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  1. Vettel fastest on day two for Ferrari, Ricciardo 2nd for Red Bull
  2. Rosberg completes 172 laps, Alonso 119

Live Reporting

By Chris Osborne

All times stated are UK

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That'll do from me for today then.

You've made it an enjoyable nine and a half hours and I sincerely hope you will help me do it all over again tomorrow.

Speaking of which, this man will be on the track for the first time.

Remember: No Kimi, no party.

Getty Images

And here it is from the guys with clipboards and computers...

CLASSIFICATION: End of day 2 #F1Testing

CLASSIFICATION: End of day 2 #F1Testing

Day two result

Here's your times and laps from the second day of testing:

Vettel 1:22.810 (126 laps)

Ricciardo 1:23.525 (112)

Perez 1:23.650 (101)

Rosberg 1:24.867 (172)

Ericsson 1:25.237 (108)

Gutierrez 1:25.534 (79)

Bottas 1:25.648 (134)

Wehrlein 1:25.925 (71)

Alonso 1:26.082 (119)

Palmer 1:26.189 (42)

Verstappen 1:26.539 (121)

Red flag

Actually, it will end on a red flag. Sebastian Vettel making certain that nobody knocks him off the top spot with a late run.

🔴🔴 RED FLAG. The SF16H from Sebastian Vettel stops at turn 3. Session will be NOT restarted #F1Testing #F1TestDays

Chequered flag

That'll do for now everyone, keep your powder dry.

Nico Rosberg is in the paddock after a doozy of a shift.

172 laps, plus the 156 by Lewis Hamilton yesterday means Mercedes have totted up (gets out calculator) 328 laps over two days.

That's pretty much five full races around Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

That's a wrap for us on track today folks! @nico_rosberg hops out of the #F1 W07 with 172 laps on the board... top job! #WeAreW07 #F1Testing

F1 journalist Dan Knutson in Barcelona: "Jolyon Palmer did only 37 laps on Monday because of software problems on the Renault.

“Disappointing first day I would say,” he said yesterday. “It’s been challenging. Usual first day issues. We would definitely have liked to get some more laps under our belt but we understood some issues, got some laps in at the end. We just need to work hard tonight and get a lot more in tomorrow.”

"Unfortunately he only completed 42 laps today before a power unit problem brought things to a halt.

"Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo, Nico Rosberg, Marcus Ericsson, Valtteri Bottas, Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen have all done more than 100 laps today."

Can he? I'll run out of cakes at this rate...

16 minutes left in the session - and 6 laps to the big 100 for Checo. Will he hit the target? #FeelTheForce

We're nearly there folks, 20 more minutes...

There's an almighty Twitter spat going on between Mercedes and Red Bull right now.

They're sending each other crashes on YouTube clips and everything.

We've all had a couple.

It's all in good humour... I think.

Latest times

Less than half an hour remaining on day 2 of #F1Testing, here's how they stand...

Less than half an hour remaining on day 2 of #F1Testing, here's how they stand...

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What are the time comparisons from hamiltons best from yesterday to rosbergs today? #bbcf1

I'm glad you asked Stephen Kiely.

Lewis Hamilton's best lap yesterday was a 1:25.409

Nico Rosberg's best today was a 1:24.867.

But there's barely anything to read into it, of course. Mercedes know they're quick and they've not been looking to top the time boards over the last two days.

If we've learned anything over the past two days, it's that the W07 is a workhorse.

Also, Nico Rosberg has been driving for getting on for nine hours now.

I've been typing for the same amount of time, but the purists might argue that Nico's job is a tad more exerting.

BOOM!!! 160 laps on the board for #NR6 with 45mins to go - #F1 W07 Hybrid in full BEAST mode! #WeAreW07 #F1Testing

BOOM!!! 160 laps on the board for #NR6 with 45mins to go - #F1 W07 Hybrid in full BEAST mode! #WeAreW07 #F1Testing

Champagne moment

Nico Rosberg
Getty Images

Celebrate good times come on.

Crack out that champers Nico Rosberg, you have crushed your frenemy Lewis Hamilton into the dirt.

Hamilton's 156 laps yesterday have been swatted into the distance, as the German clocks up his 157th of the day.

Global domination awaits...

Quick! Give me my cake back.

