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  1. Debutant Jess Jonassen 95 not out
  2. Anya Shrubsole takes four wickets
  3. Australia were 95-5 before fightback
  4. Australia lead multi-format series 4-2
  5. 4pts for Test win, 2pts for a draw

Live Reporting

By Michael Emons and Chris Osborne

All times stated are UK

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Thank you and goodbye

So we will leave it there for the first day. Thank you for joining us and for your comments. Play will resume at 11:00 BST on Wednesday and our text commentary will be live from 10:40 BST.

The report from the opening day's play is live on our cricket pages.

Bye for now.

Close of play scorecard

Australia:  268-8 (Jonassen 95, Beams 24).

Fall of wickets:  66-1 (Villani 33), 70-2 (Lanning 3), 84-3 (Bolton 36), 87-4 (Perry 5), 99-5 (Blackwell 7), 176-6 (Healy 39), 187-7 (Coyte 3), 206-8 (Schutt 11).

Bowling:  Brunt 22-9-58-1, Shrubsole 23-4-59-4, Cross 16-2-59-1, Elwiss 3-0-11-0, Marsh 21-8-42-2, Knight 11-2-23-0, Sciver 1-0-10-0.

'England will be a little bit disappointed'

Ebony Rainford-Brent

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

"England would've wanted Australia wrapped up for 150 at the most and England will feel they have let the game slip away from them.

"They will be a little bit disappointed but it has been a brilliant fightback from Australia. They had to deal with some really positive bowling from England."

Australia 268-8

So England's Anya Shrubsole seems happy with the day's work, well that's what she says publicly. But our pundit Ebony Rainford-Brent does not agree.

Player reaction - Australia 268-8

England bowler Anya Shrubsole, who claimed four wickets, tells BBC Test Match special: "It's probably an even day and both teams will be happy. In an ideal world we would've liked to have picked up the last two wickets but Jess played brilliantly.

"We're relatively happy and hopefully we can take the last two wickets early tomorrow. Katherine (Brunt) bowled brilliantly well with very little reward. I didn't bowl well with the new ball but when I settled down and got into a rhythm it was better.

"There are a few tired bodies but this is what we do the training for. If a number 10 can play like that then it shows it's clearly not a bad track."

Player reaction - Australia 268-8

Australia's Jess Jonassen has just been speaking to Test Match Special. She says: "It was a bit tough at times but credit to England as they bowled very well at times.

"It was hard to score runs but the pleasing thing is that I managed to get through that and be there at the close of play.

"I knew England would be up in my face but I'm pleased to get through it and be unbeaten. We're in a really good position and hopefully we can score a few runs quickly tomorrow and get some joy with the ball."

Close of play - Aus 268-8 (Jonassen 95, Beams 24)

Two more to the total for Jess Jonassen. Five more to go for a hundred. But she will have to wait until tomorrow to get to three figures.

That is it for today.

Australia 266-8

Ebony Rainford-Brent

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

"This is a very big opportunity for Jess Jonassen. It also has shown the lack of penetration from England at the end of Australia's innings."

Australia 266-8 (Jonassen 93, Beams 24)

An inside edge for Jess Jonassen and her heartbeat probably quickens ever so slightly. But she gets away with it as the ball misses the stumps and the wicketkeeper's gloves. Jonassen inches on to 93.

That would have been a heartbreaking way to be out when you close in on a century on a Test debut.

Australia 265-8 (Jonassen 92, Beams 24)

It is nervous nineties time for Jess Jonassen. She is eight runs away from a much-deserved, potentially match-changing century. A maximum of five overs left, with Australia set to bat out the day.

Australia 262-8 (partnership 57 runs from 134 balls)

Who is winning this match? To be honest, it is a difficult one to answer. England will be annoyed at their inability to wrap up the Australia innings when they had restricted them to 99-5.

Australia 259-8 (Jonassen 87, Beams 23)

A hugely valuable 23 from Kristen Beams as the match is starting to swing in Australia's direction. It has been a great day for those that love their Test cricket.

The tourists looked on top at 66-0, England took control by reducing them to 99-5, but Australia have since recovered and have passed 250 with two wickets remaining. Jonassen is 13 runs away from a Test century on her Test debut.

Dropped catch

Five runs off the over as Australia seem to opt for an attacking approach. Beams nearly pays the penalty with a mistimed aerial shot, but England cannot capitalise as Laura Marsh at mid-off cannot hold on to the chance.

Australia 244-8 (Jonassen 82, Beams 14)

Jess Jonassen bats

We had only had two boundaries in nine overs, but Jonassen steps up the pace in the 90th over, launching Shrubsole for her 10th four to move into the 80s.

Are Australia going to declare tonight and leave England facing a tricky few overs at the end of the day? Or will they bat out the day? We will soon see. A maximum of 10 overs left.

Australia 239-8

Izzy Westbury

Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

Izzy is discussing the progression media coverage around the women's game:

"I think initially people were quite timid about saying anything negative. There's nothing wrong with that, you need that impetus to get it off the ground. But now, if things are going badly, this is a professional job and that critique is warranted."

Australia 239-8 (two boundaries in the last nine overs)

Australia are grinding out a score and frustrating the hosts. 

Australia 238-8 (Jonassen 76, Beams 14)

Kristen Beams is not exactly playing in T20 mode, but then again why should she?

She is playing a vital role for her side. Her first 54 balls see only 10 runs scored. But then a wonderfully-timed cut shot adds four to her total.

Australia 234-8 (Jonassen 76, Beams 10)

A change of approach from Katherine Brunt as her slower delivery nearly deceives Jess Jonassen. A few balls later and the English bowler mixes it up by sending in one short. But the Australian sees it coming and can move harmlessly out of the way.

