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  1. Gary Anderson beats Phil Taylor 7-6
  2. The Scot wins his first world title
  3. Taylor denied a 17th world championship
  4. * denotes next to throw first

Live Reporting

By Stephan Shemilt

All times stated are UK

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So, after a wonderful tournament and a barely believable final, we are at the end.

Did darts signal the start of your Christmas? Are you sad because it's back to work in the morning?

Never fear, the BDO World Championships aren't even past the first round yet. There's still one more week of darting delight at the start of this new year.


Gary Anderson poses for the photographers, his hands on a trophy that will be his for the next 12 months.

A darting delight that began in 2014 is over. We have a new world champion.

Runner-up Phil Taylor: "Doubles cost me a couple of sets and he took advantage My double eight and 16 were awful but Gary put me under pressure.

"At 6-6 I felt I had him and my energy levels were good. but he did a job on me and he beat me up in the last set."

New PDC world champion Gary Anderson: "There was a set where I played well and went 6-4 up and then after the break Phil took the next two sets and I felt it was gone.

"Phil is the best and always will be the best so that makes it more special."

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Liam: The best game of darts I've ever seen.

Jamie Mulholland: Take a bow Gary Anderson...You're the Champion of the World!

The tickertape, the trophy held aloft. The third Scot to be crowned world champion.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, the winner, for the very first time in his career, he is the world darts champion. The Flying Scotsman, Gary And-er-son!"

The presentation. Taylor is magnanimous in defeat, holding his hands up and taking the applause of the crowd.

Gary Anderson

What. A. Final. Have we already seen the best sporting event of 2015? What could beat it?

Gary Anderson is the PDC world champion

Gary Anderson 7-6 Phil Taylor

Gary Anderson
Getty Images

Won with double 12! Gary Anderson is the PDC world champion! He joins an exclusive club, one of only four men to have beaten Phil Taylor in a world final. There is no 17th title for the Power, we have a new man to call the champion of the world.

*Gary Anderson 6-6 Phil Taylor 13th set: 2-0

Anderson to come for 130 and the title...bullseye? No! One match dart missed. But Taylor is nowhere and Anderson only needs 25...

*Gary Anderson 6-6 Phil Taylor 13th set: 2-0

Now two treble 19s! He leaves 187 after six. Taylor is miles back. Beaten?

*Gary Anderson 6-6 Phil Taylor 13th set: 2-0

What a time for an Anderson 180!

Anderson breaks

*Gary Anderson 6-6 Phil Taylor 13th set: 2-0

On my, Gary Anderson is pulling it out at the right time. A maximum steals the advantage from Taylor, but treble 19 gets the Power on to a finish. He leaves 32, with Anderson back on 128. Will the Scot get a shot at a double? No. Two 16s for Taylor. One missed, two missed, three missed! Anderson for double and the crucial break. It's there! Gary Anderson will throw for the world title!

Gary Anderson 6-6 Phil Taylor* 13th set: 1-0

Right, some housekeeping. The 13th set has to be won by two clear legs. If we get to 2-2, we play all the way to 5-5. If we get that far, it's one leg, winner takes all. Anderson with the darts, Taylor not keeping up. One break here is all each man needs. A mis-count from Anderson leaves a bogey, and Taylor punishes, he's to 164. Still, Anderson leaves 72. Can Taylor break? No, treble 19 missed. Anderson needs it goes. The early advantage taken.

Taylor wins the 12th set

Gary Anderson 6-6 Phil Taylor 12th set: 2-3

Phil Taylor
Getty Images

This is what champions are made of, Taylor starting with two 60s. Are we going all the way? And another 140 to take control of the leg. Anderson, though, keeps pace. Oh, it's wonderful from taylor, yet another 140. *2 for the Power, to send us to a decider. Double missed. One in big 16. Gary Anderson... 170 for the title! Not taken. Taylor for double eight...we are going to a 13th set!

Gary Anderson 6-5 Phil Taylor* 12th set: 2-2

So, so tense. Anderson opening with a maximum to take the pressure off. He's rattling down, knowing that a hold here will put him one leg away from the Sid Waddell Trophy. Taylor not happy, but will have a shot at 167. Anderson waits on 32. No treble for Taylor, no out. Here comes Anderson. One missed, two missed, three missed! Taylor, though, gets no shot. Another Anderson miss. He leaves five. One at double one. No! Bust. Taylor for the set...16. Double 16? He can't nail it. Can you believe this drama? Nerves are getting to them both. Double four for Anderson! We are on the brink!

