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  1. Rabada bowls Stokes (58) after promising partnership with Bairstow
  2. Bairstow reprieved on 4 - third umpire controversially rules slip catch didn't carry
  3. Root out lbw for 52 after passing 5,000 Test runs
  4. Skipper survived edge behind on 40 when keeper failed to go for catch
  5. De Kock takes three catches - Cook (46), Westley (29) & Jennings (17)

Live Reporting

By Amy Lofthouse

All times stated are UK

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That's it from us for today. You can read Mr Shemlit's match report over here.

We'll be back tomorrow at 10:30 BST for whatever day two may bring. Thanks, as always, for your company. In a bit!

'I will help every player'

Paul Farbrace on Test Match Special: "I’m not a selector but as a coach I will help every player as much as I can. We believe we are supporting the right players. Jennings' going through a tough time, sometimes you go through a tough time and you learn a lot about the player."

Michael Vaughan

Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

Ben Stokes is being cricket smart. Joe Root says he wanted to breed a side that becomes cricket smart. In Ben Stokes, they've got one of those cricketers.

Michael Vaughan

Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

The questions we asked before this Test are still not answered. With Jennings, yes, it was a good ball, but it's another opportunity missed. Westley looks like a good player but he switched off. Malan looks like a firecracker but he got in and gifted his wicket. Particularly with Jennings, he will watch and read stuff tomorrow morning which won’t be too nice for him.

'I knew Root was out'

South Africa fast bowler Duanne Oliver speaking to Sky Sports: "The boys will be happy with the performance today. The new ball nipped around quite a bit but the older ball didn't. it's more seam than swing.

"When Root missed that delivery, I knew it was going to hit the stumps. There was no doubt in my mind. He's an attacking player and as captain, he wants to lead from the front. If we can do the basics right, we can disrupt England."

Michael Vaughan

Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

I thought it was good cricket. The toss was, again, one where a captain could have easily bowled. It’s been a fighting day, England have had to fight for every one of this 260 runs. Throughout the whole day, the key to South Africa’s performance was the spinner. Maharaj bowled so well, had control, used the crease nicely. He seemed to be able to control the batsman, he was in their mind, one step ahead.

'Root is heartbeat of our side'

More from Farbrace on Joe Root: "Joe Root looks a quality player. He looks as though, every innings he gets better and better. He is the heartbeat of our team. He showed his quality. Hopefully there's thousands more runs to come."

Michael Vaughan

Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

You've got to have a technique and a mindset. You find out a lot about players when they're going through a tricky period. You always have to have an eye on whether you see Keaton Jennings walking out at Brisbane in the winter to face Hazlewood, Bird and Starc.

'Keaton will be disappointed'

Farbrace on Keaton Jennings: "He has worked extremely hard. We thought we saw signs in the second innings of The Oval of someone who has worked really hard to adapt to international cricket. There hasn't been a great deal of time for him to make any changes he might want to. I thought today he was starting to show he was looking like he was adapting. He'll be massively disappointed."

Graeme Smith

Ex-South Africa captain on BBC Test Match Special

It's been a hard fought day for both teams. It's been a long tour for South Africa, it's been a poor one and they are desperate to get something out of it. It's their last chance to salvage something and they've tried hard all day today.

'Morkel was outstanding'

England assistant coach Paul Farbrace speaking to Sky Sports: "They bowled really well today. Morne Morkel was outstanding and Maharaj has bowled with real control. I think we battled well. We talked a lot about assessing the situation, the conditions, and making sure we get that right. We did that really well in the last game and I think we've shown that today."

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Duncan Mitchell: This is the problem... Moeen Ali will be left with the tail yet again. Such a waste of one of our most talented batsmen.

Ian B: Nightwatchman coming in with 6 wickets down is an utter nonsense.

Thomas Broadle: South Africa just on top. England will be disappointed that everyone's got a start but nobody has gone on to make a big score.

Here's the final wicket to fall today, with Ben Stokes bowled by a beauty by Kagiso Rabada.

Graeme Smith

Ex-South Africa captain on BBC Test Match Special

South Africa have done a good job, they could have had a bit more luck here or there. Tomorrow's morning session is critical, they need early wickets and to get England out for 300 and below and then bat well.

Toby Roland-Jones, incidentally, didn't shift from the non-striker's end after being sent out as nightwatchman. Do let me know your thoughts on that...

Graeme Smith

Ex-South Africa captain on BBC Test Match Special

You can only define how a day is by seeing what happens in the second day. If South Africa come out tomorrow and roll England out, then you can say it was a good first day.

Close of play - Eng 260-6

And that, folks, is your lot for the day. Jonny Bairstow picks up a boundary off the outside edge, before he leaves the final two balls of the over. That's your lot. Even stevens? Or are South Africa slightly ahead?

Graeme Smith

Ex-South Africa captain on BBC Test Match Special

It's been that kind of day today ... play and miss, play and miss, chop one onto the knee and hit the next one for four.

Eng 256-6

Duanne Olivier will take the final over of the day, and he's summarily driven through cover for four by Bairstow.

There's one over left and England have sent out a nightwatchman. Toby Roland-Jones has been told to go stand at the non striker's end.

Graeme Smith

Ex-South Africa captain on BBC Test Match Special

He's beaten him for pace. Stokes hasn't been at his best with the new ball, he's been uncertain and loose. A massive wicket for South Africa at the close of play, Stokes can do so much damage.


