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  1. Johanna Konta beats Heather Watson 6-4 6-4 at Indian Wells
  2. Was the first meeting on WTA Tour between Britain's top two female players
  3. British number one through to third round at Indian Wells
  4. Konta (11) ranked 97 places above Watson (108) in world rankings

Live Reporting

By Amy Lofthouse

All times stated are UK

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So Johanna Konta has won the battle of the Brits and reached the third round at Indian Wells.

Konta, who had a first-round bye, goes on to face Caroline Garcia or Evgeniya Rodina in her next match.

That's all from us - thanks for joining us.

'A ragged finish'

Watson 4-6 4-6 Konta

Russell Fuller

BBC tennis correspondent in California

The finish was a little ragged having had such a commanding second set advantage, but that was still a solid return from injury by Konta. 

She has only played Fed Cup since the Australian Open because of a foot injury, and must now wait to see whether Caroline Garcia or Evgeniya Rodina will be her third round opponent on Sunday.

Game, set and match

Watson 4-6 4-6 Konta

Oh! A sterling rally, both players pushing from side to side, but Watson's reply hits the net!

She throws her racquet in frustration. Konta is through to the next round but boy, that wasn't easy.

Johanna Konta
Getty Images

*Watson 4-6 4-5 Konta

Watson makes a stellar return but then goes overhead - and misjudges it! Match point for Konta.

*Watson 4-6 4-5 Konta

This is a real wobble from Konta. Error after error, first her forehand and then her backhand flying out as she searches for that winning zip of pace.

She's under real pressure but Watson can't make a forehand return, making it 15-30. Konta then forces Watson wide, putting some extra push into her forehand, and Watson skews her reply into the net. 30-30.

Watson 4-6 4-5 Konta*

So. Konta's serving for the match again. Can she make this one count?

Johanna Konta of Great Britain

Watson 4-6 4-5 Konta*

Konta has, unsurprisingly, requested to see her coach. She's won just two points since going 5-1 up. 

Watson 4-6 4-5 Konta*

Clever from Watson. She draws Konta into a rally and eventually forces the error, knowing that Konta won't be able to resist the big smash across the court.

A body serve from Watson and Konta's reply hits the net! What a turnaround this it. Watson has marched her way to 40-0 after a series of unforced errors from Konta.

An ace - and Watson holds her serve! Two love service games in a row.

Watson breaks as Konta double faults twice

*Watson 4-6 3-5 Konta

Konta then, serving for a place in the second round. She fluffs first up with a double fault before she miscues her backhand. 

Ooft, that wasn't in the script. Two double-faults in one game from Konta and Watson breaks! 

Heather Watson
Getty Images

Watson 4-6 2-5 Konta*

There is annoyance in every shot of Watson's now, but she's putting it to good use. That's a love game - her second of the set - and she secured it with a fine ace down the line.

She stomps back to her seat before staring at the ground for a long time, collecting her thoughts.

*Watson 4-6 1-5 Konta

It's taken us 16 games but we have our first Konta ace, which is a sign that she's feeling more in rhythm.

Double faults are catching as Konta misses her serve, but then Watson's backhand isn't storng enough for Konta's serve. 

A hold for Konta.

Johanna Konta

Watson 4-6 1-4 Konta*

Watson made such a strong start to this match but that game was littered with errors. She's allowed Konta, who was off-colour after coming back from injury, too many opportunities.

'Konta has found her rhythm'

Russell Fuller

BBC tennis correspondent in California

It often takes a while to adapt to conditions at a tournament - especially here in the desert, where the ball flies through the thin air - and this is Konta's first match of the week.

But she looks to have settled well now against her Fed Cup team-mate, who is playing much better than her ranking of 108 might suggest.

Watson 4-6 1-4 Konta*

Konta goes deep from the baseline with her backhand but there isn't enough fizz on that one, and it sails into the net for 30-0.

Oh, this is horrible from Watson. Three double-faults in a row - taking her total to nine in the match - and she's gifted Konta a break point.