Hold on! Nico Rosberg is back out!

155 laps, Hamilton had 156...

There's a sting in the tail yet...

Events are slowing down now as we wind towards 17:00 GMT (18:00 in Spain).

This could be a slow hour...

In the mean time, here's a really cool picture of the Mercedes.


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The car that lasted one day of qualifying...

I am officially reining in the Lola Lols now.

It's become such an unwieldy beast that people are critiquing it on the internet.

We never created it to be judged, we created it simply for the joy of humanity.

But, as we know, even the most innocent of creations are not invulnerable to the touch of human nature.

Therefore, like a beautiful butterfly, I shall release it into the yonder.

Be free my friend. You shall forever remain in our hearts.

(For those confused by what we're on about, scroll yourselves all the way down to 09:41 GMT this morning. Yes, this has been going on for six hours).

@bbcf1 with all this MasterCard Lola talk, can you shed some light on what the story behind it is? #bbcf1

For the love of God stop it Lola!!! Its been enough 4 hours of Lola now and I'm going to explode! #bbcf1

Not going to lie, the Mastercard Lola has certainly provided a few chuckles whilst I've been in work. #bbcf1

Amid all that as well, Nico Rosberg has dropped down to P4, with Sergio Perez nipping up to third.

Do I have to say that positions and times mean nothing in testing after every entry? Can we assume it's a given?

Sergio Perez
Getty Images

Wait, what? You need five more laps to go past Lewis Hamilton, Nico.

Anybody want to buy a cake off me? Barely used... It says 'congratulations on beating Lewis' on top.

I may have eaten some of the buttercream icing.

152 laps and counting for #NR6 as he heads for home. That's some mega mileage! #F1 #WeAreW07 #F1Testing

152 laps and counting for #NR6 as he heads for home. That's some mega mileage! #F1 #WeAreW07 #F1Testing

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I don't know what to think any more...

They say don't look into testing times, but look what Mercedes did in 2014 testing and what that transpired too, watch Ferrari! #bbcf1

Some good news for Alexander Rossi, who raced for Marussia (now Manor) last season.

Woohoo!! @AlexanderRossi to race @IndyCar this year in the fourth Andretti/Bryan Herta entry #IndyCar #F1

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You're going to hate the celebration I've got planned for when Rosberg surpasses Hamilton's lap tally...

I've ordered a cake and everything.

NR completing more laps than LH is crucial. Last year, the former managed 200-odd laps more than the latter and went on to...oh wait #bbcf1

Getty Images

Valtteri Bottas clicks over the 100-lap mark.

We've barely mentioned the Williams man today.

He only completed 80 laps yesterday, but finished up in P4. He's currently P6 today.

Andrew Benson

Chief F1 writer

Getty Images

Romain Grosjean started his Haas career on track yesterday, with Esteban Gutierrez in the seat today.

Andrew Benson assesses the Frenchman's first day...

“There was inevitably a lot of attention on the new Haas team as testing started on Monday and they did not have the easiest of starts to their F1 career.

"A front wing failure at 320km/h stopped Romain Grosjean's running after 13 laps and although he did get out later, it was while running at a speed limit on the straights.

"It’s exactly the sort of issue one would expect to afflict a new team and Grosjean remained upbeat. ‘We understood the problem very quickly, it was clear to everyone,’ he said. ‘It shouldn't be too hard to fix, and there's a 99% chance that we have solved the problem. It's kind of a small team but we've got big resources. There have been a few minor things but everyone is on it. When it's on Ferrari's side they have been good, and when it's on our side we have good people as well to solve it. We didn't have any leaks, any problems, any failures, any electrical cuts. We will have more problems, that's a fact, but we are very happy with where we are’."    

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There's certainly a similarity, Ryan.

But part of the Mastercard Lola's mystique - nay aura - emanates from it's single, failed qualifying outing.

When it comes to longevity, the Benetton is a keeper.

And we're all poking fun at the MasterCard Lola but does anyone remember what Benettons used to look like? #bbcf1

And we're all poking fun at the MasterCard Lola but does anyone remember what Benettons used to look like? #bbcf1

100 not out

Centuries everywhere you look now.

That's Daniel Ricciardo clocking 100 laps and Max Verstappen has ticked over a ton too.

