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  1. Hamilton wins, Vettel 2nd, Bottas 3rd
  2. Vettel overtakes both Mercedes with sensational start
  3. Rosberg recovers to fifth after puncture and spin
  4. Rosberg bangs wheels at start after Hamilton move
  5. Button, Palmer & Massa out

Live Reporting

By Gary Rose

All times stated are UK

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A step into the unkown

Getty Images

It's getting tense in the title battle as Nico Rosberg heads into the next race with just a nine point lead over Lewis Hamilton.

Perhaps then, it is a good thing for the championship leader that Formula 1 heads into the unknown next as Azerbaijan plays host to the European Grand Prix.

Baku, Formula 1 is coming...

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Chika Charles: This year is Rosberg's best and last year for the title ... If Lewis takes it again, that is game over for him   

'Can I stop now?'

Did Fernando Alonso want to call it a day towards the end of the race?

Judge for yourself by listening to his radio here.

Close call between Carlos Sainz and Valtteri Bottas for my driver of the day, but Sainz shades it. Great drive from 20th to finish ninth.

Started P20 Finished P9 👏👏👏 @carlosainz #CanadianGP

Started P20 Finished P9 👏👏👏 @carlosainz #CanadianGP

Five wins from 10 starts in Montreal for Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton graphic
BBC Sport

Two away from Michael Schumacher's record. Will he beat it?

The pack up is in full swing in Canada, where's Lewis Hamilton? Off celebrating a second successive win? Nope, still doing interviews. Good effort.

Over an hour after race finish and @LewisHamilton is still answering questions to TV. He's pretty happy! #F1

Over an hour after race finish and @LewisHamilton is still answering questions to TV. He's pretty happy! #F1

So little to separate them

CAREER #F1 POINTS 1,974 - Sebastian Vettel 1,974 - @LewisHamilton 😮😮😮 #CanadianGP #F1FastFact

CAREER #F1 POINTS 1,974 - Sebastian Vettel 1,974 - @LewisHamilton 😮😮😮 #CanadianGP #F1FastFact

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Chika Charles: Lewis will always come on top against Nico. He should stop swearing.

Nico Rosberg now leads the world championship by only nine points

Not to take anything away from Lewis Hamilton's win (well, maybe a little bit) but he owes a fair bit to costly team errors in the last two races. He benefited from Daniel Ricciardo's botched pit stop in Monaco, and from Ferrari's strategy call today.

Fernando Alonso provided a dash of humour towards the end of the race as he asked his team if he should stop after Daniil Kvyat passed him to take 11th.

He explained to Sky Sports why he said what he did over the radio: "We didn't have the pace today. We were out of the points and I had to do 50 laps on the same set of tyres, people around me were faster so it was not fun to be out there."

He suggests in his interview afterwards he meant he wanted fresh tyres. I'm not so sure. He didn't sound at the time like a man who wanted to continue.

For the third time this season, @nico_rosberg collects the DHL Fastest Lap Award #CanadianGP

For the third time this season, @nico_rosberg collects the DHL Fastest Lap Award #CanadianGP


@LewisHamilton just so mega around this place - it really defies description....five wins in a decade I think #f1

Let's go, Timo, let's go

If, like Timo here, you want to follow Germany's Euro 2016 match with Ukraine, then head over here.

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David Nicholson Hirst: Where are all the Rosberg lovers now? Long season, luck doesn't come into play, consistency and speed is what Hamilton over Nico.

Bernie Austin: 'Son of Spartacus' on the podium. Good questions good answers.

Lewis Hamilton with his winners trophy and champagne

Verstappen - next Netherlands manager?

If the Dutch national team would've defended like Max did the last laps, we probably were in #EURO2016 right now...

'It went completely pear-shaped'

More from Nico Rosberg on an eventful and at times messy afternoon which ultimately brought a fifth-placed finish

He told Sky Sports: "I nearly ran out of fuel and that's why I couldn't attack Max at the end. When I did, he defended really well.

"At the end it went completely pear-shaped but I managed to get it back. Frustrating race."

Nico Rosberg
Getty Images

Rosberg not happy. At all

Nico Rosberg is not happy, telling Sky Sports he was "peed off" (he used a slightly stronger word) at how he was forced off the track by Lewis Hamilton when the two Mercedes went wheel to wheel at the start.

He adds: "But that's racing - it's my job to make sure I come out in front next time."

When Sky's Rachel Brookes apologises for his language, Rosberg looks slightly baffled but then makes his own apology direct to camera.

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Jack of all trades: To the vettel & Ferrari fans, Seb did crack under pressure and made two crucial mistakes with fresher tyres, otherwise would be close.

