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  1. Rosberg handed 10-second penalty and two penalty points
  2. Hamilton wins after colliding with Rosberg on last lap
  3. Pair were racing closely in final laps
  4. Vettel crashes after tyre failure
  5. Kvyat, Vettel, Alonso, Hulkenberg & Perez out

Live Reporting

By Chris Osborne

All times stated are UK

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That is why we love F1

Can you believe we started our foray into the Austrian GP SEVEN HOURS AGO?

If you were with me back then, you will remember that I promised, nay, guaranteed you a spectacular race.

Have I ever let you down before?

Regardless of your opinion on what happened in Austria, today has reminded us of one thing - when F1 is good, it's really blooming good.

And to remind you of that fact, here's the commentary of our own Tom Clarkson turning into a 14-year-old boy when Hamilton and Rosberg collide.

Join us on Friday, when it's the daddy of them all - Silverstone.

Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton wins after last lap contact with team mate Nico Rosberg

Can Hamilton make it four Silverstone wins?

British Grand Prix

British British Grand Prix winners
BBC Sport

Can Lewis Hamilton equal Jim Clark and Nigel Mansell's total of four wins at the British Grand Prix by British drivers?

In just seven day's time, we'll find out.

It's Silverstone next

British Grand Prix

Silverstone graphic

Well, now all the excitement of Austria is behind us, we'll be straight into the build-up to next weekend's British Grand Prix.

It's one of the great occasions of the sporting summer as British motorsport fans descend on Silverstone.

And with the way the weather's been lately, there's got to be a high chance of rain to make it even spicier. 

Can't wait.


The Mirror's Grand Prix correspondent reacts...

Which appears to mean it makes NO difference to #Rosberg's finishing position, fourth, because he was 14s ahead of Ricciardo #f1 #huh?

With 10s penalty stewards rule @nico_Rosberg "did not allow @LewisHamilton 'racing room' and was responsible for the collision" #AustrianGP

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Edward Williamson: If you're going to add time, at least add enough to drop 1 position. A 10 second penalty is pointless in this scenario.

JavelBleach: Stewards earnestly writing a quick 20-page manifesto to waffle through why #Rosberg gets off scott free.

CARTOONHEAD_SHANE: What a load of rubbish, if it was Hamilton they would have thrown the book at him, shame on you stewards shame on you f1 and nico

On top of the 10-second time penalty, Nico Rosberg has been given two penalty points - these sit on his licence for 12 months. If you tot up 12, you get a one-race ban.

I doubt Nico will be too concerned.

Our chief F1 writer Andrew Benson has more on the FIA's working out...

HAM "was in front... and could have clearly made the turn if not for the resultant collision. ROS "did not allow Car 44 'racing room'"

If Rosberg had received a 20-second penalty, he would have dropped one place to fifth and the gap over Lewis Hamilton would have decreased to nine points, rather than 11.

Rosberg finished 14 seconds ahead of Daniel Ricciardo, so with his 10-second penalty, he still retains a four-second gap over the Australian and keeps hold of fourth place.

He remains 11 points ahead of Lewis Hamilton in the title race.

Soooooo, after all that, Rosberg's penalty changes absolutely nothing...

BreakingRosberg given penalty

Rosberg given a 10s penalty & 2 penalty points for last-lap incident. #AustrianGP result does not change. More soon

Rosberg given a 10s penalty & 2 penalty points for last-lap incident. #AustrianGP result does not change. More soon

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A reader asked why Lewis Hamilton has not been called in front of the stewards for overtaking during a yellow flag.

I think we can consider the question answered...

Ben Williams: What were the yellow flags for? Rosberg's car dropping parts all over the track? Slowing car is legal to overtake under yellows 

Matt Fallon: No issues - if Rosberg can't keep up to speed then Hamilton can overtake under a yellow- nothing to answer there. Next...

Scott Burton: You cant penalise Lewis for overtaking under yellow flags!! Whats he supposed to do drive round at a stupid pace till the flags end!!

'Nico blocked the inside'

Getty Images

Here's some more reaction from Lewis Hamilton, this time from the media conference.

