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  1. Mark Selby beats Ding Junhui 18-14
  2. Selby wins his second world title
  3. Leicester player retains No. 1 ranking
  4. Englishman led 10-7 after first day

Live Reporting

By Michael Emons

All times stated are UK

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Thank you and goodbye

Mark Selby 18-14 Ding Junhui

So what a day for Mark Selby. And what a day for Leicester.

Selby led 6-0 early in the match, but Ding Junhui refused to give up and twice moved only one frame behind.

But Selby showed why he is the world number one, a position that he will still keep after this victory, and through a combination of excellent safety, fantastic break-building and potting under pressure he held off his gallant Chinese opponent.

For Ding, his first World Championship final ended in disappointment, but he can proud of the part he played in a gripping, tense and wonderful final.

Our report on the final is live and all that is left is for me to say thank you for joining us and we hope you enjoyed it all as much as we did. Goodbye.

Mark Selby with the world championship trophy
Getty Images

Relive the moment

Mark Selby 18-14 Ding Junhui

Watch this clip to see Mark Selby's magic moment, as he wins the 2016 World Snooker Championship. 

Selby wins World Snooker Championship

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Heidi Gardner: So chuffed that Mark Selby is Snooker World Champ, and even more chuffed that it didn't go on as late as last night!

Sнє∂∂ιє: Hope Ding inspires the next generation of young Chinese players to go on and maybe win the championship one Congrats to Selby.

Prawn Cufflinks: It's so stressful being a Mark Selby supporter. We had fingernails a fortnight ago! But it's all worth it. Well done Mark!

Leicester's double

Mark Selby has won the Snooker World Championship and stick with us here for more reaction. 

But there's also reaction from Leicester City winning the Premier League after Tottenham drew 2-2 at Chelsea. All of that can be found at our live page here. 

Mark Selby and Claudio Ranieri
Getty Images/PA

'A fascinating tournament'

Mark Selby 18-14 Ding Junhui

Steve Davis

Six-time world champion on BBC Two

Ding Junhui has inspired another generation of players in China. When they have seen the character he has shown, it is not a failure. There will be a Chinese champion somewhere down the line. It's been a fascinating tournament. It's great to see there is strength in depth within the players.

'Pure class'

Mark Selby 18-14 Ding Junhui

John Parrott

1991 world champion on BBC Two

Ding Junhui comes out with enormous credit. He just came up against someone who was slightly better than him. The way Mark Selby went over the winning line is the sign of a true champion, that final break was one of pure class. Selby is just made of granite, very stern stuff. He is a tremendous competitor, his 'B' game gives headaches to others, and he doesn’t waste a shot. When he gets his scoring boots on he becomes very difficult to play against, and when he’s not scoring every shot has a purpose.

The feeling of being a champion again

Mark Selby 18-14 Ding Junhui

He experienced it two years ago and Mark Selby has his hands on the World Championship trophy again as confetti rained down from the Crucible roof.

Mark Selby with the trophy

'Well done to Claudio and the boys'

Mark Selby 18-14 Ding Junhui

It is the best sporting half-hour in the history of the city of Leicester, with Selby's win coming shortly after Leicester City took the Premier League title.

"To be Premier League champions is a fantastic achievement and I want to say well done to Claudio (Ranieri) and the boys," adds Selby.

Selby with the Leicester City flag
BBC Sport

'Luckily my 'B' game is pretty good'

Mark Selby 18-14 Ding Junhui

"It is fantastic," says the 2016 world champion Mark Selby. "It was very special to win it two years ago, but I felt under a lot more pressure now than I did two years ago.

"It was a tough final and with the amount of pressure Ding is under, just from China alone but to play like that - I can't imagine how he could do that.

"In the first to 18, a 6-0 lead is not a huge one, especially against someone like Ding. He played fantastically earlier today and I had to just hang on to him. I'm just over the moon. I saved my best performance for the final and I only had two good sessions in the tournament. Luckily my 'B' game is pretty good."

