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  1. Final score: United States 17-11 Europe
  2. United States beat Europe to win first Ryder Cup since 2008
  3. Reed beats McIlroy 1UP; Stenson beats Spieth 3&2; Pieters beats Holmes 3&2
  4. Fowler beats Rose 1UP; Cabrera-Bello beats Walker 3&2; Mickelson A/S Garcia
  5. Moore beats Westwood 1UP, Snedeker beats Sullivan 3&1; D Johnson beat Wood 1UP
  6. Koepka beats Willett 5&4; Kaymer beat Kuchar 1UP; Z Johnson beats Fitzpatrick 4&3

Live Reporting

By Luke Reddy

All times stated are UK

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Farewell until 2017

Well then, by my watch it's time for bed. We hope you've enjoyed the three days and our golf coverage across the BBC this year. From 5 live to TV to live text, we love bringing it to you.

Next up I guess is Augusta for the Masters. You'll be there with us I know.

How do we sign this one off? Well done America, enjoy the trophy. What a corking few days we have had.

Thanks to you all for the brilliant tweets from far flung places. They were a brilliant addition to the live text. We will see you soon. Now get on the course this week. You have two years to qualify for the 2018 team.

Patrick reed
Getty Images

The United States national anthem plays out, the players stand with their peak hats to their chest and the flags of Europe and the USA are lowered. France in two years it is then folks.

Davis gets his hands on the bounty...

Davis Love

Go on Davis...

Davis Love now rattles off a list of reasons why the week was magical. He goes for elements like the weather, caddies and fans. No one there is going to disagree with him. Then he goes for spouses and partners, yep, that's a safe shout too Davis. You will not meet any resistance on these options. 

He adds: "We came in as a team, going out we are even more of one, that's what makes Ryder Cup golf so incredible. For three days, we take an individual sport and play for something bigger and grander than ourselves."

He has thanked every US player by name, omitting Lee Westwood. (Sorry Lee).

Looking good fellas...

When writing a live text, I try to stay away from writing too much opinion. Here though, I will nail my colours to the mast and I hope you agree with me, blazers and peak hats as a combination must be outlawed.

Players at the Ryder cup in hats and blazrers

More from Darren Clarke: "You played some great golf here this week and you deserved your victory.

"We are Europe and we stand together - we have shown this in the past and we will continue to show this in the future.

"We have been honoured to be guests here this week. Thank you to the PGA of America and to everyone at Hazeltine National.

"Most importantly, thank you to the United States of America.

"The competitive fires of Hazeltine may now be flickering to their embers, but the flame will be ignited in Paris.

"The Ryder Cup is special, unique and like nothing else in golf. It is a fire that burns inside of all of us, one that will never go out."

Both teams are wearing black blazers, we think as a show of respect to the late Arnold Palmer.

Darren Clarke

Clarke takes the stage...

Europe captain Darren Clarke is warmly applauded and here he goes: "On behalf of every single person associated with Team Europe, thank you. This has been another memorable chapter in the history of golf's greatest team contest. And just as I was four days ago, I remain honoured and humbled to be captain of this great team.

"Guys, you are not simply 12 great golfers, you are 12 great men who could not have given a single ounce more of effort and determination this week.

"All the 24 players on this stage did themselves, their families and Samuel Ryder himself, proud. This week has been played under the shadow of Mr Palmer's passing. But I'm sure he is up there looking down on us all with a smile on his face."

The crowd start chanting "ARNOLD PALMER.

"To my good friend Davis and your team, sincere congratulations."

Go on Mike...

The whole shindig will be presented by a  gent called Mike Tirico, an American broadcaster. Seems cheery does Mike.

He congratulates fans for sticking it out. "Join me in welcoming the captains, vice captains and players from Europe and the United States of America," he adds. More trumpets. No trumpet no party.

Here we go...

The closing ceremony is on us. This part is always good for an emotive speech or two. There's a giant Ryder Cup image on the wall, chairs either side for each team and a crowd of people out front. The tune currently blaring is a rather screechy version of Katie Perry's 'Firework'.  Now a switch up to some trumpets, here we go, it's on. I can't promise it will be anything like McIlroy v Reed earlier, but hey, who knows?

Jordan likes the taste...

Jordan Spieth

Dear me...