Stokes b Rabada 58 (Eng 252-6)

Bowled him! Oh, that's wonderful from Rabada. Stokes took two streaky boundaries off him in that over, one on the hook, one an outside edge that beat the slips, but Rabada responds in perfect fashion. Full, fast, straight, past Stokes' bat and splattering into the stumps. Rabada yells in delight as Stokes departs.

How's stat?

Andrew Samson

BBC Test Match Special statistician

Stokes' and Bairstow's partnership average is 59.35. Their average for the sixth wicket is 95.4.

Here's a streaky boundary, courtesy of Ben Stokes...

Eng 244-5

A final roll of the dice for Du Plessis, as he throws the ball to Duanne Olivier. Bairstow plays and misses, which brings about a grimace from the bowler, but Bairstow just stares at the ground, before driving rather uppishly for a couple. The shadows are just starting to creep onto the wicket.

Graeme Smith

Ex-South Africa captain on BBC Test Match Special

Rabada has looked a lot better today, it's been his best match of the tour. The pace and consistency has been there. He's been searching throughout the summer here in England and today we have seen the best of him.

Eng 242-5

Rabada bowls another peach, the ball holding its line and beating Bairstow as he presses forward. The amount of times he and Morkel have beaten the outside edge today. A short ball is clonked straight to the fielder at cover, before Rabada bowls an exact copy of the first ball of the over. Brilliant stuff from the seamer, and a drop-and-dart from Bairstow is the only run of the over.

Graeme Smith

Ex-South Africa captain on BBC Test Match Special

South Africa will have to fight and toil, it's not a surface where you can blast people out. At the moment, it's a hard grafting surface for both bat and ball. It's not been easy to play with freedom, bowlers have had to work.

Eng 241-5

Bairstow 22, Stokes 50

Bairstow swipes at a wide Morne ball, which Quinton de Kock dives to reach, misses, and watches it go away for four byes. That swung more than anyone was expecting, least of all de Kock, and it brings up the 50 partnership, from 112 deliveries. That's a lovely cover drive from Bairstow but the fielder chases it down and whizzes the ball back in to keep it to three.

Ed Smith

Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

Stokes is so comfortable at the crease - balanced, confident and there's a great competitive presence that he brings to a cricket field.

Ben Stokes
Getty Images

50 for Stokes

Eng 234-5

Stokes has got his old mate Rabada to contend with, and he's beaten by a cracker of a delivery, a bit of extra bounce deceiving Stokes as the ball gets pushed across the face of his bat. That's a few times now that Stokes has been caught playing away from himself, but a nicely timed push down the ground brings up his half-century! He raises his bat and punches gloves with Bairstow as a wobbly, sunburnt Old Trafford crowd get to their feet.

Ben Stokes
Rex Features

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Jamie Forster: Love watching Morkel bowl with the new ball. Tall but gets it nice and full, deserves a lot more wickets this series.

Dave Wood: Is Morkel the unluckiest bowler around?

Eng 232-5

Morkel 18-4-53-1

Ben Stokes promptly gets a telling off from Aleem Dar for whacking his bat into the pitch. Stokes handled that better than I would, mind. I'd have cried. Here's Morkel, three slips in place this time, and he gets Stokes to chase another wide delivery! It was a big drive from Stokes, playing away from his body, and he was lucky not to get a nibble on that. Morkel then decides he likes this game of hitting Stokes and cannons the ball into his other thigh! The poor fella hobbles down for a leg bye then chunters furiously to himself.

Michael Vaughan

Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

That's hurt Ben Stokes. It missed the thigh on the right leg, his big thigh pad. It's going to be sore, that's why he whacked the ground with anger.

Ben Stokes
Getty Images

Eng 229-5

Bairstow 17, Stokes 47

Hello, here's Kagiso Rabada. And he beats Bairstow first up with a beauty, the ball just zipping past the outside edge as he tentatively prods forward. No foot movement there, and Bairstow doesn't look all that comfortable as an angled drive gets to short leg on the bounce. Ooft! There's plenty of zip on that, the ball pushed across Stokes, and it takes off as it pitches, leaving Stoke pushing at the air. And now an in cutter, and that's hurt Stokes! He thwacks his bat into the turf as he gets struck right on the thigh. Oh, that'll leave a lovely bruise. Stokes responds with a lovely whip through mid-wicket for three.

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A couple of years ago our 50 over side was playing like a Test team. Now, our Test team is playing as if it is an ODI.

Aidan from Warwickshire

Eng 225-5

Here comes Morkel, long, shuffling strides, and he draws Stokes forward but the all-rounder is playing carefully. That's an edge, though - oh, and it's just flown past where third slip should be and towards the boundary! The look on Morne's face. What a day he's had. Why Faf's only got two slips in place, with a new ball, and your best bowler in action, I don't know, but there we go. Stokes rounds of the over with a horrible hack and just about avoids edging to the keeper.

New ball

Morne's currently got figures of 16-4-47-1, which doesn't reflect how good he's been today. Can he snaffle another wicket before the 90 overs are done for the day?

Eng 220-5

Bairstow 15, Stokes 40

Maharaj tosses the ball up and a touch of extra bounce surprises Stokes, who takes a hand off the bat and drops it down rather awkwardly. As the over comes to an end, Morne jogs in, removing his jumper as he goes. New ball time.

Maharaj has his jumper off, then Faf stops him so he can check Umpire Dharmasena's watch. Looks like we'll be waiting a little longer for that new ball, as Maharaj rolls his fingers across the old one. The South Africa brains trust of Faf and Amla, meanwhile, tinker with the field, while Morne Morkel loosens up.