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  1. Hamilton leads crushing Mercedes one-two in FP1
  2. Bottas leads the way in FP2 as Vettel finishes third
  3. Vettel leads Hamilton by seven points heading into race 13 of 20
  4. Red Bull drivers to serve grid penalties for engine changes
  5. McLaren of Alonso will take 35-place grid penalty
  6. Get involved: Your alternatives to grid penalties #bbcf1

Live Reporting

By Libby Dawes

All times stated are UK

Get involved

Right - that's all from us for today.

Thanks for joining us and for the great suggestions of alternatives punishments to grid penalties.

By far our favourite was the suggestion of professional drivers having to do a lap in a children's toy car.

Shout out to Lorraine for this masterpiece. Give that woman a raise.


We will be back tomorrow from 09:50 BST for final practice...

See you there.

Clever old Danny Ric & Red Bull. Reason they went out so early in FP1 was to be first out the pits so grid pens are issued to them 1st #F1

Andrew Benson's second practice report is live.

Read it here.

I won't be offended if you fancy switching over to that now...

'It was supposed to bucket down'

It isn't remotely sunny at Monza now - however, drivers are still donning their sunglasses - namely Kimi Raikkonen.

A non-bespectacled Daniel Ricciardo tells Sky Sports he felt "super keen" to get out on track this morning.

"The car felt pretty good with fuel - we still want to be quick over one lap but the main aim is to do better over long runs.

"I wouldn't say it was out of reach but podium is the aim. It was supposed to bucket down here today but that hasn't happened so maybe it will do so on Sunday and we can sneak on there!"

Get Involved - Grid penalties alternatives


EchoSevenSeven: Punish the team - deduct manufacturers points; less prize money for the team will shift priorities

Steg T Dinosaur: Serious: Start from the pit lane with a time penalty. Funny: Make them do the race in their pants

Sam Harper: Maybe instead of a grid penalty they could dock constructors points? That's what they do in @IndyCar.

Slowest times of P2...

11. SAI 1.23.150

12. HUL +1.866

13. PAL +1.911

14. PER +1.946

15. STR +1.997

16. GRO +2.161

17. MAG +2.244

18. KVY +2.847

19. ERI +3.488

20. WEH +3.889

Top 10 after second practice...

  1. BOT 1.21.406
  2. HAM +0.056
  3. VET +0.140
  4. RAI +0.398
  5. VER +1.003
  6. RIC +1.346
  7. VAN +1.541
  8. ALO +1.562
  9. OCO +1.571
  10. MAS +1.579

Bottas fastest in FP2

So that's it for today's second practice session here in Monza.

Mercedes are looking pretty darn speedy, but they are not a million miles ahead of Sebastian Vettel.

Stand by for timings...

The very efficient marshals remove the Haas from the track in the blink of an eye...

Plenty of cars now returning to the pits with just over five minutes to go in today's session.

Both Mercedes are told to box, followed shortly by Daniil Kvyat - his radio message is a little more frantic though....

"BOX BOX. We have to stop - there is a problem with the car!"

Its not been a vintage afternoon for the Toro Rossos...

Virtual safety car

Blimey, Haas driver Kevin Magnussen is off the track at turn nine...

He has had a pretty epic suspension failure and did really well to not lose control and head straight into a barrier...

Celeb spot!


(Aka Kit Harrington and Liam Cunningham)

#F1 meets #GameOfThrones

Kit Harington & @liamcunningham1 enjoying Monza 🥂

#ItalianGP 🇮🇹 #FP2

#F1 meets #GameOfThrones Kit Harington & @liamcunningham1 enjoying Monza 🥂 #ItalianGP 🇮🇹 #FP2

A couple of drivers are reporting blisters on their front tyres so Daniel Ricciardo is told to keep an eye on his.

Meanwhile Nico Hulkenberg has a hydraulic issue and pulls into the Renault garage. He only managed 14 laps today - the fastest of which was a 1.23.272.

Hamilton: "My seat is getting very hot"

Having never driven an F1 car - I know, surprising - I have no idea how this feels, but my Dad has heated seats in his loser cruiser and I HATE them...

I can only imagine how uncomfortable that would be.

Lewis Hamilton
Getty Images

Get Involved - #bbcf1

Alternative forfeits to grid penalties...

Eden: Why not reward teams who meet certain reliability targets? Financial rewards or extra testing laps?

Goodness me - birthday boy Carlos Sainz seems to have had an enormous engine failure - there is bluey-grey smoke pouring out of the rear of his Toro Rosso...

Bad news for Carlos - great news for the fans at the second chicane who get to have a few selfies with the Spaniard...

Carlos Sainz
Formula 1 Twitter

Why is Alonso so "meme-able...?"

Get Involved - alternatives to grid penalties


A little while ago we received this tweet.

Mark Houghton: I would make them do a lap in little tykes car before the race no one would want that humiliation.

Which provoked the childish BBC Sport elves to do this:

Fernando Alonso in a little tikes car
BBC Sport

You are all very welcome.

Got some long runs going on here. The Red Bulls are racking up the laps - Verstappen's on his 19th of the session and Ricciardo goes through the start line to complete his 16th... Looks like they are both on 10 in a row each.

Wonder if Ricciardo is still smiling? He has clocked a 1.22.752 so far.

And out come the Mercedes drivers for their own long runs. They are still quickest with about half an hour to go.

Get Involved - #bbcf1

Alternative forfeits to grid penalties...

Liam J. Halliday: What happened when you forgot your PE kit? You did it in your pants. Made sure you wouldn't forget your kit again.

