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  1. Kimi Raikkonen fastest on final day of testing
  2. Mercedes drivers complete the most laps again
  3. McLaren managed just three laps all day
  4. Get involved #bbcf1

Live Reporting

By Gary Rose

All times stated are UK

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Right, that's me done for the week. Thanks for your company, I'd like to think we've learnt a bit and had a few chuckles along the way.

I'll be back next week with live text commentary from the second test on Tuesday. See you then.

@bbcf1 #bbcf1 where was Gary Rose last year? Absolutely cracking live text!

Thanks Alistair! I did pretty much all the races last year but we'll forget that little detail and I'll simply bask in the glory of this tweet.  

Final day of testing times and laps

Kimi Raikkonen 1:23.477 80 laps

Daniil Kvyat 1:24.293 96 laps    

Alfonso Celis 1:24.840 75 laps      

Kevin Magnussen 1:25.263 153 laps

Max Verstappen 1:25.393 110 laps

Felipe Nasr 1:25.874 121 laps

Nico Rosberg 1:26.187 86 laps

Lewis Hamilton 1:26.295 99 laps

Felipe Massa 1:26.483 54 laps   

Esteban Gutierrez 1:27.802 89 laps   

Rio Haryanto 1:28.266 51 laps 

Fernando Alonso No time 3 laps

Hamilton wins the battle of the laps

That's a wrap folks! The #F1 W07 storms to 185 laps on day 4 of #F1Testing - @LewisHamilton 99, @nico_rosberg 86! She's an absolute BEAST!!!

Chequered flag

And we're done.

Kimi Raikkonen rounds off the week by finishing fastest. That's three out of the four days a Ferrari has been top of the timesheet.

As we know, though, Mercedes have just been toying with the rest of the field.

Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa are out to sneak a lap in. Daniil Kvyat also heads out. He currently has the second fastest time of the day.

Go! Go! Go!

The track is green again.

McLaren, you have three minutes.

Get involved #bbcf1

#BBCF1 Great to see teams running well in 1st test. Except McLaren. But they were so awful last year their problems are hardly engine-deep.

Red flag

A late red flag and it would seem that Kevin Magnussen was pushing too hard. The Renault has come to a stop on the circuit.

Well, Fernando Alonso has just tweeted a picture of him meeting kids from the Alonso karting campus.

I might be wrong, but that would suggest he isn't getting out for the final 10 minutes. 

The Fonz is flying

He can indeed!

Alfonso is round in 1:24.293 to shoot up to third, behind Daniil Kvyat and Kimi Raikkonen. Noice.

Alfonso Celis has strapped on the super softs and is out on the track. Can the Force India development driver get himself up towards the top of the timesheet before the end?

Ever wondered what engineers get up to when the drivers are out on track?

This, apparently...

@RenaultSportF1 @KevinMagnussen @F1 One of our engineers just showed us how it's done... #PlacesKmagWouldNOTRatherBe

@RenaultSportF1 @KevinMagnussen @F1 One of our engineers just showed us how it's done... #PlacesKmagWouldNOTRatherBe

Time running out for McLaren

With 25 minutes to go, it is really not looking good for an appearance from the McLaren is it? 

Such a shame after the week had started quite well for them. 

Get involved #bbcf1

@bbcf1 #bbcf1 not possible for Nico to do 28 laps in 35 mins unless he's doing 1:15s?!!?

Didn't I say earlier maths wasn't my strong point...

Get involved #bbcf1

#bbcf1 Ham and Ros,even in testing the competition is clear. Who completes more laps, aka who is fitter! Can wait, season is promising.

Nico Rosberg completes his 72nd lap. He's got 35 minutes to complete 28 more laps and surpass Lewis Hamilton's 99-lap total. 

The race is on.

Going the distance

Get involved #bbcf1

@bbcf1 What's the mileage tally compared with last year? Seems like more all around... #flogittillitbreaks #bbcf1

I've not had chance to tally them all but for a quick comparison Mercedes completed 378 laps in the first test in Barcelona (the second of three tests). This year, they are on 660 for the four days so far.

That's 1908 miles. They have basically driven from London to Istanbul.

Kimi Raikkonen has risen from his chair and is back out on the circuit.

The Finn set the fastest time ages ago, but has spent the last four hours in the garage being shown slides from his chief mechanic's winter holiday.*

*might not be true.

