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  1. Watch - latest from Belgium v Italy and Serbia v Spain
  2. France lead Great Britain 2-0 in best-of-five quarter-final in Rouen
  3. Dan Evans loses 6-2 6-3 6-3 to Jeremy Chardy
  4. Kyle Edmund loses 7-5 7-6 (8-6) 6-3 to Lucas Pouille
  5. World number one Andy Murray is injured
  6. Doubles match live on BBC One at 13:10 on Saturday
  7. Djokovic gives Serbia lead against Spain

Live Reporting

By Amy Lofthouse

All times stated are UK

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France 2-0 GB

So, GB have a big task ahead of them tomorrow - they need to win to have any hope of making it through to the next round.

Jamie Murray and Dominic Inglot will be in action from 13:00 BST, when they take on Nicolas Mahut and Julien Benneteau in the doubles.

We'll bring you all of the action tomorrow. Thanks for joining us - until then! 

Getty Images

'A masterclass from Chardy'

France 2-0 GB

John Lloyd

Former GB Davis Cup captain on BBC Two

It was a masterclass from Jeremy Chardy, with the way he played Dan Evans.

Evans is used to the faster courts where he has the pace. Here on clay his shots just sit up and Chardy had plenty of time.

Chardy's level never dropped at all, from the moment he came out on the court. He was aggressive and there was no lapse in concentration. I thought he played a tremendous match.

'Easy to choose Chardy'

France 2-0 GB

France captain Yannick Noah speaking on BBC TV:  "Jeremy is playing well on clay. If the match had been a few weeks later, it would have been a different situation. All the players had one week to get ready for the tie.

"Jeremy played very well every day in practice and it was easy for me to choose him.

"The doubles is a key battle and then we have Sunday if we need it."

Yannick Noah
Getty Images

France 2-0 GB

France captain Yannick Noah's decision to play Jeremy Chardy instead of Gilles Simon looks like an inspired bit of captaincy. Chardy looked in superb touch.

'It's an amazing moment'

Chardy 6-2 6-3 6-3 Evans

France's Jeremy Chardy speaking to BBC Two: "I was really happy. For me it's an amazing moment. Last year was really difficult so I'm just enjoying it.

"We have a really good doubles team and so do they, but i think we can win. We are just going to stay focused."

We'll have to do it the difficult way'

France 2-0 GB

Leon Smith
Getty Images

Great Britain captain Leon Smith speaking on BBC Two:  "Obviously Kyle Edmund started well but Lucas Pouille did a good job in getting back into the first set.

"Second set, I thought Edmund did well to get the lead in the tie-break and could have played slightly more aggressively. He then got disheartened in the third set.

"Dan fights with everything he's got. He loves playing for his country. But he needs more time on the clay. Jeremy Chardy was too good for him today.

"We probably needed the win from Kyle to get us started this weekend. And we will now have to do it the extremely difficult way."

'A brave decision by France'

Chardy 6-2 6-3 6-3 Evans

John Lloyd

Former GB Davis Cup captain on BBC Two

I thought Chardy was fabulous and he is going to move up the rankings if he keeps playing like that.

It was a brave decision by Yannick Noah. He knew something about Chardy; he liked his attitude, his confidence, his game.

It was difficult to see how Dan could hurt him, even if they'd been out there all day.

Chardy 6-2 6-3 6-3 Evans

GB haven't been whitewashed in the Davis Cup since 2009.

There's a lot riding on tomorrow, when Jamie Murray and Dominic Inglot face Julien Benneteau and Nicolas Mahut in the doubles.

Chardy 6-2 6-3 6-3 Evans

France haven't dropped a set on the first day. Clay was always going to be a struggle for GB but Chardy looked in complete control against Evans, who couldn't really find his footing. The Brits have got a real fight on their hands to overturn this 2-0 deficit. 

Chardy 6-2 6-3 6-3 Evans

That was Jeremy Chardy's first Davis Cup appearance in six years, and yet he's managed to maintain his 100% record. A fantastic performance from Chardy; he never really looked troubled and he's helped put his team intro a great position.

Game, set and match to France

Chardy 6-2 6-3 6-3 Evans

Evans saves the first match point as Chardy overworks his forehand, but there's no saving the second!

The French crowd are on their feet and there's a huge smile on Jeremy Chardy's face. A magnificent performance, and France will take a 2-0 lead after the first day.

*Chardy 6-2 6-3 5-3 Evans

Have that. Gorgeous, two-handed backhand from Chardy beats Evans, before the Brit comes dancing forwards and can only find the net.

