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  1. Vettel wins with steering problem, Raikkonen 2nd
  2. Hamilton 4th after giving place back to Bottas
  3. Ricciardo out after collision with team-mate Verstappen
  4. Australian says Verstappen could not accept being overtaken
  5. Grosjean, Di Resta, Hulkenberg out

Live Reporting

By Gary Rose

All times stated are UK

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Seb's season?

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So then, that's it for Formula 1 one for a month.

While the drivers head off to Monaco, Barbados or The Algarve, I'm going to be knocking about in Salford for the next four weeks.

It's advantage Sebastian Vettel heading into the summer break. The last Ferrari driver to win from pole position in Hungary was Michael Schumacher in 2004. Schumacher went on to win the title, is this to be Vettel's year as well?

The Belgian Grand Prix is up next on 27 August. See you then.

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If you haven't read Andrew Benson's take on the race, head here to do just that now.

Vote result

A solid cameo for Paul di Resta, although not one that will win any awards for the most entertaining.

Speaking of which, we asked you to vote for your favourite F1 cameo and the results are in - Jenson Button's appearance at Monaco earlier this season came out on top with 40% of the votes.

More for the banter than anything else, I imagine.

'Got a sore shoulder' - Di Resta

Paul Di Resta speaks to Sky about his cameo appearance for Williams today: "I have a bit of a sore shoulder but I don't feel too bad actually!

"I was very cautious but I just wanted to make sure I got through the first lap I wanted to make use of what track time I had.

"It is a shame we couldn't get to the end of the race but an oil leak stopped us."

'A surprise'

Fernando Alonso, speaking to Sky Sports: "The fastest lap was a surprise, no doubt. Sixth is the best result possible but the fastest lap was a gift."

'Everybody makes mistakes' - Horner

Getty Images

Red Bull boss Christian Horner has been speaking to Sky Sports F1: "It's was a very frustrating race because we effectively lost Daniel and Max got a penalty in the same move.

"What you never want to see team-mates touch. Max is aggressive, he is on the limit. He made a mistake today and it was costly for him, for Daniel and for the team.

"In the pre-race meeting we talked about the golden rule - "give each other space on turn one and turn two. Has everybody got that?" They gave us the nod and then that happened at turn two.

"Everybody makes mistakes. The important thing is how you respond to them. He has apologised and will go and see his team mate to apologise to him too.

"We have got to take some engine pens too and we have to think tactically about when we serve those."

'I apologise to Daniel'

Max Verstappen, speaking to Sky Sports: "It is of course not what you want. The start was actually quite good but then we were both fighting for position into turn two. I had a car in front of me and I locked up and then I was a passenger.

"It was never my intention to hit anyone and especially my team-mate, who I have a good relationship with. I apologise to Daniel and I will speak to him in private. We will sort it out."

An important win for Ferrari, Mercedes doing the best they could with what they had and a case of what might have been for Red Bull.

They clearly had the pace to do something here, as shown by Max Verstappen's storming finish, but that clash at the start cost them.

Verstappen has just been speaking to the media about the incident...

'I'm a man of my word'

Lewis Hamilton, speaking to Sky Sports: "It wasn't perfect but it came back in the end. We managed it in the best way we could."

On lack of radio at one point: "I was pushing, I had all this pace and I was stuck behind Valtteri Bottas and I couldn't tell the team I had all this pace. Once I got by I gave everything I could until I got stuck behind a backmarker and got on some dirt.

"It is tough in the championship but I am a man of my word. Slowing down seven seconds was tough and I was worried about Max Verstappen."

Show stealer

Fastest lap ✅
Best finish of the season ✅
Birthday weekend ✅

Time for @alo_oficial to relax #HungarianGP 🇭🇺 #F1

Fastest lap ✅ Best finish of the season ✅ Birthday weekend ✅ Time for @alo_oficial to relax #HungarianGP 🇭🇺 #F1

'Stick by your word' - Toto Wolff

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff:

"We took the risk. It is important to stick by your word. Maybe someone will one day said, Budapest is when we lost the championship. Who knows.

"At the moment this is the way we want to continue. Valtteri moved over because we asked him to move over and then Lewis moved over at the end. Fair play to both of them."

Formula 1
Getty Images

'Great support'

More from race winner Sebastian Vettel: "It was a great result and we had some great support too. There was a guy who, every time out of the chicane gave me a thumbs up!

"To be honest, yes the steering it doesn't work but now it doesn't matter because we won!"

Formula 1
Rex Features

Drivers' standings


'Thanks to Lewis for keeping the promise'

Third-placed Valtteri Bottas: "In the end i was getting a little bit worried but thanks to Lewis to keep the promise to let me by in the end. It's a shame because we had the pace.

