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  1. Semi-final: Heather Watson loses to Caroline Wozniacki 6-2 3-6 7-5
  2. Johanna Konta withdraws from her match because of a back injury
  3. Dane Wozniacki faces Karolina Pliskova in Saturday's final
  4. Djokovic v Medvedev & Gasquet v Monfils in men's semi-finals

Live Reporting

By Jonathan Jurejko

All times stated are UK


Three more sleeps! Three more sleeps!! That's all we have got left tennis fans... And then we will wake up to Wimbledon 2017.

See you then, bright and breezy.

In the meantime make sure you stay across the BBC Sport website for all the latest news (including any major injury stories...) before Monday. Cheerio!

Injury worries for British number ones

Of course Karolina Pliskova hasn't played today because her opponent Johanna Konta - the British number one, of course - pulled out of their semi-final with a back injury suffered against Angelique Kerber yesterday.

And she isn't the only Brit to suffer a pre-Wimbledon injury scare. Andy Murray has been spotted limping during a practice session today.

Ones to watch.

Andy Murray limping at pre-Wimbledon practice session

'I've been grinding all week'

Watson 2-6 6-3 5-7 Wozniacki

Caroline Wozniacki after her semi-final win against Heather Watson: "It could have gone both ways. We had played twice before and they were close matches so I knew it would be difficult today. I got a little lucky.

"She is a good player, has a great volley, mixes it up and serves well on grass, so a lot of credit to her."

On her injury: "We've played seven sets in a day and a half, it is a lot but I'm happy to be through to the final."

On meeting Karolina Pliskova for the first time on grass: "She will be more rested since she did not play today but I'll do my best. I've been out there grinding and fighting all week. I hope that can continue."

Wozniacki through to Eastbourne final

Watson 2-6 6-3 5-7 Wozniacki

While Watson has another day's rest of Wimbledon, perhaps needed after playing twice yesterday, Wozniacki faces third seed Karolina Pliskova in tomorrow's final.

But the 26-year-old Dane doesn't seem overly thrilled at the prospect of another match in her post-match interview.

She was struggling with an abdominal injury during this semi-final remember.

Watson 2-6 6-3 5-7 Wozniacki

A huge roar of support as Heather Watson walks off court. Despite this loss, it has been an encouraging week for the British number three ahead of Wimbledon.

Some massive wins against the likes of defending champion Dominika Cibulkova, Russian 14th seed Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova and 20th-ranked Strycova will put her back on the verge of the top 100.

Game, set and match - Wozniacki

Watson 2-6 6-3 5-7 Wozniacki

"Come on!" shouts Wozniacki as she earns two match points.

The former world number one blows the first as she is too keen with a backhand that flies over the baseline.

But she grabs the second when Watson bats a forehand into the net after a baseline rally.

*Watson 2-6 6-3 5-6 Wozniacki

Watson must again serve to stay in the tournament. Wozniacki holds as a couple of unforced forehand errors from Watson hand over the game.

Watson 2-6 6-3 5-5 Wozniacki*

Even a hammer and chisel would struggle to separate these two women at the moment.

A clenched fist from Watson greets a Wozniacki forehand into the tramlines, then there is another when she drills a backhand down the line.

But 30-0 becomes 30-15 as Wozniacki uses the technology to prove a cheeky lob does dust the baseline.

Will that rattle Watson's nerves? Nah. She serves out to switch the pressure back onto the Dane...

*Watson 2-6 6-3 4-5 Wozniacki

A confident hold from former world number one Wozniacki puts her within a game of the Eastbourne final.

The Dane races into a 40-0 lead, Watson battling to stay in a rally and being forced out wide before hitting into the net-post.

Pressure back on Watson's shoulders...

Watson 2-6 6-3 4-4 Wozniacki*

Watson must hold her serve here. The crowd holds its breath as Wozniacki asks questions of Watson's mental state at 30-30.

Watson answers them in style, digging in to stay in a baseline rally as Wozniacki finally crumbles.

Game point... Watson thinks she has nailed it with a forehand down the line. So does the line-judge. Wozniacki doesn't. Nor does Hawk-eye.

Deuce it is. Not for long as Watson rattles off a forehand winner and then Wozniacki goes long.

*Watson 2-6 6-3 3-4 Wozniacki

We're getting to the business end of this match. Wozniacki controls her service game reasonably comfortably, apart from when Watson gallops forward to hit a net volley winner for 40-30.

But Wozniacki pulls out a booming serve when she needs it to hold.

Both players take huge swigs of water as they contemplate their next moves...

Watson 2-6 6-3 3-3 Wozniacki*

Watson has played much more aggressively in the past couple of sets, moving forward from the baseline and not letting Wozniacki have as much time on her shots.