*Gary Anderson 6-5 Phil Taylor 12th set: 1-2

If Anderson can break here, he'll be one leg from the title. They trade 100s, with Taylor's levels perhaps just dropping as Anderson finally recovers from his punch-drunk daze. Yep, no treble for Taylor, Anderson's chance. A mis-count means no out-shot, with Taylor setting up 106. Still, with 68 left, you feel Taylor has to take 106. No treble. Anderson for 68 and the break. One at tops? No! How big might that miss be? Taylor for 48. Double 16. Taken. A huge, huge hold.

Gary Anderson 6-5 Phil Taylor* 12th set: 1-1

In the 11th set, Gary Anderson averaged 75, while Taylor went to 112. Still he rockets on, but at least Anderson will have a shot at 130. Not taken, but Taylor isn't on a finish. The Power down to 46 as Anderson looks for 65? Taken with the bull. Rot stopped?

*Gary Anderson 6-5 Phil Taylor 12th set: 0-1

Can you take any more? We are getting to the end game, with Taylor, all of a sudden, looking unstoppable. Gary Anderson is searching for an answer, but there's no pressure on the Taylor throw. He leaves 126 after nine, with Anderson floundering. 98 sets it up, with 28 needed. Double 14. What happened to Phil Taylor during that break? Unreal.

Taylor wins the 11th set

Gary Anderson 6-5 Phil Taylor* 11th set: 0-3

Phil Taylor

What must Anderson be thinking of this? He is only averaging 80 as Taylor hits the Power-boost button. More bounce-outs for Anderson, who chunters at his misfortune. Taylor to come for 32 and the set. Double 16? In it goes! We are back on throw. There's only one in it.

*Gary Anderson 6-4 Phil Taylor 11th set: 0-2

I wonder if Taylor knew what Anderson said on his way off stage at the end of that last set? All of a sudden, the Power is a new man, surging towards this leg. The crowd sing for him as he sets up 64 with Anderson back on 135. In the blink of an eye, Taylor is 2-0 up.

Taylor breaks

Gary Anderson 6-4 Phil Taylor* 11th set: 0-1

So, Anderson with the darts. What can Taylor do? He can pin a maximum, that's what. At a crucial moment, the Power fills it up a second time. Surely he can't hit a nine-darter now? 60. 57. Double 12? No! The shot at perfection is just above the wire, with the Ally Pally rising to acclaim. More importantly, he's broken at the most important time.

*Gary Anderson 6-4 Phil Taylor

Remember, Phil Taylor had three darts for a 5-3 lead. Now, he must find a way to break the Anderson throw to retain hopes of a 17th world title. If he is to win this match, we'll have to go all the way to a 13th set.

Anderson wins the 10th set

Gary Anderson 6-4 Phil Taylor 10th set: 3-1

Gary Anderson
Getty Images

Anderson is doing enough to keep Taylor at arm's length. 140s the order of the day. Now we're trading 180s. Breathless stuff. Anderson to come for 98 and a 6-4 lead. Treble 20? Yes. Double 19? Yes! Gary Anderson wins the 10th set and is one set away from becoming the world champion. "It's finished," he mouths. Is he right? He will come back to throw for the world title.

Anderson breaks

*Gary Anderson 5-4 Phil Taylor 10th set: 2-1

Now then, a chance for Anderson. Only 58 for Taylor. Two trebles for Anderson, Taylor struggling to find the big numbers. Is this the moment Anderson needs? He's stolen the darts, miles ahead of the Power, who hits 100 but is still behind. Ooofff, three trbeles leave Anderson on 24. Taylor must take 152 just to hold throw. Can't get it. Anderson for two it goes! Anderson has the advantage and will throw for a 6-4 lead.

Gary Anderson 5-4 Phil Taylor* 10th set: 1-1

Anderson, though, remains. 180...180. Nine darter? Treble 20? No. Boos inside the Palace. Still, he leaves 36 after nine. Easy hold for Anderson, pressure back on Taylor's throw.

*Gary Anderson 5-4 Phil Taylor 10th set: 0-1

In all of that, Phil Taylor wasn't able to take advantage, possibly even a little rattled himself. Even with the new board, Anderson is picking points off the floor, as Taylor opens up a healthy lead with yet another maximum. With Anderson miles back, Taylor nails double 16 for a hold.

Gary Anderson 5-4 Phil Taylor*

I don't know if this was planned anyway, but the board is being changed after that ridiculous Anderson bounce out. With new cork in place, Taylor will throw first in the 10th. Anderson, by the way, is two sets away from the world title.

