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  1. Scott Mitchell (Eng) beats Martin Adams (Eng) 7-6
  2. First to seven sets (five legs in a set)
  3. Mitchell's first title; Adams a three-time champion
  4. Watch again in 'Live Coverage'

Live Reporting

By Stephan Shemilt

All times stated are UK

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In three Christmas weeks, we have crowned two new darts world champions in two finals that have gone all the way.

Well done to Gary Anderson, but tonight belongs to Scott Mitchell, the Scotty Dog who is having his day.


And with that, the 2015 BDO World Championships comes to a close. You know it's the end when the TV coverage ends with a montage. Everyone loves a montage.

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Vicky: Darts is definitely the sport with best losers and winners. Congratulatory & apologetic respectively, a lot of respect evident.

Vaughan Griggs: Well done Scott Mitchell, a very worthy champion and to Martin Adams too, very dignified in defeat.

George Dixie: Probably shouldn't be sat here with my head in my hands over a game of darts. Gutted for Wolfie.

Bobby George

Two-time BDO world championship finalist on BBC Two

"The 158 checkout was where Scott did it for me. He had so many chances to take the title, but he kept his cool and he got there in the end. But Wolfie is some darts player."

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Jack Cox: Scott Mitchell... The most famous man from Bransgore!

Bryan Mackie: What an almighty match that was to watch. Well deserved, Scott Mitchell, well deserved.

Flash: What a game of darts, Martin Adams. What a man.

The presentation party is on stage, with Martin Adams receiving his prize as runner-up. Scott Mitchell shakes his head when his prize of £100,000 is read out, then he moves forward to take the silver trophy.

He walks to the front of the stage and lifts it high.

The 2015 champion of the world, Scott Mitchell.

When reminded that he owed his wife a honeymoon, after he took her to the Channel Islands after they were married 23 years ago so he could play in the Jersey Open:

Champion Scott Mitchell: "We might go to Cornwall, let's not get carried away!"

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Tom Doherty: Why have I never watched the darts before?! Unbelievable entertainment!

Benjamin Watts: That's what sport us about! Seeing people's dreams unfold infront of their eyes. Congrats Scott Mitchell, what a final!

Champion Scott Mitchell on BBC Two: "It's quite amazing. Halfway through that, I really wished I was watching it, I didn't want to be up here. but it's everything your dreams are made of. Martin is an awesome champion, he's helped us all and I hope I'm still playing like that at his age."

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AK: Fully deserved Scott Mitchell, he's done well all week. Martin Adams put up a classy old guard performance though!

Rob Vary: Gutted for Wolfie but hats off to Mitchell deserved it.

Gemma Morris: Cracking games of darts!! Well happy for Mitchell!

Runner-up Martin Adams: "It wasn't too shabby, was it? I could have played better early on, but that's the way darts goes. Fair play to Scotty, he beat me. He ain't a bad old lad for a farmer's boy! This is the greatest crowd I've ever come across."

Mitchell is back, jumping about on stage, taking the screams and whistles of the crowd. What a wonderful Lakeside final. Who says darts isn't a sport? Twice in two Sundays the boys on the oche have delivered wonderful sporting drama.

Vassos Alexander

Darts commentator on BBC Two

"Year after year, Scott Mitchell would come to Lakeside and fail to find his best darts. This year, he's strutted about like he owns the oche - and now he does."

Scott Mitchell is the BDO World Champion

Scott Mitchell 7-6 Martin Adams

Won with double 20! Scott Mitchell is the world champion! He sinks to his knees, tears streaming down his face. There's congratulations from Martin Adams, who beams a smile. A Scotty Dog is thrown from the crowd, with Mitchell then running to celebrate with his family. Great scenes.

*Scott Mitchell 6-6 Martin Adams 13th set: 2-1

Mitchell leaves 40. Adams must take out 121. Bullseye? No! Mitchell for tops and the title...

*Scott Mitchell 6-6 Martin Adams 13th set: 2-1

Mitchell with a healthy lead, he'll have six from 221. He takes 81, meaning it will be 140 for the world title. Where's Wolfie? He's pinning a 180 of his own.

*Scott Mitchell 6-6 Martin Adams 13th set: 2-1

180 for Mitchell!

*Scott Mitchell 6-6 Martin Adams 13th set: 2-1 shot at the double, Adams returns and must hit double 16. He does! Now, Mitchell throwing for the title.

Scott Mitchell 6-6 Martin Adams* 13th set: 2-0

Each with a 140 in this leg that Wolfie has to win - in fact, he has to win the next two. Wolfie, though, is without a treble in his next visit and Mitchell bags a 140 and beats his chest. Adams keeps pace to have a shot at 161 as Scotty loses the plot, Wolfie will have six from 161. He'll come for double 62 to stay in this final, with Mitchell waiting on 100. Two missed at double 16... here comes Mitchell for the title...

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Phil Thomas: Don't care if you are a PDC or a BDO fan, you have to admit this is great entertainment.

Alan David Duncan: 158 finish? Unbelievable stuff from Scott Mitchell!

Scott Mitchell 6-6 Martin Adams* 13th set: 2-0

Where has Scott Mitchell found that from? Still, his biggest task is to hold his throw on the back of the break. Wolfie pressures, but Mitchell is still the first to a finish. Both men on 161. No treble for Mitchell, meaning Adams will get his chance. He too misses the little red bit. Scotty's turn for 101. One dart at double top... just short! Now it's Adams' turn...double 16? No! Bent the wire! Mitchell for 20. Surely? Hear the roar! He's one leg away... again!