But it doesn't work as well in this game, Wozniacki staying in touch to force deuce. A timely ace gives Watson advantage as she goes on to hold.

Watson 2-6 6-3 2-3 Wozniacki

Watson keeps jabbing away in the fifth game of the deciding set, a neat drop-shot helping her get back to 40-30.

She can't palm Wozniacki off again though, a stretching forehand looping up into the tramlines.

Wozniacki's dad Piotr - her coach - comes down to the sideline for a chat in the changeover. If I could speak Polish I could tell you what he said. I can't.

Wozniacki breaks back

Watson 2-6 6-3 2-2 Wozniacki*

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. The pressure seems to have grabbed hold of Watson's mind and her racquet.

Double faults bookend Watson's service game as Wozniacki instantly levels.

That noise-o-meter in Eastbourne? Plummeted close to zero.

*Watson 2-6 6-3 2-1 Wozniacki

Watson fist-pumps as the decibel level zooms north inside Eastbourne's main court.

Wozniacki is still being bothered by that injury though, the trainer comes back on for the world number six.

Watson breaks

*Watson 2-6 6-3 2-1 Wozniacki

Aye aye. Watson is staring a break of serve flush in the face...

The British number three carefully eyeballs a high ball, smashing it safety for a break point.

She's got it! Wozniacki meekly taps a forehand into the bottom of the net.

Watson 2-6 6-3 1-1 Wozniacki

Can Watson hold it? Yes she can!

A neat overhead puts her 30-15 ahead, a weak return into the net from Wozniacki leaving her a point away from the hold.

Cripes. She coughs up a double fault. A few more concerned murmurs from the home crowd.

Don't panic. Watson doesn't. She wallops a beauty of a cross-court forehand onto the sideline to safety.

*Watson 2-6 6-3 0-1 Wozniacki

Wozniacki serves first in the decider as she aims to reach her second Eastbourne final since winning the thing in 2009.

She eases 40-15 ahead, Watson makes her think at 40-30, but the Dane holds with an arrow of a backhand down the line.

Watson 2-6 6-3 Wozniacki

Who's fancies a deciding set shootout then? Excellent. Here we go...

Game and second set - Watson

Watson 2-6 6-3 Wozniacki

Right then, Watson serves for the set. Not always the easiest of tasks for the British number three.

A few groans from the Eastbourne crowd as she hits the net for 30-30. Don't worry folks.

Wozniacki helps her out with a loose return from the back of the court, then Watson takes her set point with a blistering first serve down the middle that the Dane can't direct back.

*Watson 2-6 5-3 Wozniacki

Here's Wozzy. The Danish world number six legs it quickly out of the changing room, maybe to indicate to Watson that she is OK and ready to fight back and win this in two sets.

Wozniacki grimaces a little as she kicks off the game, but that disappears as she moves within a point of the hold.

A big first serve out wide can't be returned by Watson and the Dane clinches it.

Watson 2-6 5-2 Wozniacki*

Wozniacki calls the medical timeout and disappears into the changing room for some more, shall we say, private treatment.

Watson munches on a banana while she waits. The sun even comes out while she does it. Very pleasant.

Watson 2-6 5-2 Wozniacki*

Caroline Wozniacki, who has been struggling with an abdominal injury, calls on the trainer at the changeover. Is the injury that bad or is it a momentum killer? Definitely the former, and if the latter is a consequence then it is a bonus.

The Dane lies out on a mat on the sideline, having her stomach gently prodded.

Watson 2-6 5-2 Wozniacki*

Heather Watson hops and skips back to her seat. That's easy to do when you've just rattled off four games on the bounce.

Watson ramps up the pressure on Wozniacki, blasting a first serve down the middle for 40-15, then is millimetres away from making it a pair of aces.

She is not deterred though, hammering down a second serve which the Dane can't get back to safety.

Watson breaks

*Watson 2-6 4-2 Wozniacki

Watson lets Wozniacki off the hook with that first break point, smacking a second serve past the baseline, then wastes a second chance in deuce.

But the Brit is not going away quietly. Another break point arrives... this time it is third time lucky! Watson goes toe-to-toe with the two-time Grand Slam finalist on the baseline, cracking a cross-court forehand winner out of Wozniacki's reach.


Watson 2-6 3-2 Wozniacki*

Oh hello. Is Wozniacki wobbling? After losing her serve to love in the previous game, the Dane falls 30-0 behind and looks to be in some discomfort.

Former British number one Sam Smith, speaking from our TV comms box, reckons it could be an abdominal injury.

Wozniacki stretches out between serves, manages to get a couple of points on the board, but still faces a break point at 40-30...


Watson 2-6 3-2 Wozniacki*

After battling back to deuce, Watson can't use her momentum to dash over the line. The Guernsey girl has to save two break points, firstly with a cross-court winner and then with a neat volley after a well-constructed point.