Konta doesn't miss a beat and Watson throws her racquet onto the court in frustration. Another really good opportunity goes begging.

*Watson 4-6 1-3 Konta

A few errors from both players takes it to 30-30, Konta trying to go big while Watson attempts to push her back.

That's a good chance for Watson to take a break point though, Konta floundering on the right of the court - and Watson overhits it! 

Down comes the serve, and Konta holds. Watson looks irritated - she let a good chance slip there.

* denotes next server

Johanna Konta
Rex Features

'Every match is crucial for Watson'

Russell Fuller

BBC tennis correspondent in California

When I asked Heather Watson whether there would be a little bit more on the line for a match against a fellow Brit, she said - with a hint of self-deprecation - that given her ranking right now, every match is crucial.

She also admitted she lost every practice set she played at the start of the week, but felt some form returning during an extra practice session on the eve of her first round match.

Heather Watson of Great Britain
Getty Images

Watson 4-6 1-2 Konta*

Much better from Watson. She doesn't entirely nail that first serve but she's got a little more balance about it and she blasts through her service game.

She holds to love, and then immediately waves her coach over for a chat.

*Watson 4-6 0-2 Konta

That's two love service games in a row for Konta. She's now won eight points in a row. Watson will need to up her serve to try and interrupt Konta's rhythm.

Konta holds to love

*Watson 4-6 0-2 Konta

Watson, clearly frustrated as she forces another forehand into the net, pauses to adjust her cap and mumble to herself. 

Konta is in control of this game all the way though, and she holds to love. 

Konta breaks early

Watson 4-6 0-1 Konta*

High energy stuff as Konta opts for the lob and Watson plays her at her own game. She opts for the drop shot and Konta, charging forward, can't meet it. Another error from Watson, though, and it goes to deuce for the third time.

Now can Konta make it count? A punch, cross court, and Watson doesn't even move as it bounces perfectly in line. Konta finally secures the third break point as Watson double-faults again.

Heather Watson
Getty Images

Watson 4-6 Konta*

The first challenge of the match goes Watson's way and that helps her battle her way to deuce.

Konta is on the chase throughout the rally but Watson, searching for the big winner, overhits. Konta can't make it count though as she errors on her backhand.

Watson's first serve isn't quite there and the advantage goes back Konta's way. Konta sprawls, trying to meet Watson's return from right on the baseline, but she can't control her shot. Back to deuce we go.

* denotes next server

*Watson 4-6 Konta

Can Watson stop Konta before she finds her full rhythm? She takes a deep breath as she readies herself to seve.

'Aggressive from Watson'

*Watson 4-6 Konta

A competitive first set but Konta looks to be settling into her rhythm now. That was her first love hold of the match.

Game and first set

*Watson 4-6 Konta

Oh, Konta's backhand is full of aggression and Watson teed that up perfectly for her. 

In fact this entire game is full of typical Konta spice, her slice serve completely beating Watson to make it 40-0.

Cross court goes Konta, and that's the winner! She'll take the first set.

Konta breaks back again

Watson 4-5 Konta*

A cracking serve from Watson gives her the advantage but she double faults again.

That allows Konta to get a break point and there's a yell from Konta as her backhand goes whizzing across the court, out of Watson's reach. 

She'll serve for the first set.

Watson 4-4 Konta*

This is turning into a real tussle, Konta making a few errors as she tries to turn and get the big forehand winner across the court.

She gets lucky with another net call, forcing the game to deuce, but her forehand return is horrible. It takes the top of the racquet and that's advantage Watson.

That is utterly superb from Konta. Ooft. A forehand winner, Konta moving in perfect rhythm to send the ball right down the line and wrongfoot Watson. Back to deuce we go.

Watson breaks back to love

*Watson 4-4 Konta

Watson finds herself with a 0-30 lead as a backhand volley from Konta goes awry.

In fact this is as messy from Konta as the opening game and Watson speeds to three break points. And Watson's broken straight back! Konta grimaces as her forehand sails into the net. Now then...

