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  1. Nottingham Open semi-finals
  2. Great Britain's Johanna Konta beats Slovakia's Magdalena Rybarikova
  3. Konta bidding to win her first title on home soil
  4. * denotes next player to serve

Live Reporting

By Amy Lofthouse

All times stated are UK

And that is my cue to leave. We'll be back for tomorrow's final, which will see Konta take on either Lucie Safarova or Donna Vekic.

Thanks for the company!

Konta has reached her first grass final and she's done it in typically punchy style. There was a slight mis-step in the second set but overall, that's been a quality performance from the British number one.

Game, set and match - Konta

Konta 6-2 7-5 Rybarikova

The first match point is saved as Konta goes long, and then there's a long rally, both players stretching, before Rybarikova goes long!

*Konta 6-2 6-5 Rybarikova

There's a co-ordinated "ooh!" from the crowd as Konta nets a straightforward forehand for 15-15, but she wrests the advantage back with a punchy forehand.

Two match points now for the Brit, as a cross court forehand leaves Rybarikova glued to the floor...


*Konta 6-2 6-5 Rybarikova

Konta takes a long slurp of water and puffs out her cheeks before adjusting her visor and jogging out to court.

Can she serve her way into her first Nottingham Open final?

Konta gets the break

*Konta 6-2 6-5 Rybarikova

Rybarikova saves the first break point with a fine, angled forehand, but that's a double fault!

Konta kept a calm head there, and now she'll be serving for the match.

Konta 6-2 5-5 Rybarikova*

This has been a high quality set but it's Konta who has snaffled two break points at the crucial moment, drawing the errors out of her opponent...

Konta 6-2 5-5 Rybarikova*

Konta relies on her second serve again and Rybarkova's backhand slice goes long, and it comes in useful again as she tidies up the match. Even stevens again.


*Konta 6-2 4-5 Rybarikova

Lovely work from Rybarikova, drawing the error out of Konta with a hammered forehand, but Konta responds with a delicate backhand volley that her opponent can't reach.

That's long from Konta, though! Deuce...

*Konta 6-2 4-5 Rybarikova

A stonking response from Rybarikova and she holds to love with a furious service game.

Konta dipped at this stage yesterday against Ashleigh Barty, and she has a quick grumble to the umpire about some noise in the crowd. We're still on serve.

Konta 6-2 4-4 Rybarikova*

Down on one knee from Konta, and she hammers a backhand return that Rybarikova slaps high and wide.

That's good work from the Brit, a nicely angled forehand that beats her opponent, and she wins another scramble at the net before sealing the game with a spinning forehand.

*Konta 6-2 3-4 Rybarikova

Good backhand work from both players ensures an even tussle, Rybarikova favouring the drop shots and Konta going down the line.

And there's the ace! 113mph, and Rybarikova holds.

Konta 6-2 3-3 Rybarikova*

Fine serving from Konta, and her punchy little returns are too much for Rybarikova.

She gets on the board with another natty drop shot, but Konta's second serve ensures a comfortable hold.

*Konta 6-2 2-3 Rybarikova

A woman has been helped down from the stands with an ice pack and an umbrella. Hopefully she's OK. It is baking hot in Nottingham today. It'll be Konta to serve.

*Konta 6-2 2-3 Rybarikova

There's going to be a brief break in play here as the medics are called to attend to somebody in the crowd. Konta hands over her umbrella, which is passed up the stands to the person who is struggling.

*Konta 6-2 2-3 Rybarikova

Rybarikova's frustration shows as she loops her serve wide, and Konta adds insult to injury with a strong, two-handed backhand down the line.

Cracking returning from Konta, bringing up a break point, but Rybarikova responds with a fine, straight winner. That's deuce, and Rybarikova holds as Konta skews a return wide.

Konta 6-2 2-2 Rybarikova*

Ooft! That's a stonking winner from Rybarikova, powered down the line for 15-30.

And Rybarikova is ticking again! The line judge calls a wide Konta serve an ace, but Rybarikova is convinced it's out. She's right, too. She drops to her knees in fury as Konta draws level, and holds as a down the line forehand goes wide.

Rybarikova saves break point

*Konta 6-2 1-2 Rybarikova

Break point Konta, as Rybarikova's slender drop shot is short, and Konta is all over the rally before she spears a forehand long.

Rybarikova draws Konta up to the net and then batters a winner beyond her for the advantage. A big serve comes down and Konta can only net.

Konta 6-2 1-1 Rybarikova*

Konta wrong-foots Rybarikova to get the first point but she gets her angles all wrong on a forehand, the ball cracking into the top of the racquet and ending up somewhere in the stands.

The Brit wrestles it back though to deuce, sending her opponent the wrong way again.

Rybarikova breaks back

Konta 6-2 1-1 Rybarikova*

And Rybarikova breaks straight back! Konta sprawls to meet a forehand and doesn't clear the net. Konta looks up to her coach in annoyance.

*Konta 6-2 1-0 Rybarikova

When Rybarikova is ruffled, it shows. She channels her anger into a volley and Konta, going for the smash, hammers the ball into the foot of the net.

