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  1. Ricciardo wins, Rosberg 2nd, Hamilton out
  2. Contact between Rosberg and Hamilton
  3. Hamilton gets puncture and had to nurse car
  4. Rosberg has to change front wing
  5. Lotterer, Maldonado, Bianchi, Grosjean out
  6. Hamilton took lead from Rosberg at Turn One

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And with that it is time to bring this live text commentary from a dramatic and controversial race to a close. Nico Rosberg has stretched his advantage at the top of the drivers' championship to 29 points but his early clash with Lewis Hamilton effectively poured cold water on the latter's challenge for victory.

Will Hamilton be able to keep his cool when they return to the circuit at Monza in a fortnight? We will be back then for more live text commentary on what promises to be another intriguing chapter in the Hamilton-Rosberg battle.

Until then, goodbye.

ice bucket

There have been plenty of drivers and team personnel stepping up to the ice bucket challenge, so it is only right the BBC F1 team do likewise, right? A great way to sign off the forum as the team get soaked.

Bad news for Kevin Magnussen as he has been given a 20 second time penalty as well as two penalty points after stewards investigated the incident with himself and Fernando Alonso late in the race, when the latter ended up on the grass.

Magnussen is now classified 12th, with Nico Hulkenberg benefitting with the final point for 10th.

Red Bull
@Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Racing: Today's win was the Team's 50th F1 victory!


Kimi Raikkonen

Fourth for Kimi Raikkonen is his best result since finishing second in Korea last year.

With Fernando Alonso finishing eighth, this marks the first time this year that Raikkonen has beaten his Ferrari team-mate in a race.

Driver reaction

Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen, who finished fourth: "It would have been nicer to finish higher up but it's disappointing. They wanted me at the front to push for a win but I finished fourth. We have a pretty good speed in the race but when we are starting at the back after qualifying it's going to be tough."


Daniel Ricciardo has his third win in six races, without qualifying in the top three in any of them.

His three wins this season is just one less than championship leader Nico Rosberg has achieved.

Ricciardo on podium

While there may be a few awkward silences and angry stares exchanged in the Mercedes motorhome, further along the paddock at Red Bull there will be plenty of happy faces.

Daniel Ricciardo's win marks another successful visit to Spa, following Sebastian Vettel's win 12 months ago.

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Andrew Robb: Why no investigation by race stewards? Yet back of the pack drivers are investigated for similar offences.

John Barraclough: Here is an out there idea for Mercedes. Give Rosberg a one race ban, even it up. Both titles already in the bag, which driver.....

David Coulthard

BBC F1 co-commentator

belgian gp

"If you are a natural born winner, you are not worried about the consequences to any other driver. If you have two guys in the same team really fighting for it, this is where you see their fighting ability.

"It makes it awkward for the team, but we have had a racing incident. Nico looks like the bad guy because he could have moved out of the way but doesn't this set us up for a great finish to the season?

"If Lewis goes and gets a double points win we will be saying it is the best championship ever."

Is Lewis Hamilton showing signs of conceding the championship to Nico Rosberg? It is getting increasingly tough for him, but it makes double points for the final race at Abu Dhabi a welcome addition as it should keep this title battle fight alive until the season finale.

Allan McNish

BBC Radio 5 live analyst

Nico Rosberg

"Whose fault was it is? There was an element of a racing incident, but my question would be why were they needing to race so hard and so aggressively at the beginning of a race Mercedes undoubtedly should have won?

"It is hard for Mercedes because they don't want to get involved in the championship but they need to have an element of control. This was a race Mercedes lost."

Eddie Jordan

BBC F1 chief analyst

"I think the management of the Mercedes team has been weak. They are the number one so they should have taken control. Like a child who has been naughty, they have to chastise the drivers, they have to tell them what is right and wrong. You do not attack each other in the first two laps, 25 points have been lost today by that team by not taking control of the team."


Daniel Ricciardo

Want to see an angry Toto Wolff give his view on the on-track clash between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton? Or Hamilton's thoughts on the incident? The video of Wolff's interview is available

here, with Hamilton's interview

Ben Edwards

BBC F1 commentator

"What a race. I have just been looking through tweets and comments and interestingly a lot of experienced racing drivers are saying it was just a racing incident with Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. Clearly Mercedes are very much putting the blame on Rosberg's shoulders. This one will play and play."

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Jason Richards: If Nico R believes it was his race to win, why put himself 3rd into first corner....

