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  1. Hamilton wins, Ricciardo 2nd, Verstappen 3rd
  2. Rosberg has poor start but recovers to fourth
  3. Rosberg handed five-second penalty after aggressive Verstappen overtake
  4. Massa and Nasr out

Live Reporting

By Gary Rose

All times stated are UK

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton/Instagram

Job done for Lewis Hamilton. The Briton continues his stunning resurgence with a sixth win in his last seven races to increase his lead over Nico Rosberg.

He can now go off and enjoy to party with celebrities, or a bit of surfing with his dogs.

Rosberg, meanwhile, has plenty of thinking time to work out how he can fight back in the championship.

It's Olympics o'clock until the F1 circus meets up again for the Belgian Grand Prix at the end of August. See you on the other side!

If you haven't seen it already, here's Andrew Benson's account of the German Grand Prix.

A massive look of relief on Lewis Hamilton's face at the media pen as he is informed that he is 19 points ahead of Nico Rosberg, and he looks to genuinely not realise that's how much it is now.

We are not where we want to be - Vettel

Sebastian Vettel disagreed with his engineers at one point in the race and stayed out, instead of coming in when told to by his Ferrari team on his way to a fifth-placed finish.

"It is normal to be talking quite a lot during the race," Vettel tells Sky Sports. "It was a long discussion for many, many laps. We decided to stay out and it is my fault, I gave away the opportunity and I need to see if I can do better.

"We are not where we want to be and clearly there are a lot of things we need to do better. I'm trying to do what I can.

"The race pace was not bad, but not good enough. We struggled a bit with the balance, and I was sliding about a bit too much."

Listen again

Relive Lewis Hamilton crossing the line to win the German Grand Prix with the BBC Radio 5 live commentary.

Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton leads from start to finish at Hockenheim.

Some quotes from McLaren's Fernando Alonso. He finished 12th and missed out on any points

"Not an easy race today, not enough pace," he wrote on Instagram.

"Good feeling anyway of the first half of the season with good points and a lot of progress in the car! Now a few weeks off and we will be back in Belgium stronger!"

A list of legends

Ayrton Senna, Jackie Stewart, Juan Manuel Fangio and Fernando Alonso
Rex Features Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton joins some legends of the sport on three German Grand Prix wins. 

He moves alongside Ayrton Senna, Jackie Stewart, Juan Manuel Fangio and Fernando Alonso.

Michael Schumacher is out in front on four.

'I can sit on a beach and not feel guilty'

Special mention for McLaren's Jenson Button, who had a superb race to finish eighth.

"Eighth is good. It was about saving fuel at the end. A lot of work, but I was able to pick off the Williams who were struggling with the tyres. It is as good as we could have done, but we were 20 seconds behind the car in front.

"I'm looking forward to a holiday. I can sit on a beach lounger and drink a beer and not be feeling guilty.

"We are making progress, the team is doing a fantastic job, bringing something new each race and I'm sure there is not another team doing that."

Mmmm, shoe drink

Getty Images

What are you doing, Daniel?

Nothing much, just drinking out of the shoe I've just completed a 67-lap grand prix in.

Ok then...

'The start went completely wrong'

Nico Rosberg
Getty Images

Nico Rosberg has had much better days. Starting in pole position, he dropped to fourth, fought back to second, but then had a five-second penalty after it was judged that he drove Max Verstappen off the track.

Mercedes then held him for more than eight seconds, instead of the five extra during a pit stop.

"It is a tough one, really difficult," Rosberg tells Sky Sports. "The start went completely wrong, none of it was good. There was a lot of wheelspin, it caught me by surprise.

"I was very surprised to get the penalty. That cost me dearly. It (being held for longer than needed) didn't make a difference as I couldn't challenge the Red Bulls after the penalty. When a day goes completely wrong all those things come together.

"Being 19 points is not tough, tough is losing the race in the way I did and that will take some time to digest."

What went wrong for Nico Rosberg? Let's hear from the man himself...

Drivers' standings

F1 standings

Here's how it looks at the top of the drivers' championship. 

Having been 43 points behind Nico Rosberg after crashing in Barcelona, he's now 19 points ahead - an incredible 62 point swing. 

On fire.

'A break well earned'

A bit more from Lewis Hamilton, who says he plans to go and relax with his dogs during the summer break.

"The whole team has worked very hard for the first part of the season," he says. "We all need a break because it has been really well earned."

Lewis Hamilton

Get involved #bbcf1

Douglas Robertson: Unbelievable start from @LewisHamilton and great race from @MercedesAMGF1 keep it going.

Half century in sight for Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is one win away from a personal landmark. His next race victory will take him onto 50 career wins, one behind Alain Prost.

Still some way to go to catch Michael Schumacher's stunning record.

MOST #F1 WINS, ALL-TIME 🏁 🏆 💪 @LewisHamilton is now just two behind the great @Prost_official #GermanGP

MOST #F1 WINS, ALL-TIME 🏁 🏆 💪 @LewisHamilton is now just two behind the great @Prost_official #GermanGP

Nico Rosberg's stop for a five second penalty ended up being a bit closer to eight seconds, compounding his miserable day. The reason for taking so long? A dodgy stopwatch! 

Oh dear...

Max Verstappen, who finished third: "We had a good start, from there on the pace was pretty good. I was enjoying it. We chose to do two different strategies and double podium is great for the team."

