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  1. Ferrari's Raikkonen quickest on final day of first test session
  2. Tyre supplier Pirelli conducted wet-weather test on day four
  3. Barcelona circuit soaked overnight using water tanks and again at lunchtime
  4. Hamilton did not run after Mercedes reported electrical fault
  5. Williams withdraw because of car damage sustained yesterday

Live Reporting

By Jamie Strickland

All times stated are UK

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Thanks and goodbye

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That just about wraps things up for our live coverage of the first pre-season test of the year. 

Today was frustrating at times with some teams understandably reluctant to risk their machinery in the wettest of the conditions, but ultimately the number of laps put in by the teams - Haas in particular - was impressive. 

Do we know anymore today than we did yesterday? Probably not. But I'm sure the teams do, and Pirelli certainly do.

Testing continues at this same track next week, where we should discover a little bit more about whose season will be one of success and whose will be a struggle. 

M'coll Gary Rose will be here to guide you through it all, starting on Tuesday 7 March.

Chequered flag

No improvements late on. The first pre-season test of the year is over. 

Raikkonen ends the day quickest for Ferrari, followed by Verstappen of Red Bull and Renault's Palmer.


One minute to go....

Five cars on track.

Any late heroics?

Palmer into third

As I have that little moan, my eye is drawn to third place on the timing screen. Sorry I missed it earlier.

A 1:21.778 for Jolyon Palmer in the Renault. On the soft tyre. That's some good going by the team from Enstone. 

They've gone quicker oon the soft tyre at this test, but don't forget the track conditions have been skewed today by all the water that has gone down.

Renault have had a good week and that time really underlines it.

Giovinazzi hauls the Sauber up to fourth place on the ultrasoft. 


Come on lads. It's almost home time. Someone do something to finish this test with a flourish!

A further improvement for Raikkonen's Ferrari, the Finn now getting his time down to 1:20.872, Still on the soft tyre.

Get Involved - your dark horses for 2017


I'm predicting a Williams race win in 2017! #bbcf1

#bbcf1 Renault to be up the grid this year. Haas to start well then fade as per last year. McLaren may end up being near the back...

sleeper/dark horse pick: @HaasF1Team looking quick & reliable last 3 days 🇺🇸 #bbcf1

Times with 30 minutes to go

1 Raikkonen  Ferrari  1:21.263 (77 laps) Soft

2 Verstappen  Red Bull  1:21.769 (83) Soft  

3 Perez  Force India  1:22.534 (61)  Supersoft 

4 Vandoorne  McLaren  1:22.721 (60) Ultrasoft  

5 Grosjean  Haas  1:22.739 (101) Supersoft

6 Giovinazzi  Sauber  1:23.129 (71) Ultrasoft  

7 Bottas  Mercedes  1:23.443 (68) Soft

8 Palmer  Renault  1:24.312 (27)  Medium

9 Hulkenberg  Renault  1:24.974 (51) Soft

No other drivers have set timed laps.

McLaren update

McLaren have bolted a set of ultrasofts and Vandoorne returns a  1:22.721. He's into fourth place, two tenths behind the Force India of Perez who did his time on the soft.

Vandoorne has done 58 laps today.


Quiz answer

I asked you earlier which driver holds the record for the longest gap between podiums.

The answer, as most of you knew, was Alex Wurz, who went seven years, nine months and 11 days between his first podium in Britain in 1997 and his second in San Marino in 2005.

Stoo G‏  was the first to get this right, and gets bonus points for pointing out that Wurz inherited his Imola 2005 podium after Jenson Button was disqualified, so the next time he physically stood on the podium was Canada 2007, when he did that weird thing with his hand.

Thanks for playing...

Getty Images
Getty Images

Raikkonen back to the summit

Raikkonen returns to top spot in the Ferrari with a 1:21.324 on soft tyres. He then improves further with a 1:21.263. Less than one hour remains.

Getty Images

We have a new leader

Max Verstappen does a good lap on the soft tyre for Red Bull. His time of 1.21.839 is not the team's best of the week, but is pretty rapid nevertheless.

Getty Images

Sergio Perez remains the man on the move on track and vaults to second place with a supersoft-aided 1:22.681, three tenths down on Raikkonen's benchmark.

Williams parts arrive in style

Dan Knutson

F1 journalist in Barcelona

The Barcelona test is winding down – less than two hours to go – but all the transporters are staying put, of course, as the second four-day test begins on Tuesday.

When the teams need new parts in a hurry, they fly them out to the track. But the teams also use vans and small trucks to regularly shuttle parts and equipment between their factories and the track. 

This rig just arrived in the paddock from the UK and contained a new monocoque for Williams. The team will build up a new car around it and run it in the next test.


Quiz time

Which driver holds the record for the longest gap between two podium finishes? To give you a clue, the gap was more than seven years.

Answers to #bbcf1 please.

All very quiet on track. Only Perez moving the Force India up to fourth place to report. The times are nowhere near what these cars are capable of.

I know, a spot of trivia will keep you awake. 