Selby with the trophy
BBC Sport

Mark Selby 18-14 Ding Junhui

And now some quotes from the now two-time world champion Mark Selby.

Mark Selby 18-14 Ding Junhui

Ding Junhui: "I had a very bad start 6-0 down, I couldn't win a frame. I was a bit nervous as I hadn't been in a final before."

The players shake hands at the end of the match
BBC Sport


Mark Selby 18-14 Ding Junhui (74-0, Selby 74)

The red goes down, another pink, and that's it. It is all over. Mark Selby wins the world title for a second time.

Mark Selby celebrates winning the title
BBC Sport

Mark Selby 17-14 Ding Junhui

Sixty-seven ahead, sixty-seven remaining.

Mark Selby 17-14 Ding Jnuhui

The pink ball is pocketed and then a red. Selby's break is at 61, and he is still going.

Mark Selby 17-14 Ding Junhui

Selby is 53 ahead now. This should be it. The title awaits.

Mark Selby 17-14 Ding Junhui

Stephen Hendry

Seven-time world champion on BBC Two

Selby's looking determined to get it won in this frame. This is as determined as he has looked all night.

Mark Selby 17-14 Ding Junhui

It is up to 39-0 and Selby is on a red perfectly.

Selby at the table
BBC Sport

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Mark Selby 17-14 Ding Junhui

Ian, as a Symptom: Mark Selby is about 10 shots away from bringing the championship back to Leicester.

Mark Selby 17-14 Ding Junhui

The heart must be beating fast now for Mark Selby. He is five minutes away from the title here. He is still on a red, 25-0 ahead with 11 reds left.

Mark Selby 17-14 Ding Junhui

Selby is up to 19. Still in a great position.

Mark Selby 17-14 Ding Junhui

Part one of a Leicester title double has just been completed. And part two may follow very soon. Selby is in an amazingly good position. This is his chance.

Red set up
BBC Sport

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Mark Selby 17-14 Ding Junhui

Arabelle: What'll happen to Selby's game when someone accidentally reveals the Leicester news?

Ben Rogers: I assume all this excitement about Leicester is because Mark Selby is just one frame from the snooker World championship?

Leicester City are champions

Chelsea 2-2 Tottenham

Leicester City have won the Premier League courtesy of Tottenham drawing 2-2 at Chelsea.

It is the greatest Premier League story ever told. The Chelsea fans have been singing "there's only one Ranieri" around Stamford Bridge - tonight, it is Leicester's night. 

Tottenham led 2-0 but, Gary Cahill and Eden Hazard pegged them back and the gap is now seven points to Leicester, with only two matches left.

You can read all the reaction here. 

Leicester fans celebrate

One more for the glory

Mark Selby 17-14 Ding Junhui (59-11)

One more. Just one more frame.

Imagine playing against Mark Selby, it would be an absolute nightmare. The frame takes 51 minutes, but Selby will not care one bit. He wins it 59-11.

Mark Selby 16-14 Ding Junhui

He doesn't go for the straight-forward one, he goes for a fancy double instead. And it pays off with the red pocketed and then Selby opts for a snooker behind the black. Selby's playing the percentage game, and it could well bring him the title.

Mark Selby 16-14 Ding Junhui

A half-chance for Selby. He is now 50-11 up, and Ding has just missed a rolled red into the top right pocket.Selby has a tricky-looking cut on a red into the middle. Does he go for it and take the risk or does he play safe?

Ding Junhui
Getty Images

'The Leicester double is on'

Mark Selby 16-14 Ding Junhui

Shamoon Hafez

BBC Sport at the Crucible Theatre

"Ding Junhui was standing at the table when suddenly the media room burst into cheers.

"Chelsea had equalised against Tottenham which means the Leicester double of Premier League and Mark Selby winning the World Championship is on.

"Wonder if anyone in the arena has told him the score?"

Latest: Chelsea 2-2 Tottenham

As it stands, the title is Leicester's. Eden Hazard curls a wonderful effort into the top right hand corner and Stamford Bridge, as well as the East Midlands, erupts.

