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  1. Rosberg wins, Hamilton 2nd, Raikkonen 3rd
  2. Vettel 4th, Perez 5th, Ricciardo 6th
  3. Hamilton tried to attack Rosberg in remaining laps
  4. Champion questioned strategy call by team
  5. Bottas collides with Button in pits
  6. Contact between Alonso and Maldonado on lap 1
  7. Maldonado out
  8. Get involved: Your #starsoftheseason

Live Reporting

By Gary Rose

All times stated are UK

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112 days

Formula 1
Getty Images

Like people emerging from underground to a post-apocalyptic landscape, it is time for us to exit the F1 bubble we've all been in for the last nine months and try to think how else to fill our time.

The good news, though, is that we only have to wait 112 days before it all begins again.

Today's race sets things up nicely for 2016, when Nico Rosberg will really need to push Lewis Hamilton closer.

Watch out for highlights on BBC Three from 19:00 GMT and online, and catch the review of the season on 12 December, 13:00 on BBC One. 

Thanks for your company throughout the season and see you again next year!

Fancy a semi-naked Romain Grosjean just before we finish our Abu Dhabi coverage? Here you go.

Boom !!! More points in the bag 💪the best way to finish my time with @Lotus_F1Team ! Will miss the guys #AbuDhabiGP

Boom !!! More points in the bag 💪the best way to finish my time with @Lotus_F1Team ! Will miss the guys #AbuDhabiGP

In all this Rosberg celebration let's not forget Lewis won more races, set more poles AND a second successive championship. #f1

But credit to @nico_rosberg, he has set the stage for next season perfectly Next year will define him in history: champion or also-ran.

Another look at the BBC end-of-season montage? Go on then. 

Watch it now on the F1 Forum on this page.

bbc team

This was written in the stars

Hamilton vote graphic
Getty Images

A long, long time ago in this live commentary page I mentioned Lewis Hamilton, in car number 44, was going for his 44th career win during the UAE's 44th National Day holiday.

Sorry Lewis, a 44th career win was not written in the stars, but winning our Star of the Season vote with 44% of the vote was!

'Raikkonen has one more year at Ferrari'

Eddie Jordan

BBC F1 chief analyst

"They are marking time - Max Verstappen is the chosen one for Ferrari in 2017. It's easier for them to keep Raikkonen there until then."

Max Verstappen
Getty Images

Kimi Raikkonen finished third - his third podium of the year. He finished fourth in the drivers' championship but won't have been happy to have not managed a race win. 

Get involved - #bbcf1

Charlotte Bowe: I rate Nico so much. A genuine and gracious guy. Also has fabulous hair 24/7. Hope he can take the 2016 championship!

Charlie Sutherland: Lewis's body language seems telling. He's sulking!!

Nico Rosberg
Getty Images
Formula 1

Lee McKenzie has just grabbed a word with Lewis Hamilton, let's see what he had to say: "A very difficult race. The tyres were done up behind Nico.

"If I was to have done strategy, the way I was behind Nico after he pitted and if I had controlled the tyres I could have made it until the end. I was pushing to try and make a gap and it took it out of the tyres.

"I didn't know which tyre was for the best. That was for the team to make the call really. The first set of tyres grained early on, were they going to do it again? Who knows.

"Of course I didn't finish it as strong as I started the hear but 'll do as much work as I can to be in better shape next season and hopefully better understand the car."

The F1 Forum team catch Nico Rosberg for a word.

"Going into a winter break like this is awesome," he says. "I give my guys a reason to party and tear the roof down tonight. 

"Next season is far away. I'll just enjoy the moment, seeing my family and little puppy dog. Great times."

Nico Rosberg must be shaking hands with every member of the Mercedes team. He has been doing it for the last 15 or so minutes and is still finding people to fist pump or five with. This is increasingly familiar scenes at the Mercedes garage, with Rosberg celebrating a win for the third race in a row.

It is all very good, but too late in the title race. Can Rosberg mount a strong challenge next year?

Which engine will power Red Bull in 2016?

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner has been talking to Suzi, Eddie and David and told them that his team have an engine agreement in place for next year and he hopes it will be announced in the next week.

He then adds, intriguingly: "I don't think Ron Dennis will be very happy."

A Red Bull-Honda? Really?

Red Bull to be competitive again in 2016?

Eddie Jordan

BBC F1 chief analyst

"Red Bull have been promised a competitive engine from Bernie. I'd like to see inside Bernie's crystal ball to see where he's going to get it from."

An indication of Mercedes' dominance as another one-two sees them surpass last year's points total. Impressive when you consider double points were available at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last year.

MERCEDES POINTS TOTALS: 2014: 701 2015: 703 #AbuDhabiGP #F1Finale

MERCEDES POINTS TOTALS: 2014: 701 2015: 703 #AbuDhabiGP #F1Finale

Half an hour left to vote for your star of the season... #bbcf1

Half an hour left to vote for your star of the season... #bbcf1

You've still got a little under 30 minutes to cast your vote on who you think has been the star of the season. Vote closes at 16:00 GMT. Check terms and conditions here.

Get involved - #bbcf1

On the F1 Forum, Eddie Jordan has been ranting about F1's rules and how they favour Mercedes, after telling McLaren chairman Ron Dennis it's time to step down...

Matthew Robinson: EJ is fuming and on one, and I agree!

Kemi: EJ is unhappy; is his crystal ball broken?