Is K-Mag the new Kimi? Does what he wants, when he wants.

If anyone can see @KevinMagnussen just now; he's needed back in the car...? #Thanks

Get involved #bbcf1

Might as well try and squeeze in the last few look-a-likes. 

Not quite a celebrity but I'll allow it because Graham Hill most definitely had the look of a dashing pilot.

Do think Graham Hill and Biggles looked quite similar! #bbcf1 #F1lookalikes #F1Testing

Do think Graham Hill and Biggles looked quite similar! #bbcf1 #F1lookalikes #F1Testing

Go! Go! Go!

The Haas has been removed from the circuit and the track is open again.

Alfonso is straight out. Alfonso Celis of Force India that is. Time is fast running out for Fernando Alonso to add to his three laps...

Williams haven't sent Felipe Massa out for much track time this afternoon. He's added just six laps to his morning total.

Testing update

Kimi Raikkonen 1:23.477 58 laps

Daniil Kvyat 1:24.293 85 laps    

Kevin Magnussen 1:25.263 142 laps

Max Verstappen 1:25.393 110 laps

Alfonso Celis 1:25.874 59 laps    

Felipe Nasr 1:25.874 96 laps

Nico Rosberg 1:26.187 62 laps

Lewis Hamilton 1:26.295 99 laps

Esteban Gutierrez 1:27.802 89 laps   

Rio Haryanto 1:28.266 51 laps 

Felipe Massa 1:28.684 34 laps 

Fernando Alonso No time 3 laps

The recovery vehicle has made its way to the stricken Haas. While we wait for it be moved and the track to open again let's have a look at the latest times and laps. 

Red flag

Someone has come to a stop on the circuit, and it is Esteban Gutierrez in the Haas. It's at turn four.

We are closing in on the final hour of testing. 

Still no sign of Kimi Raikkonen, who may well still be receiving instructions, while the McLaren remains firmly in the garage.

On the track, Nico Rosberg has just improved a smidgen, clocking 1:26.187.

When your parents go away and leave you in charge of the house and explain to you how the fridge door works #bbcf1

When your parents go away and leave you in charge of the house and explain to you how the fridge door works #bbcf1

Get involved #bbcf1

#bbcf1 Scrap qualifying and do an old Le Mans style start where everyone dashes across the track to their car

Kvyat eyeing move on Kimi

Daniil Kvyat is out on the ultra softs. Has he got his eye on nicking top spot off Kimi Raikkonen as the Finn continues to be lectured?

Kvyat has a go and improves with a 1:24.329, but it is not enough to dislodge Kimi, who set 1:23.477 in the morning.

Get involved #bbcf1

#bbcf1 How about his to spice things up for a weekend.. Half points awarded for qualifying, and then reverse the grid positions from each Q

They should leave all the cars sitting empty on the start-finish straight and then let the drivers leg it from the paddock and dive into whichever car they can. Sorted. 

Force India
Getty Images

It is going to be interesting to see how the battle in midfield shapes up. Force India have looked impressive so far, quietly going out their business putting in good times and amassing plenty of mileage. It could also be quite close between Manor and Sauber. Where do we see Haas slotting into the grid?

Meanwhile, on the track it is Kevin Magnussen, Daniil Kvyat and Max Verstappen who are putting in the laps.

Formula 1
Getty Images

F1 journalist Dan Knutson: "Lewis Hamilton and his dog are getting ready to leave, and his luggage is being loaded in the Mercedes that will take them to the airport. That has drawn a crowd in the paddock as the fans and media hoped to get a glimpse of them."

Wondering what Lewis Hamilton is up to? Is he watching Nico Rosberg? Racing up and down the paddock on his hoverboard? 

No, it looks like he is off... 

A busy afternoon for @Max33Verstappen, which means the garage is empty. 88 laps completed and still 1h45 to go

A busy afternoon for @Max33Verstappen, which means the garage is empty. 88 laps completed and still 1h45 to go

The race is on

Right, here's what we've got to watch out for in the final two hours:

  • Nico Rosberg has completed 44 laps. He needs 56 more to surpass Lewis Hamilton's total.
  • McLaren are still hopeful of getting Fernando Alonso out. He's managed just three laps so far today.