100 not out 👍 That's a ton of laps for @danielricciardo with under 2 hours to run. #F1

100 not out 👍 That's a ton of laps for @danielricciardo with under 2 hours to run. #F1

Get 360


It's not F1, but this is a must for petrolheads.

Head over to the BBC Northern Ireland Facebook page where you can take a 360 degree ride around the NW200.

You can click and drag to move your view around while whizzing around the streets.

It's super cool and amazing.

Pitch perfect?

Getty Images

F1 journalist Dan Knutson in Barcelona: "Sebastian Vettel was asked if he liked the higher pitch of the Ferrari engine.

“'Yes,' he said. 'I think it’s nice to have a bit more sound coming from the engine. It sounds a bit more like Formula 1, but it’s still not as loud as it could and should be – but it’s a bit better than before'.

"The sound levels and the pitch are different, of course, for the driver sitting in the cockpit in front of the engine and exhaust pipe to what the fans hear sitting in the grandstands."

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Very much so, Jai. As I always say, the first rule of testing is never to read too much into testing.

I think the most interesting thing to come from today is how much time Ferrari and Red Bull were able to shave off with the new purple ultra-soft tyres.

#bbcf1 lap times are irrelevant during this test. laps completed however is. Besides we don't know power % the teams are using.

Rosberg keeps on running

Getty Images

Nico Rosberg has lapped 126 times today, which is 30 short of Lewis Hamilton's tally yesterday.

He's got two more hours to overhaul his Mercedes team-mate.

Not that it matters.

(But it does).

Esteban Gutierrez has completed 44 laps in total today.

The fewest belongs to Jolyon Palmer in the Renault, with 42.

.@EstebanGtz just completed a 12-lap run @Circuitcat_eng. It's our longest thus far in testing. #HaasF1

Getty Images

There will still be a massive spotlight on Fernando Alonso of course, after murmurs of him desiring a sabbatical emerged towards the end of last season.

He said it was tosh, of course, but there is a feeling that if the Spaniard does not feel the McLaren has progressed suitably over the winter, that he might take a break.

Reliability today has been good.

Speed, on he other hand... he's in P8 of 11.

Ton up for Alonso

Getty Images

Fernando Alonso has clocked 100 laps, which might sate any concerns over his McLaren's reliability.

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OK, Rob.

We'll stop.

#bbcf1 please stop with the Lola stuff.

No more tweets like this...

Or this...

#bbcf1 Lola car fuelled by chocolate!!

#bbcf1 Lola car fuelled by chocolate!!

And no more of this kind of silliness...

@bbcf1 Even a Merc can be LOLA’d #bbcf1

@bbcf1 Even a Merc can be LOLA’d #bbcf1

Now, could you all stop sending images mocking the Mastercard Lola to the hashtag #bbcf1 on Twitter.


I believe this is Haas's second attempt at getting Esteban Gutierrez out during the afternoon session.

It's gone better than the previous attempt.

.@EstebanGtz heading onto @Circuitcat_eng for first run of the afternoon session.

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The red and white of McLaren really gets you going.

I'm still a blue and white Williams man myself.

But here's eye candy for the McLarenistas out there...

I think you will be hard pushed to beat the classic livery & clean lines of the MP4/8 from 1993. #bbcf1

I think you will be hard pushed to beat the classic livery & clean lines of the MP4/8 from 1993. #bbcf1

#bbcf1 Another beautiful piece of equipment, James Hunt in his @McLarenF1

#bbcf1 Another beautiful piece of equipment, James Hunt in his @McLarenF1

Senna in the McLaren-Honda. My first sporting hero & first person to grace my bedroom wall in '90. #bbcf1 @BBCSport

Senna in the McLaren-Honda. My first sporting hero & first person to grace my bedroom wall in '90. #bbcf1 @BBCSport

How are the times?

It's been a while since we checked in on the times, so here they are:

VET 1:22.810 (Laps 71)

RIC 1:23.525 (89)

PER 1:24.417 (62)

ROS 1:24.867 (106)

ERI 1:25.734 (74)

BOT 1:25.872 (73)

WEH 1:25.925 (36)

ALO 1:26.082 (94)

PAL 1:26.189 (42)

GUT 1:26.931 (32)

VES 1:27.211 (76)