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  1. Hamilton wins, Rosberg 2nd, Verstappen 3rd
  2. Rosberg under investigation for receiving advice over team radio
  3. Hamilton wins for fourth time - equalling record of Nigel Mansell
  4. Wehrlein, Ericsson, Grosjean, Haryanto, Palmer out

Live Reporting

By Chris Osborne

All times stated are UK

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Groundhog Day?

Rex Features

Have you ever felt that you get up in the morning and just relive the same day of waiting for stewards to make a decision on Nico Rosberg?

Bill Murray feels my pain.

Anyway. We've waited as long as we can. We're going wrap it up now.

Stay tuned to the BBC Sport website for more reaction to the British GP and be across the BBC F1 Twitter account for up-to-the-minute news.

I hear there's another Briton in London looking to win something big.

But it's been Lewis Hamilton's day at Silverstone.

Thanks for your company - we'll see you for the Hungarian GP in two weeks.

More history made by Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton graphic
BBC Sport

Jim Clark won four on the bounce, but they were across Aintree, Brands Hatch and Silverstone.  

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Dafydd Eveleigh: The cardinals deciding the next Pope are usually quicker, maybe the stewards should use smoke when decided.

Karin: Are stewards' decisions unanimous or democratic? This is taking forever.

Still no word from the Stewards about Rosberg and possible penalty...#F1

Still no word from the Stewards about Rosberg and possible penalty...#F1

If you're at Silverstone and want a glimpse of the handsome Button, now's your chance.

Heading out to the front of our garage if you guys wanna say hi!!

'Verstappen! Verstappen! Verstappen!'

Gary Rose

BBC Sport at Silverstone

Khera family
BBC Sport

Meet the Khera family from Walsall. I caught them just as they were packing up having waited for Lewis Hamilton to appear. 

"That was great," says dad. "I got a shot of him crowdsurfing. Brilliant."The kids, meanwhile, have another hero.

"Verstappen! Verstappen! Verstappen," they chant while jumping around after I take this photo. 

It is easy to see why he is an inspiration, with the eldest two into karting and aspiring racers themselves. In fact, they are probably not much younger than Verstappen himself!

Imagine if this was the last race of the season and we were waiting for the stewards' decision before crowning a world champion.

What drama. What tension. What farce.

Anyway, Nico Rosberg has departed the stewards room... news soon?

'Hamilton knows how to work a crowd'

Gary Rose

BBC Sport at Silverstone

Lewis Hamilton
BBC Sport

A great moment just now as Lewis Hamilton finally appears from the Mercedes garage and bounds across the pit lane. He climbs up on to the fence and sprays champagne to huge cheers. 

He disappears back down and the crowd starts to turn to leave but up Hamilton pops further down the fence and again there's massive cheers. He then drops down into the crowd and proceeds to crowd surf the fans. For a moment it looks like the souvenier hunters have struck again until handing Hamilton back to his Mercedes colleagues.

"That was worth the wait," says one fan. "The best bit of the day," a young lad tells his dad. Great scenes.

Hamilton really knows how to work a crowd.

Button - head-to-head

Jenson Button head-to-head

Speaking of Jenson Button. Have you ever wondered what his favourite biscuit is?

Watch as he goes head-to-head with BBC Radio 5 live's Tom Clarkson.

'It's all guess work on my future'

Jenson Button

McLaren's Jenson Button, who finished 12th, tells Sky Sports: "In our position you need to qualify in the top 10 and try to hold on. We don't have the pace to make up places. The fans had a British victory and I'm sure they're very happy.

And on rumours regarding his future at McLaren: "It's all guess work because no-one has a clue what's going on. The team have already said we're not talking until September."

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Colin Whitehead: Fantastic Brit double on the cards today with Murray too good for Raonic and Hamilton too good for everyone.

Philip Stothers: Milk churned check. Paint dried check. Stewards' decision... nope

Got the feeling

Getty Images

If you thought today had been good, just wait until later.

If you're at Silverstone, you will have a once n a lifetime opportunity to watch the Feeling perform.

Is there a better purveyour of repetitive, get-stuck-in-your-head pop rock out there?

If there is, I've yet to hear them.