Steve Morrell: Why is it OK to fight at the end of the race and not the start? At least at the start of the race teams have time to recover.

Gary Price: Nico it's the British media and fans who have it in for him and booing him and Toto says it wasn't his fault. What planet is Nico on?

Driver reaction

More from Nico Rosberg, about whether he has spoken to Lewis Hamilton: "No not yet but I am sure we will sit down and have a discussion.

"There's always the British media who is always going to be on the other side and the German media will be on my side. We are here to entertain and give all of you at home a great time but not in the way we did today but I do not feel I am being made to be the bad guy.

"I just have to wait and see and have a discussion and I will also give my opinion. For sure I regret that we touched because it cost me the win and it was unavoidable."

Driver reaction

Mercedes Nico Rosberg who finished second but was booed on the podium, following his collision with Lewis Hamilton on lap two: "First of all what I hear is that that Toto Wolff said it was unavoidable which doesn't put the blame on me and the fans that were booing me were the British fans.

"Of course I am very unhappy for the team because we have the fastest car and we should have had first and second."

Lee McKenzie has grabbed a word with Nico Rosberg, his thoughts on the clash with Lewis Hamilton coming up...


Jack Brabham
Getty Images

Daniel Ricciardo is the first Australian winner of the Belgian Grand Prix since Sir Jack Brabham won the race in 1960.

Driver reaction

Race winner Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull: "There was a bit of pressure, it probably looked a bit easier because I had the lead early on and I just kept it. We couldn't really rest though because I knew Nico Rosberg would be quick at the end but we held on and it was nice to taste the champagne again.

"It couldn't have gone better considering everything that's happened, especially during pre season. It's been awesome and I have enjoyed every moment of it. Monza will be challenging but if Mercedes slip up then we will be there to capitalise."


Nico Rosberg and Daniel Ricciardo on podium

Nico Rosberg's second place at the Belgian Grand Prix was his first podium at Spa in eight visits.

Nico Rosberg

Unsurprisingly a lot of interest in the thoughts of Nico Rosberg. He would not talk about the incident between himself and Lewis Hamilton at the podium interviews, but will he say more to the general media? Hopefully we will have his thoughts soon.

Driver reaction

Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel, who finished fifth: Disappointed because we didn't have the speed today. I was trying to put Lewis under pressure from the off, we were set up for straight lines but the tyres were colder than expected. Lap two was good to see the two Mercedes hit each other and give us a chance but I just didn't have the pace."

David Coulthard

BBC F1 co-commentator

"Lewis Hamilton is not scared to say what he is thinking. I am really happy Mercedes are allowing their drivers to talk and say what they think. In the long run that will win through for Mercedes in terms of popularity with the public.

"Clearly, Nico made an error of judgement today in a racing incident and that cost Lewis unfortunately."

Eddie Jordan

BBC F1 chief analyst

"Lewis Hamilton talks about the team being wishy-washy, I have alluded to that already. He says Nico's car does not break down as much as his, that in my view is another shot over the bows at the team. He obviously has a message in there, he wanted that message delivered and I think that message is critical to the team and the way the car is run.

"If I was Lewis and felt as strong as he just said, those things have to come into your mind. I am not saying he should take out somebody but it has happened in the past.

"Lewis needs a good nights sleep. It is far from over. I am a big believer in him. In my opinion, Nico knew that if he lost the first corner to Lewis, he was gone."

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Reece Young: Two people I wouldn't want to upset are Lauda and Toto. Rosberg should be punished hard by the team and I hope they do. #bbcf1

Wendy Pankhurst: A very resigned Lewis Hamilton, honest, intelligent not hot headed. Still a racer. #bbcf1

More from Lewis Hamilton, speaking about the gap between himself and Nico Rosberg in the drivers' championship: "It's not good, that is 30 points again now and, it took me a long time to catch that before but I know things can change. But if you notice Rosberg's car rarely stops. it's looking good for him this season now.

"There's a lot of things going on in my mind, maybe it is just not my year but I can't let that overtake anything, but we have a great car and a great team and I will keep on fighting.

"Who knows if some fortune will come my way but I will give it a go. It reminds me of when I was at school, the teachers will say something but they won't do anything. The stewards didn't do anything and I am now 30 points behind so I am just going to have push like hell."

