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  1. Murray wins 6-4 v 7-6 (7-2) v Dimitrov
  2. Agnieszka Radwanska beat Johanna Konta 6-4 6-2
  3. It was Radwanska's 20th WTA title
  4. Johanna Konta into world's top 10 for first time
  5. Get Involved: Use #bbctennis

Live Reporting

By Mike Henson and Gary Rose

All times stated are UK

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Shanghai, Paris, London.

By the time that little is done and the season is out, Andy Murray could, could, have toppled the previously untouchable Novak Djokovic.

Plenty to look forward to. But that is our lot for now. See you soon.

Djokovic will need to be his usual end-of-year outstanding self to keep his cushion at top of rankings. Murray just 1565 pts adrift in 2016

Andy Murray celebrates
"I'm coming for you Novak."

Murray wins China Open

Grigor Dimitrov says that Andy Murray is one of the toughest players out there, before doing his diplomatic best as he thanks the sponsors, the ball kids and the crowd.

Murray wins China Open

Andy Murray hoists aloft an over-sized trophy that looks like the sort of thing that you would win on Mario Kart.

All shiny gold laurel leaves on top of a chunky base.

Time for the post-match chat.

Andy Murray holds his trophy aloft

Murray noses in toward Djoko

That result nibbles away a little more of Novak Djokovic's yawning great lead at the top of the rankings.

The Serb is now 3695 points ahead of Murray in the ladder.

Andy Murray shakes hands with Grigor Dimitrov

Game, set and match Murray

Murray 6-4 7-6 (7-2) Dimitrov

The fifth title of his year, the 40th of his career and it never really looked in doubt.

Grigor Dimitrov had his moments, but Andy Murray is more consistent, more accurate and more used to seeing out the pointy end of tournaments.

Andy Murray celebrates

Four championship points

*Murray 6-4 6-6 (6-2) Dimitrov


*Murray 6-4 6-6 (4-2) Dimitrov

Grigor Dimitrov presses the net and takes back one of the two mini-breaks before going for a sip of isotonic.


*Murray 6-4 6-6 (4-1) Dimitrov

Murray takes the first point against the head to move a mini-break up. 1-0.

Dimitrov snatches it back with a canny bit of volley and scurry in the second game. 1-1.

Murray holds firm in the third point. 2-1.

And Dimitrov frames a horrible forehand high into the rafter to move Murray a mini-break back up once more. 3-1.

Dimitrov wide on the next. He is 4-1 and a double mini-break down. 

Two Murray serves to come...

Murray holds, tie-break

Murray 6-4 6-6 *Dimitrov

Andy Murray stops the rot to take us into tie-break.

Manuel Pellegrini narrows his eyes in the crowd. The former Manchester City man is wearing a beige overcoat.

Not quite a parka, but stick a bit of faux fur around the hood and it wouldn't be far off.

*Murray 6-4 5-6 Dimitrov

Grigor Dimitrov has hi-jacked this match.

The Bulgarian whips the game from under Andy Murray to love. That is 11 straight points to Dimitrov without answer.

Murray in a tailspin. He needs to yank back on the joystick hard in the next game. The Scot is serving to stay in the second set.

Dimitrov breaks

Murray 6-4 5-5 *Dimitrov

An eyesore of a game topped off with a horror show of a shot.

Andy Murray skips forward to meet a routine drive volley and bashes his shot well wide to allow Grigor Dimitrov back into the match.

Murray is going to be furious with himself.

This match is now being played in territory that should have been out of bounds to Dimitrov.

Three break points Dimitrov

*Murray 6-4 5-4 Dimitrov

A mammoth first point of the game. Back and forth they trade, Murray slicing, Dimitrov pounding, vice-versa, topsy-turvy, until, with north of 30 strokes on the meter, Murray pumps just long. 0-15.

Dimitrov nibbles off the next point as well and suddenly at 0-30, the crowd sense that their afternoon's entertainment could be extended.

Murray clumps long! 0-40 and three break points to Dimitrov! 

*Murray 6-4 5-4 Dimitrov

Oh Grigor.

A leaping Dimitrov hot-dogs an instant reply back at Andy Murray and the surprised Scot cannot claw it back.

Former Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini - now in charge of Hebei Good Fortune in the Chinese Super League- in the crowd and enjoyed that bit of improv.

 Dimitrov holds serve.

But Murray is about to tee off for the title.

Murray 6-4 5-3 *Dimitrov

Andy Murray's serve is still rock-solid. He is marching towards victory with the certainty of a tennis-ing T1000.

*Murray 6-4 4-3 Dimitrov

Grigor Dimitrov keeps his cards on the table. He will have to unpick the Andy Murray serve fairly sharpish if he is to keep this match out on court much longer though.

Murray 6-4 4-2 *Dimitrov

Andy Murray's first serve percentage was as low as a limbo-ing adder in the first set.

He landed with only 30% of his first serves in the opener.

That stat has doubles to around 60% so far in the second and it is keeping Dimitrov at bay.

Murray breaks

*Murray 6-4 3-2 Dimitrov

There is brave. There is bold. And then there is downright reckless.

Grigor Dimitrov - break point down - swats a death-or-glory forehand for the paint.

It was too early in the rally though. Andy Murray was well set on the baseline and would have scraped back even if he had landed.

As it was he was long. And Murray is a break to the good in the second.

Three straight service holds and the title is his. Dimitrov has forced one break point the whole match so far.