American golf loves nothing more than an ill-fitting dinner jacket. Even the coveted Green Jacket is an odd fashion choice. The American players are now sporting black ones. What is more, they wear them with golfing attire underneath. It looks as trendy as a pair of old sandals. 

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Time to party

Champagne being sprayed

I think the US team are being driven on golf carts to the stage for the forthcoming ceremony. No doubt a certain Arnold Palmer will get a mention or two. What would the great man have made of the brilliance on show today? My guess is he'd have loved it.

As these winners drive along they wave flags like some sort of triumphant politician.

Phil Mickelson has shades on, he looks like Tom Cruise in Top Gun, just with less of a jaw line.

Enjoy the party

Congratulations to @Love3d and his @RyderCupUSA Team. They fully deserve the win this week with great golf. Enjoy the party tonight guys. 🏆

Coming up...

If you're still with us, stick at it, you've come this far. We have a ceremony to come and who knows, maybe we will have one more moment of chaos. A riot on the stage? The trophy dropped? Maybe someone will get a bit carried away and grant an instant rematch. How good would that be?

One great remembers another...

No doubt this result is good for the @rydercup, good for the game of golf & fitting given #ArnoldPalmer passing...

Setting things alight...

Patrick Reed and Rory McIlroy

All of the analysis in the world begins now, the US have their biggest Ryder Cup win since 1981 after all. But putting all of that aside, what an event this is. I get that sport is about the winning at the highest level, but did you enjoy it?  Those early Rory McIlroy/Patrick Reed holes today were just scintillating. Sometimes we see epic sporting tussles, this was one.

This lot want champagne spray

Golf author Adam Schupak is in a good position...

Amazing scenes

Final scenes What a week ‼️ Well done @Love3d and #TeamUSA The golf has been amazing. ✔️✔️👍

Final scenes What a week ‼️ Well done @Love3d and #TeamUSA The golf has been amazing. ✔️✔️👍

'Stronger for the experience'

Iain Carter

BBC Radio 5 Correspondent

In two years’ time you would expect Rory McIlroy and Henrik Stenson, the Open champion to make the team. Thomas Pieters could be one of the stars, Justin Rose, Rafa Cabrera-Bello and Sergio Garcia are likely to be there.

I expect Lee Westwood has played his last. It was an awfully difficult week for Danny Willett, but he is the Masters champion. Chris Wood, Andy Sullivan, are players who will be much stronger for the experience and, providing their careers stay on the same trajectory, they will be there in Paris.

'Generational change for Europe'

Iain Carter

BBC Radio 5 Correspondent

This has been a Ryder Cup team of generational change for the Europeans. The likes of Ian Poulter and Graeme McDowell, they have been replaced by guys who have been inspired by the way Europe have played, but six rookies is always going to be an awful lot. Five qualified and they will become stronger players because of it, I would imagine.

USA's Phil Mickelson: "Sergio played a lot of great golf out there, he played a lot of good golf this week. But to look up and see that much red and how they were fighting, and how Patrick [Reed] led us out, it was really fun to be a part of this team. 

"We've got some work to do, this is something we're hopefully going to build on and hopefully we're going to get even better."

US win by six points

Ryder Cup final score

Kaymer beats Kuchar 1UP

Hats off to Martin Kaymer, he found something late on with four birdies in the final six holes. Matt Kuchar can't overturn things on the last and Kaymer has two putts for a halve, to win the match by one hole.

He rolls up, that'll do it. Well done Martin, bitter sweet.

It is our team now - Love

US win Ryder Cup

US captain Davis Love speaking to BBC Radio 5 live: “There was shift in attitude, it is our team now and not their team. We kept losing over and over, it’s a breath of fresh air and new attitude.

“We came here ready to go. It started in March with Jack Nicklaus telling us to be prepared and throughout with Tiger Woods telling us the strategy. It was a new system and the picks were confusing, but everything else we were prepared for.

“It was a new chapter over the last two years and I think the biggest thing is not really the win, but that we are all pulling in the same direction together. We are going in a great direction, the veteran players have showed them what we want them to do for the next 20 years.”

