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  1. Shaun Murphy wins 2015 Masters
  2. Neil Robertson 2-10 Shaun Murphy
  3. Murphy completes 'triple crown'
  4. Best clips of the tournament in Highlights

Live Reporting

By Gary Rose

All times stated are UK

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OK that is all from us after what proved to be an incredibly one-sided final. Amazing to think one year ago, Shaun Murphy thought about giving up snooker and now he is a Masters champion.

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report on Murphy's win by my colleague Shamoon Hafez and, until next time, goodbye.

On a comeback

Stephen Hendry

Seven-time world champion on Facebook

Q: Matt Foster I think a comeback from you would spark great interest I'd love to see it, have you ever thought about coaching another professional?

SH: I do get asked advice now and then from some pros, but if they keep doing it I'll have to start charging them! I don't think I'll ever do it full-time, I don't have the patience.

Q: Dan Fuller Have you considered a comeback after Ronnie overtook your record of most centuries?

SH: I've not considered a comeback because of that. Even if I did return, he would still be playing more tournaments than me so I'm not going to catch him.

On Ronnie O'Sullivan

Stephen Hendry

Seven-time world champion on Facebook

Q: Simon Gordon Roberts. At the moment Ronnie is the star of snooker. Do you see anybody on the circuit replacing him?

SH: Judd Trump's time might come in two or three years.

Q: Connor Scantlebury. Do you reckon that Ronnie O'Sullivan has the ability to beat your crucible wins?

SH: He has the ability no doubt, but whether he can win another three remains to be seen.

On Shaun Murphy

Stephen Hendry

Seven-time world champion on Facebook

More from

Stephen Hendry this time about Masters winner Shaun Murphy:

Q: Daniel Crossfield. Do you think Shaun can win the world championship this year if he plays like he has at the Masters?

SH: Yes he can, he seems to have a better 'killer instinct' over the last year and he should have won more majors with his talent.

Stephen Hendry

Seven-time world champion on Facebook

Earlier, six-time Masters champion

Stephen Hendry joined BBC Sport on Facebook for a Q&A with the fans. Here is a pick of the best ones:

Q: Ashley Phillips. Best player you've played against?

SH: Ronnie O'Sullivan is the most talented, but I loved my battles with Steve Davis.

Q: Wullie Mccandless. Did you ever feel sorry for an opponent and did you ever wish someone to win so you could play them in the next round of a tournament?

SH: No, I've never felt sorry for an opponent.

The snooker may be off the television now and we have just about hoovered up all the reaction to be had but we still have a few other bits and pieces to keep you entertained.

They were meant for the mid-session interval but it is fair to say Shaun Murphy's comfortable win caught us all a tad off guard...

Shaun Murphy

Shaun Murphy has finally got his hands on this trophy. He had set himself a target of claiming it by 2025, so he is just slightly ahead of schedule. What next for the Magician?

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Saisrikanth Y: Enchanting snooker by Shaun Murphy. Great to see him complete the triple crown. The Masters has been a fantastic tournament.

Marge Dacre: Well done to Shaun Murphy! He played like he was at the practice table enjoying himself.

Aodhan: Congratulations Shaun Murphy @Magician147 2015 Masters Snooker Champion.

Shaun Murphy wins the 2015 Masters

Steve Davis

Six-time world champion on BBC TV

"It is never nice to get a drubbing in the final but it was just one match. If you look at Neil Robertson's standard in the tournament as a whole it was very high.

"However, you judge yourself on winning and losing and you beat yourself up on the last defeat."

Shaun Murphy wins the 2015 Masters

Shaun Murphy goes home with the trophy he has been after for a few years and £200,000 in his pocket. Not a bad week at all.

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Hazel Allen: Yayyy well done Shaun Murphy! Triple crown!

Peter Revill: Murphy deserved that. Shame there's not any more, but he was dominant.

Hollum: Massive congrats to Shaun Murphy for getting the triple crown! So well deserved!

Shaun Murphy wins the 2015 Masters

Masters winner Shaun Murphy: "It is unbelievable. I cannot believe it. I first came to this event when I was 12 and my dad asked if I felt I'd ever play in it and I said I'd love to and to win it is unbelievable.

"I just decided to stick in there and be patient. In all I have played pretty well this week and I am blown away."

Shaun Murphy wins the 2015 Masters

Let's hear from the man himself....

Shaun Murphy wins the 2015 Masters

Shaun Murphy
Getty Images

As Neil Robertson says, Shaun Murphy joins the 'triple crown' club, today's win completing the capture of World, UK and Masters titles.

Shaun Murphy wins the 2015 Masters

Neil Robertson is first up to speak, and he is gracious in defeat: "Shaun played very well today.

"I just could not produce the sort of snooker that got me to the final. I'd just like to say welcome to the triple crown club. Shaun is a worthy champion."

