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  1. Phil Taylor wins inaugural Champions League of Darts
  2. Final result: Phil Taylor 11-5 Michael van Gerwen
  3. Semi-final results: Taylor 11-3 Wade, Van Gerwen 11-5 Anderson

Live Reporting

By Gary Smee, Phil Cartwright and Jay Freeman

All times stated are UK

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Taylor wins Champions League of Darts

Result: Phil Taylor 11-5 Michael van Gerwen

That's it from us, I'm afraid.

I really hope you've enjoyed the Champions League of Darts on BBC Sport this weekend. It's been a blast. Maybe we can do it again sometime?

You can read Gary Smee's report of Phil Taylor's victory in Cardiff here...

Phil Taylor Champions League of Darts

Taylor wins first Champions League title

Phil Taylor overpowers world number one Michael van Gerwen to win the inaugural Champions League of Darts in Cardiff.

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Watch: Taylor wins Champions League of Darts

Result: Phil Taylor 11-5 Michael van Gerwen

Comfortable as you like.

Phil Taylor hits double 17 to become the first winner of the Champions League of Darts.

Phil Taylor wins the inaugural Champions League of Darts

'I'll get him back', says Van Gerwen

Result: Phil Taylor 11-5 Michael van Gerwen

Champions League of Darts runner-up Michael van Gerwen told BBC Sport:

"I know I can do a lot better, I've shown that before against Gary Anderson but Phil Taylor was the better player this weekend and fair play to him.

"It's been a while since Phil won a big tournament but I'll get him back. That's the way it goes and you can't win them all the time.

"I let myself down this weekend. I'm disappointed with myself and I need to have a moment of rest."

Michael van Gerwen talks to the BBC
BBC Sport

Taylor 'over the moon' with victory

Result: Phil Taylor 11-5 Michael van Gerwen

Champions League of Darts winner Phil Taylor told BBC Sport:

"I'm over the moon, just to get to the final itself. This ain't no Muppet show, this is hard work. I was worried about the final with my energy levels and I was dropping down a bit but I seemed to click at the right time.

"I think Michael van Gerwen is brilliant. He's won everything there but he's played too much and that showed during the final. He's played probably 12 days out of 14 and it's difficult.

"The last time I was on BBC winning was in 1992 against Mike Gregory and I'm sure he's watching. To Mike Gregory - look at what you could have won."

Phil Taylor talking to the BBC
BBC Sport

Taylor wins

Result: Phil Taylor 11-5 Michael van Gerwen

That's brilliant. Phil Taylor grabs a sign from the crowd and lifts it above his head.

"Stand Up For Sid Waddell."

God bless you, Sidney.

Phil Taylor holds a sign saying "stand up for Sid Waddell"
BBC Sport

Taylor wins

Result: Phil Taylor 11-5 Michael van Gerwen

Reaction on the way from both players...

Taylor wins

Result: Phil Taylor 11-5 Michael van Gerwen

He's the inaugural Champions League of Darts winner - Phil 'The Power' Taylor...

Phil Taylor lifts the trophy
BBC Sport

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Sam Barker: MVG off his game but absolutely vintage Taylor. Clinical on the doubles!  

The Leegend: Phil Taylor back to beating the best on TV. Far too good this weekend.

Jason: Incredible that at his age, Phil is still one of the best in the business.

G McKeown: Phil Taylor at 56 still at the top. Has any sportsperson stayed at the top for so long?

Taylor wins

Result: Phil Taylor 11-5 Michael van Gerwen

Phil Taylor is a deserved winner of the event - he's been the player of the weekend by a street.

The 56-year-old joins the crowd with a Viking Thunderclap of his own. He's loving this.

Phil Taylor wins the inaugural Champions League of Darts


Result: Phil Taylor 11-5 Michael van Gerwen

Phil Taylor
Getty Images

He does it in style with a 114, and Phil Taylor is the winner!

*Phil Taylor 10-5 Michael van Gerwen

Hello, hello, here we go... a 180 to start from Van Gerwen and a 171 to add pressure, but he loses the leg! Taylor moves one leg away from victory with an 81 finish on the bull.