Phil Cartwright

BBC Sport at the Lakeside

"How many times have you played a best-of-five-legs match with your mate down the pub? This is the same. Except this is worth more than a free drink and a bag of crisps. This is to be world champion and for an extra £65,000."

Jim Proudfoot

Darts commentator on BBC Two

"A 158 at the start of the deciding set? Are you sure? What a time to hit your highest checkout of the week!"

Mitchell breaks

*Scott Mitchell 6-6 Martin Adams 13th set: 1-0

Can you believe this? For the second time in two Sundays, we are into a 13th set to decide a world darts champion. The decider must be won by two clear legs. If we get to 5-5, it will be a one-leg shootout. Adams with the darts in the 13th, clearly winning the race to a finish. Has Wolfie found his best darts at the most crucial time? Mitchell is nowhere as Adams leaves 64. Double 16 the shot, not taken, but you suspect he will be back. Or will he? Scott Mitchell takes out 158 with double 19! He breaks the throw! He's back in front! Amazing stuff.

Adams wins the 12th set

Scott Mitchell 6-6 Martin Adams* 12th set: 2-3

Adams for 91. Bullseye hit. Big nine hit. Double 16? He's done it! We're going all the way!

Scott Mitchell 6-5 Martin Adams 12th set: 2-2

Mitchell is all over the place, he can't find a treble. Adams, though, is thriving, more than 100 ahead after six. Still no treble for Mitchell, Adams winning the race to a finish. 180! Wonderful drama.

Jim Proudfoot

Darts commentator on BBC Two

"Last night, Glen Durrant missed three match darts against Adams, and lost. Mitchell has just missed one."

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Paul Summerhill: Gripped by #bbcdarts - edge of my seat! Come on Scotty!

*Scott Mitchell 6-6 Martin Adams 12th set: 2-2

Adams takes double six! Now, Mitchell with the darts...

Scott Mitchell 6-5 Martin Adams 12th set: 2-1

Double 16 for the title! One match-dart missed!

Scott Mitchell 6-5 Martin Adams 12th set: 2-1

Martin Adams on the point on no return. He must win the next two legs to keep Mitchell from the title. A 140 from Wolfie gives him the edge, with more treble hunting getting the three-time champ down to a finish. 161 is the shot, but, with Mitchell way back, a 60 doesn't hinder him much. A 140 at least gives Mitchell some pressure, but Adams misses double 12. Mitchell for 104 and the world title...

Scott Mitchell 6-5 Martin Adams* 12th set: 2-1

Mitchell looks intent on holding with an opening 140 as a lady dressed as Elvis watches on. Mitchell again goes treble hunting, making it hard for Adams to find yet another break. Scotty takes his time, a crucial treble taking him down to 121. Wolfie, back on 183, so Mitchell has six to move within a leg of the title. Tops will be the shot for a 2-1 lead in the 12th. Two missed... three missed! Adams, though, is all the way back on 123. Another chance for Mitchell. Taken! We are on the brink!

Jim Proudfoot

Darts commentator on BBC Two

"Mitchell is playing at his own pace, not being affected by the tempo of Martin Adams's game."

Mitchell breaks

*Scott Mitchell 6-5 Martin Adams 12th set: 1-1

Can Mitchell find the break that would return his advantage? A chink of light as Wolfie doesn't find a treble, but Scotty can't take full advantage. Adams looks for 141, putting a decent dent in it. 11 left. Mitchell for 142? One treble, but not a second. Can you believe this? Adams has busted 11 with 19! Mitchell must take 44.... double 16? Yes! Another break, but Mitchell back on top.

Adams breaks

Scott Mitchell 6-5 Martin Adams* 12th set: 0-1

Mitchell with the darts. He needs three holds. Adams has to break to keep himself in the hunt for a fourth title. So far, Mitchell has been unable to consolidate his breaks in this final, and, again, Adams hunts the treble to snatch the advantage. Wolfie comes for 131. He leaves tops and will have three at it. Must go. It does! Yet another break! Are we going to a deciding set?

Vassos Alexander

Darts commentator on BBC Two

"An hour or so before this final, Scott Mitchell told us 'if I get ahead, I will win'."

Mitchell wins the 11th set

*Scott Mitchell 6-5 Martin Adams 11th set: 3-1

Can someone finally hold throw? Scott Mitchell starts like a man who intends to, rattling in his seventh 180. A hold here will put him a set from the title. On 221 after, he's in a fine position, while Adams' scoring has gone AWOL. Scotty to 81 after nine, he'll again have plenty of darts for a 6-5 lead. Double six? Yes! Scott Mitchell is a set away from the world title!

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Michael: Martin Adams was clean shaven when this final started.

Al G Bra: Adams is a bottle player, and he's got plenty of it!

Lee Taylor: Darts literally too close to call at times.

Mitchell breaks

*Scott Mitchell 5-5 Martin Adams 11th set: 2-1

We've been going for more than two and and a half hours, with the tension cranking up a notch with each passing leg. Adams, after that break, takes his foot off the gas, letting Mitchell take a very healthy lead. Scotty will have at least six at 221 and another break. He'll come to finish 81 as Adams, who maybe looks a little jaded, flounders behind. 16s for Mitchell, missed, but he will come back. Mitchell has to replace a flight, then steadies for two eights. Two missed. Not three, though. Yet another break.

Jim Proudfoot

Darts commentator on BBC Two

"I wonder whether the fact that Adams know how to get across the line will be a factor over the next three sets."