Neil Robertson 2-10 Shaun Murphy

All over as Neil Robertson cruises to victory, putting the frame out of Neil Robertson's sight. What a performance!



Neil Robertson 2-9 Shaun Murphy

Nothing on for Neil Robertson and Shaun Murphy is back in. This could be it, that Masters trophy is in touching distance.

Neil Robertson 2-9 Shaun Murphy

The difference between these two players today is highlighted by the points scored by the two, 819 for Shaun Murphy compared to 339 for Neil Robertson. Murphy fails to add to that, though, when he misses a red bottom right with the rest. He leads 23-7 in this frame.

Neil Robertson 2-9 Shaun Murphy

Shaun Murphy misses a long red and concedes a foul when the black goes in the middle left pocket following a ricochet. Neil Robertson's mind looks to be gone though, he misses a regulation red and Murphy is back in.

Neil Robertson 2-9 Shaun Murphy

Damage limitation for Neil Robertson now, Shaun Murphy is playing for the Masters title in this frame. Can he secure it? The 12th frame is under way.

Neil Robertson 2-9 Shaun Murphy

John Virgo

BBC Sport snooker commentator

"Whenever you lose the first five frames at this level it is always going to be tough. You are under pressure every frame. Neil Robertson got a bad start and he was never able to recover."


Mark Beedie: It's like he doesn't even want to be there. Hit and hope! Just get this over and done with already

Paul Barker: Murphy looking like he could finish this match early. Fantastic performance so far

Alexander Clark: Neil Robertson is getting absolutely demolished

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Shaun Murphy takes the 11th frame

Neil Robertson 2-9 Shaun Murphy

In this form, there was no stopping Shaun Murphy and he does enough to ensure Neil Robertson stays in his seat.

One frame away. Anyone up for another episode of Coast?

Neil Robertson 2-8 Shaun Murphy

Nothing doing on Neil Robertson's visit although he spreads the reds about and a chance for Shaun Murphy to finish off here. He is 52 points ahead with only 51 remaining.

Neil Robertson 2-8 Shaun Murphy

Shaun Murphy finishes off what Neil Robertson started, potting a red into the middle pocket. A chance or him to build a healthy advantage, although there are still some bunched reds to deal with. He tries to cut one into the bottom left pocket, misses but not much on for Robertson now.

Neil Robertson 2-8 Shaun Murphy

Shaun Murphy manages a break of eight in return, his visit ended when a long red misses the yellow pocket. Nothing left open for Neil Robertson and a safety battle ensues, before Robertson attempts a double into the middle pocket, but the red strikes both jaws and stays out.


Steve: Very impressive performance by Murphy, with a bit of help from Robertson

Peter Meades: The Magician is in the zone... cueing like an absolute dream

danny smith: Well can't see @Magician147 losing now

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Neil Robertson 2-8 Shaun Murphy

Neil Robertson gets off the mark but he can only manage a break of seven as he misses the black. It is just not his day.

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Stephen: I'd 8-2 be Neil Robertson right now.

Neil Robertson 2-8 Shaun Murphy

A few shouts of encouragement for Neil Robertson from the crowd before Shaun Murphy steps up to break in the 11th frame.

John Parrott

Former world champion on BBC TV

"I think that last frame was massive. It puts a totally difference perspective in the match, that was the last throw of the dice for Neil Robertson."

World Snooker on Twitter: SPORTING GREAT: Delighted to welcome six-time Paralympic gold medallist David Weir to the final

David Weir

Shaun Murphy takes the 10th frame

Neil Robertson 2-8 Shaun Murphy

Shaun Murphy's break ends at 127 - the same as he got in the first session but he is marching towards victory here. We might not need a mid-session interval at this rate. Two wins away.


Neil Robertson 2-7 Shaun Murphy

Black bottom left and there it is! The century and on he goes. Neil Robertson is not getting another visit in this frame.

Neil Robertson 2-7 Shaun Murphy

Shaun Murphy drills the black into the bottom right pocket and he is storming his way towards a second century in this final. 89 so far in this break.


Neil Robertson 2-7 Shaun Murphy

This is looking good for Shaun Murphy as he rattles his way past the half-century mark. There's plenty of loose reds and a good chance for a big score here.

Neil Robertson 2-7 Shaun Murphy

Another mighty fine long red into the bottom right pocket and Shaun Murphy is up and running.

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Daniel: That pink is probably the worst shot Neil Robertson's played in years. Could end up crucial.

shane cook: The thunder from down under sure made a blunder

Adam Todd: Absolute giveaway! As if Robertson wasn't up against it enough already! 7-2 Murphy, and this could be a very early finish!

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John Parrott

Former world champion on BBC TV

"It is not very often Neil Robertson plays a poor safety shot. The amount of pink that was sticking out in that frame, once he clipped it, there was only one place that pink was going to go - towards the corner pocket. A very strange shot.

"The Ronnie O'Sullivan match may have taken it out of him."