Spurs have to win to have a chance of the Premier League trophy. You can follow all the drama unfold here.

There are five minutes plus injury-time for Spurs to score again, or the title is heading to Leicester.

As it stands Premier League table

Mark Selby 16-14 Ding Junhui

Hope you're comfortable. Two of the three reds left are wedged against the top cushion. We are going to be here for a long, long time. The score is still 43-7 to Selby.

Meanwhile, things are getting interesting, very, very interesting at Stamford Bridge....

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Mark Selby 16-14 Ding Junhui

Terry Martin: This has to be the best final since Davis v Taylor. Come on Ding Junhui.

KGR: The tension on every ball right now!

Mark Selby 16-14 Ding Junhui

So, it is 43-7 in Selby's favour with three reds on the table. And then another warning from referee Paul Collier for everyone to turn their phones off. Far, far too many times has he had to say that over the last two days.

Mark Selby 16-14 Ding Junhui

BAFTA-winning actress Brenda Blethyn has seen, and been in, plenty of drama in her time. She is loving the show put on at the Crucible Theatre tonight.

Snooker final between Selby and Ding is so exciting! Edge of my seat. Brilliant

The Crucible theatre
BBC Sport

Mark Selby 16-14 Ding Junhui

We are at a stage where every shot is one played under huge pressure. Selby, despite awkward cueing over a blue, manages to pot a red. Which player will hold their nerve? Never mind playing, this is tense just watching it.

A 147 in music

BBC 6 music

Right now BBC Radio 6 music are attempting to make a 147 via song. They started with a song with 'red' in it, that was followed by 'black', and they will continue to do this 15 times until we pot the 'red' and screw back, for the 'yellow', 'green', 'brown', 'blue', 'pink' and 'black!' (sorry!). 

Maybe have a listen whilst following our live text

Barry Hearn and his matchroom players
Getty Images

Sorry to make you feel old but Snooker Loopy is 30 years old this month.

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Mark Selby 16-14 Ding Junhui

Samuel Brown: Re-open the vote, that was shot of the championship!

Tom Hill: Ding just won the "weird shot" award away from Selby's super-long-wobbly-cue effort.

Selby creates huge cue to play pot

Mark Selby 16-14 Ding Junhui

The cueball is touching both the reds in the first picture, so Ding, with the steadiest hands in the Crucible, does enough to just nudge a contact, despite almost sitting on the table.

Impressive stuff. Impressive balance. Impressive technique.

Red set up
BBC Sport
Ding Junhui at the table
BBC Sport
Ding's unusual cueing action

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Mark Selby 16-14 Ding Junhui

Con-bon: Really going to miss this snooker when it's finished. What's even worse is I have my first GCSE exam tomorrow afternoon.

Tom Bickle: I can't explain why but I have a feeling we'll still see a 147 tonight.

KT: I keep jumping up and shouting at the iPad! Sort of my own commentary! How are their hands not shaking with nerves?!

Latest: Chelsea 1-2 Tottenham

Game on again at Stamford Bridge. Remember Spurs need to win to ensure the title race goes to next weekend at least. But Gary Cahill has pegged the visitors back in a bad-tempered game. There is about 30 minutes to go at Stamford Bridge and you can follow all the action here

Gary Cahill scores

Nervy times for these Leicester fans - are they watching Spurs or Selby, hard to tell. 

Leicester fans

Mark Selby 16-14 Ding Junhui

Oohs and aahs from a packed Crucible crowd. Mark Selby misses a black with the rest to leave Ding in what looks a great position.

He can't take advantage and then misses another one he probably should have potted. Current score in this frame Selby 7-7 Ding.

Mark Selby misses the black
BBC Sport
Mark Selby after his miss

Winning shot

The Shot of the Tournament

We told you that Mark Selby's great shot against Marco Fu had won the vote for Shot of the Tournament.

Well, now, sit back and enjoy it in all its glory again by watching this clip.

Best shot of 2016 world championships