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  1. US Open suspended for day at 21:34 BST
  2. American world number 624 Andrew Landry leads on -3 after 17
  3. England's Lee Westwood -1 after 13
  4. 2015 winner Jordan Spieth +1 after 11
  5. McIlroy +3 after 12, Willett +4 after 12
  6. Mickelson, Rose, Day and Scott among later starters
  7. Radio 5 live sports extra from 22:00

Live Reporting

By Ben Dirs

All times stated are UK

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No more play today

Play has been suspended for the day.

Play has been suspended for the day.

At least it's easier to read the slopes, now ... ☔️ 😒

At least it's easier to read the slopes, now ... ☔️ 😒

Another break = another footy match

3rd break today.... At least good for something🇩🇪 come ooooon! #USOpen #GERPOL #DieMannschaft

3rd break today.... At least good for something🇩🇪 come ooooon! #USOpen #GERPOL #DieMannschaft

We'll meet again...

... don't know where, don't know when. It's dark as hell in Oakmont, I'll let you know when they're thinking about coming back out again. 

Klaxon time

The Klaxon signals a temporary stop in play

There goes the hooter, they're off again. Players first out have now been trucking for about nine hours, including leader Andrew Landry, who teed off at 11:55 BST...

Nine men have completed their rounds and the clubhouse leader is American amateur Scottie Scheffler, on one under par. 

There's a storm brewing!

Not good news I'm afraid. There's a(nother) storm coming to Oakmont Country Club, which is near to Pittsburgh on the map.   

Pittsburgh weather radar

McIlroy finds sand off the tee at 13, Willett all over the pin. Here's Streelman for birdie at seven... in it goes, the American journeyman back in the red. Defending champion Spieth sends one long and strong at three.

Westwood Ho!

Willett very nearly nails a rangy par putt at 12 but leaves himself a nasty one coming back for bogey. McIlroy does bogey it, he's now +3. Spieth bogeys too, drops to +1, Westwood birdies his 13th, climbs to -1. 

Danny Willett
Getty Images

I am pleased to report that it's not raining hard, a heavy wind is a bigger problem for the players at the moment. Spieth with his third at the second, looks to be skipping off the back but suddenly slams on the brakes. Watson with a terrible birdie putt at 15, stays -2 and one off the lead. Forget what I said at the start of this entry, I'm being told we're expecting more nonsense from up above...

Zach doesn't like that, his second at two is short and right. Spieth doesn't like his either, that second green is proving impenetrable. Lowry birdies 11, the Irishman is back level. It was two doubles in a row from DeChambeau, at 18 and one, he's now back at +1.

Zach Johnson
Getty Images

Another one gone

Landry lets another one go at seven, two bogeys in a row, and is now -3, just one clear. Fitzpatrick of England birdies 12, is back level. McIlroy still has 287 yards to the pin at 12 after two iffy shots, and he leaks it miles right. 

It's raining

"What have I got left?" says Willett at the 12th. "400," says his caddie, before Willett hits his second. Bit of rain sweeping in on the wind, not looking too great out there...

Shot gone for Landry

Landry gives a shot back at seven, his 16th, and now leads by the field by two. McIlroy on the 684-yard 12th and he's made a bit of a hash of it. Spieth pops in at the first for par and level overall.

Andrew Landry
Getty Images

Latest scores

Half-an-hour since the re-start, so a good time to check back on the leaderboard:

-5: Andrew Landry (14*)

-2: Bubba Watson (11), Danny Lee (10), 

-1: Romain Wattel (13), Kevin Streelman (12*), Daniel Berger (12), Lee Westwood (10*), Harris English (10*), Zach Johnson (9*), Bryson DeChambeau (9*) 

Selected others:

E: Jordan Spieth (9*), 

+1: Matt Fitzpatrick (10*),  

+2: Rory McIlroy (9), 

+3: Danny Willett (9)

+4: Paul Casey (11*), Rickie Fowler (9)

* signifies they started their round at the 10th

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The US Open is as much about mental strength & endurance as it is about swinging a golf club. The golf course could wear you down. #bbcgolf

Outrageous, bender in a bun of a long-range putt from Bubba at 13. Willett for birdie at 11, putting uphill... in it goes. Although, I'm hearing that was for par. Indeed, it was. McIlroy's birdie putt flirts with the hole but fails to drop, he stays +2.

American amateur Scottie Scheffler (pictured below), the man with the most golf name in the world, gets to one under through 16. Shot gone for Westwood at two, he's level, Kaymer hammers in a long-range birdie attempt at the third to move to one under, or so I believe.

Scottie Scheffler
Getty Images

Bryson crisis

Don't even bother looking for that, let alone chasing it... DeChambeau slices into the woods off the tee at the first. Could be more shots gone after a double at 18... Westwood muffs his third at the second, his 11th, and he's got a longun coming back uphill for par. DeChambeau takes three off the tee, and he finds the thick stuff.

DeChambeau deflated

Two shots gone for DeChambeau at 18, he falls back to -1. Willett makes a good six-footer at 10 to stay +3, McIlroy rolls in his four-footer to stay one shot ahead. Shane Lowry bogeys nine, is one over par.

Bryson DeChambeau
Getty Images

The upright DeChambeau gets a flier out of the greenside bunker at 18, he's making a bit of a hash of this hole. Daniel Berger, winner on the PGA Tour last week, rattles one in to get to one under. 

Adding a bit of colour to proceedings...

Working hard on my coloring skills during rain delay! Need to make sure I'm able to teach Skylar a thing or two.

Working hard on my coloring skills during rain delay! Need to make sure I'm able to teach Skylar a thing or two.

