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  1. Chesterfield now face Lg 1 leaders Walsall
  2. Match comes after second-round draw
  3. Other ties include Rochdale v Bury
  4. Salford at home against Hartlepool
  5. Aldershot/Bradford v Chesham

Live Reporting

By Patrick Jennings

All times stated are UK

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FC United 1-4 Chesterfield

Right then, that's all from us tonight. 

But hang around if you like - don't forget you can watch the goals from tonight's match using the Highlights tab at the top of this very page. 

And if you're looking to catch up on the draw for the second round, get yourself this way.

Bye for now!

Manager reaction

FC United 1-4 Chesterfield

Dean Saunders
Getty Images

Chesterfield boss Dean Saunders, speaking to BT Sport:"I'm pleased because there were some real upsets at the weekend. In some ways we’ve got nothing to gain from a game like this apart from getting hammered if we lose, but we got through luckily. 

"They pressed us really well – they worked their socks off and made us kick it long, so credit to them.  

"The most important goal was the third. I did say to the lads at half-time that if they score it, it's game on. They got in some great positions but just didn’t finish.

"We’ve got a tough game against Walsall in the next round now. They're right up there and have been together for a while. It’s going to be tough but we got a home draw – that’s all we could have asked for."

Player reaction

FC United 1-4 Chesterfield

Chesterfield striker Sylvan Ebanks-Blake, speaking to BT Sport: "It was important to start sharply and do a proper job. I thought we did that tonight and all the lads are buzzing.

"We had a good month in October and have started this one in the right way too. We're at home in the next round, and that is one we will look to win."

Chesterfield striker Lee Novak, speaking to BT Sport, on his goal: "It was a great ball in from Jonesy and I knew if I made a good connection it had a chance of going in, luckily it did. 

"FC United are a good team. They tried to get it down and play, they're not a typical non-league team. They put up a good fight but the two early goals killed them." 

FC United 1-4 Chesterfield

FC United of Manchester players
Getty Images

An honest assessment from the home side here...

Ah well. It wasn't to be. Congrats to Chesterfield and all the best in the next round. Full time FC United 1-4 Chesterfield.

Good game, full of pace and desire. The poise and quality of the Spireites enough to get them through to the second round and @WFCOfficial.

FC United 1-4 Chesterfield

I wouldn't disagree with Mr Webber on that one. 

There are 78 league places between these two sides and it really showed here. 

Had the home side got a decent start instead of conceding two in the first 12 minutes, then maybe you're talking about a different game. 

Sometimes in the FA Cup, the big teams actually do beat the minnows you know.

'A fair result'

FC United 1-4 Chesterfield

Danny Webber summarising on BBC Radio Manchester: "All in all it's a fair result. Chesterfield had the quality, were expansive form the off and put their chances away.

"FC United grew in belief but could not get a goal early enough to make a game of it. It would have been unfair if they had not got a goal."


FC United 1-4 Chesterfield

We've had the full three minutes added on, and that is that. 

FC United bow out as Chesterfield go on to play fellow League One side Walsall in the next round.

A deserved goal

FC United 1-4 Chesterfield

Danny Webber summarising on BBC Radio Manchester: "FC United have had a go all night but came up against a fitter side that scored goals early and have had a spring in their step since then. Chesterfield had more nous.

"It is nice that FC United have got a goal - they have deserved that."

GOAL - FC United 1-4 Chesterfield

Luke Ashworth

Calm down everyone, this one's going to be a consolation and nothing more as Luke Ashworth heads in from a corner.  

FC United deserve it though - they responded to the fourth goal by going heads down, gung-ho towards the Chesterfield goal. 

Strangely though, the bell is not ringing... 

FC United 0-4 Chesterfield

Rory Patterson of FC United
Getty Images

Can we safely assume it will be Chestefield who'll go on to play Walsall in the next round now?

I should say so. 

FC United 0-4 Chesterfield

Danny Webber summarising on BBC Radio Manchester: "Out of respect for his former club Banks did not celebrate but he deserved to because it was a very good strike."

GOAL - FC United 0-4 Chesterfield

Ollie Banks

If ever there was a celebration that didn't match the goal, then this is it. 

Ollie Banks absolutley smashes one home from range before almost shrugging his shoulders and sauntering off. 

He's a former FC United player - that must explain it - but still. It made the goal look so much better that he didn't even seem to care.

FC United 0-3 Chesterfield

Under five to go and their team is clearly out but FC United's fans are still making the best of the occasion. 

Even that fella with the bell is still going. Maybe not for long though...

FC United 0-3 Chesterfield

Possibly one of the most disappointing aspects of tonight is that one of our fans has seen fit to bring a bell.

It does seem a bit weird that club should be tweeting about something like this but I can vouch for how annoying it has been...


FC United 0-3 Chesterfield

Dean Saunders manager of Chesterfield
Getty Images

Greg Daniels has other ideas though - he wants one consolation and an FA Cup goal to tell the grandkids about. 

No dice though, as one of a rack of blue shirts heads clear from in front of their own goal. 

Chesterfield are clearly pretty keen on coming away with a clean sheet. 


FC United 0-3 Chesterfield

One last change for FC United sees Callum Byrne on for Sam Sheridan. Judging from the hairstyle, I'm going for flair player. 

This is surely damage limitation now though...

Don't miss a thing

FC United 0-3 Chesterfield

Missed that third goal? Panic not, because UK users can watch Rai Simons superb effort by using the highlights button now.

You can also watch the first two goals as well. Arguably a better experience for the Chesterfield fans...

FC United 0-3 Chesterfield

So then, under 15 minutes to go, are we counting on a rousing four-goal revival? 

