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  1. No running in second practice - medical helicopter unable to fly in bad weather
  2. First practice also disrupted

Live Reporting

By Gary Rose

All times stated are UK

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Right, that's it. Somehow we got through 180 minutes of practice despite having on 17 minutes of action.

Surely, surely, there won't be more of the same tomorrow? 

Tune in to find out! We'll be back at 04:30 BST on Saturday.

Scrap Friday practice?

So sorry for all u either watching on TV or here at the track. We must find a solution to deal with weather issue.

Sat program: 3 practice sessions, qualifying Sunday morning and then race. Who's down for the switch up?

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Walter the Navvy: Goodness, @McLarenF1 top 2nd practice. OK, not 100% legit, but I'll take it ta.

Big winners today? McLaren. They are technically top of the timesheet for FP2...

Fernando Alonso
Getty Images
Erm, sorry, not you, Fernando...

What a bizarre day that's been.

The drivers have had effectively 17 minutes of running over the course of the two 90 minute practice sessions. 

That means, more than ever before, they will be taking a huge step into the unknown tomorrow.

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Jon Duffin: Absolute class from Lewis Hamilton going to interact with fans that have paid good money. Other drivers should be doing the same  

Lewis Hamilton
Getty Images

Mark Gallagher

BBC Radio 5 live Formula 1 analyst

This afternoon means that Ferrari and Mercedes will have to enter a bit of guesswork tomorrow but we know the package looks very good indeed. 


As Mark Gallagher cleverly points out on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra, Monaco sees less running on a Friday!

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Rob Watts: Can you remember a race weekend with less running on a Friday? I'm struggling off the top of my head.

The track has been opened, not to let the cars out but to let Lewis Hamilton through to get closer to the fans. He signs a load of shirts before throwing them up into the crowd.

Say what you like about Hamilton, but that's a really great gesture.  

'I am getting a bit bored'

Haas driver Romain Grosjean: "I am getting a bit bored, sorry for everyone here. Not the best way to start the weekend, but it is the same thing for everyone."

Twenty five minutes to go and the weather looks pretty much the same as it did at the start of second practice. 

I really can't see us getting any track action and the drivers clearly think so too. Pretty much all of them are out of their cars and chatting casually with members of their crew.

The appearance of Lewis Hamilton prompts huge cheers from the grandstands. He's holding his phone up to the crowd as he strides towards the fence.

Selfie incoming in 3,2,1...

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          At this rate McLaren are going to top the timesheet. Great recovery from Australia #bbcf1

At this rate McLaren are going to top the timesheet. Great recovery from Australia #bbcf1

Kimi Raikkonen is sat in his Ferrari, lid on and visor down.

Bet he's catching 40 winks.

Despite basically staring at some empty tarmac, the fans are in great spirits - beaming smiles, waving at the camera. There's someone dressed up as Darth Vader, with the TV coverage caption making sure we know exactly who it is by captioning him as "Sith Lord".

BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas: "We all just want to get going. We are waiting for the decision to get a green light, nothing else we can do really.

"Melbourne was a positive start. It wasn't one of my best weekends but there are still plenty of races to go."

Valtteri Bottas

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Eddie Scriven: #BiggestAnticlimacticMoment 4 seasons that red bull dominated followed by the 3 that Mercedes dominated. Can 7 years be a moment?  

Girts: The biggest anticlimax I've experienced in my life? Probably my first day as a student at the local school of business and finance  

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They did get the L eventually...

That group of fans have found the L and added it to the rest to spell out Vettel's name alongside the stand.

Sebastian Vettel, watching the whole thing on a monitor, laughs and gives a thumbs up to the camera, prompting cheers from the stands.

Solid gold live text commentating, this.


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A fair few of the drivers are steadfastly remaining in their cars. Could be there for a while, lads. 

Vettel, actually, is finding great amusement in watching a group of fans putting up a banner spelling out his name. They've got the V E T T E up, but have lost the L!

Vettel has a chuckle as they frantically look under the seats around them.

          A bit of quality time with Gina during the delay 😍

#ChineseGP 🇨🇳 #FP2

A bit of quality time with Gina during the delay 😍 #ChineseGP 🇨🇳 #FP2

What happens if the fog doesn't lift?

If this fog doesn't lift at all through the weekend we could end up with the very bizarre situation of no qualifying and even no race. Unprecedented.

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Carly:#BiggestAnticlimacticMoment Australia 2015. All over for Lotus at the first bend... I WAS UP EARLY FOR THAT TOO!!

Race director Charlie Whiting: "At the moment the helicopter can't land at the hospital. It looks reasonable at the circuit but they can't land in downtown Shanghai. We get news from the airport every 10 minutes. 

"If it doesn't clear there will be no practice, we have a fixed end and if it does not clear by then there will be no P2."

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Second practice is proving to be the biggest anticlimax since...well first practice.

What's the biggest anticlimax you've experienced in your life? Let us know via #bbcf1

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          Wondered why my TV was fuzzy this morning McLaren nicked my aerial.#bbcf1

Wondered why my TV was fuzzy this morning McLaren nicked my aerial.#bbcf1

McLaren are showing off a new T-wing design today (or would be if we could see some cars on the track) and it has so far been likened to a paperclip, coat hanger and TV aerial.

Getty Images

No extension to practice

Getty Images
Ricciardo and Kvyat danced in the rain when the weather caused practice to be suspended in Austin two years ago

The lack of on track action is reminiscent of final practice for the United States Grand Prix two years ago. 

On that occasion, Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat entertained us all with a bit of a rain dance. Can we expect any similar high jinx this time?

"No tricks," says Ricciardo. "No plans, I don't know if Max Verstappen has the same horrible moves as Daniil had!

"I'd love to be out there, so I am just hoping this smog clears."

Getty Images

Oh my, these pictures from before the 1999 Malaysia Grand Prix get even better.

Apologies, this kind of space filling is only going to increase the longer nothing goes on on the track. 

There's no change in the weather. Still misty, still no cars allowed on the circuit.

Williams chief technical officer Paddy Lowe: " I'll never forget 2009, the first year with KERS and the high voltage in those systems, we were still learning our way around them and then we had this race where the cars were literally swimming through inches of water. I remember a Ferrari was abandoned and no-one dared touch it.

"It was incredibly hot there. My feet started to burn one year just standing on the tarmac and I'll miss it."

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Memorable Malaysia moments

Getty Images

While we wait for any kind of on track action, let's remember some of the great Malaysian Grand Prix moments. Giancarlo Fisichella  and Alexander Wurz standing in front of the Petronas Towers is not one of them, but I couldn't resist the chance to get this picture of stood in their oversize shirts back at the first race in 1999.

Send us your favourite Malaysia moments to #bbcf1

'Losing Malaysia GP a blow'

BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

Toto Wolff on the loss of the Malaysian Grand Prix from the calendar: "It is a bit of a blow. It was one of the great circuits. For us emotionally it is a bit tough to overcome because it is a home grand prix."

Yeah, it is still very, very misty. 

Unless a massive gust of wind suddenly appears from nowhere I can only see second practice panning out a lot like first practice did.