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  1. Rosberg wins manic race, Vettel 2nd, Kvyat 3rd
  2. Hamilton fights back after pitting five times
  3. Hamilton loses front wing on lap one, Ricciardo suffers puncture
  4. Raikkonen and Vettel collide on lap one as Ferrari boss watches

Live Reporting

By Gary Rose

All times stated are UK

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#WinnerSelfie from China!!! Thank you guys and thank you Shanghai #bestTeam ✌🏻️

#WinnerSelfie from China!!! Thank you guys and thank you Shanghai #bestTeam ✌🏻️

It seems no sporting event is complete without a winners selfie these days.

Next up, Russia in two weeks. Can Nico Rosberg keep his run going, or will Lewis Hamilton finally get his title defence up and running? We shall see.

Until then, goodbye.

Juan Manuel Fangio, Ayrton senna and Michael schumacher
Rex Features

Nico Rosberg could find himself in illustrious company. Only 10 times in the history of Formula 1 has a driver won the first three races of the season. On the nine previous occasions the driver has gone on to win the title.

Could Rosberg join Juan Manuel Fangio, Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher in achieving the feat?

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Boyd Payne: Obviously Kvyat. "If you no longer go for a gap which exists you are no longer a racing driver" & a BIG gap opened up!  

Iain Danson: Kvyat's side, Vettel left room Kvyat used his initiative and took the place...  

Arzka: Vettel was right, there were nowhere to go. Unfortunately Kimi was there and collision was inevitable.

Who was right - Kvyat or Vettel?

Watching the Vettel Kvyat spat. The best thing I've seen this year. Vettel whinging like a baby. He got it wrong. Man up #f1

'Not a disaster'

Kimi Raikkonen did well to recover from that early collision with Sebastian Vettel that sent him tumbling to the back of the field. He went on to finish fifth

"Obviously we had some situation at the start and I ended up more or less last," he said. "I kept trying and managed to pick a few places. It was not a disaster but not what we were looking for."

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Darren Sheppard: Kyvat had every right to go for the gap, a little aggressive but fair racing. Racing incidents do still happen!

'Important for both cars to finish'

Getty Images

Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button missed out on a top 10 finish, but managed to get both cars to the finish for the first time this season. 

A  big step forward for McLaren? It was also good to see Alonso come through the race without any issues as he made his return after breaking a rib in a crash at the Australian Grand Prix.

"Happy to come back racing, still a lot to improve for us but it was important to finish with both cars finally," said Alonso. "Two weeks now to Russia to train full-time and hopefully get closer to the top positions."

How many more?

MOST CONSECUTIVE #F1 WINS: 9: Vettel (2013) 7: Ascari (1952/53) 7: M Schumacher (2004) 6: M Schumacher (2000/01) 6: Rosberg (2015-present)

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Best English: Excellent race by Nico even though he made mistakes with no one around him ! Hamilton is still the hero. From the back to 7th!  

Graeme Hunt: Rosberg will soon develop 'car problems' for a few races because his lead getting too big over Hamilton. Like last season.

Nico Rosberg

If you've not heard it, have a listen to Sebastian Vettel and Daniil Kvyat's argue in pre-podium room.

Whose side are you on?

Advantage building

Here's how it looks at the top of the drivers' championship. Lewis Hamilton is 36 points behind Nico Rosberg, but there's plenty of races left.

Nico Rosberg 75 points

Lewis Hamilton 39 points

Daniel Ricciardo 36 points

Sebastian Vettel 33 points.

Andrew Benson

Chief F1 writer

"Vettel-Kvyat-Raikkonen just unfortunate. Kvyat aggressive but fair, runs a bit wide. Vettel takes avoiding action as Raikkonen comes back in."

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James Bamford: Finally a decent race, new tyre rules working well and a brilliant post-race driver's room as always!

Dan Jones: When Rosberg wins he is lucky, when Hamilton wins its skill? They are BOTH lucky to have the best car by a country mile.

David Nicholson Hirst: Name me one race Rosberg has won wheel to wheel against Lewis Hamilton taking street races out. Not one! 18 races left people!

CHR: Usual response from ham fans, if he had just won by such margins it would be amazing. But of course anyone else is lucky #blinkered

Start of Chinese grand prix

Rosberg's hope from history

Getty Images

If I've done my research right, Nico Rosberg is the 10th driver to win the first three races in Formula 1 history.

The previous nine all went on to win the world title.

I've asked it before and I'll ask it again. Rosberg's year?

Ricciardo off the canvas

RIC: "Puncture & safety car was like being punched in the stomach by a heavyweight. After that I drove one of the best races of my life"


Mercedes' Nico Rosberg dominates the Chinese Grand Prix.

If you want to listen to the moment Nico Rosberg won the race, you can do by clicking on the above.

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Chris Lord: Daniil driver of the day, Red Bull run skinny wings, best chassis? Expecting more gains as the season goes on. Kvyat let Vettel have his moan.

Tinotenda Chinamora: Mercedes compromised Hamilton's race......there was no need to switch him to supersofts and back again. It's all their fault.

Chris Harrison: Seasons see-saw, Rosberg may get the bad luck at the business end of he season...

Daniil Kvyat

Car like a four-poster bed - Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton seems pretty sanguine about his seventh-placed finish after a testing afternoon.

