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  2. Biggest ever World Cup semi-final defeat
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  4. "Biggest humiliation in Brazilian football" - Vickery
  5. Klose becomes highest ever scorer in the World Cup

Live Reporting

By Tom Rostance

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A truly extraordinary evening of World Cup football.

To go back to our house party analogy all those hours ago, Germany not only outstayed their welcome, they absolutely smashed the place up.

Stay tuned to the BBC Sport site for all of the reaction from Brazil, Germany and beyond.

We'll see you tomorrow evening for Netherlands v Argentina. We'll settle for six or seven goals in that one...

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Simon Edmonds: Guys, guys, guys: BBC 2 at 12pm, "7 wonders of Brazil"...that's just amazing...

Brave Front: If Brazil's quarter final had been officiated properly, Neymar would not be injured, and Colombia would have played Germany.

Tom Castle: Could argue that Brazil's streak of 64 home competitive matches is still alive since they weren't competitive at all.

Player reaction

Brazil 1-7 Germany (Seven)

Brazil goalkeeper Julio Cesar: "After the first (Germany) goal we just had a blackout, nobody expected it.

"Honestly, it's hard to explain. You can't explain the inexplicable."

Germany defender Per Mertesacker on Twitter: DIE MANNSCHAFT! I really enjoy this moment ... now let's go all in for the final. #allin or nothing.

Brazil 1-7 Germany (Seven)

South American football expert Tim Vickery

BBC Radio 5 live

"Brazil haven't lost a competitive home game since 1975 and nothing as painful since 1950, when they lost at home in the final of the World Cup to Uruguay. Some of those players that played that day were never allowed to forget that defeat.

"But this, without doubt, is the biggest humiliation for the Brazilian team ever. Brazilian football is operating absurdly below their potential. The players took the field full of passion but the test of a team is when you go behind. When they did, they then had no faith in what they were doing and that bravado was empty.

"Germany lost 5-1 at home to England 13 years ago and used that defeat to change, and Brazil will have to copy that."

EamonnG: Brazil were propelled to the semi's by refs who didn't want to spoil the party v Chile, Colombia, & now they have paid the price! ‏

Adrian Millerick: Being Brazilian used to add £5mil to your price - that all changed in 90mins.

Worldwide reaction

Brazil 1-7 Germany (Seven)

O Globo

"Brazil is slain by Germany and suffers the biggest defeat in their history: 7-1," writes Brazil news site O Globo.

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Rob Davies: Well done Germany for a great result. Dirty Brazil got what they deserved after kicking Colombia off the park.

Owen Darlington: They say sign of a good team is winning without playing well. Actually it's the sign of a team that is about to get hammered.

Alex Hough: A result to shake to shake the very foundations of the footballing establishment. Nuneaton Town 1 - 2 Derby County.

Worldwide reaction

Brazil 1-7 Germany (Seven)


"Le Desastre" - little translation required alongside the picture featuring Brazil's David Luiz on the front page of France's L'Equipe.

Luiz is joining Paris St-Germain this summer remember...

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Andrew Costa: Brazil showed it's all about Neymar, Colombia showed it is more than just Falcao.

Adam Gordon: Mertesacker & Ozil, some year; 3-0 down 19 mins in v Chelsea, 4-0 down 20 mins in v Liverpool & 5-0 up, 29 mins in v Brazil.

Brazil 1-7 Germany (Seven)

Former England defender Danny Mills

BBC Radio 5 live

"It is going to be horrendous for the Brazil players. They will not sleep. They will be on every newspaper, every news programme.

"The post-mortem starts now. It will affect the players deeply. No matter what they do in their careers, they will be remembered for this forever.

"Some of these players will never be the same again. Somehow they have to bounce back from this. Germany weathered the storm. They had 10 shots on target, and scored seven goals. They are a machine. They are good at what they do."

Player reaction

Brazil 1-7 Germany (Seven)


Germany forward Thomas Muller: "This was not to be expected. I don't know what to say to be honest… I can't believe it.

"It's something totally crazy. It just went well today. Now we have to pull through one more time, we have to fight to get this thing."

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Mick from Winchester on text: After watching Brazil kick lumps out of James Rodriguez in the quarter final, tonight's result shows that there is a footballing god!!

Brazil 1-7 Germany (Seven)

As if that loss wasn't incredible enough, bear in mind that it was Brazil's first competitive home defeat in 64 matches and more than 38 years, since losing their 1975 Copa America semi-final 3-1 to Peru, which was also in Belo Horizonte.

Brazil 1-7 Germany (Seven)

German football expert Raphael Honigstein

BBC Radio 5 live

"Germany exploited Brazil's problems, and they did it beautifully. Joachim Low had said Brazil would come at Germany with passion and commitment and they defended that. Brazil then started running around like headless chickens.

"You have to praise Germany, of course you do, but Brazil made it easy for them. For the next few days Low will be saying 'don't now take it for granted that you will win the final'."

Brazil 1-7 Germany (Seven)


Germany forward Lukas Podolski on Twitter: Amazing win !! Rio we are coming.

Manager reaction

Brazil 1-7 Germany (Seven)


Brazil manager Luiz Felipe Scolari: "Who is responsible for this result? I am, it's me. The blame for this catastrophic result can be shared between us all, but the person who decided the line-up, the tactics was me. It was my choice.

"We tried to do what we could, we did our best - but we came up against a great German team. We couldn't react to going behind. Not even the Germans can tell you how this happened - but it's because their skills and you have to respect that.

"My message for the Brazilian people is this. Please excuse us for this performance. I'm sorry that we weren't able to get to the Final - and we're going to try to win the third place match. We still have something to play for."

Brazil 1-7 Germany (Seven)

Former England defender Danny Mills

BBC Radio 5 live

"For the first 10 minutes, Brazil were on the front foot and going for it. But David Luiz lost concentration for the first goal and it then just fell apart.

"He was so pumped up, there was so much emotion in the players' eyes, but they were chasing around like crazy men.

"All the talk was about whether they should have played three holding midfield players, but Brazil should have played five defensive midfield players."

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