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  1. Sebastian Vettel fastest
  2. Hamilton completes 156 laps
  3. McLaren's Button fifth fastest

Live Reporting

By Gary Rose

All times stated are UK

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Right, that's it from me. Sebastian Vettel finishes fastest but a monster effort from Lewis Hamilton, putting it more than double the amount of laps than anyone else. Over to you Nico Rosberg.

We'll be back with live text commentary on the second day of testing from 07:45 GMT. 

Thanks for your company, see you later.

And... across the line! Day one... done! Back you come @LewisHamilton - it's dinner time ;) #ButMuuuum #NoFair #F1

And... across the line! Day one... done! Back you come @LewisHamilton - it's dinner time ;) #ButMuuuum #NoFair #F1

Final times

1. Sebastian Vettel (1:24.939) 69 laps

2. Lewis Hamilton (1:25.409) 156 laps

3. Daniel Ricciardo (1:26.044) 87 laps

4. Valtteri Bottas (1:26.044) 80 laps

5. Alfonso Celis (1:26.298) 58 laps

6. Jenson Button (1:26.735) 84 laps

7. Carlos Sainz (1:27.180) 55 laps

8. Marcus Ericsson (1:27.555) 88 laps

9. Pascal Wehrlein (1:28.292) 54 laps

10. Romain Grosjean (1:28.399) 31 laps

11. Jolyon Palmer (1:29.356) 37 laps

Chequered flag

The chequered flag is out and Sebastian Vettel finishes the day one of the first test fastest. 

Full times to follow.

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@bbcf1 #bbcf1 Bit of wishful thinking that Jenson will jump to the top of the timesheets in the last few minutes?

Into the final few minutes. Sebastian Vettel's work is done, Lewis Hamilton is still out on the track, along with Daniel Ricciardo and Jenson Button.

Any late changes to the order?

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Late F1 Team entry... Rodney Trotter.... nice Livery, Cushty! @bbcf1 #bbcf1

Late F1 Team entry... Rodney Trotter.... nice Livery, Cushty! @bbcf1 #bbcf1

BOOM! 150 laps so far today means the #F1 W07 Hybrid has now eclipsed it's predecessor's opening day mileage haul of 695.196km! #WeAreW07

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@bbcf1 Really enjoyed following your live commentary of the first day of pre season testing. Can't wait to join you tomorrow. #bbcf1

Cheers Chris! We will be back, ready to go again at 07:45 GMT so if you are up for an early start you are welcome along.

150th for Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has just completed his 150th lap - he has basically just driven from Manchester to Paris - and there's still 15 minutes to go.

Mercedes didn't even show their hand until the final test last year, but is the world champion laying down the gauntlet here. 

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I know its early days, but I'm excited by those @ManorRacing and @HaasF1Team times. Manor finally caught the pack? #F1Testing #BBCF1

Worth remembering that Manor's time has been set on the soft tyres. Everyone else bar Jenson Button and Alfonso Celis are on the medium compound.

Felipe goes trackside

Felipe Massa doesn't get the chance to get behind the wheel of the Williams until Wednesday, so he has been having a wander trackside to have a listen to the cars. 

Looks impressed.

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Latest times

1. Sebastian Vettel 1:24.939

2. Lewis Hamilton 1:25.409

3. Daniel Ricciardo 1:26.044

4. Valtteri Bottas 1:26.091

5. Jenson Button 1:26.860

6. Alfonso Celis 1:26.949

7. Carlos Sainz 1:27.180

8. Marcus Ericsson 1:27.555

9. Pascal Wehrlein 1:28.292

10. Romain Grosjean 1:28.399

11. Jolyon Palmer 1:31.343

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@JensonButton goes 5th with 70 laps on the board. I think I'll take that, though still worried about overall pace #F1Testing #bbcf1

On the Button

Jenson Button
Getty Images
Can you spot Jenson Button?

Even better news for Jenson Button and McLaren. He has just gone fifth fastest with 1:26.860. That time was set on the faster soft tyres but still, an encouraging day so far for the team. 

Remember they managed just six laps on the first day of testing last year.

Great scenes! Jenson Button has just completed his 66th lap. That means he has completed the same distance as the Spanish Grand Prix without breaking down.

Formula 1

F1 journalist Dan Knutson in Barcelona: "This is Sebastian Vettel’s company car for the test. Both he and Ferrari teammate Kimi Räikkönen are driving Jeeps. Jeep, of course in one of the brands of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles."

Two cars on the circuit at the moment - the Williams of Valtteri Bottas and Pascal Wehrlein's Manor. Wehrlein is the only driver out on the softs, with the rest having been out on the medium tyres. He currently has the eighth fastest time with 1:28.292.

It looks like Sebastian Vettel is going to finish top of the order on the first day of testing, with teams seemingly winding down for the day now.

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Or not so perfect in this case...

@bbcf1 #bbcf1 wanted a colour scheme to match the previous seasons #dull

@bbcf1 #bbcf1 wanted a colour scheme to match the previous seasons #dull

Formula 1
Getty Images

F1 journalist Dan Knutson in Barcelona: "Romain Grosjean has been out on the track again, and now has done a total of 21 laps. He had completed 13 before the wing failure."

Romain Grosjean also returned to the track a few minutes ago, making his first appearance since that front wing failure this morning.

Let's get busy

The move into the final hour has ushered in an increase in on-track action has suddenly increased. Seven cars out now, including Sebastian Vettel, Marcus Ericsson and Pascal Wehrlein.