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#bbcf1 If Pirelli want wet weather testing, why didn't they hold the test at Silverstone? It is England, of course it will rain. #f1testing

Times and laps completed

1 Raikkonen Ferrari 1:22.305 (61 laps)

2 Grosjean Haas 1:22.739 (68)

3 Verstappen Red Bull 1:22.949 (46)

4 Vandoorne McLaren 1:23.918 (43)

5 Bottas Mercedes 1:23.920 (40)

6 Perez Force India 1:24.893 (32)

7 Hulkenberg Renault 1:24.974 (51)

8 Giovinazzi Sauber 1:25.037 (53)

No other drivers have set timed laps.

Get Involved - who are this season's dark horses?


Torro Rosso have been quietly going about their buisness without major problems. Can see them finishing above the main Red Bull team. #bbcf1

Feel Sauber and Renault could surprise a lot of people this year, quietly getting on under the radar #bbcf1

#bbcf1 calling it now Toro Rosso to get a podium this season as potentially quick

#bbcf1 McLaren definitely. Oh, you said "Dark horse"....thought you said "Dead horse". :)

Bottas improves to fourth place with a 1:23.9.

Vandoorne's McLaren and Red Bull's Verstappen are also out there. 

Pirelli - more work is needed

Dan Knutson

F1 journalist in Barcelona

Getty Images

Pirelli learned in today’s wet track testing what it already knew: more work is needed on the rain tyres. 

“We’ve learned what we needed to from the wet test in the sense that with the wider tyre we knew that the footprint is much greater, and the energy going in per square millimeter or centimeter is reduced,” Pirelli’s racing boss Paul Hembery said while talking with reporters in the paddock. 

“So switching on the compounds for the wet tyre was as difficult as had been imagined. So we know that we have some work to do yet in that area. We had already started in realty, and we were well down the way to doing that. But it confirmed today that switching on the compounds was something that we needed to improve on. So we are working on that.” 

He added: “It was very useful in the sense that wet testing is one of the most difficult things in the business because there really aren’t any facilities that give you controlled water,” he added. “We have Fiorano, which we have used once or twice. Elsewhere in the world they don’t exist. You have, as you saw, water tankers going around spraying water, which is not the most high-tech system that you can imagine! So there are limitations. 

“And in wet testing there are so many variables: temperature, surface condition, the amount of water. But we could still see there was an issue warming up the tyres, so it confirmed what we felt would be the case, and we are working on the solution.”

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#bbcf1 we can't pay tribute to Tarquini and not mention his long and successful touring car career, including British and World title wins

Bottas on slick tyres

OK, so the track has dried out enough already.

Not due to cars driving on it, mind. The sun has burned it off. 

Bottas is out there on the soft Pirelli and has just done a 1:24.8, good for fifth place.  

'This day is for Pirelli'

Andrew Benson

Chief F1 writer

Getty Images

I know what you're all thinking. This is dreadful/pointless/boring. Well, yes, to a degree. Testing is not meant to be a spectator sport, though, and we're only here because of the huge interest ahead of any F1 season. 

And this has taken a day away from the teams in terms of learning about their cars, when time is already very short, given there are only eight days of testing. 

Really, though, this day is for Pirelli to see whether the work it has done on its much-criticised wet-weather tyres has improved them. The verdict is mixed. The drivers had no problems with the intermediate tyre last year but the 'extreme' was very unpopular for its inability to stop aquaplaning - Sebastian Vettel described it as "basically just good enough to follow the safety car". 

The problem is that the track, according to Nico Hulkenberg, has not been wet enough to test aquaplaning, although Romain Grosjean said that the tyre "generally was a good step up from last year". 

But Grosjean also said there may be an issue with the new intermediate: "The intermediates are really good for one lap and then they get destroyed a bit too early, so some work is to be done."

Perez's Force India was the only car on track until a few moments ago, when he peeled into the pits. 

All is silent.

          Stopped in the box. @RGrosjean's latest stint sampling the inters takes him to 68 laps on the day. 👍 #VF17

Stopped in the box. @RGrosjean's latest stint sampling the inters takes him to 68 laps on the day. 👍 #VF17

Fair play to Haas - they've put in a decent shift today.

By the way, if you think Gabriele Tarquini had a rough F1 career, it's Perry McCarthy's 54th birthday tomorrow...


Happy birthday, Gabriele

Such is the lack of track action, I have time for frivolities.

So let's take the chance to wish a happy birthday to Gabriele Tarquini, who is 55 today. 

A veteran of 38 grand prix starts and 41 DNQs between 1987 and 1995, Tarquini's was not, alas, a stellar F1 career, although he did pick up a point at the 1989 Mexican Grand Prix driving for AGS.

He also had stints with Osella, Coloni, First and Fondmetal as well as a one-off outing for Tyrrell in 1995. 

He also has a cool helmet.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Get Involved - first test verdict


Right, thanks for all your comments on the Monaco GP today. It's a topic that certainly gets people fired up and I'd say, based on comments using the bbcf1 hashtag, that opinion is more or less split 50-50 on whether to revamp/ditch it or preserve it at all costs.  

Let's move on now and focus on this test. I think today can pretty much be chalked off due to the decision to water the track, but what of the three days leading up to this?

How do you see 2017 shaping up? Is it Mercedes all the way? Are Ferrari a genuine threat? Who is the most likely dark horse?

#bbcf1 please.