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  1. Lewis Hamilton ends day fastest for Mercedes
  2. McLaren lose several hours of testing with oil-system issue
  3. Red Bull encounter sensor and battery problems
  4. Times already faster than 2016 test at same circuit
  5. Vote: which is the best looking car?
  6. Get involved #bbcf1

Live Reporting

By Jamie Strickland

All times stated are UK

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RIght, it's been a long day but an informative one. 

Mercedes look to have lost none of their edge despite the wholesale rule changes, while Ferrari and Williams also look very strong. 

McLaren and Red Bull had trying days but in both cases they were able to rack up some impressive mileage - and fairly encouraging times - later on in the day. 

Andrew Benson's report will be live shortly.

Thanks for your company - we'll be back with day two tomorrow.

Final times and laps completed

1 Lewis Hamilton (GB) Mercedes 1:21.765* (73 laps)

2 Sebastian Vettel (Ger) Ferrari 1:21.878 (128)

3 Felipe Massa (Brz) Williams 1:22.076*  (103)

4 Kevin Magnussen (Den) Haas 1:22.894* (51)

5 Daniel Ricciardo (Aus) Red Bull 1:22.926* (50)

6 Valtteri Bottas (Fin) Mercedes 1:23.169* (79)

7 Sergio Perez (Mex) Force India 1:23.709* (39)

8 Carlos Sainz (Spa) Toro Rosso 1:24.494 (51)

9 Nico Hulkenberg (Ger) Renault 1:24.784 (57)

10 Fernando Alonso (Spa) McLaren 1:24.852* (29)

11 Marcus Ericsson (Swe) Sauber 1:26.841 (72)

* time set on soft tyres; all others set on medium tyres 

Chequered flag

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton ends the first day of pre-season testing 2017 with the fastest time, his best lap of 1:21.765 a tenth of a second up on nearest challenger Sebastian Vettel in the Ferrari. 

Full times to follow. 

Red Bull make late charge

Ricciardo goes fifth with a late lap. The Red Bull man does a 1:22.926 to knock Valtteri Bottas' Mercedes down to sixth...

Late improvement for McLaren

Fernando Alonso is finally working up a sweat today. He's now up to 28 laps completed and has just done a 1:24.852. He stays 10th.

Only the Sauber has failed to duck under the 1:25 barrier today.  

Five minutes to go...

Will there be any changes at the sharp end? Well, Lewis Hamilton's nearest challenger Sebastian Vettel is running around on the hard tyre and posting times that don't seem likely to threaten the Mercedes. 

I think the order is decided.

Vote results

The votes are in and it's an overwhelming win for Mercedes, with 36% of you choosing the W08 as the looker of 2017. 

The looks that made the Arrows such a stunner back in 2002 have helped McLaren into an unlikely second place with 18% of the vote, while striking Toro Rosso has to settle for third. 

Williams and Ferrari, meanwhile - once pin-ups of the pit lane - rank surprisingly low.

Thanks for your votes.

Sauber done for the day

Sauber have tweeted that they are now on with pit stop practice with their track running complete.

It's 11th place and last for the team from Hinwil, although 70 laps completed is not to be sniffed at. 

Getty Images

Impressive time from Haas

.@KevinMagnussen jumps to P4 on the screens with a hot lap of 1m23.039s - 30 minutes left in the session. #F1Testing

Massa closing on century

98 laps and counting for the Williams man today. Both he and Sebastian Vettel (105 laps) get the long-service medals today, but the overall winner on laps is Mercedes, who have split their 131 laps between drivers Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton.  

More laps for Alonso

Felipe Massa was the only car out there for a while but he has so far failed to improve. 

He's joined on track by Fernando Alonso in the McLaren, who has swapped the super-soft for the soft tyre and has just improved to 1:25.060, a fraction slower than Kevin Magnussen's Haas.

Times and laps completed

1.Hamilton (Mercedes) 1:21.765, 51 laps

2. Vettel (Ferrari) 1:21.878, 102 laps

3. Massa (Williams) 1:22.076, 86 laps 

4. Bottas (Mercedes) 1:23.169, 79 laps 

5. Ricciardo (Red Bull) 1:23.372, 32 laps   

6. Perez (Force India) 1:23.709, 39 laps 

7. Sainz (Toro Rosso) 1:24.494, 51 laps

8. Magnussen (Haas) 1:24.496, 39 laps 

9. Alonso (McLaren) 1:25.586, 13 laps   

10. Hülkenberg (Renault) 1:25.773, 39 laps 

11. Ericsson (Sauber) 1:26.841, 64 laps 

Mercedes looks 'reasonably complicated' - Newey

Dan Knutson

F1 journalist in Barcelona

Red Bull’s design staff, including Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey, chatted with reporters this afternoon in the paddock. Newey was asked what he thought of some of ideas on the other new cars.

“I have not had a chance to have a really good look, I have just seen the launch pictures,” he said. “The new regulations are open to different interpretations, which is what one might hope for with a new set of regulations. In particular, the Mercedes looks like a reasonably complicated car. It has got lots of parts on it which will be all about trying to manipulate the vortices to transition the flow structures around the car.

“The Ferrari has a very complicated looking sidepod transition, which I haven’t quite managed to work out yet from the pictures I’ve seen.