Lewis Hamilton is a machine.

ONE HOUR TO GO Hamilton has put in 137 laps already, almost double the amount of the next busiest driver #F1Testing

ONE HOUR TO GO Hamilton has put in 137 laps already, almost double the amount of the next busiest driver #F1Testing

Formula 1
Getty Images

The Red Bull is not out on the circuit at the moment, just Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. A little pre-season testing showdown between two drivers who will likely be battling alongside each other a fair bit this season.

Lewis Hamilton will need to find more than half a second if he is to pip Sebastian Vettel into top spot on the timesheet, with a shade over one hour left.

'Very early days for Red Bull'

Red Bull

F1 journalist Dan Knutson in Barcelona: "Christian Horner met with the media this afternoon and was asked about his first impressions of the Red Bull RB12, and progress made today.

"'The first impression of the car is that it certainly stands out,' he said. 'It is a very distinctive new livery, and initial impressions of the car certainly are positive. As an evolution from RB11 it feels very familiar to Daniel Ricciardo, addressing some of the issues we have been looking to address during the winter. 

"'But it is still very early days, so it is very much runs where we are understanding the car, getting the data, understanding the performance and how the car is behaving.'”

Getty Images

Here's a closer look at Williams' FW38. Last year's car was strong on high-speed circuits but struggled on slower ones, as well as in the wet. 

The team are confident they have addressed that for this season, but we might not see any significant improvement until Australia, with further updates planned between now and then.

Latest times

1. Sebastian Vettel - Ferrari - 1:24.939

2. Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes - 1:25.409 

3. Daniel Ricciardo - Red Bull - 1:26.044

4. Valtteri Bottas - Williams - 1:26.091 

5. Carlos Sainz - Toro Rosso 1.27.180

6. Jenson Button - McLaren - 1:27.691

7. Marcus Ericsson - Sauber - 1:28.122 

8. Romain Grosjean - Haas - 1:28.399 

9. Alfonso Celis - Force India - 1:29.406

10. Pascal Wehrlein - Manor - 1:29.824

11. Jolyon Palmer - Renault - 1:31.351

Into the final 90 minutes of practice. Are Haas and Romain Grosjean going to get out before the end? They are still trying to sort out that front wing after it came off this morning.

At the moment, it is just Lewis Hamilton and Alfonso Celis out on the circuit.

Quiz time!

Here's a good question from the good people at Question of Sport, which links very nicely with Niki Lauda's birthday.

#QSTeaser from @QuestionofSport Happy Birthday to Niki Lauda! Since 1970 name the 5 other @F1 World Champions whose surname ends in a vowel?

Happy birthday Niki!

Great picture.

PARTY TIME!!! A massive #HappyBirthday to Chairman Niki – born #OnThisDay in 1949! #WeAreW07 #F1 #F1Testing

PARTY TIME!!! A massive #HappyBirthday to Chairman Niki – born #OnThisDay in 1949! #WeAreW07 #F1 #F1Testing

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@bbcf1 @LewisHamilton 115 laps with the next best 57? That's not testing, that's trolling #bbcf1

Fernando Alonso

A half-century of laps so far for the McLaren. I'd be keen to know what Fernando Alonso's thoughts are. He is unlikely to settle for another season like the last one and early signs are a little encouraging. 

Button is 2.8s off pacesetter Sebastian Vettel, but that is a whole lost better than the first test last year, when Fernando Alonso was 18 seconds off the pace and had completed just six laps across the whole day.

Lewis Hamilton, closing in on completing the equivalent of two grands prix in one sitting, finally heads in after a mammoth session, leaving four drivers out on the circuit, before Jenson Button takes that number back up to five as he re-emerges.

Your perfect F1 car

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@bbcf1 #bbcf1 Introducing #TAB1, The Angry Badger, suitable for the older (slightly graying) driver :) #F1

@bbcf1 #bbcf1 Introducing #TAB1, The Angry Badger, suitable for the older (slightly graying) driver :) #F1

Latest lap counts

Look at this from Lewis Hamilton, he's completed double the laps of anyone else. 

1. Lewis Hamilton 115

2. Marcus Ericsson 57

3. Carlos Sainz 55

4. Daniel Ricciardo 52

5. Sebastian Vettel 50

6. Jenson Button 50

7. Valtteri Bottas 49

8. Alfoso Celis 30

9. Jolyon Palmer 21

10. Pascal Wehrlein 19

11. Romain Grosjean 13

'My mind was elsewhere'


Lewis Hamilton is all alone on the circuit at the moment, just completing his 111th lap. A good showing from the world champion and it will be interesting to see what Nico Rosberg does tomorrow.

Rosberg finished the season strongly, with Hamilton's form tailing off after he won the title. A cause for concern?

"Of course, I love winning and that's always the goal - but to be honest my attention was elsewhere at that point," Hamilton said.

Oof. I'm sure Rosberg will be determined to prove that he wasn't just beating Hamilton because 'his mind was elsewhere''.

Your perfect F1 car

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@bbcf1 #bbcf1 how about something radical and eye catching? but ghastly at the same time?

@bbcf1 #bbcf1 how about something radical and eye catching? but ghastly at the same time?

Interesting, interesting. 

Remember if you fancy having a go at producing your perfect livery, use the template below.

Formula 1

Ton up

Four drivers out on the circuit, one of them Lewis Hamilton. Most of the 11 drivers have been in and out regularly but the one constant has been Hamilton, who passes 100 laps for the day.

If there is anything he doesn't know about the car after today, it won't be worth knowing.