour and we have introduced some new faces since the World Cup and installed them in.

"I think that the England team will be very exciting if they stay true to that style that they showed today and through the rest of the series. They reminded us that we need to keep on our game."

Ronnie in Kirkcaldy on text: Only the test side needs sorted out now. A strong, imaginative captain is desperately needed. Morgan should bat at 6 and captain the team. Shame it won't happen.

Ed. London: Hats off to New Zealand, exciting cricket and exemplary sportsmanship. I hope but doubt the Ashes will be played in the same spirit.

Graeme Swann

Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

"New Zealand are slightly depleted in the bowling. This England team though have shared the burden of pressure. They are playing so much as a unit that it doesn't allow the opposition to play."

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Fenners: Once again Eng limited overs team delivers. Put them in the Test team, why not?

Neil: New Zealand have lost five wickets for four runs , now that is a collapse.

Alfie Tutt: What a superb England team we have on our hands for the next few years. Absolute joy to watch!

Graeme Swann

Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

"There are players who have launched an international career in the last few weeks and they are absolutely buzzing about it. They have all grown up together and now are playing on the big stage and are loving it.

"These guys have done themselves no harm. Names were not known are now in the public consciousness."

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Rachel T: Well, fan my brow - England are kings of white-ball cricket!

Buzzer: Wow what a difference a new attitude makes! Well played @ECB_cricket. Thanks for the memories @BLACKCAPS.

Dan: This england team has the potential to be something special!

Ebony Rainford-Brent

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

England celebrate

"After the World Cup everyone was desperate to see oomph from the England team. That is what they have done, really bring that energy and buzz. They have bowled out a fantastic team, absolutely brilliant. I am really excited about the summer. People are falling back in love with cricket and it is what the country needed."

Champagne moment

England win by 56 runs


McClenaghan c Bairstow b Willey 0

The end comes with a crunch. New Zealand's final five wickets fell for four runs.

The tourists' tail has folded like an accordion and Mitchell McClenaghan is the final lemming over the edge, ramping a ball over his shoulder for a dolly of a catch for wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow to gobble up.

Old Trafford started their partying long ago.

Ebony Rainford-Brent

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

"McCullum trying to be inventive but Willey saw him coming, adjusted, and got him in a tangle. You sense there is a really hungry England unit. That is exciting ahead of the Ashes. There is real confidence and ambition."


N McCullum c Finn b Willey 3 (NZ 135-9)

Nathan McCullum gets desperate and tries to flick a paddle shot off his pads. But it goes straight to Steven Finn/

NZ 134-8 (target 192)

Steven Finn has been better value than a German budget supermarket over the last two overs.

Admittedly he is attacking the tray slops of this New Zealand batting line-up now, but still he restricts Nathan McCullum to just three runs.

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Gibbo: England have been a joy to watch these last few weeks! Just need to freshen test team up a little.

Kenny Kong: Didn't expect to see a middle order collapse from New Zealand in any ODI, let alone a T20!

Jimbo: Mark Wood is the find of the summer. One for the selectors. They don't do much right but spot on there.

NZ 131-8 (target 192)

New Zealand's mission improbable is to get 61 runs from 30 balls.

Ebony Rainford-Brent

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

"Another brilliant ball. Bowled with pace and a brilliant catch from Morgan. Wood is in the action and is deserving his contract. This team is full of a lot of match winners."


Southee c Morgan b Wood 0

Mark Wood has surely broken the back of this New Zealand chase.

Tim Southee chops at a good length ball, catches it sweet but on the up. Unfortunately for New Zealand it is straight to Eoin Morgan at mid-off and he clings on tight.


Williamson run-out (Willey) 57 (NZ 131-7)

David Willey
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The beginning of the end?

Kane Williamson is out of his ground and David Willey scores a direct strike.


Santner b Wood 9 (NZ 131-6)

Mark Wood celebrates
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Santner tries to up the pace and gets his comeuppance. Mark Wood's pace and angle down for him as his ugly sideways slash gets nowhere near the ball.

And there is a gaping hole where his off stump should be.

NZ 128-5 (target 192)

Steven Finn in stingy mood. Plenty of shorter stuff in there and a hat-tip to Alex Hales in the deep who gets across well to prevent two runs becoming four.

New Zealand's flow of runs has dried to a trickle.

They need 64 runs off 36 balls. Time to chance the arm and start swinging.

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Wasim Akram
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Stuart Wood: Wouldn't it be fantastic to see the likes of Waqar, Wasim, Walsh, Donald etc bowling against this devastating batting.

Ben Sutton: Good captaincy to keep Rashid on. One bad over doesn't mean he should be off on a pitch taking spin. Well bowled as well, Adil.

Richard Gauntlett: Who cares about the Ashes, it's going to be a great one day series!

NZ 123-5 (target 192)

Adil Rashid cramps New Zealand's style with some canny spin. He has tied down that end well over his last couple of overs. A single off every ball, but no more.

New Zealand are still ahead of England at the same point in their innings. But their trump cards - Williamson apart - are spent.

They need 69 runs off the last seven overs, at a rate of nearly 10. Even my maths can tell you that.

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Sam Rosser: In Kane Williamson and Joe Root, we are looking at two all time greats in the making here. Absolutely class acts!

Louis Strong: Question is, who would you rather have as your number 3? Root or Williamson?

NZ 117-5 (target 192)

Good little individual battle this between Ben Stokes and Kane Williamson as they go head to head for a full over.

The England bowler racks up dot balls on his first and third deliveries with tidy line and length and then a drop in pace.

On balls two and four though Williamson produces two textbook drives to find the boundary.

Kane Williamson
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One of the last ball as well, just back of square. Twelve runs off the over , all in gorgeous style. New Zealand's hopes pinned on Wiliamson.

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Steven McKee: Get Williamson out and it will be England's to lose. Great recovery in the last 3 overs.

NZ 105-5 (target 192)

After the butchery he was on the end of in the first over, Adil Rashid is getting into the game.

Just four runs off that cagey set of six.

New Zealand need 87 runs off 54 balls or nine overs.

Jonathan Trott

Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

"That is a unique shot. Stokes has bowled the slower bouncer and all he has managed to do is spoon it in the air. Amazing how the game turns around,. Bairstow dropped a catch just two overs ago and now he catches one and the match has turned around."

NZ 101-5 (target 192)

Kane Williamson

Halfway house and New Zealand have 91 runs to get and the watchful Kane Williamson at the crease to get them there.

Advantage England, but New Zealand still with cards on the table.


Ronchi b Stokes c Bairstow 5 (101-5)

A match-deciding over?

It feels a bit like that.

Luke Ronchi makes a rash decision to play a ramp shot to Ben Stokes' slower ball. There is not enough pace on the delivery to carry it both up and over wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow who bags as he backpedals.


Munro b Stokes 1 (NZ 95-4)

Ben Stokes
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Colin Munro with a big baseball swing. Very untidy and his furniture is rearranged by Ben Stokes' delivery that stayed low and took the top of off stump.

Munro won't like that Feng Shui, The umpire is not too happy either. The stump is cracked and needs replacing.

NZ 95-3 (target 192)

A wicket and only seven runs. Much better for Adil Rashid.