"I don’t feel any particular way about it. I don’t feel it was controversial really. Nico made a mistake into Turn One. You know, we were racing right until the last lap. He made a mistake, clipped the inside kerb and went wide and I got a good run on him up to Turn Two. He blocked the inside, so the only place I could go was down the outside. So I was on the racing line."

Lewis Hamilton has been in to see the stewards.

You would think that was purely to give his side of events. Does that mean news is imminent?

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Jeremy Garrett: This stewards verdict is lasting longer than England did in Euro2016

Rob Wainfur: Are the stewards being paid by the hour?

Romain empire

Yesss ! P7 today, car felt good and team did an awesome job. Feels really good to be back in the points ! @HaasF1Team #austriangp #r8g

A great job by Romain Grosjean today, as he went from 13th on the grid to finish seventh.

He's taken all 28 of Haas's points this season - no wonder there are rumblings he could be the man to replace Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari, who could leave the Italian team.

What about Lewis and the yellow flag?


Mr D: Are people unaware cheating Hamilton overtook Rosberg under a yellow flag???? It's quite clear on replays!! Will he get penalised??

A point worth making Mr D. As we understand it, Hamilton is not at risk of being penalised. The consensus seems to be that the world champion could not have been expected to clock the flags, amid the aftermath of crashing into his team-mate twice and then seeing his opponent's front wing flapping around.

Happy to open it up to debate, though. What do the rest of you think?

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PeterM: Would be nice, just for once, for NR to actually acknowledge that he caused the crash instead of constantly blaming someone else...

Mark S G John: Rosberg deserves a 30 secs penalty or 10 place grid penalty. Mercedes need to explain why different tyres too....

Bensky: Dear Nico you are the slower of the 2. The force is not with you therefore a Jedi of F1 you'll never become

Even written in Yoda syntax that one. Impressive it is.

Flag fan

Big it up for this fella, who won the chance to wave the chequered flag at the Red Bull Ring today.

Look at that technique. Textbook.

Do you reckon he practiced at home in the mirror?

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Team war!

An understated headline here from German red-top Bild.

"Team War!" it shrieks.

"Hamilton wins after crash with Rosberg."

If your German is up to scratch, feel free to read the full report here.

If you do, let me know what it says, ja?


Get Involved - #bbcf1

Dafydd Eveleigh: The year February 2020, on 3rd July 2016, NR collided with LH on the final lap, we may soon, finally have the stewards' verdict.

Edward Williamson: Normally when we wait this long for a result, nothing comes from it.


Nico Rosberg's PR people are very much capturing the drama of the situation (sarcasm firmly intended).

#RACE #AustrianGP #F1 #TeamNR6 @MercedesAMGF1

#RACE #AustrianGP #F1 #TeamNR6 @MercedesAMGF1

'There will be controversy at Mercedes'

Andrew Benson

Chief F1 writer

There will be controversy at Mercedes about the move that decided the race. World champion Hamilton was on the outside and alongside heading into Turn Two but his German team-mate held him out wide, delaying his turn-in, and they collided as Hamilton tried to turn in.

He was pushed off the track but the collision had damaged Rosberg's front wing, which sparked along the track as Hamilton passed the German, who then lost further places to Red Bull's Max Verstappen and Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen.

Read Andrew Benson's full report here


If you missed it, here is the sound of Lewis Hamilton being booed on the Austrian podium.

The British GP is up next - wonder how Nico Rosberg will be received...

Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton booed by the fans during his podium interview.

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Karl: Must be tough for Nico knowing he can't beat LH in a straight race.

Mark Cubitt: Mercedes brought this on themselves by waiting two laps too late to bring Hamilton in for his first pit stop when Nico was closing.

Gregory Rose: Lewis has never done this to Nico. He may squeeze him leaving the corner but he turns into the apex. Nico is unacceptable

Happy with P12 today, best result since Melbourne. Feeling better in the car all the time. Points aren't far away! #JP30 #AustrianGP

Progress of sorts for Jolyon Palmer. His P12 today just a place off his best finish - a P11 in Australia, his first ever F1 race.