Can Watson crawl to safety this time? She can! The home crowd cheer heartily as the British number three digs to deep to keep her serve.

*Watson 2-6 2-2 Wozniacki

It has turned gloomy again for Watson. Wozniacki wears the British number three down as she continues to bat back from the baseline, Watson flying a return long.

Two break points for Wozniacki. More breaks here than at your local A&E ward.

Watson fights them off, cracking a brilliant backhand down the line for deuce...

Watson breaks back

*Watson 2-2 Wozniacki

Watson squints as a chink of light bursts into her side of the court. No, the sun hasn't broken through the light cloud in Eastbourne.

She has three break points...

Wozniacki tees that up with a weak backhand into the net, then goes long with a forehand.

Wozniacki breaks

Watson 2-6 1-2 Wozniacki*

Watson's serve is juddering at 30-30, then becomes embroiled in a baseline scrap with the Dane.

Both players jab away patiently before Wozniacki lands a knockout blow with a forehand down the line which leaves Watson rooted.

Break point...

And Wozniacki takes it when Watson goes long with a forehand.


*Watson 2-6 1-1 Wozniacki

Back to the on-court action at Eastbourne...

Nothing too dramatic in the opening moments of the second set. Watson and Wozniacki trade comfortable holds.

Watch Konta's heavy fall

Konta pulls out of Eastbourne

Konta injury scare after heavy fall

This was the moment when Konta sustained her back injury - her pain is all too clear to see.

We'll see in 24 hours how I feel - Konta

Konta pulls out of Eastbourne

Johanna Konta says will assess her Wimbledon prospects after a day of rest.

The British number one has pulled out of her semi-final because of a back injury.

"The most important thing for me is to look after my health in general," she said.

"We made the decision based on the fact I'm still quite sore through my thoracic spine. Next week is Wimbledon but I make decisions for my health.

"I didn't sleep too well but I heard that's normal. It just didn't feel quite right. The most important thing is I rest well for the next 24 hours and then we'll see."

Konta update

Konta pulls out of Eastbourne

While Watson and Wozniacki both have a glug of water and a whisper of advice from their coaches, let's just check on Jo Konta.

We've just seen pictures of the British number one, who has pulled out of her semi-final with a back injury (in case you're just joining us), in the Eastbourne media centre.

The good news is that a) she is smiling and b) she seems to be walking without any pain.

Here's what she has told BBC Sport...

Game and first set - Wozniacki

Watson 2-6 Wozniacki

...and she takes it.

Watson stays in a baseline rally with the former number one on set point, but then slashes into the net.

Wozniacki is a set away from the Eastbourne final.

Watson 2-5 Wozniacki*

Encouraging start for Watson as she goes on the front foot, powering a forehand deep which Wozniacki can't return.

But 0-15 becomes 15-15 as she overcooks another forehand, Wozzy edging ahead after challenging a wrong line call. Very wrong it turns out.

A wonderful winner from a scrambling Wozniacki, a stretching forehand down the line, brings up set point...

Wozniacki breaks

Watson 2-5 Wozniacki*


Two more break points for Wozniacki as she looks to instantly grab that double break back.

Wozniacki is a supreme athlete, but even she can't get to a drop shot from the Briton.. 40-30.

But the Dane takes the second opportunity as Watson blinks first after a baseline rally. A forehand into the tramlines leaves Wozniacki serving for the set.

Watson breaks

*Watson 2-4 Wozniacki

Wozniacki is finding her rhythm quicker than a Deep South blues band. The Dane moves into a 30-0 lead as she has Watson scampering along the baseline, the Brit reaching a deep backhand but only able to hit it long.

Hang on... don't write Watson off yet. The British number three whacks a beautiful cross-court forehand winner for 30-30, then Wozzy goes long to bring up a break point for Watson.

And the Danish world number six gifts her the game by volleying into the net from close range.

One down, one to go...

Heather Watson

Wozniacki breaks

Watson 1-4 Wozniacki*

You might be thinking that you have not heard much about Heather Watson recently. That's because she hasn't been winning much.

The Guernsey girl had only managed five Tour wins this year before Eastbourne, but has found her form on the South Coast seaside town.

Ah... she had found her form. It seems to have deserted her today. Caroline Wozniacki earns back-to-back breaks as she pounces on Watson's serve with some heavy groundstrokes.

*Watson 1-3 Wozniacki

Plenty of polite applause from the Eastbourne crowd as Watson dumps a double-backhand half volley down the line for 30-30 on Wozniacki's serve.

Chance? Watson senses one. She goes for another winner down the line after a patient rally, this time crashing the ball into the net.

Wozniacki doesn't need a second invitation, wrapping up the game to back up her break.