Evans claws it back to 15-30 but a battered, high forehand puts Chardy in front once again. Two match points...

Evans' clay struggles continue

Chardy 6-2 6-3 5-3 Evans*

Dan Evans' forehand, so consistent on the hard court, has struggled so far today on the clay surface.

Jeremy Chardy has struck 24 forehand winners compared to just 13 from Dan Evans.

The Frenchman also has a 78 percent win percentage on his first serve with Dan Evans only at 56 percent. 

Jeremy Chardy
Getty Images

Chardy 6-2 6-3 5-3 Evans*

Now then. Chardy's service game goes haywire - he's looking for the big winner but twice his forehands go flying out. It's 30-30 for the first time since the first set.

That's sublime though from Chardy, a beautiful, low volley that Evans can't meet, and an overhit from the Brit means Chardy holds. He's a game away from giving France a 2-0 lead.

*Chardy 6-2 6-3 4-3 Evans

A penny for Leon Smith's thoughts - there's a low-five for Evans, before Smith talks tactics with him.

Dan Evans and Leon Smith
Rex Features

*Chardy 6-2 6-3 4-3 Evans

Evans wrong-foots Chardy with a slice serve, before Chardy comes darting forward to power a forehand past Evans. Evans is so deep behind the baseline; it's been far too easy for Chardy to come forward and slice those winners past him. Evans will hold for the second service game in a row, though.

Chardy 6-2 6-3 4-2 Evans*

Ooft! Both players go aerial, exchanging big hits, before Chardy slaps a forehand winner beyond his opponent. Chardy fires through his service game for another simple hold.

Jeremy Chardy
Rex Features

Evans saves three break points

*Chardy 6-2 6-3 3-2 Evans

Advantage Evans, as Chardy's backhand fails to clear the net again, and Evans holds his serve as another spicy serve meets Chardy's forehand and hits the net.

Evans was 0-40 down there, but he clawed his way back into it - and there's a big roar from the Brit as he walks back to his seat.


*Chardy 6-2 6-3 3-1 Evans

Superb from Chardy, meeting Evans drop shot with a fiercely-hammered forehand that initially has Evans moving in the wrong direction. This has been a dominant performance from the Frenchman, although he makes a mess of a big overhead shot that Evans has to duck to avoid.

In fact, that's deuce, as Chardy floats his backhand into the net - Evans has saved two break points there.

Chardy 6-2 6-3 3-1 Evans*

A shake of the head and thump of the racquet from Evans, who is furiously chuntering away to himself. He gets on the board with a fine, fiery forehand that Chardy sends sidewards from the top of the racquet. It's an error-strewn game from Evans though, just sending the ball harmlessly sailing out time after time.

'Evans has to let frustration out'

*Chardy 6-2 6-3 2-1 Evans

John Lloyd

Former GB Davis Cup captain on BBC Two

Evans hasn't given up at all. You can see in his body language, there's not too much interaction between him and Leon Smith.

Leon is just pulling back and not saying too much. He's being wise. What's going on hasn't worked because of his opponent, and Dan is getting frustrated. Leon has to just let him get that frustration out.

Evans holds serve

*Chardy 6-2 6-3 2-1 Evans

The lead goes back and forth before Chardy forces deuce with a well-flighted forehand. Evans gets the advantage though with a big serve that Chardy can only return into the net, and he tidies up the set with a nice ace that his opponent just watches hit the back of the court.

*Chardy 6-2 6-3 2-0 Evans

There's frustration in every bit of Dan Evans' body as he shouts towards the GB camp. The slower pace of the clay court is just not suiting him.

Chardy 6-2 6-3 2-0 Evans*

Evans punches his racquet in frustration - and receives a code violation for his troubles - as he's made to look a bit daft by a Chardy volley at the net. He fights back with a cracking forehand that beats Chardy's sprawl backwards, but that slippy surface proves to be Evans' undoing again. A simple hold for Chardy in the end.

Chardy gets early break

*Chardy 6-2 6-3 1-0 Evans

Evans can't get his backhand working properly, as yet another return slice sails out of play. Not even a bobble from the net falls kindly for the Brit, but Chardy's overhead slice goes awry to make it 30-40. 

Deuce is brought up through a Chardy over hit, before Evans makes a meal of a drop shot at the net. Chardy seems to have all the time in the world as he hammers a forehand and watches Evans skew the return into the GB box. Early break to Chardy.