They'll fill your little world right up.

Listen as Verstappan is told Rosberg is under investigation

Red Bull's Max Verstappen told about Mercedes' radio communication.

A reminder that we're still awaiting the stewards' decision on whether Nico Rosberg should be penalised for receiving instructions from Mercedes on the radio.

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New Dad Problems: The team should be docked constructors' championship points. It's not Rosberg's fault he received the message.

AJ Twinam: Can't understand why the stewards can't make a decision about Rosburg? Not like they are in 1976 and waiting for the tape to arrive.

Mickey Wallis: Let's face it, football's probably never coming "home". Formula 1 and tennis however...

I'm with stewards every day - Rosberg


After receiving advice about his gearbox problem over team radio, Nico Rosberg was not happy to be summoned to the stewards again, as he told Channel 4:

"It was a critical problem and that allows you to give some advice.

"I've been up there now - I'm there every single day. No, I don't like going up there."

You vote Hamilton the greatest British driver


Our vote is closed and it's a landslide victory for Lewis Hamilton.

You have voted today's winner as the greatest British F1 driver of all time, with a whopping 53%.

Jim Clark was second with 19%, Nigel Mansell third with 10% and Jackie Stewart and Stirling Moss both collected 9%.

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Pio Jesudoss: Great race champ. Well done Hamilton.

And now he's over the fence and crowd surfing across a sea of fans.

Mercedes bosses will be watching through their fingers, hoping their man doesn't get dropped on his backside.

You can't drive with a broken coccyx.

Lewis Hamilton has emerged from the bowels of Silverstone and is up against the fence, celebrating with fans.

He's climbing the metal wiring, like a wrestler at the top during a steel cage match, swinging a British flag above his head.

There are still hundreds of fans around and the world champion is lapping it up.

He's a popular boy.

Cone you believe it?!

Gary Rose

BBC Sport at Silverstone

BBC Sport

Bad pun aside, these colourful characters stood out on the grid. 

"We are on a Stig do," says Allan, the chap aptly dressed as The Stig.

"There's 15 of us and it's been a great day. I wanted a Jenson Button win but you can't have it all."

The sun has well and truly come out to play and it is roasting now at Silverstone.

"I am actually melting," adds Allan. "I've got a flap open so some air gets in."

I asked where the flap was but immediately wished I hadn't. Needless to say, no photo necessary.

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Rob Wainfur: Wish the stewards would hurry up and make a decision. I want to concentrate on the tennis

You and us both, Rob. Except here at #bbcf1, we're desperate to get off and watch re-runs of the 1967 Canadian GP - because we're super cool.

'Glass half full'

Nico Rosberg on Sky Sports: "I've scored four points more than Lewis. That's a glass half full perspective - today I'm dissappointed because I wanted to win the GP. Lewis did a better job but I'm over it already now. It's a great time because we're fighting out there for race wins every time."

After the interview, Rosberg looks directly down the camera and tells the British public they are the "best fans in the world".

Charm offensive from the German, there.

I need to change my passport - Verstappen

Max Verstappen

Red Bull's Max Verstappen, who finished third, felt the love from the British fans today.

"I think I need to change my passport," he tells Channel 4.

"It's amazing, they are even cheering on for a non-British driver.

"In the beginning it was very difficult to see where I was going. But even on the slick tyres, the car was doing what it should do and we were close to the Mercedes."

He is asked about his stunning pass on Nico Rosberg on the outside of Becketts:

"I do what I think I should do. The car had the grip and it worked well. I think," he says, modestly. 

Get Involved - #bbcf1

Rob Wainfur: As I said last week the stewards are definitely paid by the hour. #Overtime

Fissuh Hailu: Well done Hamilton. What about that problematic Rosberg? Any chance he get punished?

Uncensored Mind: I think Nico Rosberg should be DQ'ed. Without his team he would have had to park his car. Cause of team instructions he finished the race. If you want to ban messages on radio, then this is one in my opinion definitely shouldn't have happened.

Vote - Greatest British F1 driver

Right. Lewis Hamilton has four British GP victories - level with Nigel Mansell, but one behind Jim Clark.

But who is the British GOAT (greatest of all time)?

