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  1. West Indies 223-6 (won toss)
  2. WI captain Stafanie Taylor hits 84 & takes 3-22
  3. Eng slump from 161-4 to 181 all out
  4. Beaumont 57, Winfield 51
  5. Series now level at 2-2

Live Reporting

By Mark Mitchener and Alan Jewell

All times stated are UK

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Right, I think it's time for us to call it a day. Stephan Shemilt's developing report of the carnage is available for your perusal here.

We'll be back for the fifth and final ODI on Wednesday from 15:00 BST with the first ball due to be bowled 30 minutes later.

And, judged on what's happened so far, the toss will be all important as you don't want to be the side chasing.

Thanks for keeping us company and your best living sportsperson contributions. Join us on Wednesday because it's likely to be eventful. Cheerio for now.

Where did it all go wrong?

As for England, well, Tammy Beaumont and Lauren Winfield both batted brilliantly to set up an excellent platform, scoring 57 and 51 respectively.

Heather Knight scored 36 having moved up to number three but the rest of the batting order managed just 26 between them. Rabbits and headlights spring to mind.

Earlier on, they weren't great in the field either, missing four catches and a stumping. 

Plenty to ponder before the series decided on Wednesday. 

Taylor named player of the match

While we have understandably focused on the five England run outs, we certainly shouldn't forget West Indies skipper Stafanie Taylor, who was deservedly named player of the match. 

Having earlier top-scored with 84, she took 3-22 in her 10 overs and was also involved in at least one run out. It's hard to remember if it was more because there were so many of them.

Good bowling from Hayley Matthews too, picking up 2-25.

Captain's view

West Indies captain Stafanie Taylor is asked about her hamstring: "It's quite fine, hopefully having a day off will help me to bounce back on Wednesday.

"I wasn't nervous, they actually got a brilliant start that the openers gave them but we just needed a breakthrough.

"We actually watched a movie last night, one of those movies were you never give up and I think it actually came true today."

Captain's view

England captain Heather Knight: "For 90% of that game we played brilliant cricket, but we've thrown the West Indies a chance and they've taken it. We're going to have to look long and hard at ourselves.

"The pitch actually played better than Friday, I think we made the most of it with Lauren and Tammy - and we bowled well, but four dropped catches isn't going to help you. There's been some really good cricket played so far, 2-2 is probably fair going into the final game."

Lydia Greenway

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

England are a team with a huge amount of character. They've got two days, and they'll look to come back fighting. You have to address what's happened, whether that's chatting with team-mates or coaches, but don't dwell on it too much. Hit training hard, and make sure they're mentally prepared going into the last match.

Henry Moeran

BBC Test Match Special commentator

What England won't believe is the manner of the decision-making here. They've lost 10 wickets, but only five to bowlers.

It seems a long time ago now (although it really isn't) but it's worth recalling that England were 133-1 after half-centuries from Tammy Beaumont and Lauren Winfield in the 29th over. 

These were the scores when the wickets fell:

95-1 Beaumont

133-2 Winfield (run out)

137-3 Sciver

137-4 Wyatt (run out)

161-5 Elwiss (run out)

161-6 Jones

164-7 Brunt (run out)

165-8 Knight

172-9 Gunn

181 Marsh (run out)

West Indies win by 42 runs

West Indies' victory means the series is level at 2-2 with the deciding match on Wednesday. England will have a job and a half to recover from this though.

This defeat also means they can't qualify for next year's World Cup on Wednesday. 

Lydia Greenway

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

Lauren Winfield and Tammy Beaumont gave England a great platform but mistakes, which they know shouldn't have happened, have let West Indies back into the game.

WICKET - West Indies win by 42 runs

Marsh run out 13 (England 181 all out)

An appropriate way to finish - England attempt a quick single to get Laura Marsh back on strike but she's short of her ground and that's run out number five. 

Shambolic doesn't do it justice. 

Eng 180-9 (44 needed from 36 balls)

Anisa Mohammed now and Marsh swipes with the spin and Deandra Dottin makes a right Horlicks* of it on the boundary, allowing the ball through her legs for the first four in a long time. Good over for England - and that hasn't been the case for a while - with seven off it.

*other malted drinks are available

Eng 173-9 (target 224)

Alex Hartley the last batter to join Laura Marsh. A nominal 51 off 42 needed. 

Lydia Greenway

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

As a team, you'll know exactly what's gone wrong. I've been there when you've had those chats and you've got to turn it around quickly.

Henry Moeran

BBC Test Match Special commentator

This is an issue we've seen before. We saw it in the second ODI - England had a good platform and have thrown it away.


Gunn c Quintyne b Matthews 0 (Eng 172-9)

Jenny Gunn tries to get the scoreboard moving but her heave goes high in the sky and Shaquana Quintyne dives forward to take the catch. The sorry procession continues but Gunn had to try something. The game has been lost because of what's gone before. 

Eng 172-8 - need 52 off 48

Deandra Dottin brought back and she'll fancy cleaning up this England tail. She won't get anything with deliveries that barely stay on the cut strip and that's an off-side wide. She drops short and wide again and Marsh forces off the back foot for two.