Fissuh Hailu: Avoid any mistake and surely Hamilton to win this. Great race again.

Andrew Benson

Chief F1 writer

Got to say Ferrari made a bit of a mess of that one. Just like in Australia. That's two potential wins gone begging from strategy errors.

Arrivabene admits Vettel strategy error

Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene has told Sky Sports that it was the wrong decision to switch Sebastian Vettel to a two-stop strategy. 

"We overestimated the degradation of the tyres," he admits.

"That's the reason we brought him in and it's the wrong decision."

Nine years apart - same result

Lewis Hamilton wins again in Montreal - the scene of his first Grand Prix victory in 2007. 

Lewis Hamilton crosses the finish line in 2007 and 2016

Here's a bit more from Lewis Hamilton, and whether the title battle has shifted in his favour:  "We are just going to take things once race at a time. There's still work to do. 

"There's a long, long way to go and the other guys are getting faster and faster. I am overwhelmed. It feels just as great as my first win back in 2007."

Lewis Hamilton wins in Canada

Bottas delighted with podium

Third-placed Valtteri Bottas: "I'm really pleased with today. As a team it was a really strong one from us, a really good strategy and pit stop and I felt on it today. I want to thank Williams - thank you guys, everyone did a really great job."

Valtteri Bottas with Michael Douglas on the podium

'A fun race'

Sebastian Vettel, who finished second: "Lewis was a bit too quick, that was the issue. We had a great weekend, a fantastic start. It was very windy today, I maybe struggled with the wind behind. We committed fairly early to a different strategy and probably Lewis' tyres lasted better than we expected. 

"It was a really fun race."

Sebastian Vettel shakes the hand of Michael Douglas

Hamilton gets over another bad start


Race winner Lewis Hamilton in the podium interviews tells actor Michael Douglas: "Today I had another really bad start, not sure why - possibly overheated the clutch. Feel very grateful that Nico and I didn't damage our cars. Then I had fun chasing down this guy (Vettel).

"We got the set-up right. I won my first grand prix here in 2007 and it feels such a blessing."

Lewis Hamilton

The gap between championship leader Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton is now down to just nine points. A shift in momentum?

Anyway onto the podium interviews, and it is the silver haired Michael Douglas to conduct them.

Lewis Hamilton celebrates
Rex Features

It's national anthem time, before the obligatory spraying of the champagne. 

Tom Clarkson

BBC Radio 5 live commentator

If I was at Ferrari, I'd be very frustrated. They threw that one away, I feel.

Lewis Hamilton is bouncing all over the place as he heads on up to the podium. A fifth Canadian Grand Prix win for the Briton, the first time he has won that many races at a single track.

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Aidan Millward: Rosberg bottles it again!


Warind: Beautifully done Lewis. Well done. Seems like he enjoys the pressure. Told you, he got his mojo back. What a win!

Patrick Brookings: Disappointing to hear Alonso wanting to quit the race. A true racer will fight until the end!

Lewis Hamilton

"I enjoyed chasing you down," says Sebastian Vettel to Lewis Hamilton. "I enjoyed chasing you down at the beginning!" Hamilton responds. 

Then some slightly awkward seagull chat follows.

"I was watching out for seagulls," says Vettel.

Lewis Hamilton leaps out of his Mercedes and does the 'Muhammad Ali' shuffle before hugging his engineers.

No Justin Bieber waiting this time. 

Podium interviews?

Lewis Hamilton jumps out of his car

Tom Clarkson

BBC Radio 5 live commentator

I don't think Rosberg is cracking but it's another messy grand prix.

Top 10

Getty Images

1) Hamilton 2) Vettel 3) Bottas 4) Verstappen 5) Rosberg 6) Raikkonen 7) Ricciardo 8) Hulkenberg 9) Sainz 10) Perez

11) Alonso 12) Kvyat 13) Gutierrez 14) Grosjean 15) Ericsson 16) Magnussen 17) Wehrlein 18) Nasr 19) Haryanto

Retired: Massa, Palmer, Button

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English Atheist: Thoroughly outstanding performance from Bottas.

Emma Louise Tennant: Gotta love Kimi's radio.

Josh Land: Lewis' class is permanent, Rosberg's form is temporary

Imade: Ferrari beginning to look like a joke with these wrong calls. Can't your strategist just get it right for once in 2016?

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. That's for Muhammad Ali," says Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton wins

Back-to-back victories for Lewis Hamilton as he closes the gap on Nico Rosberg at the top of the drivers championship. Game on!

Sebastian Vettel takes second with Valtteri Bottas third for Williams' first podium this year.

Chequered flag


Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton is coming round the final corner now...