He tells Sky Sports: "A difficult one. I got a good start and I tried to avoid whatever was happening in front of me but I got tangled in it.

"Every time I did a stop I was having to come through again. At the end there was nothing left in the tyres but that's racing. Onwards and upwards.

"This track is quite good as you can overtake but the car was pretty damaged, I think the suspension was damaged and the car was flexing like crazy. It was like a four-poster bed today."

Lewis Hamilton
All Sport / Getty Images

Race result


Race result - top 10


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Dan Uori: "Hamilton fan boys are amusing, 7th isn't great with the advantage that car has, even starting last he should have finished 4th."

Babatunde Sakiru: "Well done Nico! You're a star. Lewis Hamilton should wake up." 

Party time for Nico

Nico Rosberg is asked if there will be a post-race party. Indeed there will be.

"We are going to have a party now in the garage - everyone deserves that - and then straight back home to my family. I can't wait to see them."

Nico Rosberg celebrates winning Chinese grand prix
AFP / Getty Images

Third-placed Daniil Kvyat in the podium interviews: "Vice-versa. I had a really good start, you see the gap and go for it. It's a risky move, I agree with Seb, but I am on the podium, he's on the podium."   

Daniil Kvyat
Getty Images

Sebastian Vettel, who finished second: "It is difficult to judge how it was from Daniil Kvyat's point of view. Kimi locked up and I went wide to overtake him, Daniil was trying to do the same thing. He was coming with a lot of speed into that gap. I was very surprised and Kimi was coming across. In the end I was lucky because I could continue and he could continue.

"It was a very entertaining race."

Sebastian Vettel
Getty Images

Race winner Nico Rosberg in the podium interviews: "The start was not quite good enough with Daniel but then I had a really quick car today, really great, attacked straight away and was able to pull a big gap after that."  

Nico Rosberg celebrates

German TV presenter Kai Ebel is tasked with doing the podium interviews today and he is doing them in the brightest pair of yellow trousers you will ever see. Amazing scenes.  

Mark Gallagher

BBC Radio 5 live Formula 1 analyst

"Nico Rosberg has done the perfect job today and he must be feeling on top of the world."

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Kate Lewers: Chat on #bbcf1 about the points difference between Rosberg and Hamilton...meh, Lewis Hamilton has done it once, he can do it again.

Giles Hindle: Come on, any of the top drivers would have won this race in Rosberg's position. His car is dominant.

Comptons Least Wanted: McLaren not in the points. 

'You were like a torpedo'



It's almost a world championship boxing fight in the pre-podium room.

Sebastian Vettel is clearly still massively miffed with Daniil Kvyat's move at the start of the race that led to Vettel colliding with Kimi Raikkonen.

"You came like a torpedo," he fumes.

"I was racing," responds Kvyat with a smile.

"You need to expect if you attack like that, you damage the car," Vettel responds."you were lucky that time."

Start of Chinese grand prix

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Phil Slocombe: Brilliant that Ham is is in top 7, having lost so much time, started last and driving a damaged car. Lucky Ros.

Liar Politicians: The 2016 Chinese Grand Prix WAS worth getting up early to watch, very good racing through the entire grid.

Rachel T: From P22 to P7 with a damaged car. Keep going Lewis Hamilton.

Steve Howes: Can't celebrate with Rosberg, all his complaining and tantrums last year made him a pathetic man in my eyes. Go Lewis, long way to go.

Team radio

Race winner Nico Rosberg: "That was the most incredible balance I have ever had in that car. Really spectacular."

It's becoming an all too familiar feeling for Nico Rosberg, who has now won six races in a row, so much so that his celebrations over the radio were hardly exuberant. 

Sebastian Vettel takes second, before apologising for the early tangle with Kimi Raikkonen. He's still laying the blame firmly at the feet of Daniil Kvyat, who finishes third.

Lewis Hamilton managed to hold off Max Verstappen's late charge to take seventh. A great recovery drive after starting dead last and taking a few knocks early on.

Sebastian Vettel

Three wins from three for Nico Rosberg. What a start to the year he is having!

🏁 CHEQUERED FLAG 🏁 1 ROS 2 VET 3 KVY 4 RIC 5 RAI 6 MAS 7 HAM 8 VES 9 SAI 10 BOT #ChineseGP 🇨🇳

🏁 CHEQUERED FLAG 🏁 1 ROS 2 VET 3 KVY 4 RIC 5 RAI 6 MAS 7 HAM 8 VES 9 SAI 10 BOT #ChineseGP 🇨🇳

Chequered flag


Nico Rosberg
AFP/Getty Images


Into the final lap and this is Nico Rosberg's race. 

His team-mate Lweis Hamilton still has a bit of work to do to hold off a closing Max Verstappen and hold on to seventh.

Carlos Sainz might just have time to nip into ninth. He is two tenths of a second down the road from Valtteri Bottas.

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Alexandra Hallam: These Red Bulls are doing amazing!

Quixotic Geek: I love how even though it's been rebranded as a Tag Heuer engine, everyone refers to the Renault engine in the Red Bull.

Grant Kennett: Very telling that the Red Bull and Ferrari got straight past Massa after Lewis struggled. That Merc just cannot follow.

Regular Jon: Has Rosberg ever had to overtake a few cars to win a race? Mercedes always seem to get Hamilton's strategies wrong as well.