Only nine men under par as I write, plus some pretty ugly scores. Master's champion Danny Willett bogeys eight and nine and is now three over, Rory McIlroy is out in two-over 37. Both men with pretty ordinary approaches at 10.

Westwood drops back

Landry at six, for birdie... lips out, he stays five under and clear by two. Westwood leaves his par putt right of the hole at the first, his 10th, to drop back to -1.

Bubba Watson for par at 11 and that's a doozy, feathering it in to stay -2. Spieth with his second at 18 and that's bang into the heart. DeChambreau is in the rough out right and he can only thick it into a greenside bunker. The rain has made that jungle even messier.

Bryson DeChambeau
Getty Images

Landry continuing to impress

Here's Westwood from the fairway on the first, his 10th. He pushes it a touch and he's on the front right edge of the green. A solid nine needed Lee. Up on the sixth and Landry hits a dream shot into the 206-yard par three. He's got a 15-footer for another birdie.

On the ninth McIlroy dribbles a lengthy birdie putt just wide and he's got three feet coming back for par. Rickie Fowler on the same hole, bending one from the other side of the green but not borrowing enough. Willett's birdie putt races through the break.

Raring to go

Fantastic from the @NorthernIreland lads with that win. Channeling that passion and fight for my weekend. @StevenDavis8 #notbrazil

Northern Ireland fans celebrate

DeChambeau and Spieth birdies

DeChambeau flops a wedge, Mickelson-esque, over Spieth's bunker to five feet and then Spieth flicks his effort a foot inside that. Remarkable shots, no doubt helped by the rain-soaked receptive greens. DeChambeau in for a birdie. Can Spieth follow? He's up to one under.

Landry misses a birdie putt on the fifth to stay five under. Willett into the heart of the ninth to set up a birdie sniff from 25 feet.

Play resumes

Lots of players hanging around, waiting to hit their next shots. Apparently there's one player yet to reach his ball and that's causing the delay. No names at this stage. The clouds above are the kind of dark grey you tend to find hanging over a gritty northern mill town. I'm not convinced we're going to get too much more play, but the klaxon has sounded and here we go...

A ball marker at the US Open
Getty Images

Scores re-cap

So, as we wait for the starting klaxon to sound, here's a reminder of the leaderboard...

-5: Andrew Landry (13*)

-2: Bubba Watson (10), Danny Lee (8), Lee Westwood (9*), Bryson DeChambeau (7*)

-1: Romain Wattel (11), Kevin Strrelman (11*), Matt Fitzpatrick (8), Harris English (8*), Zach Johnson (7*) 

Selected others:

E: Shane Lowry (7*), Jordan Spieth (7*), 

+2: Paul Casey (9*), Rory McIlroy (8), Danny Willett (8)

+3: Rickie Fowler (8), 

+4: Luke Donald (9*)

* signifies they started their round at the 10th

You've got to roll with it

Here's what the ground staff have been up to after all that rain

Ground staff roll the green

Game on...

Play about to resume. Who knows for how long, still feels quite stormy

Players heading back out

Jordan Spieth, who, along with playing partners Bryce DeChambeau and Zach Johnson, had a rules official in his ear over slow play on the 16th, is back out on the course. 

He had just hit his approach to the 17th and watched his ball spin back past the hole, off the front of the green and into the deepest of deep bunkers. "You've got to be kidding me! How is that in the bunker?" he had exclaimed, along with a mild profanity before the hooter sounded.

Quite right Jordan. Play.

Jordan Spieth

Not looking good...

As well as thunder and lightning, we now have standing water on the greens. We will not have play for a while yet, if at all...

18th green is starting to flood. This could be hours. Feel sorry for the public.

18th green is starting to flood. This could be hours. Feel sorry for the public.

Restart in 30 minutes?

I'm told there might be a restart in 30 minutes, although USPGA officials have warned of a "pop-up" storm, which apparently are very popular in London's trendy Shoreditch. Meanwhile, players are unable to practice on the range, because of the threat of lightning. 

A US Open umbrella at Oakmont

Farewell, for now...

Righto, no point updating you up on nothing, so we'll be back again when they're back out on course. 

Latest scores

So after another break for the rain, let's take a look at the leaderboard...

-5: Andrew Landry (13*)

-2: Bubba Watson (10), Danny Lee (8), Lee Westwood (9*), Bryson DeChambeau (7*)

-1: Romain Wattel (11), Kevin Strrelman (11*), Matt Fitzpatrick (8), Harris English (8*), Zach Johnson (7*) 

Selected others:

E: Shane Lowry (7*), Jordan Spieth (7*), 

+2: Paul Casey (9*), Rory McIlroy (8), Danny Willett (8)

+3: Rickie Fowler (8), 

+4: Luke Donald (9*)

* signifies they started their round at the 10th

A golf ball at the US Open
Getty Images

Under my umbrella

Fans flee for shelter as the rain starts to come down at Oakmont.

The crowd hide under umbrellas

Let's hope the weatherman is wrong!

Lightning forecast. Oh dear.

Pittsburgh weather

Lightning fears

"I've never known someone be so excited about watching Northern Ireland play football," quips Danny Willett, as playing partner McIlroy makes his way towards the clubhouse with indecent haste. Northern Ireland, of course, are currently in action against Ukraine. Lightning in the area, apparently, I will keep you posted...

There's the hooter

I thought that was the hooter again but we think it's a passing train. McIlroy driving down the ninth, into the mist, and Willett follows him down there. Fowler with the big stick and we think he's found sand... and that is the hooter, it looks bleak out there to be fair...