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  1. -9 Rose (18), Garcia (18) - Garcia wins at first extra play-off hole
  2. -6 Schwartzel (18); -5 Kuchar (18), Pieters (18); -4 Casey (18)
  3. -3 Chappell (18), McIlroy (18); -2 Scott (18), Moore (18); -1 Spieth (18), Fowler (18)
  4. Selected: +1 Westwood (18), Couples (18); +3 Rahm (18)

Live Reporting

By Luke Reddy and Jonathan Jurejko

All times stated are UK

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Farewell golfing chums...

Sergio Garcia
Getty Images

And on that run of emotional pictures, we will call it a day. That was some Masters and by golly, some final day.

It had a hole in one from Matt Kuchar, threats from down the leaderboard and of course, some serious Sergio Garcia spirit.

A massive hat tip for you Justin Rose, a credit for sure.

But Sergio, the floor is yours, at last.

Thanks for staying with us, thank you for the texts and tweets, sleep well and I guess we will see you in May as we will be live-texting the Players Championship from 11-14 May.

After that Augusta treat, how could you possibly miss the next big golfing installment?

For a full final-day report, click here. And to access all the video clips you could wish for, try this link. Goodnight.

Fore left!

The moment...

In goes the ball...


Garcia and his fiance in the background sink to their knees...


And then it sinks in...


Sergio on point...

Looking at the stats, only Soren Kjeldsen was better off the tee than Sergio. The Dane hit 46 fairways out of 56, Sergio managed one less. Garcia was also fifth on the average drive distance, so he married power with accuracy.

And from the fairway, he hit 54 of 72 greens - as did Justin Rose - with only Paul Casey better on 56.

Added together, it won him a mighty fine prize.


Garcia, Olazabal and Seve

We've sat here live texting for around 40 hours over four days and oddly, I kind of wish it was still going on.

You just cannot beat that back nine on Masters Sunday. Captivating, it takes you up and down, back and forth, and does so against a gorgeous backdrop.

Some entertainment...

Looking at the order of UK Twitter trends it must be the case that Line of Duty is pretty good to get in above Sergio.

And what about Seve, still trending, still making people talk.


Rose magnanimous in defeat

Speaking on BBC Two, he said: "I'm disappointed but I don't know quote how I feel. It all happens quite quick in a sudden death play-off.

"Sergio had a great comeback by making par on 13 after driving into the trees and that was the turning point for him. At that point i was in control.

"I hit a really good putt on 18 in regulation play and thought that was going to go in and I guess I under-read my putt in the play-off because of that and that's why it went low.

"But I'm really happy for Sergio. We've been friends for a long time and playing golf against each other since we were 14. 

"I'm going to be disappointed for about a month but then golf will take over and I'll go after my goals with the US Open and Open at Royal Birkdale coming up.

"I'm surrpised how cool I felt. It's a sign of me maturing as a player. I see myself having many more chances to come at Augusta."

Picture of the day...

Sergio Garcia

On his opponent, Justin Rose, Sergio Garcia:  "At the end of the day we are both trying to win but we are all people. We have to represent our game. We are good friends so we were very respectful of each other. We were cheering each other on. We wanted to beat the other guy, not the other lose it.

"When I came here in '99 as an amateur I felt this course could give me one major. That thought changed down the years because I became uncomfortable. But I have made peace with it and accepted what Augusta gives and takes."

Olazabal's message

2017 Masters champion Sergio Garcia in the Butler Cabin: "It has been such a long time coming. I thought I had it on 18. I hit the putt exactly how I wanted but it didn't quite break how I thought. I knew I was playing well. I felt the calmest I ever felt in a major. Even after a couple of bogeys I was still positive that there were a lot of holes I could get to. I am so happy.

"It is amazing. To do it on his [Seve's] 60th birthday and to join him and Jose Maria Olazabal, my two idols in golf, it is something amazing. Jose Maria texted on Thursday saying how much he believed in me and to believe in myself. Everybody has been great. My whole family, my fiance."

A jacket, a hug and giggles...

Garcia and Willett

The champion...

Sergio Garcia speaks ahead of receiving his Green Jacket: "I felt like this course was probably going to give me one major. That thought changed over the years as I started feeling uncomfortable on the course but I came to peace with it and accepted it."

Butler cabin

This may be out of place, but the backdrop in Butler Cabin looks like it could be rented out to slot in as the backdrop for some sort of home shopping channel...

Anyway, back to Sergio...

Sergio Garcia is nodding along as questions are asked and I get the feeling he will do well to get out of here without tears flowing. Hang in there Sergio, you've made it this far...

