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  1. Final scores: -16 McIlroy; -15 Mickelson; -14 Fowler, Stenson; -12 Furyk, Palmer
  2. -11 Els, Walker, Dubuisson, Mahan, Ilonen, Stricker; -10 Snedeker, Chappell
  3. -9 Westwood, Schwartzel, Koepka, Warren, Scott, DeLaet, Wiesberger
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Live Reporting

By Ben Dirs, Jonathan Jurejko and Luke Reddy

All times stated are UK

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Now it's time to say good night, and we'll give the final word to Jack Nicklaus - the man whose 18-majors record many think McIlroy could go on and match.

"Fantastic," said the Golden Bear. "It was really a great tournament. It was great theatre. Great golf, actually. It was one of the best tournaments to watch - because of such good play - that I have seen in a long, long time.

"Phil Mickelson was unbelievable. Just pure guts and really great golf. And Rickie Fowler was simply terrific. He played well all the way down the stretch, until he couldn't see at 18. No one could.

"Then Rory, who got three shots down, showed so much poise, confidence and determination coming down the stretch.

"Rory got the right break at the 10th hole with a great shot. He was off and running from there."

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Via text on 81111

John from Holywood: From another ropey wifi campsite in Southern France...well done wee man...don't let the party let up...looking forward to Augusta... ps Den I have run out of beer send some over to cabin 30

The party has well and truly started.

Andrew from Belfast: 'Little' Northern Ireland have now won 6 of the last 20 golfing majors! Not bad for a nation of 1.5 million! We're the real home of golf!!!

McIlroy joins stellar back-to-back major winners list

With his fourth major title and first back-to-back feat after his Hoylake antics, Rory McIlroy has joined an impressive list of past champions (since World War One) who have also completed back-to-back wins.

Walter Hagen, Bobby Jones (twice), Ben Hogan (three times), Sam Snead, Arnold Palmer, Lee Trevino, Jack Nicklaus (twice), Tom Watson, Nick Price, Tiger Woods (five times), Phil Mickelson, Padraig Harrington. It's pretty much a who's-who of golfing titans.

Italian pro Matteo Manassero

tweets: I was glued to the TV. They mainly talk about his driving but the strength of mind he showed is incredible!! @McIlroyRory great champion

Jay Townsend

former European Tour golfer & BBC Radio 5 live pundit

He is on track [to emulating Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus] but if he's going to achieve it take them one at a time. Tiger's done winning majors.

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Nine-time major winner

Gary Player tweets: Lights out. Congratulations Rory McIlroy on your fourth major at the PGA Championship. Great back nine. True grit. Respect. My very best. GP

This trophy is a bit of a handful - the lid falls off but Rory catches it before it hits the deck, before McIlroy finally hoists the beast aloft after a couple of efforts. He praises the sportsmanship of Mickelson and Fowler, for allowing him to play up behind them in the fading light, and it's another classy speech.

It was mum who Rory celebrated with first after his victory at the Open, this time it's his old man again. How good can this kid be? Ten majors? Eleven? Twelve? All of a sudden, it looks like anything is possible. I can't help wondering where Tiger Woods is now. For the sake of a yet-to-be-made movie, I hope he's pumping drives on a windswept range, thunder raging all around him...

Jay Townsend

former European Tour golfer & BBC Radio 5 live pundit

They all had one hiccup on the back nine. McIlroy did not. This was a truly amazing stretch that you don't see very often in the game. This is big boy stuff right here.

Lost and found: History of the US PGA Championship's Wanamaker Trophy

Wanamaker Trophy
Getty Images

We saw the US PGA Championship's Wanamaker Trophy sitting forlornly in the rain earlier, like an abandoned child. One of the heftiest trophies in world sport weighs 27 pounds, is 28 inches tall and 27 inches from handle to handle.

Purchased by Rodman Wanamaker in 1916, 10 years later Walter Hagen was asked where the trophy was. Hagen, who won the tournament for four straight years from 1924-27, said he hadn't brought it because he had no intention of giving it away. In 1928, when Hagen was ousted as champion, he admitted he'd lost the trophy.