Taylor moves one leg from victory
BBC Sport

Phil Taylor 9-5 *Michael van Gerwen

Steady stuff from Taylor gets him to a finish first. MvG adds pressure to 78 with a 180, and Taylor fails. Van Gerwen hits a 70 checkout and that's another one back.

Michael van Gerwen hits double eight
BBC Sport

*Phil Taylor 9-4 Michael van Gerwen

With Taylor way back, Van Gerwen takes the leg in 13 darts. Still a long way back for the Dutchman.

Phil Taylor 9-3 *Michael van Gerwen

More missed darts at double from Van Gerwen and Taylor pounces for 9-3. You can see the energy draining out of MvG, every dart a puncture to the world number one's bubble.

Phil Taylor takes his ninth leg of the match
BBC Sport

*Phil Taylor 8-3 Michael van Gerwen

Alan Warriner-Little

2001 World Grand Prix winner

Relentless on the doubles, is Phil Taylor. Michael van Gerwen is certainly feeling the pressure. It can destroy or create, cause victory or despair and we love it. Van Gerwen doesn't at the moment.

*Phil Taylor 8-3 Michael van Gerwen

Has the break energised Van Gerwen? Possibly. A maximum leaves him 125, which he can take out in six darts if he requires. But all he gets is a shot at the bull, it's missed, and Taylor pegs 86 for an 8-3 lead. A hammer blow from The Power.

Watch: Taylor takes nervy first leg

Break: Phil Taylor 7-3 Michael van Gerwen

It was a slow start by both players but then Phil Taylor kicked into gear with a 180 and a 46 checkout to take the first leg.

Both players are averaging about 98 at the moment. Can Michael van Gerwen find a way back?

Taylor takes a nervy first leg

Break: Phil Taylor 7-3 Michael van Gerwen

Alan Warriner-Little

2001 World Grand Prix winner

The crowd wanted the nine-darter and I'm sure he wanted it but he couldn't quite get the treble 19, we would have had to have had a wide camera angle on the double 12 if he had!

If you missed it earlier, Taylor's attempt at double 12 for a nine-darter in his group game against Robert Thornton landed about three inches from the right bed.

Break: Phil Taylor 7-3 Michael van Gerwen

Taylor with a 180. Taylor with a 180. Taylor with a treble 20.... but the treble 19 drops short. Never mind - he cleans up in 11 darts and he's 7-3 up at the interval. Much work to do for MvG.

Phil Taylor misses the treble 19 for a nine dart finish
BBC Sport

*Phil Taylor 6-3 Michael van Gerwen

A rare dip in form from Taylor, who only scores a total of 145 in his first nine darts. I've seen contestants score more in old episodes of Bullseye when they were playing for a speedboat. Now that's pressure.

MvG back to 6-3.

One more leg before the interval.

Phil Taylor 6-2 *Michael van Gerwen

A routine leg won in 15 darts by Taylor. The 56-year-old from Stoke-on-Trent is more than halfway towards the winning line.

Phil Taylor wins the eighth leg
BBC Sport

*Phil Taylor 5-2 Michael van Gerwen

Alan Warriner-Little

2001 World Grand Prix winner

Phil Taylor is cleaning up these legs very clinically every time he gets the opportunity and that's what wins you matches.

*Phil Taylor 5-2 Michael van Gerwen

MvG gets a shot at 111 but misses double 16, and Taylor clinically punishes the world number one. Another break of the Van Gerwen throw - this is unheard of.

The crowd celebrate as Phil Taylor goes 5-2 up
BBC Sport

Phil Taylor 4-2 *Michael van Gerwen

More like it from Van Gerwen, who's down to 47 after nine darts and cleans up in 11. That's one of the breaks back.

*Phil Taylor 4-1 Michael van Gerwen

Van Gerwen's face is getting redder and redder, like a burning ball of rage. The Dutchman's not at his peak yet, and Taylor is taking advantage - he breaks for a second time in 14 darts.

Phil Taylor and Michael van Gerwen
BBC Sport

Phil Taylor 3-1 *Michael van Gerwen

Taylor's on song with his scoring again here. Two consecutive 140s are enough to get a Viking Thunderclap started in Cardiff. Taylor misses three at double and Van Gerwen's in for 102 - misses! A let-off for the world number four.