Stephan Shemilt

BBC Test Match Special

I wonder what the record number of run-outs in a women's ODI is. Four has got to be in there with a chance. Penny for coach Mark Robinson's thoughts?

The record is actually six - it's happened four times.

Eng 169-8 (target 224)

Laura Marsh in. Two byes after a big turner from Hayley Matthews beat everything. England need 55 from 54 balls but they're probably gone mentally after the way the wickets have been gifted to West Indies.

Henry Moeran

BBC Test Match Special commentator

And now, just at the time when England should be pushing for twos, they're afraid to do so because of all those run-outs.

Lydia Greenway

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

Heather Knight was probably England's last hope. Laura Marsh and Jenny Gunn have a big job to do, you have to fancy West Indies from here. You need someone from your top five to bat through like Stafanie Taylor did. England had a brilliant platform, but have made a number of errors which I'm sure they'll talk about afterwards.


Knight c & b Taylor 36 (Eng 165-8)

One skipper removes the other as Stafanie Taylor gets Heather Knight caught and bowled. Surely that's the end for England. England have lost four wickets for four runs having earlier lost three for four runs. 

Eng 165-7

Jenny Gunn joins Heather Knight now who has been involved in all four run outs. 


Brunt run out 1 (Eng 164-7)

From silly to plain stupid. England are staring into the abyss. Yet another ridiculous run out. New batter Katherine Brunt gets off the mark but wants another quick single that doesn't exist - Knight sends her back but Matthews throws to Aguilleira from point and the wicketkeeper completes the formalities once again. FOUR RUN OUTS. Madness. 

Lydia Greenway

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

Amy Jones looked like she was trying to work it quite square to get Heather on strike. Not what England need at this time. The people coming in are still capable, but they've got a lot of work to do. Heather Knight needs to stay in, play to her strengths and the others just need to keep England in this game and take it deep.

Stephan Shemilt

BBC Test Match Special

England have bowled reasonably well and batted OK, but if they lose this game, it'll be down to four dropped catches, a missed stumping and three run-outs. Twice in this innings they've been in quite comfortable positions, and lost two wickets for no runs twice.


Jones lbw b Matthews 0 (Eng 161-6)

Big turn from Matthews, big appeal and Amy Jones is out to her third ball - England may well be heading for a largely self-inflicted defeat.


Elwiss run out 9 (Eng 161-5)

This is just getting silly now. Hayley Matthews on again, Knight plays it short on the off-side and they set off for a single that just doesn't exist - Stafanie Taylor pounces from gully and throws it udnerarm to Aguilleira to break the stumps. Five wickets, three of them run outs. 

Stephan Shemilt

BBC Test Match Special

The golf cart seems to do nothing other than give the West Indies players somewhere to site. There's a cool box on the back, but no-one's taking any drinks out of it.

How's stat?!

Lydia Greenway

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

I don't want to curse them, but at the moment these two are doing a good job.

Drinks break - Eng 161-4 (target 224)

Knight 33, Elwiss 9

Here's Deandra Dottin again, varying her pace and running her fingers across the seam. She's going for a full length, but sends one down the leg side for a wide. Knight then chops off-side for one. Dottin goes leg-side again. Another wide and Merissa Aguilleira did well to stop that.

Time for drinks with England needing 63 from 14 overs.

Eng 158-4

Afy Fletcher back on, Knight picks out the gap on the leg-side for a single. The West Indies bowler drops short and Elwiss has an easy one.

A bonus to finish the over - a ridiculous throw at the stumps from Hayley Matthews. Elwiss, at the non-striker's end, was in her crease and the fielder supposedly backing up wasn't even looking as she, understandably, thought the over was done with. 

Eng 154-4 (target 224)

Georgia Elwiss off the mark to bring up the England 150 and she and Knight work the ball around nicely off Anisa Mohammed to pick up five from the over.

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Hugh Grant (no, not that one): England panics. The new coach paying the price of discarding Charlotte Edwards. Experience matters. 

Lydia Greenway

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

It's always easier for us sitting in our armchairs to say what they should have done - but it's a hard wicket and you just have to take a bit of extra time to get yourself in.

Eng 149-4 (target 224)

Nice paddle sweep from Heather Knight to fine leg for two off Quintyne, a bottom edge from an attempted cut brings two more. Now a sweep from a full toss and that's four - great stuff from the skipper. England need 75 from 17 overs and suddenly it seems to be in their favour. 

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Alan, London: Michael Johnson! Untouchable throughout his entire career and, at retirement, holder of two huge world records at both his distances, 200 & 400m (Usain Bolt is a close second).

Geoff from Cheshire: Has to be Pele - universally accepted as the best of all time at the world's favourite sport.

Eng 140-4

Skipper Taylor continues, a bounce in her step suddenly. The vuvuzelas now blaring out around Sabina Park. England trying to stop the bleeding after losing three wickets for five runs, two of them to run outs.

Lydia Greenway

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

Looking at the England batting order, having Amy Jones at seven is a strong batting line-up. But losing wickets in clusters is giving them problems.