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  1. Andy Murray beats Marin Cilic 6-3 6-2
  2. Murray's first victory since becoming world number one
  3. Nishikori beat Wawrinka earlier in same group
  4. Group John McEnroe at London's O2 Arena

Live Reporting

By Saj Chowdhury

All times stated are UK

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Thanks again for joining us today.

Come back on Tuesday for some more action from the ATP Finals in London.

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We will have full coverage of that match. Nishikori played brilliantly against Wawrinka earlier on Monday - it promises to be a heck of a contest.

That's quite a large tennis ball...

ATP World Tour Finals: Five great shots as Novak Djokovic beats Dominic Thiem

In case you missed it Novak Djokovic - now world number two (sorry Novak) - won his opening ATP Finals match on Sunday.

After a bit of a blip in the first set Djoko fought back to defeat Dominic Thiem 6-7 (10-12) 6-0 6-2.

Catch up with some of the action above.

Nishikori overwhelms underwhelming Wawrinka

ATP World Tour Finals 2016: Five best shots as Kei Nishikori beats Stan Wawrinka

Earlier today, world number three Stan Wawrinka was pretty awful in his opening group match against world number five Kei Nishikori.

The US Open champion lost 6-2 6-3. Trounced really. He didn't bother talking to the straight-off-court TV team. I don't blame him.

Read the report.

'I played one of my best matches here'

Murray 6-3 6-2 Cilic

Andy Murray fans celebrate
Getty Images

Andy Murray speaking to Sky Sports: "It's a great atmosphere and I think I played one of my best matches here. I'm going to keep working hard to give people moments like this.

"I have confidence from winning matches and I was a little bit more solid when I had opportunities."

Miles Maclagan

Former British Davis Cup player on Radio 5 live sports extra

Andy Murray

That was a very strong performance from Andy Murray. He'll look to improve his serve a little bit but mentally more than anything else was the difference. He has this warrior mentality.

'Murray will be near his best by the latter stages'

Murray 6-3 6-2 Cilic

Piers Newbery

BBC Sport in London

It was as much about the occasion as the performance, and Murray did his bit by getting off the mark with a win as world number one.

Eleven winners to 19 errors tells its own story but the Scot improved markedly in the second set, and looked somewhere near his best by the latter stages.

Next up will be Kei Nishikori on Wednesday, and another win should be enough to get Murray to the weekend. Calculators at the ready.

'Tough to start against the best in the world'

Murray 6-3 6-2 Cilic

Marin Cilic speaking to Sky Sports: "I think I played quite well. I was unfortunate in the first set on a few points. Overall I played well and enjoyed the atmosphere. It was a big pleasure for me.

"It was tough to start straight away against the best in the world.

On the colourful shorts: "The shorts are something different and a few colours doesn't hurt."

A few colours Marin???!!

David Law

Radio 5 live sports extra commentator

Marin Cilic

This crowd is treating Murray like a rock star. I'm not sure Cilic can believe the scoreline - he's played quite well - but Murray has been fabulous.

Game, set and match

Murray 6-3 6-2 Cilic

Murray must be incredibly frustrating to play against when he starts to read everything you throw at him.

Cilic at the net thinks he's won the point but Murray passes him and then makes an error after misjudging Murray's angled backhand volley at the net.

The scores move to 40-0 before taking the first match point as Cilic's return finds the middle of the net.

That's it. Murray wins his 20th successive match. Pretty incredible.

Miles Maclagan

Former British Davis Cup player on Radio 5 live sports extra

Murray is now putting daylight between himself and the world number seven. He's not played great tennis but he's getting the job done.

Murray breaks again

*Murray 6-3 5-2 Cilic

Andy Murray
Rex Features

He's in the zone.

Murray stands just inside the baseline after his initial return on Cilic's serve and hits a forehand to make it 0-15 before Cilic falters once more. 

The Croat finds the net rather than the other side of the court and it's break point again.

Murray takes it with a winner rather than an error - an excellent fly-swat of a forehand return.

He just needs to hold now.

Miles Maclagan

Former British Davis Cup player on Radio 5 live sports extra

Andy Murray

There have been some sticky moments but Murray is like a boxer who draws your swings and punches and then hits you with jabs from the left and then the right.

Murray likes his boxing - it's a very Floyd Mayweather-style performance.

Murray 6-3 4-2 Cilic*

Andy Murray fans applaud

Murray again changes the pace with a delicate backhand from back of the court which Cilic again fails to read - 15-0.

An error by the Scot and a Cilic winner follows, but Murray counters with a brilliant first serve - 30-30.

Cilic then makes two unforced errors from the back of the court - long returns - as Murray holds. 

He's two games away from winning the first match. Dogged.

David Law

Radio 5 live sports extra commentator

When Lendl is around you always feel that Murray goes after the forehand more. He just seems to not rally as much but try to put the ball away.

Murray breaks

*Murray 6-3 3-2 Cilic

Andy Murray celebrates
Rex Features

Has the Scot got first wind?

He wins the opening point with a great return down the line before forcing an error from Cilic, who slaps his forehand into the net - it's 15-30.

Cilic then makes another error after an intriguing rally which saw Murray again change the pace.

Two break points. Murray makes another challenge - he gets it wrong again, as Cilic's serve in called in.

But he converts the remaining break point by changing the trajectory of his return which wrongfoots the Croat.

Murray 6-3 2-2 Cilic*

Murray's first serve percentage before this game in this set was 44% and points won on it is at 50%. That's "real sad" to quote a president elect.

Nevertheless, he wins this service game to love. The first time he's managed that in this contest.

About time.

Miles Maclagan

Former British Davis Cup player on Radio 5 live sports extra

The players are not giving an inch and this is a real contest.