Phil Taylor goes 3-1 after taking double four
BBC Sport

*Phil Taylor 2-1 Michael van Gerwen

Alan Warriner-Little

2001 World Grand Prix winner

Michael van Gerwen's face when Phil Taylor missed tells you what it means to him. He was fired up.

*Phil Taylor 2-1 Michael van Gerwen

A scream from MvG as he starts with a maximum, but Taylor responds with a 180 of his own. Taylor misses two at double and Van Gerwen mops up. It's warming up nicely, this.

That's the first time Van Gerwen's held his throw against Taylor in nine attempts this weekend.

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Claire Smith: Had a fab weekend watching the #bbcdarts - strangely addictive!  

Stewart: I think MVG will see off Taylor here. He won't let him beat him.  

Jamie Lamming: Oh yes. Taylor vs Van Gerwen in the final. Not taking my eyes off this one!  

Phil Taylor 2-0 *Michael van Gerwen

Van Gerwen is fast and fluid at the oche, Taylor more measured. Taylor's out in 15 darts and holds for a 2-0 lead.

Taylor hits double 16 for a 2-0 lead
BBC Sport

*Phil Taylor 1-0 Michael van Gerwen

£100,000 at stake, but being the first name on the trophy means more to these players. A sedate start, not many trebles early on, neither down to a finish after 12 darts.

Then Taylor hits the first maximum and takes out 46. A break of throw.

Phil Taylor hits the first 180 of the final
BBC Sport

Phil Taylor v *Michael van Gerwen

Time for the walk-ons. Taylor's up first to the familiar strains of Snap. A few fist bumps with the crowd, polite applause to the audience, a quick wave and down to business.

A smile from Van Gerwen as he's announced by MC John McDonald, and then a steely focused glare as he makes his way to the stage.

MvG to throw first. Game on!

John McDonald
BBC Sport

Phil Taylor v Michael van Gerwen

Michael van Gerwen
Rex Features

Michael van Gerwen and Phil Taylor met in two major finals already this year - Van Gerwen has won both, and quite convincingly too.

The Dutchman won May's Premier League final 11-3, and followed that up with an 18-10 victory over Taylor in the World Matchplay final in July.

But Taylor won the group meeting between these two in this event just 24 hours ago. Will that have a bearing?

Inspired to try darts?

If you've enjoyed watching the darts so far this weekend and fancy giving it a go, why not take a look at our Get Inspired guide?

It has details of the rules, how to start playing and avenues to go down if you'd like to take up the sport competitively.

Watch: MvG powers past Anderson

From 4-2 down to an 11-5 victory. That's the Michael van Gerwen we know and love. 

Michael van Gerwen powers past Gary Anderson with 11-5 win

Watch: Taylor made

This is the moment that Phil Taylor became the first player into the first ever Champions League of Darts final. 

A comfortable 11-3 victory over James Wade. He was only behind in the first leg. Everything after that was a breeze. 

Phil Taylor reaches the final with 11-3 victory over James Wade

Phil Taylor v Michael van Gerwen

It's the Champions League of Darts final we perhaps expected, and in our heart of hearts, it's the one that most of us wanted.

The best in the world against the greatest of all time.

Let's see how Michael van Gerwen and Phil Taylor made it to the final...

Up next...

Michael van Gerwen v Phil Taylor
Getty Images

'I'm quite happy with how I played'

Result: Michael van Gerwen 11-5 Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson told BBC Sport: "Michael came out flying at the start but I was not good enough. He went into the break 6-4 up and he's got his two legs advantage and he kicked on from there.

"I thought I could break and get my own throw but it wasn't to be. At the end he picked up and did what he does.

"I've had about nine hours' worth of practice in four weeks. I'm quite happy with the way I've played. There has been some scrappy and some good darts."

Gary Anderson
BBC Sport

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Usman Patel: Pure class from Van Gerwen, last few legs he was untouchable, Anderson had no answer. MVG now meets Phil Taylor, revenge, I hope!  

Matthew Stringer: Seems right that the inaugural #CLD final is going to be between Phil Taylor and MVG

Mikel Stevens: MVG is just a beast