That ladies and gentlemen is @LewisHamilton in his pomp. Not a rival in sight! #f1



Second-placed Daniel Ricciardo says: "That is two weeks in a row I've been on the podium and it is great to have the race back here in Germany.

"This is the first double podium for us in over a year and it is awesome to close out the first part of the season like this.

"My mum and dad are here and it is great to have their support. I see a few Australian flags, and I appreciate them and the support.

"It was a race of strategy first and on the super softs I was much more comfortable. We couldn't win but second and third is not too bad."

'Just about keeping it cool'


Race winner Lewis Hamilton:  A big thank you to everyone who has come out. To see so many people here is great. What a race, what a fantastic start. It was just about keeping it cool. This is a very proud position to be in and thank you to the team, who did a fantastic job.

"I didn't make any mistakes so in my heart I'm happy with what I did. Yesterday was not perfect but you learn from those things."

Niki Lauda has no issue with Nico Rosberg's penalty: "Honestly, I think it was OK. He went too wide."

Daniel Ricciardo is sitting down on the podium. What's he doing? Oh he's taking his shoes off. Oh, now he is pouring champagne into them. Oh, now he is drinking the champagne from his shoe! 

Come on Daniel, you are not a student!

Getty Images

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Dan Bell: Lewis Hamilton is the greatest ever British F1 driver yet so many British people hate him. I don't get why. #jealous

David NicholsonHirst: When Lewis wraps the Championship up then watch Rosberg up his game!

Robin Best: Well done Lewis Hamilton for the victory and also very well done Jenson Button 8th, two Brits in the points.....get in.

Lewis Hamilton
Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton is handed the first-place trophy. It's not small, must be half a metre tall and pretty heavy - but Hamilton lobs it in the air anyways. Fortunately, he catches it well.

Great team effort - Horner

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is a very happy man, with Daniel Ricciardo coming second and Max Verstappen third.

"It was a great team effort, they worked with each other to ensure they both cleared Rosberg with his five-second penalty," Horner tells BBC Radio 5 live.

"To have both drivers on the podium is great. To move ahead of Ferrari before the summer break was our target.

"It is a well earned break for the team now and it is great to go to the break 14 points up on Ferrari so it was a good team performance."

Daniel Ricciardo
Getty Images

Costly for Rosberg

Andrew Benson

Chief F1 writer at Hockenheim

Mercedes technical director Paddy Lowe admits there was "more of a safety margin than we would have liked" in the five-second penalty stop for Nico Rosberg.

There's no doubting it, Lewis Hamilton has got his mojo back. He heads into the second half of the year looking as strong as he ever did last year.

He leaps up onto the podium as the British national anthem is played.

"Get in there," comes the message over to Lewis Hamilton. "Great work mate, A beautiful start and well managed, an awesome race, well done."

Hamilton replies: "Fantastic job, awesome pit-stops. Summer break, I will really enjoy it.

Second-placed Daniel Ricciardo, on his team radio, says: "Cheers boys, good stuff. Super soft was pretty well balanced, cheers."

Victory for Lewis Hamilton - his sixth in his last seven races - moves him 19 points clear of Nico Rosberg.

Lewis Hamilton
Getty Images

Andrew Benson

Chief F1 writer at Hockenheim

Perfect way for Hamilton to go into summer break. Rosberg must wonder what has happened - 62-point swing since Spain.

German GP top 10

1) Hamilton 2) Ricciardo 3) Verstappen 4) Rosberg 5) Vettel 6) Raikkonen 7) Hulkenberg 8) Button 9) Bottas 10) Perez

Getty Images

Brilliant, controlled race by Lewis Hamilton as he makes it four wins in a row to extend his lead over Nico Rosberg heading into the summer break.

Daniel Ricciardo finishes second with Max Verstappen third.

Chequered flag


Lewis Hamilton

Lap 66/67

Jenson Button picks off Valtteri Bottas, who is on a worn set of softs and is up into seventh. 

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton begins his final lap...

Lap 65/67

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton is firmly in control. He's more than seven seconds ahead of Daniel Ricciardo with two laps to go.

Lap 64/67

Brilliant late battle between Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez. The Force India driver has another go at the hairpin and forces his way through, forcing Alonso a little wide as he muscles in. It looks like no points for Alonso.

'I don't think the rain will change anything'

Allan McNish

BBC Radio 5 live Formula 1 analyst

What goes through a driver's mind when the rain comes so late in a race?

"The first thing you do, is lift your visor a bit to see what it is like, F1 analyst Allan McNish says on BBC Radio 5 live.

"Maybe you brake a bit earlier in the areas when there is a risk. If you are leading the race you don't want the rain to happen, but if you are chasing someone you think 'great, I will have a chance'.

"But with so few laps remaining the spots of rain I don't think will change anything."

Lap 63/67

Sergio Perez spies a chance down to the hairpin but Fernando Alonso is wise to it and closes the chance off.

Alonso and Perez
Getty Images

Lap 62/67

Fernando Alonso is holding on to 10th at the moment but has a fight on his hands as Sergio Perez closes in. Seventh tenths of a second between them with five laps to go.

Perez and Alonso
Getty Images

'What a performance'

.@LewisHamilton is controlling this race masterfully out front, as he has done from the moment the lights went green WHAT a performance!