LiveFT: Arsenal 0-1 Chelsea


  1. Mertesacker red for fouling last man Costa
  2. Costa finishes from Ivanovic cross
  3. Arsenal miss chance to go top
  4. Chelsea unbeaten in seven league games

Live Reporting

By Tom Rostance

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FA People's Cup


The FA People's Cup is taking place on 5-a-side pitches around the country.

You can follow live live text of the FA People's Cup here.

And here is the 'People's Pundit and the Apprentice' with the match report from their game...

FA People's Cup


5-a-side pitches around England today are hosting the first round of the FA People’s Cup – that’s the people’s version of the FA Cup.

The quality of the football might be questionable, the team names suggestable but there’s nothing predictable about this tournament.

You can follow this live coverage of day three of the first round right here.

FA People's Cup

FA People's Cup


There are some interesting characters on show in the FA People's Cup, none more so than a rapper who explains how football changed his life.

We all enjoy a penalty shootout - unless we end up on the losing side, of course - so watch how Emily takes the decisive penalty in Adult Women’s round-one final in Manchester.

You can follow live text of the FA People's Cup here

Laudrup looking on

Arsenal v Chelsea (16:00 GMT)

Phil McNulty

BBC Sport chief football writer at The Emirates

Former Swansea City manager Michael Laudrup is an interested observer in The Emirates media centre ahead of Arsenal's meeting with Chelsea.

And he is currently watching his former team leading at Everton as the latest incumbent in the job he once occupied, new Swansea head coach Francesco Guidolin, looks to start his reign with a vital victory.