Chardy 6-2 6-3 Evans

Evans ended up throwing his racquet in frustration at the end of that set. It's a huge ask now for the Brit.

Dan Evans and Leon Smith
Getty Images

Around the grounds

Chardy 6-2 6-3 Evans

Over in Belgium, Steve Darcis has given his country a 1-0 lead over Spain with a 6-7 6-1 6-1 7-6 victory over Paolo Lorenzi .

The second tie of the day is underway in Belgrade after Novak Djokovic's earlier victory and it's all-square in the first set at 2-2 between Viktor Troicki and Spain's  Pablo Carreno Busta .

But there's even bigger news coming from Nicosia.

In Group II,  Marcos Baghdatis ' historic run of 36 consecutive Davis Cup wins has been ended by Tunisia's Moez Echargui.

Baghdatis' last defeat in the Davis Cup came way back in 2003 - that's 14 years ago.

Game and second set

Chardy 6-2 6-3 Evans

All too easy from Jeremy Chardy, forcing Evans deep behind the baseline. The Brit can only stand there and watch the ball go flying past him. Chardy is in complete control of this second rubber.

*Chardy 6-2 5-3 Evans

Pinpoint accuracy from Chardy, making it look effortless as he batters a return right into the corner of the court. Evans responds by letting Chardy go sliding to his right as the ball flies past his left. That's a neat drop shot from Evans, right arm pointing upwards like a flamenco dancer, and the Brit will hold.

'Evans on a hard court hits winners'

Chardy 6-2 5-2 Evans*

Jamie Baker

Former GB Davis Cup player on BBC Two

If you put Dan Evans on a hard court, you would see him hit a lot of forehand winners. He looks like he's got a big forehand.

But put him on clay, when the bounce is suddenly at shoulder and head height compared to waist height, it really does make a difference for him. 

Chardy 6-2 5-2 Evans*

Evans tries to go on the move, dancing up to the net, and ends up watching his forehand bounce just beyond the baseline. A double-fault from Chardy gets Evans on the board at 30-15, but Chardy goes across the court before sending down his fifth ace of the set. A pretty simple hold, and Chardy is a game away from taking the second set.

Chardy breaks to love

*Chardy 6-2 4-2 Evans

There's not a lot going Dan Evans' way. Everything he sends down, Chardy is equal to. Two almighty forehands put Chardy three break points up, and the Frenchman secures the break as Evans skews a return wide.

Chardy 6-2 3-2 Evans*

Evans gets some awkward bounce that he can't do anything about, before Chardy slices another fine forehand beyond his reach. Down comes the big ace, Chardy's back curved at such an odd angle, before Evans floats a perfectly decent-looking backhand out of play.

Jeremy Chardy
Getty Images

*Chardy 6-2 2-2 Evans

Some nice stuff now from Evans, first a slam from up high before a drop shot that sends Chardy the wrong way. There's a big roar from the British contingent as Chardy puts too much spin on a forehand, and that's a good hold for Evans.

Chardy 6-2 2-1 Evans*

Has Evans found his feet? He slides deep to his right but somehow manages to get his composure back and hammer a winner past Chardy. Chardy's having none of it, though, as he puts some extra power into his serve to beat Evans.

* denotes next server

*Chardy 6-2 1-1 Evans

"Come on!" shouts Evans as he finally leaves Chardy rooted to the spot with a forehand from the corner of the court. Chardy brings the Brit forward, and Evans poses like a flamingo as he dinks the return way beyond Chardy's reach. He'll hold his serve.

Dan Evans
Getty Images

Chardy 6-2 1-0 Evans*

Evans looks to have found his feet a little more but Chardy is so strong with that awkward-looking serve. Twice Evans is left chuntering at the ground in frustration as he sends his returns down the line, and out.

*Chardy 6-2 Evans

The crowd get a Mexican wave going while both captains offer their players some advice. Chardy will serve to open the second set.

Game and first set

Chardy 6-2 Evans

Evans is furious with himself as he tries to slide on the clay but overdoes it, and ends up stretching to try and get some control. He wrests it back to 30-30 with a nice forehand but Chardy is equal to it, slashing a forehand beyond Evans.  

That's clever from Chardy, drawing Evans forward before smashing the return beyond him. He's taken the first set in just under 40 minutes.

Evans gets a break back

Chardy 5-2 Evans*

Now then. Evans gets the advantage - and he'll snaffle one of the breaks back! Chardy comes up to the net but the ball hits the net and bounces back and out. There's a miniature fist pump from Evans as he stomps back to his chair.