Legend has it Hagen went partying in Chicago after his 1925 triumph and forgot the trophy when he hopped in a cab. It was found in 1930 in an unmarked case in the basement of L.A. Young & Company, the firm that manufactured the Walter Hagen line of golf clubs.

But the PGA had already made a duplicate of the Wanamaker Trophy, and once the original was recovered it was safely put away. It can be found at the PGA Historical Centre in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Iain Carter

BBC golf correspondent at Valhalla

What an achievement, what a summer, what an amazing sustained performance we've seen from Rory McIlroy. He takes another giant leap in the dark on his way to golfing greatness. McIlroy is undoubtedly the superstar of golf right now. It's utterly unbelievable the way he's taken the golf world by storm.

McIlroy wins US PGA

Rory McIlroy
Getty Images

... McIlroy pops in for par, a round of 68, victory over Phil Mickelson by a single shot and his fourth major title. What a championship...

McIlroy cosies his birdie putt up there to within a couple of feet of the hole - I've seen them missed, but only on municipal pitch and putts. Wiesberger finishes with a par, a disappointing round of 74 and nine under overall...

McIlroy rather muffs his sand escape but he's got another two putts for the title, albeit from 34 feet...

Fowler's birdie effort lips out, he has to make do with a tie for fourth with Stenson. But that's four top-five major finishes this year for the 25-year-old, and that's some feat.

Mickelson, the big man with the touch of a miniature portrait painter, very nearly sticks his chip in. But the disappointment on his face says it all, the game could be up. 'Only' a birdie, he's in the clubhouse on -15, one behind Rory McIlroy.

McIlroy did go for the green and found a bunker. A mixture of cheers from the more jingoistic American fans and groans from the more sympathetic. Here's Lefty...

It's getting grim out there, the light fading fast. Question is, will McIlroy have a dart at the green or lay up? It's Bernd Wiesberger to play first... 220 yards to the pin and he's tugged it in the bunker...

Mickelson will hope this is the penultimate bullet he has to fire today... not likely, he hasn't quite made the green and will need to chip in across the corner of the bunker. Fowler will have an eagle putt, his ball just clambering over that bunker. McIlroy's ball is well below his feet and he asks if he can play his second before the others have reached the green - once Mickelson is on, he will be allowed to do just that...

The final hole is the easiest hole

Earlier we told you the 18th hole was playing the second easiest on the course. Fittingly, as it looks set to hold the key for deciding our winner, it has since become the most straight forward.

As many as 44 birdies have been found on the final drag as well as two eagles. For the chasers, there is hope...

McIlroy lets rip and his immediate lean to the left tells you that he's leaked it right. That was very nearly in the drink from McIlroy and about six feet from being beyond the hazard line... enjoying this?

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Via text on 81111

Martin: Following the live feed on a frustratingly intermittent 3G signal in the middle of nowhere in France - this is riveting stuff - go Wee man !!!

Den from Tyrone: Stuck in French campsite with no tv and ropey wi-fi - hanging on every update to the live feed and going through fingernails rapidly !!!

Someone have a word with the French, after all they're hosting the 2018 Ryder Cup.

Mark in St. Andrews: Despite its reputation as the 4th major, the USPGA sure has thrown up some amazing finishes over the years.

Fowler has smoked his drive down the 18th and Mickelson follows him down there with his three wood, although he has to enquire as to where his ball went because of the fading light. Unusually, McIlroy is going to have a go as well, once Mickelson and Fowler have disappeared over the bridge...

Iain Carter

BBC golf correspondent at Valhalla

"What a player. This is really special. This is golf from a golfing great in the making."

-16 McIlroy; -14 Stenson, Fowler, Mickelson

Sweden's Henrik Stenson makes par at the last when he needed more but that's a round of 66 for 14 under. But the big story is happening behind him, where Rory McIlroy has bent in his birdie putt on 17 to open up a two-shot lead. Mickelson and Fowler need eagles up ahead, Rory needs something pretty ordinary for a play-off to ensue.