She recovers with a superb winner to Rybarikova's cross court dink, but Rybarikova is more than equal to it, darting forward and smashing a forehand beyond Konta.

That's two break points for Rybarikova...

Konta gets early break

*Konta 6-2 1-0 Rybarikova

Rybarikova gets the advantage as Konta's forehand goes skew-whiff, but Konta wrestles it back to deuce with a fine tap down the line.

Ooh, that's another harsh call that hasn't gone Rybarikova's way and she has a proper grumble at the umpire as Konta gets a break point. And a double fault hands the Brit the break!

Oh, Rybarikova is not impressed with things. She's been broken three times in a row, had a few calls go against her and she's not looking too comfortable either, rolling her neck and shoulder around as she heads to the sidelines.


Konta 6-2 0-0 Rybarikova*

That's a lovely second serve from Rybarikova, forcing Konta's return to go wide, but the Slovakian clutches at her shoulder as she returns into the net.

A wheel of the arm and she seems to be okay, but Konta throws everything into a forehand that her opponent just cannot meet. Magnificent from the Brit, plenty of aggression behind it, and we're going to deuce.

Konta 6-2 Rybarikova*

Both players take a drink and stare at the floor, Konta's feet tapping away. It'll be Rybarikova serving to get the second set under way.

Game and first set - Konta

Konta 6-2 Rybarikova

Yes she can! That's a very professional first set for Konta as Rybarikova's forehand goes wide again.

*Konta 5-2 Rybarikova

The sun is coming down into Konta's eyeline as she flicks the ball up and serves right into the corner of the court, forcing Rybarikova's forehand wide.

Three set points come whizzing up for Konta, Rybarikova looking a tad distracted. Can she seal it?

*Konta 5-2 Rybarikova

Rybarikova has called for her coach, who is crouched down next to her. Konta, meanwhile, contends herself with a slurp of water and a steely gaze forward.

Double break for Konta

*Konta 5-2 Rybarikova

Quick hands from Konta, sending Rybarikova left then right, and she ups the tempo with a brutal backhand to get the advantage.

Konta's found that bit of extra fizz as she wins the rally, forcing Rybarikova to net, and that's another break for the Brit.


Konta 4-2 Rybarikova*

Wonderful work from Rybarikova, sending Konta to the left to meet a drop shot, before wrong-footing her opponent with a nice backhand to the right.

Ooh, Rybarikova isn't happy as a perfectly decent serve is called out - and it looked in. She's had a few calls go against her and it's infuriated her as she kneels by the net and hits her head against the cord.

It's a cracking mix of styles between these two, Konta pushing her opponent deep and Rybarikova drawing her forward, and it's deuce as a Rybarikova backhand drops out.

Konta 4-2 Rybarikova*

Konta meets Rybarikova's delicate shots with that two-handed forehand before firing down another ace.

Ooh, a bobble off the net goes Konta's way, Rybarikova attempting to return with a between-the-legs shot that only just drops short, and the British number one consolidates her break with a beautiful shot down the line that Rybarikova can't get near.

Konta breaks

*Konta 3-2 Rybarikova

Konta's upping her tempo now, controlling the play from behind the baseline and she twice sends Rybarikova sprawling to return two forehands.

Rybarikova recovers with a fine serve that Konta can only knock into the net, but a beautiful cross court shot, angled nicely, hands her two break points. And she'll take the break as Rybarikova sends a backhand into the net!

Konta 2-2 Rybarikova*

There's been a bit of grumbling from Rybarikova about a few calls from the umpire. She's not afraid of making her feelings known.

Oops. Konta goes long on her backhand but recovers with a serve of pin point accuracy, the ball thudding right onto the baseline, and she'll hold.

*Konta 1-2 Rybarikova

Konta has snared an early break in all of her matches so far but Rybarikova is into her groove quickly, particularly with those dinky drop shots.

She brings up three game points with another superb slice, timed to perfection, and she races to an easy hold.

Konta 1-1 Rybarikova*

Konta readjusts her white visor and greets a lovely, floaty drop shot from Rybarikova with an equally delicate dink that her opponent nets.

There's the ace, Konta getting straight into rhythm on her serve, and we're all square.

*Konta 0-1 Rybarikova

Rybarikova whizzes down the line to beat Konta's sprawled forehand before the Briton backhands into the net.

Her opponent whizzes down an ace for 40-15 and, despite a slapped forehand from Konta to steal another point, a forehand volley ensures it's a comfortable hold for Rybarikova.

* denotes next server

Right, here we go. Magdalena Rybarikova will serve first.

It's a sell out crowd at Centre Court today. Over on Court One there's some more Brits in action, with Heather Watson and America's Christina McHale taking on Britons Jocelyn Rae and Laura Robson in the doubles semi-finals.

The players are out on court and it's a beautiful day in Nottingham...


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Rybarikova's route to the semi-final

What about Konta's opponent?

Well, Magdalena Rybarikova is in some form on the grass, after claiming the Surbiton Trophy last week with a straight set win over Konta's compatriot Heather Watson.

She didn't drop a set throughout the tournament and she's won all eight of her matches on the green stuff this year.

She stumbled slightly in the second round here but cruised to a straight-sets victory over Kristie Ahn in the quarter-finals.