A surprising number of you want to see these drivers in their pants...

Bottas fastest

Valtteri Bottas has overtaken Hamilton at the top of the leaderboard - he completes a 1.21.406 second lap - that's his 11th of the session.

The Force Indias are going with quantity today - Sergio Perez has done 20 laps and Ocon is on his 17th...

No sign of them trying to take each other out - yet.

The top ten so far is as follows:

  1. BOT
  2. HAM
  3. VET
  4. RAI
  5. VER
  6. RIC
  7. OCO
  8. MAS
  9. VAN
  10. SAI

"I have no power!" says - well, who do you think?

Yep. Poor Fernando.

What does this guy have to do to catch a break?!

This is the engine he had to retire in Spa that Honda said there was nothing wrong with it...

Oh dear, Lance Stroll is all of a sudden facing the wrong way and has to do a half-doughnut to correct himself.

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Get Involved - Alternatives to grid penalties


Racing Insider: Grid penalties were an awful, short-sighted idea - they have really distorted the record books and devalued F1's rich history

Matthew Peyton: I'm reminded of McLaren's 105 place penalty @ Spa in '15. I'm in favour of constructors penalties - the driver shouldn't lose out.

James Johnstone: Points deduction for whenever a part gets replaces unnecessarily, encourages teams to push their engine supplier to improve

Scott Thomas: Why not dock constructor points instead of grid penalties? Punishes the team and not the drivers.

Red Bull
Getty Images

Top 10 so far with half an hour gone...

  1. HAM - 1.21.956 seconds
  2. BOT
  3. VER
  4. RAI
  5. VET
  6. RIC
  7. OCO
  8. MAS
  9. PER
  10. GRO

And people say F1 is for posers....

Anyone else think this looks like an album cover? 🤣#FernandoAndTheEngineers

Anyone else think this looks like an album cover? 🤣#FernandoAndTheEngineers

Hamilton fastest

Cor blimey Lewis Hamilton! Who needs a warm up lap? Certainly not him.

He goes fastest on his first go out of the pit.

1.22.103. Zoom...

He follows that up with a 1.21.956. He is getting closer and closer to the lap record set in 2004 by Rubens Barrichello.

1:21.046 is what he is after.... Will he get there?

Well, Kimi Raikkonen seems to have turned up this afternoon. Not a morning person we guess...

Having managing just fourth fastest this morning, he is challenging Bottas lap for lap now.

Ferrari team mate Sebastian Vettel pushes hard but doesn't manage to improve on third quickest.

1.22.509 for the German.

Ah there's that pesky Mercedes again - this time it's Kimi's compatriot Valtteri Bottas. The Finn knocks the Ferrari off the top spot.

Not by a huge amount. He sets a 1.22.475.

Hamilton will be out in a mo. What has he got in the tank....?

(Yes - petrol - I know)

Valtteri Bottas

A flash of red provokes a massive cheer from the grandstand as Kimi Raikkonen leaves the pit lane. But a huge lock up means he loses a chunk of time. He won't want to have that on his record - he sets a 1.30.394 secs.

Forget it - he was not happy with that so has a word with himself and goes fastest.


Get Involved - #bbcf1

Alternative forfeits to grid penalties...

Rob Helson-White: Instead of grid penalties, take away 2 or 3 points from a team in the Constructor's Championship. The driver doesn't lose out then.

A point many of you are making - why should the driver themselves be punished?

Green flag

So all is underway and first out on the track are the Haas duo.

They record laps in the 1 minute 25 second area...

Get Involved - #bbcf1

Alternative forfeits to grid penalties...

Mark Houghton: I would make them do a lap in little tykes car before the race no one would want that humiliation.

The rain looks to have subsided for this lunchtime session in Monza, however, there is a big mamma of a dark cloud lurking over the pitlane and there is apparently a 40% chance of a shower over the next 90 minutes...

The teams will hope it stays dry - we don't mind a drizzle... Something to grease the tarmac would do nicely thanks.

Fans at Monza
Rex Features

Get Involved - #bbcf1

Alternative forfeits to grid penalties...

Grid penalties... Who would have 'em? Certainly not this guy...

Getty Images

Some of you have very strong opinions on these pesky little punishments. It seems they often take the excitement out of the races. So what would you suggest they replace them with?

  • A hefty fine?
  • Perhaps a drive through penalty?
  • Maybe a stop-and-go?
  • Or even take away a set of tyres...... too harsh?
  • Why not the good old fashioned gunging for the driver and team principal?

If you have a better suggestion - and I am sure you do - then let us know using #bbcf1 or via text to 81111.

Getty Images

Andrew Benson

BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer in Monza

There is going to be an awful lot of talent at the back of the grid on Sunday.

Engine penalties for McLaren are nothing new this year, and Fernando Alonso has the latest - 35 places for using the new ‘Phase 3.7’ Honda engine in first practice here so it can be available for Singapore where they expect to be more competitive at a twisty circuit compared to the high-speed Monza.

Hello again...

Welcome back to Monza and to second practice.

Things get back underway at 13:00 BST but before that, we have confirmation of the grid penalties the teams will face on Sunday...

Fernando Alonso gets 35, it's 20 for Daniel Ricciardo, team mate Max Verstappen will take 15 - both for fitting too many engine parts, and Carlos Sainz accepts 10.


So pretty uneventful first practice session here in Monza...

The Mercedes were fastest - as expected - but me thinks the day needs a spot of rain to spice things up... Fingers crossed for later.

You can read Andrew Benson's report here and join us from 12:50 BST for second practice...