Northern Irishman

Darren Clarke ‏on Twitter: At this stage of a major it's all about mental strength with all of them playing so well! Confidence helps and Rors has a lot right now!

Stenson's birdie attempt misses by not much but a par won't be enough, even if he makes it. McIlroy parachutes in at 17, he's got a chance to virtually kill things off...

Welshman Jamie Donaldson is in the clubhouse with a 71 for -8, Jason Day has doubled 16 to fall back to -8. Fowler made that par putt, that boy has some big old cojones. Mickelson and Fowler stay one off the lead on -14, Stenson comes up short with his third at 18, out of some muck, his race could be run.

Mickelson needs some of that old black magic and he's found some from somewhere, what a chip shot that is - he'll tap in for par and gird his loins for one last assault down the 18th, where eagles lurk. Pretty ordinary putt from Fowler, he's got a knee-knocker for par...

They're racing the sun now, but it looks light enough out there that they'll finish this evening - unless, of course, there's a play-off. Mickelson overcooks the green with his second into 17, Fowler leaves himself with a monster for birdie. McIlroy finds sand off the tee at 17, Stenson has doinked his approach head high into the gallery over the back of the 18th.

-15 McIlroy (16) -14 Fowler, Mickelson (16)

Mickelson finds sand of the tee at 17, the old gunslinger looks to have bent his barrel at the worst possible moment. Stenson pumps his drive down the middle at 18, a good second and it's eagle o'clock... McIlroy's birdie effort stays left, but he stays outright leader on 15 under...

From the light to shade

Phil Mickelson has been golfing with the Gods at times today...

Phil Mickelson
Getty Images

But his dropped shot on 16 brings an end to a run of 21 holes without a bogey.

McIlroy now leads for the first time since the second hole and it looks likely to stay that way after a fine approach at 16. Since that miraculous three wood at 10, McIlroy has looked totally locked in and in control. Fowler pulls out the big stick at 17 and gives it some humpty, glorious drive...

McIlroy leads on -15

Mickelson hasn't hit his par putt, Rory is outright leader on -14 - and he just saw that happen back on the fairway. Fowler prods his par putt in, a noticeable lack of bonhomie between himself and Mickelson as they head for the 17th tee. Stenson saves par at 17, is now in a three-way tie for second.

Rickie Fowler
Getty Images

Fowler has got a regulation 97-foot putt at 16, I'd probably need a seven iron from there... what a putt that is, but he's still got a five-footer for par...

One of the shots of the day from Fowler, somehow making it to the edge of the green with a nine iron. The things these kids can do nowadays. Stenson with a smart chip on at 17, should save par. Mickelson very nearly holes that chip but his ball lips out on the second or third bounce and races six feet past. We could have a new outright leader in a minute...

Mickelson comes up short with his second out of the fluff at 16, he'll have a little chip over the bunker front-left. Fowler has got a shot that could make or break him here, he's going to have to try to bend his second round the trees, from the edge of the 15th fairway. Off jogs his caddie to get some yardage, as McIlroy absolutely ruins his drive behind him...

McIlroy with a snaky one downhill at 15... didn't hit it, that was a little bit tentative. Wiesberger still hasn't made a birdie today, his birdie effort misses to the right and the Austrian remains -10. McIlroy pops in his par putt, stays tied with Mickelson on 15 under.

Jay Townsend

former European Tour golfer & BBC Radio 5 live pundit

"Rory doesn't look comfortable to me. Phil looks like there's no place he'd rather be."

McIlroy hit his drive 350 yards, leaving himself 110... that's decent, chance for birdie. Stenson chucks everything at his drive down 17, that's gigantic and straight. Mickelson with three wood off the 16th tee, and his ball just bobbles into the rough. Fowler going with the big stick... leaked it right, so right it's missed the water and ended up on the 15th fairway...