Driver reaction

Lewis Hamilton, who was hit by team mate Nico Rosberg on the second lap: "Firstly i want to say, when I was doing the drivers parade the support was amazing so I am gutted I wasn't able to give them something to cheer about.

"What can I say? Initially it was really gutting I was driving so hard to try to get what I could get out of the car, it might not have looked that way but it was so damaged and I am just gutted for my team. The guys work so hard, I got a good start, it was looking good, I took the corner as I should because it was my line and I don't know why he hit me but i am sure he will leave here happy tonight.

"I wouldn't say it was worse than Monaco because it couldn't get much worse than that."

Nico Rosberg

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner, speaking about Daniel Ricciardo's win: "This was supposed to be a damage limitation race. We have managed to find a balance and Daniel has managed to find a confidence in the car that has managed to produce a good lap time.

"Ultimately we benefited from the Mercedes' little get together but in like-for-like pace we were not far off them today.

"The incident between the two Mercedes was was two guys going for a world championship and going for the same piece of tarmac."

David Coulthard

BBC F1 co-commentator

"[Toto Wolff] is putting a mark in the sand. He's right it's unacceptable, but it's happened and its inevitable Nico was fully charging. He hasn't been in a wheel-to-wheel fight and it was a little bit clumsy. It was disappointing to hear boos, but fans wear their hearts on their sleeves.

"The points deficit you can't do anything about that. They can reprimand Nico in the team debrief - with what Toto Wolff is saying they are doing it even before they sit everyone down."

Drivers championship

Lewis Hamilton will probably not want to give the drivers' championship standings a look for a little while. His retirement, and Nico Rosberg's second-place finish, means Hamilton trails his Mercedes team-mate by 29 points.

As Eddie Jordan suggests, one more big error and you have to think the title will be beyond Hamilton.

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John E Blyth: Let's not forget the great victory by Ricciardo today while everyone gets caught up in the Mercedes circus? #bbcf1

Marc: Bit shocked about how open Mercedes are being with placing blame on Rosberg...?! #bbcf1

Nick Bennetts: People are taking this Rosberg/Hamilton incident too seriously when it was, in my opinion, a racing accident #bbcf1

Nikki Lauda
Getty Images

Mercedes non-executive chairman Niki Lauda, on the on-track clash between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg: "Very simple it is unacceptable that in the second lap Nico hit Lewis, completely unacceptable.

"There is going to be a meeting at 16.45 but it is unacceptable. If these things happen at the end of the race, when they are fighting for the win then you discuss it but in the second lap to hand the victory to Red Bull.

"I thought they were clever enough to know that but obviously they aren't."

Jennie Gow

BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter

Lewis Hamilton

"Looking forward to hear what Lewis Hamilton has to say."

Eddie Jordan

BBC F1 chief analyst

"This result means added pressure for Lewis and it will not help in their relationship. It means war. A war situation has been possibly declared today. Nico has the upper hand beyond any doubt. I am sure Lewis will come back but he has been fighting an upwards battle all the time and if another error comes up, the championship will go."

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James Rowe: Oh dear! Toto Wolff very angry and openly blaming Nico, very surprised to hear that! #bbcf1

Chris: Podium booing not good, doesn't help anyone. Pleased for Daniel, impossible not to like him. #bbcf1

Abu Ali: Damn Tito Wolf looks angry.....Rosberg better avoid him for as long as possible!!

Eddie Jordan

BBC F1 chief analyst

"That for me is a boardroom decision, it should never happened, don't blame the drivers. You can't just let people go and do what they want to do. The team has suffered here. What they did is stupid. They are allowing the emotions of the driver in the heat of the moment to take over.

"The team are looking for other people to blame and they have to blame themselves."

Williams' Valtteri Bottas, who took third place on the podium, speaking to BBC Sports Eddie Jordan: "The team has been doing a very good job, we are certainly going it the right way. We are still chasing for the higher step but for this season we are going the right way. I think this season it's going to be tough, we need to be lucky because Mercedes are very quick and on a track like this so were Red Bull. There is still work to do but we are going the right way."


Strong words from Mercedes executive director Toto Wolff, who tells BBC Sport: "Absolutely unacceptable. Lap number two of a long race and a crash between two team-mates, we have often discussed the situation and it happened today. You don't try to overtake with the knife between your teeth in lap number two and damage both cars.

"This is a decisive moment in the battle between the two of them and for the team. Lewis is very upset, we kept him out there for a long time with a damaged car. He will recover quickly. It is going to be handled."