*Murray 6-3 1-2 Cilic

Marin Cilic serves

This is Cilic's best service game so far. One serve and volley winner and then one from the back of the court.

It's 40-15. This is a breeze for the Croat.


Murray punishes Cilic for weak execution at the net before punishing his opponent again with a great passing shot. Deuce.

But two big serves gets Cilic out of that spot of bother.

The Croat only won 62% of points on his first serve in the opening set - that's up to 75% in the second.

David Law

Radio 5 live sports extra commentator

Marin Cilic is such a nice bloke but right now he's a bit frightening. He's stalking the baseline. These are two big players going toe to toe.

Miles Maclagan

Former British Davis Cup player on Radio 5 live sports extra

Marin Cilic
Getty Images

There's a bit of tension out there and Cilic is looking dangerous right now.

Murray 6-3 1-1 Cilic*

Cilic again comes out on top in a rally when Murray makes another unforced error from the baseline. It's 15-30.

Murray then introduces backhand slice in the middle of the next rally which baffles Cilic. 30s each.

Matters become a touch fractious when Murray quizzes the umpire about what seems to be an issue over Cilic talking to the umpire. Hmm.

Murray all of a sudden faces break point - a loss of concentration?

He gets out of the hole with an ace before Cilic makes an error with a long forehand. Or was it? He didn't challenge and the ball was shown to have actually landed on the line.


Boris knows best...

*Murray 6-3 0-1 Cilic

It's been a punishing season for both players. Both look, understandably, a little fatigued.

Cilic actually wins a rally and then goes on to win his service game after Murray's return is a tad bit too long. The Scot looks to the umpire to semi-question it. But he knew really.

Shocking shorts

Miles Maclagan

Former British Davis Cup player on Radio 5 live sports extra

Murray has such confidence after winning so many matches and titles and also by being world number one. It wasn't a spectacular set of tennis but it's a very big arena and it can take a little bit of getting used to.

Game and first set

Murray 6-3 Cilic*

Andy Murray

Murray has a lot of artillery but one of his key strengths is outlasting his opponent in a rally.

Doing just that forces an error from Cilic as the Croat fires his forehand return into the net. The man with the dazzling shorts then fails to deal with a heavy serve out wide.

Murray - not at his best so far - takes the first set.

That took 46 minutes.

*Murray 5-3 Cilic

Ahh yes, GB diving legend Tom Daley's also in the O2 crowd. I'm surprised he's not tried to dive into the deep blue court. Admittedly, that would be painful.

Cilic wins his service game to love. I think Murray was saving his energies for the next game.

Miles Maclagan

Former British Davis Cup player on Radio 5 live sports extra

Murray put a few miles on his legs in those last two games. He's been forced into it by Cilic's aggressive hitting.

Murray 5-2 Cilic*

So which VIPs have we got in the crowd tonight:

Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow and ex-England skipper Alec Stewart.

They're the ones I've seen so far.

Back to the tennis. Cilic should have made it 15-30 but his rash forehand at the net clips the cord and flies out.

The pair then exchange errors before Murray's successful serve and volley tactic and a long return by Cilic sees the Scot hold again. Just.

Miles Maclagan

Former British Davis Cup player on Radio 5 live sports extra

Marin Cilic
Getty Images

Murray is getting everything back and that is making Cilic push harder and harder and bringing more and more mistakes.

*Murray 4-2 Cilic

Murray finally shows a glimpse of his ability to stretch players around the court - even 6ft 6in Cilic. He gives the Croat a good workout at 15-0 with a variety of shots before forcing an error.

However, the world number seven responds well and holds with an ace of his own.

Murray's way

Miles Maclagan

Former British Davis Cup player on Radio 5 live sports extra

That was such a typical Murray passage of play. Double faults, forehand errors, a bit scrappy but there he is winning the last two games.

You could write on his tombstone "he found a way".

Murray 4-1 Cilic*

Andy Murray serves
Getty Images

Murray's first serve percentage is down at 53%. That's not great.

The world number one then makes two more double faults to take the total to four - it's now 30-40 with Murray facing another break point.

But the Scot finally produces an ace - good timing - before once again coming out on top in a rally.

He holds.

Miles Maclagan

Former British Davis Cup player on Radio 5 live sports extra

Murray is looking to take a little bit of pace off the ball. Perhaps he senses a weakness in Cilic's game when he has to force the power.

Murray breaks again

*Murray 3-1 Cilic

Cilic - standing at 6ft 6in - is finding his range with his serves, but his groundstrokes aren't quite up to the same standard.

A weak forehand from the baseline brings up another break point. A mid-length rally ends with another unforced error from Cilic.

It's all a bit scrappy so far.

Cilic breaks back

Murray 2-1 Cilic*

Marin Cilic's colourful shorts

Those shorts Marin. The kind you'd still see on the reduced rack three months after the official end of the New Year's sales. But you know, who am I to comment on fashion.

Murray, in more understated charcoal colours, is struggling a little in his service game. 

A first double fault brings up deuce before a horribly wide angled forehand close to the net gives Cilic break point.

He takes his chance as Murray makes another error.

Break back.

Miles Maclagan

Former British Davis Cup player on Radio 5 live sports extra

Andy Murray

The quality has been very high and both players are going for it. But Murray's defence looks impregnable and other players will start to panic when they see him at the other side of the net.

Murray breaks serve

*Murray 2-0 Cilic

Great serve and volleying by Cilic before Murray challenges again on the next point. The Croat's shot was clearly in - the replay shows that it landed full ball on the line. Two challenges lost. It remains 30-15.

But the Scot wins the next points and then outlasts Cilic in a long rally, with the Croat finishing with a wayward double-handed backhand.

It's break point. Murray takes it after Cilic fails to judge a backhand with plenty of top spin.