To the cabin...

In Butler Cabin, top amateur Stewart Hagestad enters, as does 2016 champion Danny Willett clasping a Green Jacket. In the middle of the two is Sergio Garcia, sat upright, good posture.

WATCH: Garcia wins The Masters

Garcia wins play-off to take green jacket

And a wink from Rors...

A nod from Tiger...

We are about to head to Buter Cabin, where dreams really do come true...

That was gripping, truly gripping. I was perplexed at how Sergio Garcia suddenly looked beat around the turn. He'd done little wrong but his body language just transformed, he looks almost weak in the face of challenge.

But then, remarkably, he found something. That eagle putt on on 15 was as true a sporting moment as you'll see anywhere. Wow, just wow.

Spain's day


Emotional scenes

Iain Carter

BBC Radio 5 live at Augusta

The whole of the golfing world is crying. It's one of those occasions that really stirs the emotions. 

Sergio the legend

Shaun Micheel

2003 US PGA Championship winner, BBC Radio 5 live

If there was anybody deserving to win, it was Sergio. This is has made him a legend in the game.

Andrew Cotter

BBC commentator at Augusta

It seemed he would never, never win a major.

What do you say about this?


The hugs flow. Players and wives wait off the green and embrace the champion. His fiancee looks more stunned than he does. They embrace and embrace again.

He shouts to the heavens, his voice almost giving way halfway through. 

Sergio garcia

A record-breaking major

Jay Townsend

BBC Radio 5 live at Augusta

Sergio Garcia becomes the major winner who has endured the longest wait to land one of the big four.

Mark O'Meara won at the 1998 Masters in his 56th major. Tom Kite's win in the 1992 US Open was his 71st major. Sergio is playing his 74th.


Garcia wins on first play-off hole

Garcia wins play-off to take green jacket

Can you believe it? All the waiting, all the doubters, these scenes are packed with emotion.

He only needed one of the two putts he had in hand, the ball almost circling the cup before dropping as if to tease him just one more time.

Sergio Garcia of Spain celebrates
Getty Images

Play-off hole 1: Rose (-9) Garcia (-9)

Sergio Garcia has 12 ft and two putts to end decades of waiting...

Play-off hole 1: Rose (-9) Garcia (-9)

Sergio wipes is putter grip as Justin Rose prepares. Wipe your palms too sir.

Here comes the putt, good weight, great weight, line is... off. He misses left and it looks like Sergio Garcia will...

Play-off hole 1: Rose (-9) Garcia (-9)

It will be Justin Rose first. It has to go in. If it doesn't Sergio will have two for the win.

Right now, Garcia is probably praying for an easier finish. Rose sizes things up...

Mark Chapman

BBC Sport presenter at Augusta

That shot was a lot better than Justin Rose's body language indicated.

Play-off hole 1: Rose (-9) Garcia (-9)


Justin Rose has to apply the pressure now. If this is wayward Sergio Garcia will be all but home. A delicious sound as club meets ball and a tasty outcome. He's around 15ft away, outside of Garcia's ball but that putt is makable.

A reminder, Rose will putt for a four, Garcia has a look from closer in for three.

Play-off hole 1: Rose (-9) Garcia (-9)


Sergio Garcia, the hush at Augusta deafening, swipes through the ball and we wait for it to drop, looks good, is good, 12ft or so left for the win... what a shot.

Play-off hole 1: Rose (-9) Garcia (-9)

Justin Rose cannot go for the green as he's under tree branches, he will have to nudge one out into the fairway. He does so, though not cleanly and his ball runs up the fairway.

Over to you Sergio, huge advantage...

How it felt...

Getty Images
Getty Images

These were the reactions when each man missed their putt on 18 in regulation play. Feel those emotions people.

WATCH: The crucial missed putts on 18

Rose and Garcia miss putts forcing play-off

Advantage Garcia

Jay Townsend

BBC Radio 5 live at Augusta

I'm not sure of Justin Rose's view of the green from there. He is going to have to play a low, punchy shot and get a lot of cut which is not going to be easy off the pine needles.

Sergio Garcia, by contrast, has a perfect angle to get the ball on the green. All it is is a little nine iron.

Play-off hole 1: Rose (-9) Garcia (-9)

Justin Rose's lie
BBC Sport

Justin Rose gets a huge helping hand for the second time in his last three shots here at this tournament. His drive on this 18th is way right, it's threatening the car park, and it strikes a tree to land in the pine needles. Still far from ideal but that could have been deep in the woods.

Sergio Garcia steps up, gutsy look on his face, fires up the middle. 

Advantage Spain.