Andy Murray celebrates

Dimitrov taken to deuce

Murray 6-4 2-2 *Dimitrov

Andy Murray duffs a cross-court backhand bunt just wide as Grigor Dimitrov comes in at 30-30.

But the Bulgarian sprays an inside-out forehand wide as he attempts to seal the deal on the next point.

Deuce-town once more.

Grigor Dimitrov

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Murray 6-4 2-2 *Dimitrov

Andy Murray's serve suddenly turns Scotch Bonnet hot and that is far too much for Grigor Dimitrov to swallow.

A whipsmart hold.

Dimitrov sees off two break points, holds

*Murray 6-4 1-2 Dimitrov

Andy Murray works up one break point at 30-40, but Grigor Dimitrov wades into a forehand like a Victorian explorer hacking through Amazonian undergrowth.

A second break point for Murray. He is knocking on the door with his steel toecaps now.

Murray over-cooks as he looks to float a slice backhand deep onto the baseline and manoeuvre into position.

But Grigor has added a little more upstairs steel to a game that was also upholstered in pure silk downstairs.

He holds serve via a sublime drop-shot that dies door-nail dead out of the Scot's reach.

Murray 6-4 1-1 Dimitrov*

Fans' level of Rafa-obsession is for illustration purposes only

There is an unusual look to the courtside seats in Beijing.

They are grouped into little booths of about nine seats each by waist-high screens.

A bit of a jazz club vibe to the whole thing.

"Nice" as John Thomson would have said in the Fast Show's sketch.

Andy Murray takes the game to 15 with a pinpoint lob and the winning shot in a dinky net exchange.

 The crowd are enjoying this one.

*Murray 6-4 0-1 Dimitrov

Thanks to Gary Rose for steering us through the first set. Mike Henson now taking the controls.

Andy Murray may have bagged the opener but he the fine details of his game are not as tight and tidy as he would have liked them to be.

He chews the collective ear of his players box as he misses a couple of chances to get into the game on return and allows Dimitrov to make the first mark on the second-set scoreboard.

Murray 6-4 Dimitrov

Dimitrov takes the game's first point as a rally ends with Murray hitting the net. Murray's response is swift as he takes the next three points. Dimitrov then hits a backhand return from Murray's second serve out of play and Murray takes the first set.

One more and he wins title number five for the year.

Andy Murray serves
Getty Images

*Murray 5-4 Dimitrov

Dimitrov does what he needs to do as he holds to love but Murray is now serving for the first set.

Murray 5-3 Dimitrov*

Murray races into 40-0 lead as he looks to claim the eighth game with minimum of fuss. Dimitrov nails a service return winner to get off the mark in the game, but Murray gets the next point and Dimitrov is serving to stay in the set.

Andy Murray celebrates

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Toniwater: Andy Murray in three. He's playing well but I'd love to see him really tested, Grigor Dimitrov is meant to have the game to be a champ! Lets see what he's got!

Judith: I have never relaxed watching Andy, let's win set one and concentrate on set two.

Andy Murray

*Murray 4-3 Dimitrov

Faced with being a double break down, Dimitrov is not giving this one out with a fight. 

There's a real tussle going on after the game goes to deuce as both repeatedly save break points.

A strong serve by Dimitrov has Murray stumbling but he somehow manages to return. Surely Dimitrov is going to get this one? No, he puts it into the net.

He recovers, though, and saves break point. Could be crucial.

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Here's the answer to Andy's question earlier. 

Thanks Brian!

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#bbctennis Easy question from AndySexton. Wimbledon this year. Andy and Heather.

Murray 4-2 Dimitrov*

Bit of pressure for Murray on his serve. A lengthy rally ends when he hits the net to make it 30-30 before he whacks a forehand wide to give Dimitrov break point.

Murray mutters some words of encouragement to himself and it does the trick. He takes the next two points before Dimitrov puts a shot into the net to hand Murray the game.

*Murray 3-2 Dimitrov

Dimitrov keeps in touch by taking the next game but he is still a break down. The Bulgarian has upped his first-serve game, and Murray can't cope with it in this game. 

Grigor Dimitrov of Bulgaria serves
Getty Images

Murray 3-1 Dimitrov*

That's the way to hit back. A 30th ace of the week helps Murray win his service game swiftly.

*Murray 2-1 Dimitrov

Plenty of 'ooohs' from the stands as Dimitrov starts to find his range. He has Murray stretched on the court, moving into a 40-30 lead with a couple of beefy forehands.

Murray gets to deuce but it's advantage Dimitrov with a strong cross court shot before taking the next point to get off the mark.

Murray 2-0 Dimitrov*

A bit better from Dimitrov. He gets stuck into a rally at 15-15 before a strong backhand eventually gives Murray the point. He then closes it out to take the second set.

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*Murray 1-0 Dimitrov

Strong start by Andy Murray as he immediately breaks his Bulgarian opponent. Murray was quick out of the blocks, racing into a 40-0 lead. Dimitrov gets a point back but ultimately two double faults cost him. He's looking nervous.

Andy Murray celebrates
Getty Images

Murray v Dimitrov

Go time.

It's Grigor Dimitrov to serve first...

While Sunday Dinner is bubbling away for those following this final in the UK, it's just approaching 8pm in Beijing. 

Murray has his fans here, there's more than a few British and Scottish flags draped on the seats in the stands.

Right then. No messing about. The players are on court and ready to go.

Win this and Andy Murray takes another step towards becoming world number one. He's been in fine form so far in China - having not yet dropped a set.