“Mercedes and Toro Rosso have gone for a high-top [front] wishbone, which kind of looks like a Lotus 49 with its in-built high kingpin…which is I would imagine aimed at trying to get the bottom wishbone higher, and also get the top wishbone higher to clean up the brake duct area.”

Latest lap count

1 Hamilton (51 laps)

2 Vettel (102)

3 Massa (86)

4 Bottas (79)

5 Ricciardo (32)

6 Perez (39)

7 Sainz (51)

8 Magnussen (39)

9 Alonso (13)

10 Hulkenberg (39)

11 Ericsson (64)  

One hour to go....

Horner wants shark fin outlawed in 2018

Dan Knutson

F1 journalist in Barcelona

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner just met with the media here at the track, and he had this to say about the shark fins on the bodywork which are now legal again for the first time since 2010:

“I think the cars look fantastic. What lets them down is the shark fins, proportionally. It is something that we raised at the Formula 1 Strategy meeting last year, to ask that all teams remove them because it is pretty marginal, the performance gain that they offer. 

"In the interests of aesthetics, it was requested that they be removed. That went to the Formula 1 Commission, and unfortunately it was immediately rejected by the majority of the teams. 

"Hopefully it is something that can be addressed for next year because the cars look great, it is just a shame that this shark fin has crept in through another loophole in the regulations.”

Red Bull

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Are @ScuderiaFerrari doing a @MercedesAMGF1 this year, and only running the Medium tyres as they confident on pace? #BBCF1 #LetsHopeSo

Ferrari close on Mercedes

Sebastian Vettel moves to just over a tenth behind Lewis Hamilton with a time of 1:21.878 on, you've guessed it, the medium tyre. 

Ferrari continue to impress.

McLaren post a time

And it's not a bad one.

A 1:25.586 puts the McLaren into ninth place, ahead of both the Renault of Nico Hulkenberg and Marcus Ericsson's Sauber.

Crisis, what crisis?  

Red Bull also running

While we've been busy wringing our hands over the plight of McLaren, the guys at Red Bull have managed to get the RB13 out for a few laps after earlier crankshaft sensor and battery issues. 

Daniel Ricciardo soon has the car up to pace and has done a best time of 1:25.357 from 14 laps so far, good for eighth place.  

Red Bull

          Install lap complete. Fernando boxes while the team completes standard system checks. #F1Testing

Install lap complete. Fernando boxes while the team completes standard system checks. #F1Testing

Two more laps on the board for McLaren

They're running but it's still painful progress for McLaren. 

Two more installation laps for Alonso before he pulls back into the pits. 

Still we wait for their first timed lap.

McLaren send Alonso again

Times and laps completed

1.Hamilton (Mercedes) 1:21.765, 29 laps

2. Massa (Williams) 1:22.076, 69 laps 

3. Vettel (Ferrari) 1:22.370, 85 laps

4. Bottas (Mercedes) 1:23.169, 79 laps 

5. Perez (Force India) 1:23.709, 39 laps 

6. Sainz (Toro Rosso) 1:24.494, 49 laps

7. Magnussen (Haas) 1:25.260, 29 laps 

8. Hülkenberg (Renault) 1:25.966, 32 laps 

9 Ericsson (Sauber) 1:26.841, 64 laps 

10. Ricciardo (Red Bull) 1:27.881, 8 laps 

11. Alonso (McLaren) No time, 2 laps 

Alonso heads out... and back in again

It's not getting any better for McLaren. After nearly seven hours on the sidelines they finally are able to send Fernando Alonso back on to the track, but after one lap he's back into the pit, engine off, and soon surrounded by mechanics who wheel him back into the garage.

Fernando Alonso
Getty Images

Hamilton heading out on soft tyres

Can the Briton claim top spot from Vettel?

Of course he can. A  1:21.765 takes Hamilton to the head of the order for the first time. 

More Red Bull bother

The team have just tweeted that a battery problem has stopped their running for the afternoon in the RB13.

Daniel Riccardo has managed just eight laps and is in last place among the drivers who have set a time. 

Only the problems down at McLaren are sparing Red Bull the ignominy of propping up the whole pack.

Vettel back on top

Vettel rises to the challenge of the Williams of Massa by reclaiming top spot with a time of 1:22.475.

The four-time champion has now done 70 laps today. 

Very promising signs for the Scuderia.   

Further improvement for Massa

The Williams of Felipe Massa - still loving those soft tyres - improves again to strengthen his grip on top spot. A 1:22.536 takes him two tenths clear of Sebastian Vettel.

Century for Mercedes

Mercedes have now racked up over 100 laps on the first day of pre-season - and there's still plenty of time to go. 

After Valtteri Bottas piled on 79 laps this morning, Lewis Hamilton is at 22 and counting.

Ferrari are the next best with 68 laps - all driven by Sebastian Vettel.

Massa beats 2016 Barcelona best

Felipe Massa's pace-setting lap in the Williams beats the best time seen in Barcelona in the whole of pre-season testing in 2016. 

Not a surprise really given the wholesale changes we have seen to the cars - and with predictions of a lap time increase of up to five seconds - but even so, it is noteworthy that the best 2016 times have been eclipsed on day one.