The wait for the verdict goes on

ROS: "...surprised Lewis turned in" HAM: "He collided with me" The #AustrianGP fall-out:…
ROS: "...surprised Lewis turned in" HAM: "He collided with me" The #AustrianGP fall-out:…

ROS: "...surprised Lewis turned in" HAM: "He collided with me" The #AustrianGP fall-out:…

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Markiemark04: Real shame for Mercedes and all the work the team did to get both cars ready for the race, but that was unreal from Nico!!! 

Garry Baldy: Was up to Hamilton to avoid Rosberg.This time it paid off for him. Ricciardo: yet again shows he is an average driver in a decent car

Kieran Finn: Everyone understands that Lewis Hamilton has done exactly the same thing to Nico Rosberg. British Blinkers off guys

Rosberg's ropey wing

Rosberg front wing

One of the two things Rosberg is being investigated for is trundling to the finish line with his front wing sprayed across the front of his car like a nose on the face of a washed up boxer.

If the FIA deem that to be dangerous, he will be in a spot of bother.

Hamilton called to stewards

In case you missed it, Mercedes tweeted this a bit ago.

Unclear whether Lewis Hamilton is under investigation, or has been called to the stewards for his take on what Nico Rosberg got up to.

Either way, might be a bit awkward if they pass each other in the corridor.

.@LewisHamilton also called to the stewards.#F1 #AustrianGP

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Dafydd Eveleigh: Come on everybody let's give the stewards a sing'a'long "Why are we waiting, why are we waiting oh why are we waiting...."

What could happen to Rosberg?

If, and of course it's a big if, the stewards decide Rosberg's actions are worthy of a punishment, what are the scenarios?

A five-second penalty would probably be a light punishment - that would drop him from fourth to fifth.

A meatier 20-second penalty would drop him down to sixth, where Button finished.

I mean, I'm speculating wildly of course, but wild speculation is my middle name.

I have very weird parents.

We're still awaiting any form of result from the stewards investigation into Nico Rosberg's move alongside Hamilton.

The German is also being looked at for continuing the race with a broken front wing.

'The booing was surprising'

Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton, talking to Sky Sports, about the boos he received on the podium.

"Yeah it was surprising. I have a few Team LH fans here who were wearing my caps - I can spot them because they were wearing my favourite cap. And in all honesty I only heard them.

"I have no clue what it was about.

"I've been there when other people have been booed for a real reason. I don't see how they got that opinion."

In case you were wondering - and I'm sure you were - that P10 puts Pascal Wehrlein 20th on the list of youngest drivers to collect their first points.

There are 12 current drivers in that top 20. See if you can name them all...

Wehrlein wants more points for Manor

Getty Images

Manor's Pascal Wehrlein is understandably a very happy bunny after bringing his Manor home in 10th place, earning the team their first Formula 1 points.

The German nearly ruined his race before the start when he lined up in the wrong grid position, but realised just in time and reversed back into the correct slot.

"The first few laps were great, but we were struggling a bit with tyre degregation," he tells Sky Sports.

"We were much more competitive and it's a lot to do with tyre temperature and this asphalt. 

"We need to make sure it happens many times again this season."

Get involved - #bbcf1

Steve Lugsden: This is why Rosberg is such an undeserving champion, lacks race craft. Knew exactly what he was doing & tried to end Ham's race.

James: Toto needs to realise that these incidents are good for the sport. If team orders are imposed, F1 dies.

Party time for Pascal

P10 and first ever points for Wehrlein

Celebrating with a D&T @DaffysGin ;-) P10 @PWehrlein #AustrianGP

Celebrating with a D&T @DaffysGin ;-) P10 @PWehrlein #AustrianGP

Best of the season for Button


Put your hands together for Jenson Button, who finished sixth today.

That's his best result since he came in the same place at the USA GP last year - and that was just a ridiculous race, for all the wrong reasons.

The Briton's best finish this years was ninth.

Get Involved - #bbcf1

Patrick Treanor: Interesting to see Nico refer to it as a corner considering he didn’t turn for most of it.