Alan Fraser: Has #EddieMeldrew / EJ forgotten to take his anti-angry medication because of the time delay? Brilliant.

Karine Jegard: I love Eddie Jordan! He is really going for it today & speaking some sense, he's passionate, insightful, bold & remembers the fans.

Eddie Jordan is fuming. He's isn't happy at all with the situation at McLaren and just before he quite literally blows his fine red silk top, Suzi Perry plants a kiss on his cheek to calm him down.


It's ok Fernando, it's over now. 

A bad end to a terrible year

McLaren's Fernando Alonso (17th) talking to BBC F1's Lee McKenzie:

"It's been a very, very tough year. Today I was hit at the start and that took me right into Maldonado and they put the penalty on me.

"The FIA should look at MotoGP and the World Endurance Championship to see how well they are doing with penalties."


Get involved - #bbcf1

Gavin M: Brilliant closer from @bbcf1 - loved the street art & the Forza Jules element was a nice touch

Rachel: Nice to see #bbcf1 paying tribute to Jules in their end of season montage

Bury Sue: Nice tribute to Jules. 

Formula 1`

...and here's the bottom of the drivers' championship.

Formula 1

Here's how the 2015 drivers' championship finished. We already knew the top three but Kimi Raikkonen pipped his fellow Finn Valtteri Bottas to fourth.

Nico Hulkenberg, meanwhile, won the battle for 10th.

A massively tough season - Button

Forum 1

McLaren's Jenson Button (12th): talking to BBC F1's Lee McKenzie:

"It's been massively tough for the whole team. We have done a great job of staying positive. For us, 12th isn't an aim but 19 cars finished."

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#bbcf1 The 2016 season seriously needs to up its game, we need much more wheel to wheel action and less team indecisiveness

Rosberg can beat Hamilton to title - Wolff

Formula 1

Asked if Nico Rosberg can win the world championship with Lewis Hamilton as a team-mate, Toto Wolff is emphatic:

"Yes. There might be some angry fans out there but you can see in the last few races he was very strong."

Watch F1 Forum online


A beautiful closing montage, if I do say so myself. Television coverage has finished but stick with us online for the F1 Forum. Refresh this page to watch it, or click on the live coverage tab (mobile devices).

You can get in touch with Suzi Perry and company via #bbcf1

Formula 1
Getty Images

Get involved - #bbcf1

Jenna Martin: I really wish the FIA wouldn't end the season with the Abu Dhabi GP. It just doesn't produce entertaining races.

Janine Pingree: So that's F1 2015 finished. As a Brit I'm delighted for Hamilton. As a McLaren fan I just hope that 2016 is a better!

Alex Davenport: This might sound creepy but Toto Wolff is a very gorgeous man!!!!

Rosberg faster than Hamilton - Wolff

Formula 1

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff talking to BBC F1: "Nico was the quicker man on the track. We gave Lewis all the strategy options. They chose the prime because the stint would have been too long."

Get involved #bbcf1

Mercedes just won't let their drivers roll the dice, coulda put Ham on super softs and let him have a go at it, but no....pathetic. #bbcf1

We didn't quite get the race we wanted in the end with strategy calls, rather than pure racing, proving decisive. 

The crucial point came when Lewis Hamilton was called in for his second stop, having wanted to race until the end. After that, the decision to stay on the soft tyres ultimately proved costly. 

Arguably Nico Rosberg's most dominant win of the year.

Eddie Jordan

BBC F1 chief analyst

"The way Nico Rosberg has finished with six pole positions in a row - my God, that's an expression of sheer determination. It's been a spectacular finish from him."

Formula 1
Getty Images

Victory for Nico Rosberg was his sixth of the season and the 14th of his career. That moves him level with British driver Graham Hill, who died 40 years ago today.

Rosberg hopes to maintain momentum

Formula 1

More from race winner Nico Rosberg in the podium interviews: "I am sure it's going to be another great season next year. Of course we are aware of the threat from the red guys. I will try to keep it going for the start of next year."

Not an ideal year - Raikkonen

Formula 1

Third-placed Kimi Raikkonen: "We started better this season but it's not been an ideal year. The speed has been there but there have been mistakes and problems. Today was a bit better. Obviously not enough to beat these two."


Lewis Hamilton, who finished second: "Firstly it has been an amazing year. I am happy. Now we can really enjoy but I have to take my hat off to the team who has done an amazing job with this car. They've surpassed expectations throughout the year.

"In hindsight, once Nico had pitted I probably would have backed off a bit and gone a bit longer. As that didn't work out, the stop, going too long was probably not the right thing to do, but we gave it a try."

No dinner date for Hamilton & Rosberg

When David asked Rosberg if he would now go for dinner with Lewis Hamilton, the German replied: "Let's leave that. Maybe we'll see each other in the lounge afterwards."

Rosberg 'ecstatic'

Race winner Nico Rosberg in the podium interviews to David Coulthard: 

"Austin was the low point of the season and since then I've come back a lot stronger. Next season can start tomorrow for me - I don't need any holidays.

"Thanks to my team for my stunning car. I'm ecstatic.

"It's always tough to race Lewis - it's a great battle internally."

Hamilton chose primes for last stint - Wolff

Formula 1

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff talking to BBC F1's Tom Clarkson:

"We gave Lewis the option to choose which tyre he wanted on the car at the last pit stop.

"Even though the car was light, it wouldn't have lasted to the end with options.

"We wanted to give him a shot at the win at the end but the pace wasn't there today."