This ninth-wicket partnership has now been there for 16 overs. Sixteen really frustrating overs for England fans.

Australia 234-8 (overs 86, run rate 2.72)

Anya Shrubsole thinks she may have a fifth wicket as Jess Jonassen flashes at one but the ball just avoids the diving Heather Knight at slip. England's wait for another wicket continues.

Australia 233-8

Izzy Westbury

Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

"The light is murky. If England end up going in for 10 overs or so it could be a tricky period for them."

Australia 233-8 (Jonassen 75, Beams 10)

The weather has been better than predicted, but now the lights are on at Canterbury.

But Jess Jonassen has no problem spotting a loose one from Katherine Brunt and it is driven away through the covers for four. We may have up to 15 more overs today. Will Australia still be batting at the end of the day?

Australia 227-8 (four runs off the last three overs)

Kristen Beams bats
Getty Images

Both batters are in their first Test match and it is a frustrating time for Katherine Brunt and England. It is a maiden over, but Kristen Beams is untroubled and remains at the crease.

Australia 227-8

Ebony Rainford-Brent

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

"I'm looking forward to this Test match now. Three hundred is a good score in a women's Test match - 250 keeps it in the action. If Australia get closer to that, there could be a bit in the second innings."

Australia 227-8 (Jonassen 69, Beams 10)

Every run from Jess Jonassen could be vital for Australia. Remember, this is her Test debut. And she is on 69 not out. Beams is on a resilient 10 from 40 balls. But the tail-ender is on strike for the start of the 83rd over.

Australia 223-8 (Brunt 1-44, Shrubsole 4-35)

4 - @Anya_shrubsole has claimed a four wicket haul in two of her last three Test innings against Australia. Valuable.

She now has a chance to get some more wickets, as she is back in action from the Nackington Road end.

Australia 223-8

Warwickshire's Rikki Clarke is getting his son involved from a young age. Hope that right leg is healing well...

Rikki Clarke's son
Rikki Clarke

Australia 223-8

The new ball is due, it is immediately taken and then thrown to Katherine Brunt, who produced an excellent opening spell earlier today and deserved better than figures of 1-44.

She nearly has her second wicket. Beams edges one, but it falls just short of Heather Knight at first slip. A maiden over from Brunt on her return.

Latest scorecard

80 overs

Australia:  223-8 (Jonassen 67, Beams 8).

Fall of wickets:  66-1 (Villani 33), 70-2 (Lanning 3), 84-3 (Bolton 36), 87-4 (Perry 5), 99-5 (Blackwell 7), 176-6 (Healy 39), 187-7 (Coyte 3), 206-8 (Schutt 11).

Bowling:  Brunt 15-6-44-1, Shrubsole 16-4-35-4, Cross 16-2-59-1, Elwiss 3-0-11-0, Marsh 20-8-41-2, Knight 9-2-18-0, Sciver 1-0-10-0.

Australia 223-8 (Jonassen 67, Beams 8)

Kristen Beams faced 17 balls before her first Test run, and now she has her first Test boundary cutting one away to the rope. Eight runs off the over. The new ball is now due.

Australia 215-8

Just the one run from the latest over. You get the impression that Charlotte Edwards is waiting for the new ball to bring Katherine Brunt and Anya Shrubsole, who has taken four wickets today, back into the attack.

Australia 214-8 (Jonassen 65, Beams 1)

It is her Test debut, but at least Kristen Beams has avoided the embarrassment of a duck. It has taken her 17 balls, but she scores her first Test run.

It is tough going at the moment for Australia, and it may get tougher soon as the new ball could be seen in two overs time.

Australia 213-8

Ebony Rainford-Brent

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

"If Australia make it to 250 then that will be a very good total on this pitch and will certainly make it a very interesting game."

Australia 213-8

Former England wicketkeeper Geraint Jones is no stranger to Canterbury. And he is having a great day if this picture is anything to go by.

Enjoying an ice cream watching the Women's Ashes match at @kentcricket #WomensAshes

Enjoying an ice cream watching the Women's Ashes match at @kentcricket #WomensAshes

Australia 210-8

Kalika Mehta

BBC Sport at Canterbury

"The first shouts of 'Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi' have been bellowed out but it's the England fans who are jumping up and down in celebration.

"With the crowd nudging 2,000 there have been plenty of back and forth between the Australian and England fans, especially as the day has gone on."

Australia 210-8

Charlotte Edwards

England lost the toss, but captain Charlotte Edwards will be happy with the job her bowlers have done for her.

Australia 207-8

Kristen Beams is another player making her Test debut. She has joined Jess Jonassen at the crease. Beams looks nervous as she fails to score from her first seven deliveries. England sense they could wrap this innings up soon.

Australia 206-8

Isa Guha

Ex-England seamer on BBC Test Match Special

Laura Marsh celebrates
Getty Images

"Marsh is coming from around the wicket and the angle is working well for her - she's getting some subtle turn. Schutt played all around that one. It's exactly what Edwards wanted - she wanted Marsh to do the job for her and she's doing it."

WICKET - Schutt lbw b Marsh 11 (Aus 206-8)

Laura Marsh

Laura Marsh is celebrating again. Megan Schutt played all around a straight one, missed it and the ball bounced off her back pad. It is an easy decision as it would have hit middle stump. Australia lose their eighth wicket.

Australia 206-7 (partnership 19)

A lovely drive through long on from Jess Jonassen takes her on to 59, before she flicks one off the pads for another single.

She had never made an international 50 in either T20 or one-day matches and this is turning into a Test debut that she will never forget.

Get Involved #bbccricket

Enjoying the incredibly loud guy in the background of the @bbctms box at Canterbury today. Hopefully its passion, not beer. #bbccricket

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