Lewis Hamilton?

Jim Clark?

Nigel Mansell?

Jackie Stewart?

Stirling Moss?

You can vote for the greatest British F1 driver of all time - on the right if you're on desktop, or using the Vote tab if you're on mobile.

'Electrifying weekend'

Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton speaking to Sky Sports: "Incredible day. It never gets old. It always feels like the first time. It felt like 2008 when I won here. The energy is so much more electrifying this weekend.

"Every time I come back here it's growing. They say F1 is struggling but you see the core of the sport here.

"I'm growing with the car and I'm super happy. I don't mind who I have to go up against. I'm ready."

'The best weekend so far for me in this project'

Perhaps surprisingly, some very positive words from McLaren's Fernando Alonso (finished 13th) who says it was his best race since rejoining the team last season.

He wrote: "First race that we felt competitive, specially in mix conditions! Despite the result the best weekend for me so far in this project!"

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Gary Rose

BBC Sport at Silverstone

Fans at Silverstone
BBC Sport

Here's a couple of fans who have had a successful post-race session of foraging.

They are Darren Anderson and Chris Soulsby.

"I came in 2014 and did the pit walk and got some rubber from the support races but I wanted something after the grand prix this time," says Darren. "That was a great race and a great result. Love Hamilton."

Chris disagrees. "I'm a massive Nico Rosberg fan. Not a good day. I want him to win the title this year."

Get Involved - #bbcf1

Alexandre Tynemouth: Strange Mercedes help Nico but not Lewis in Baku?

Sean Constable: How come Hamilton could not discuss his gearbox issue earlier this season? Maybe a German thing?

Chris Harvey: Thus far every time @LewisHamilton has won the British GP he has gone on to become World Drivers' Championship. Omen?

Should Rosberg be punished?

Listen to Nico Rosberg's communication with his Mercedes team and decide for yourself whether he deserves a penalty.

Mercedes' Nico Rosberg told how to correct a gear box problem

Gary Rose

BBC Sport at Silverstone

BBC Sport

It is absolutely heaving on the track directly opposite Lewis Hamilton's garage as fans wait for the man himself to appear. There was some excitement as someone emerged from Hamilton's garage but that turned to groans when it ended up being an engineer. Excitement swiftly returned when he lobbed a few gloves over, though.

Who was with me last week after the Austrian GP.

Some of you stuck with me as we waited for what seemed like years while the stewards decided whether to punish Rosberg for colliding with Hamilton.

Boy, that was a long slog.

I'm getting deja vu.

Rosberg reprimand?

A reminder that Nico Rosberg is under investigation by the Silverstone stewards for receiving communication on how to solve a problem with his car.

The rules say you are allowed to receive advice on the radio if the car is about to fail.

Rosberg was stuck in seventh gear when he was given a code to put into his panel and was then told to avoid seventh gear.

Apparently, it is the latter of the two communications that is the one he is being investigated for.

'I think it was fine'

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff speaks on Sky Sports about the radio communication with Nico Rosberg.

"If you have a terminal failure you connect. I wouldn't pre-empt what the stewards say, but i think it was fine.

"I would want a tiny bit back on the rules - like if there's a technical problem. But I don't want to coach the drivers."

'A perfect day'

Gary Rose

BBC Sport at Silverstone

BBC Sport

Down on the grid are thousands of fans, plenty wearing beaming smiles after that Lewis Hamilton win.

It is now a chance for people to claim souvenirs. Some are scouring the surface for discarded rubber, others are claiming bigger prizes. This is Sam, Jack and Matty from Kingsley, delighted after seeing a Hamilton win at their first British GP.

"He was brilliant," says Jack. "It is his title to win now. Brilliant weather and a Hamilton win. Perfect day."

Triple joy





Lewis Hamilton is the first man to win three successive GPs at Silverstone and has matched Jim Clark's record of winning three consecutive British GPs.

Get Involved - #bbcf1

Henry Ice: If Nico is likely to get penalised, should that not be investigated during the race so someone else gets and enjoys the podium?

Edward Williamson: Rosberg being punished isn't really what I'm concerned over. It's clarity of the rules that I would like.