'The hero of the Ryder Cup'

US win Ryder Cup

Jordan Spieth reacts on Sky Sports: "It feels amazing. Two years ago we experienced the other side. This year we just executed it a bit better and got the cup. How about Ryan Moore coming from two down with three to go and clinching it for us? Patrick Reed the hero of the Ryder Cup, absolutely unbelievable what he did. We did this for the captain, he had a tough go four years ago. 

"The Euros put up an unbelievable fight. I'm blessed to be a part of this incredible team and hopefully a change in the future of the Ryder Cup."

I wouldn't have changed a thing - Clarke

US win Ryder Cup

Europe captain Darren Clarke speaking to BBC Radio 5 live: "After about an hour and a half there was a lot of blue on the board and that was what we needed to see, but the American guys fought hard and played very, very well today. 

"I wouldn’t have changed anything. I have spoken about this already to my vice captains and we were confident. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but even with that we wouldn’t have made any changes. 

"A putt missed here or a putt holed outside your opponent, that makes all the difference. Unfortunately for us we didn’t quite hole them and the Americans did. I couldn’t have asked for one ounce more. Davis' team gave everything and that’s the passion of the Ryder Cup.

"We will be fighting hard for it again in Paris in two years' time."

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Ryder Cup overall scores

I'm proud of Davis - Furyk

US win Ryder Cup

Jim Furyk, one of the USA’s vice captains, speaking to BBC Radio 5 live: "We have had our struggles and Europe has got the best of us over the past 20 years - these guys played beautifully all week. It is easy to put pressure on yourself but this group did an amazing job and we’re looking to the future.

"Davis Love was the right guy for the job. I’m glad the committee decided to pick him. He had a good plan and a lot of experience.

"Really I am so happy for him as well. Great leadership comes from guys who will never take the credit. He deserves a whole lot of the credit. I’m proud of his leadership."

Yet another point for the US

Dustin Johnson gets a half on the last with Chris Wood to complete a 1UP victory and further extend the United States' winning margin.

Ryder Cup overall scores

Moore digesting victory

Moore beat Westwood 1UP to seal Ryder Cup

USA's Ryan Moore, who sealed the winning point: "I don't think I've had a moment to digest what just happened. I was trying my hardest, trying to not let my team down, to make Lee do something to beat me.

"To clinch the last point of the Ryder Cup for the US is unbelievable.

"This is something I want to be a part of every single year. The crowds have been so supportive."


'We handled the pressure'

US win Ryder Cup

US captain Davis Love is asked what he is most proud of this week? "That our guys handled the pressure. There was a lot of stunning golf. Phil put up 10 birdies and only got a half today. I'm proud of what Darren Clarke did but we pulled together and put up a performance. Everybody did their part, from the people in the locker room to the guys on the course.

Celebrations? "It will be a lot of fun. We have talked about things to do, one of them is going to Arnold Palmer's ceremony on Tuesday."

'I am humbled'

US win the Ryder Cup

davis Love and darren Clarke

American captain Davis Love speaks on Sky Sports: "This team had to come together. We lost Arnold Palmer last Sunday, that was tragic. So many crazy things have happened. It's not about one guy. We have been criticised for eight or 10 years for not coming together. Everyone who played on the team or didn't play, showed we had a lot of heart.

"I am humbled that they put me in this position and everything that happened is special. in 2012 we had a great team, this is different, I'm just super proud of them. We all pulled together.

"We have been kicked around for so long. You keep losing and you feel like you have to do something different we all said we are going to do whatever it takes."

'We will get it back'

US win Ryder Cup

Carin Koch

Last year's European Solheim Cup captain on BBC Radio 5 live

That is the tough thing, but Europe will come back strong in two years' time and the six rookies will not be rookies next time. We will get it back.

A victory long planned and well deserved

US win Ryder Cup

Tom Fordyce

Chief sports writer in Minnesota

Cavorting and celebrating across Hazeltine, the long wait to win back the Ryder Cup over at last for a home team that never looked like falling apart on this final afternoon. 

It has taken task-forces, tears, rows, former captains being criticised and co-opted and a new approach based on European successes of old, but it has all paid off. A victory long planned and entirely deserved.

US win yet another point

Ryder Cup overall score

USA 16-10 Europe

Z Johnson beat Fitzpatrick 4&3

Zach Johnson has added a point to the American tally, he's shut out Fitzpatrick 4&3 after a birdie at 15, only his second of the round.

Zach Johnson
Getty Images

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