Anderson wins the ninth set

Gary Anderson 5-4 Phil Taylor 9th set: 3-2

Gary Anderson

What has Taylor got? A 177 with his first three. This is a slobberknocker for the ninth set, with an Anderson 140 keeping his nose in front. See-saw doesn't tell half the story. Anderson on 157, setting up 64. Taylor coming for 128. No treble, no chance. Right, what has Anderson got? Double eight! It's in! What an amazing set for Gary Anderson. He leads 5-4. Is that the final swing in momentum?

*Gary Anderson 4-4 Phil Taylor 9th set: 2-2

The crowd sing for Anderson, but Taylor, with the darts, keeps ahead with a 140. The Scot seems to have regained his composure, hitting the trebles that Taylor is missing. Anderson will have the shot at 84 for a level set. 60? Yes! Double 12? Yes! Gary Anderson is level and will throw for the set.

Gary Anderson 4-4 Phil Taylor* 9th set: 1-2

Anderson has been angered, irked by someone shouting in the crowd. The Scot is rattled, by bad luck and what he feels is a sense of injustice. It's hard to argue with him. Taylor, meanwhile, is looking for the set against the darts and a 5-4 lead. The Power has the advantage, but he's frustrated with a visit of no trebles. One at bull for Taylor, for the set...just in the 25. He comes again for 25 and 5-4. Double eight, the dodgy double? No. Justice for Anderson, he holds. Still, Taylor coming again...

*Gary Anderson 4-4 Phil Taylor 9th set: 0-2

You hope that ridiculous bad luck does not decide this match against Anderson. It's been too good for that. Against the arrows, though, Anderson is amongst the board and down to 84 in a flash. This for the break back he deserves, but two doubles are missed. No 170 for Taylor, meaning Anderson gets another chance. Three missed. What's going on? Taylor all over the shop too. Anderson for three, busting into 18 and pointing the finger at the crowd. Taylor steps on the throat with double 16.

Taylor breaks

Gary Anderson 4-4 Phil Taylor* 9th set: 0-1

You are kidding. Gary Anderson had two darts in the treble 20, with a third dart joining them. That third dart knocked them both out. What does Taylor do? He puts a 180 of his own in. Has someone got a hammer behind the board? If Anderson doesn't win this final, he will reflect on some bad luck. Taylor to 124, Anderson back on 161. Taylor's 92 leaves 32, Anderson lurking on 82. Double 16 for Taylor, the most unbelievable of breaks completed. What a moment.

*Gary Anderson 4-4 Phil Taylor

If that was the biggest leg of the match, what does that make the upcoming ninth set? Anderson with the darts, throwing for a lead that plenty would never have expected him to see again.

Anderson wins the eighth set

Gary Anderson 4-4 Phil Taylor 8th set: 3-2

Gary Anderson

Is this the biggest leg of the match? Taylor throwing for 5-3, beginning with a 140. Anderson shakes his head, but comes back with a 140 of his own. Taylor now struggling, no big number. Chance for Anderson...taken with a maximum! What has Taylor got? A 177! Anderson for 85! Bullseye? Has to go. No! Taylor for two 12s. One missed...two missed...three missed! He holds his head. Anderson for 25...sealed with double eight! We are all square again. Taylor smiles, but he can't believe it. What a final.

Gary Anderson 3-4 Phil Taylor* 8th set: 2-2

What a time for Taylor to pull out his highest finish of the match and the tournament. The crowd are deafening, walking in a Taylor-Wonderland. Anderson must hold to prolong the set, doing his chances the world of a good with two maximums. Double two mopped up for a simple hold, setting up a decider.

*Gary Anderson 3-4 Phil Taylor 8th set: 1-2

Holds of throw are starting to look tricky, the treble-hunting Anderson pressing Taylor. Once again, the chaser is to a finish first, with Taylor's 100 only leaving him on 141. 93 for Anderson, one at double 16. Just inside. Chance gone? Taylor's 141...60...57...double 12? Oh, my word! That will hurt Gary Anderson. Taylor holds and is one leg form a two-set lead. Brilliant.

Gary Anderson 3-4 Phil Taylor* 8th set: 1-1

Anderson must consolidate, but Taylor has stolen the advantage as the crowd sing "cheerio" to someone who must be getting ejected. Taylor, irked, is down to 86 in a flash and snarls it with the previously troublesome double 16. A break back.

Anderson breaks

*Gary Anderson 3-4 Phil Taylor 8th set: 1-0

Taylor, blue of shirt, round of belly, gets us under way, his hand wobbling slightly as he takes aim. Not loads of trebles, while Anderson pressures with a maximum. A break here would have the Scot right back in it. He's down to 120 first, while Taylor is, all of a sudden, struggling on the trebles. Another 'Robin Hood' for Anderson, Taylor coming for 152. Not taken, but set up 56. Anderson, 80 needed, takes the showman's route, with two tops. A break.