Johanna Konta
Getty Images

*Watson 3-4 Konta

Konta has asked to see her coach, Wim Fissette. "Keep doing really well and keep trusting what you're doing," is his advice. She's a break up and moving much more fluidly around the court.

Konta breaks a second time

Watson 3-4 Konta*

Watson tries a drop shot but Konta is wise to it. She's so quick on her feet to meet it and pop it back over. She squanders the advantage though as Watson forces an error with her serve.

Both players push each other into the corner of the court but it's Konta who has the better of the second deuce. She makes her second advantage count too, winning a mini-tussle at the net as Watson's dink bounces out.

Watson saves two break points

Watson 3-3 Konta*

A hint of frustration in Watson's face as Konta climbs to a 0-30 lead, but a lovely backhand, catching Konta unawares as she darts around behind the baseline, gets Watson on the board.

That's too good from Konta though. With pinpoint accuracy she nails a forehand down the line, Watson unable to do anything but watch the ball sail by her.

Watson saves a break point with an ace and then another good first serve takes it to deuce.

*denotes next server

*Watson 3-3 Konta

Konta's range is still a little wonky and she can't quite unfurl that big serve. However Watson's backhand goes skew-whiff and Konta claws it back to 30-30.

It's Watson who is doing most of the running and she can't get to Konta's little dink over the net. A shout of annoyance from Watson as she floats her backhand into the net, and Konta holds.

Watson 3-2 Konta*

It's a positively balmy 28 degrees in California at the moment. It's a test of stamina for these two.

Johanna Konta of Great Britain
Getty Images

Watson 3-2 Konta*

Konta draws Watson up to the net, trying to trick her, but it's Watson who has the better of the point as she runs, reaches and bunts the ball back over.

Konta then decides to go on the move, volleying with plenty of pace to take it to 15-15. She's starting to find her range, moving more freely across the court, and she forces it to deuce with a powerful forehand.

Watson targets Konta's backhand and it works, giving her the advantage. Down comes the serve, and that's a hold for Watson.

*Watson 2-2 Konta

Will that help Konta settle down? Watson comes up to the net, trying to dink a backhand over, but she misjudges her line and the ball goes out.

There's plenty of aggression from both players, Watson first clawing her way to a break point with a cross-court winner, before she overhits her forehand to take it to deuce.

Konta then sets herself up perfectly to drill a winner down the line, before an overhead smash ensures she holds her serve. All square.

Konta breaks back

Watson 2-1 Konta*

Konta shuffles forward, trying to get her forehand past Watson, but her opponent is having none of it. Watson stands deep on the baseline and batters a forehand that Konta can only return into the net.

Ooh, that's not great from Watson. She misses three serves in a row, follows it up with a cracking ace, and then misses a run of serves. She looks irritated as Konta breaks straight back - she knows she's gifted her a game with three double-faults.

Heather Watson
Getty Images

Watson breaks

*Watson 2-0 Konta

And Watson breaks! She's been quick on her feet and she's thrown everything into her forehand. She's certainly the more comfortable of the two at the moment.

*Watson 1-0 Konta

This is a really positive start from Watson but Konta is still strong on her serve and she wins her first point with a winner that Watson tamely returns into the net. 

Lovely stuff from Watson in response, winning a long rally as Konta sprawls to meet a forehand. Watson, quick on her feet, darts across and sends a winner cross court.

A lucky bobble off the net from Konta takes it to 40-40 and she soon gets the advantage, but that's excellent from Watson. She's aggressive with her forehand, and it's back to deuce we go.

Heather Watson
Getty Images

Watson 1-0 Konta*

Watson beats Konta with a serve before targeting Konta's forehand, forcing her compatriot to over-hit.

In fact Konta's not found her radar quite yet, battering a loose forehand out of bounds, and Watson keeps targeting her forehand. That's a relatively straightforward hold to love for Watson.

* denotes next server

Heather Watson bounces the ball, steadies herself and throws the ball up into the air. Here we go.