I know this is the FA Cup but I'd really suggest not...


FC United 0-3 Chesterfield

Almost calamitous. David Carnell comes for a cross but is beaten to it by his own defender, before another red shirt slices the ball into the path of an oncoming Chesterfield man. 

It's scrabbled clear. They really don't need to self destruct now, FC United.

FC United 0-3 Chesterfield

Sam Sheridan of FC United
Rex Features

Rai Simons! The youngster wants another as he sniffs out Dan Jones's low ball across the box, but Sam Sheridan is there to clear and is actually fouled in the process.

It was Sheridan who had the one FC United decent shot on target I can recall - way back in the first half.


FC United 0-3 Chesterfield

Rest the legs now, manager Dean Saunders reckons, this one is done. He's probably right, too.

Chesterfield captain Sam Morsy eats into the 20 minutes remaining as he saunters off at leisure. 

It's Charlie Raglan who comes on to replace him - another former FC United player!

'Clinical finish'

FC United 0-3 Chesterfield

Danny Webber summarising on BBC Radio Manchester: "I said when he came on that Rai Simons is very direct and raw - but his finish was not raw, it was clinical. He had a clear run at goal and slotted it home superbly."

GOAL - FC United 0-3 Chesterfield

Rai Simons

Rai Simons of Chesterfield
Getty Images

It's so easy. Rai Simons is set through on goal - one ball from midfield and he's in absolute acres - and the youngster does well to keep his concentration.

He had so much time to get it wrong but flicks brilliantly over the advancing David Carnell.

FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

With FC United preoccupied with tamely missing chances down one end, Chesterfield still look dangerous on the break down the other. 

Sam Morsy has acres to cut-back for Lee Novak who turns home, but the flag was up. Offside.

Crosses are crucial

FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

Drew Talbot of Chesterfield
Getty Images

Danny Webber summarising on BBC Radio Manchester: "The next goal is big - it either puts the game to bed or puts it on a knife edge.

"Neither side has dealt with good crosses well at all. FC United, if they are to get back into the game, have to get the ball out wide and get crosses in."

FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

We haven't got the full regalia of Opta's stats coverage tonight, but on my estimation one in about six of FC United's crosses has found their man. 

Here's another one drilled in and Chesterfield can only clear to the edge, but centre-back Luke Ashworth is probably one of the last men you'd put there to meet it. 

His scuffed shot is deflected, and from the corner it's another centre-back, Chris Lynch, whose header is easily collected. Huff and puff, but pretty tame.

FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

This Rai Simons has certainly got bags of pace - here he is zipping down Chesterfield's left wing. 

The cross is no good though, it drifts into the packed-out terracing behind the net.

FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

We really need a home goal here to spice it up. There's only so much a half-time bovril can give a man.

There's nothing doing though - Rory Patterson had that chance but slipped, and Chesterfield are growing...


FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

And another one. FC United will be very happy to see the back of Sylvan Ebanks-Blake. He's replaced by Rai Simons. 

So-named, apparently, because his dad was a big fan of the former Brazil midfield wizard, Rai.

That is some billing.


FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

FC United of Manchester fans

Space opening up for FC United! But Rory Patterson fluffs his lines! He'll not want to watch that back. He slipped when brilliantly placed in the box. 

Then a change for Chesterfield sees Chris Herd come off, Ollie Banks - formerly of FC United - comes on.

FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

Buoyed on by that little spell, the home fans have broken out into a little ditty based on Dirty Old Town by Ewan MacColl - you might know the Pogues' version better. 

If you missed it, John Cooper Clarke's profile of MacColl was pretty good on Radio 4 a while back...

FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

Tom Greaves
Rex Features

Danny Webber summarising on BBC Radio Manchester: "FC United have brought Rory Patterson on to help Tom Greaves up top - and already you can see they have a more positive attitude."

"Dean Stott is also having more and more influence upon this game." 


FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

These are encouraging signs for the home side immediately after the break.

Was there a handball in there as Chesterfield cleared the ball? Some of the home fans think there was - they're claiming it was a blue shirted arm that got in the way of a near-post cross. 

Then the mood falls flat though, as Dean Stott steps up with a horrible mis-kick as the corner's only cleared to the edge of the box.

FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

Either way, if they're still struggling with 15 minutes to go. Expect more changes. 

They could always get this lad on!

He's got the kit...

FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

Here we go then, back under way. 

There have been two changes for the home side - Greg Daniels and Rory Patterson are on for Rory Fallon and Craig Lidfield. 

Can fresh legs bring the goals they need?

FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

There's 78 league places between these two and it really showed in that first half. 

Can FC United sprinkle a little something of that FA Cup magic about in these next 45? There's still time for one last first-round shock...

Watch the goals!

FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

A little reminder, too, that you can watch the goals from this game right now - and on this very page.

Just go ahead and click the Highlights tab. It's worth it for Lee Novak's alone.


Second-round draw reaction

Missed the second-round draw from earlier? No worries, we've got you covered. 

You can read all about who your team will play over here

The winner of this match gets Walsall at home. At the moment, it's only looking likely for one team.


Get Involved

FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

Ian Evatt of Chesterfield
Getty Images

Good opening 15 for @ChesterfieldFC but the rest of the half has been terrible from us #bbcfacup

Good, professional Spireites performance, punctuated by two early goals. FCUM are not to be discounted though, playing with spirit.

Get involved using #bbcfacup on Twitter, text us on 81111, or post a comment on the BBC Sport Facebook page.


FC United 0-2 Chesterfield

A brilliant start from Chesterfield, scruffy for the rest. 

FC United have a lot to do if they're to bridge that gap.