"Thanks for all the support and it's always great to see all the Finnish flags here."

Formula 1

'I wanted to win'

Second place Kimi Raikkonen: "Great support, unfortunately I couldn't give the fans a win. A one-two, though. I wanted to win but it is great for the team.

"It is not easy to overtake and especially with a team-mate, you take more care."

Formula 1
Getty Images

'A difficult race'

Today's race winner, Sebastian Vettel: "I am over the moon. It may not have looked like it but it was a difficult race. I had my hands full from the start.

"Something went wrong. The steering started to go sideways. Towards the end it came back when I had a cushion but I had to stay focused the whole race."

Formula 1
Getty Images


As the top three spray each other with champagne on the podium, Fernando Alonso is down in parc ferme sat in a deckchair on a painting of himself in a deckchair.

Sebastian Vettel does his customary little dance as he emerges onto the podium to cheers from the crowd.

That's his fourth win of the season and second in Hungary.

Formula 1
Getty Images

Kimi Raikkonen looks in no mood for a chat as Sebastian Vettel slaps his team-mate on the back in the pre-podium room.

Formula 1

Vettel moves 14 points clear

Victory for Sebastian Vettel and fourth place for Lewis Hamilton means Vettel leads by 14 points in the drivers' championship going into the summer break.

Formula 1
Rex Features

Hungarian GP top 10

1) Sebastian Vettel

2) Kimi Raikkonen

3) Valtteri Bottas

4) Lewis Hamilton

5) Max Verstappen

6) Fernando Alonso

7) Carlos Sainz

8) Sergio Perez

9) Esteban Ocon

10) Stoffel Vandoorne

Wait, what!?

Fernando Alonso, on the last lap, sets the fastest time of the race on his way to coming home sixth. Amazing.

Formula 1
Getty Images

Kimi Raikkonen takes second place while Lewis Hamilton, sportingly, lets Valtteri Bottas pass and the Finn takes the final place on the podium.

Chequered flag

Sebastian Vettel win the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Formula 1
Getty Images

Sebastian Vettel rounds the final corner and is on his way to victory...

Nico Hulkenberg becomes the fourth driver to retire from the race as Sebastian Vettel comes round for the final lap...

There was some nervous leg shaking in the Ferrari garage a few laps ago but there's smiles on the faces of the mechanics there watching on now. Looks like Ferrari have done enough to take a one-two.

Sebastian Vettel leads Kimi Raikkonen by 1.4 seconds, with Raikkonen 2.2s ahead of Lewis Hamilton.

Formula 1
Getty Images

A flash of purple catches my eye on the timing screen but the driver who has caused it raises an eyebrow. Fernando Alonso is fastest of all through the final sector as he does a 1:21.730. The Spaniard is on for a brilliant sixth here.

Formula 1
Getty Images

Team radio

"OK Kimi, let's not take anything for granted. We don't know what Hamilton will do" comes the message from the Ferrari pit wall....

Max Verstappen is a real cause for concern for Mercedes. The Dutchman is just half a second behind Valtteri Bottas, who is holding on to fourth.

"Verstappen is on younger tyres and will be a threat," Lewis Hamilton is warned on the radio.

Formula 1
Getty Images

A 1:22.146 for race leader Sebastian Vettel is followed by a 1:22.076 for Kimi Raikkonen. There's a second between the two Ferraris with five laps to go.

The top 10 is pretty much locked in with Kevin Magnussen, 11th, 11 seconds behind Stoffel Vandoorne.

Mark Gallagher

BBC Radio 5 live Formula 1 analyst

I have to say Kimi Raikkonen is earning himself a Ferrari contract next year with this drive.

He has a reply everytime Hamilton gets near...

Formula 1
Rex Features

Lewis Hamilton is four tenths slower than Kimi Raikkonen on the last lap and the gap is now 1.4 seconds.

It's looking like Hamilton might have to concede this battle, but will Mercedes stick to their plan of swapping the Briton with Valtteri Bottas?

LAP 62/70: HAM struggling to catch the two Ferraris 

#HungarianGP 🇭🇺 #F1

LAP 62/70: HAM struggling to catch the two Ferraris #HungarianGP 🇭🇺 #F1

Disappointment for Di Resta

Disappointment for Paul di Resta. With eight laps to go he is told he is going to have to retire the car from 18th.

Regardless, he's done a fine job having come in at short notice.

Formula 1
Getty Images

Kevin Magnussen isn't budging for Nico Hulkenberg as the Renault attempts to pass around the outside of the Haas in a move for 11th but ends up off the track.