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  1. Coco Vandeweghe beats Lucie Safarova 6-4 7-6 (7-2) - plays Pliskova next
  2. Pliskova beats Jennifer Brady 6-1 6-0 in 46 minutes
  3. Rafael Nadal beats Alexandr Dolgopolov 6-2 6-4 6-1 to reach last eight
  4. Teenager Andrey Rublev knocks out Goffin - plays Nadal next
  5. Fourth-round matches at Flushing Meadows

Live Reporting

By Amy Lofthouse and Caroline Chapman

All times stated are UK

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Juan Martin del Potro and Dominic Thiem have just headed out on court for their fourth-round clash.

We're done for the day, and so is Kaia Kanepi who has just beaten Daria Kasatkina 6-4 6-4 on Louis Armstrong Stadium.

Keep an eye on the website for reports on Del Po-Thiem and Roger Federer against Philipp Kohlschreiber later.

We'll be back tomorrow. Until then!

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Vandeweghe celebrates

Vandeweghe 6-4 7-6 (6-2) Safarova*

Coco Vandeweghe speaking after her victory: "I was definitely happy to play mixed yesterday to get lactic acid out. Lucie serves very well and hits the ball cleanly off the baseline and I had to try and retrieve which isn't my forte.

"My grandfather said he was the best athlete in the family. I'm happy to have friends and family out here to push me forward as I'm trying to catch my grandfather.

"Hopefully we can make it four Americans left and Madison Keys can win tonight. It's a great section to be in. I love playing in quarter-finals so I can hopefully keep it going."

On playing Pliskova: "She plays a pretty big game. She holds serve very quickly and makes it difficult to get a rhythm. But she also has to worry about me. I do the same thing on my service game. Hopefully you guys will push me through again."

Vandeweghe 6-4 7-6 (6-2) Safarova

Pat Cash is waving to Vandeweghe on the court like an excitable child, which is unbelievably sweet. The two of them seem to have a really lovely relationship.

Vandeweghe 6-4 7-6 (6-2) Safarova

Up next for Coco Vandeweghe is world number one Karolina Pliskova.

Game, set and match - Vandeweghe

Vandeweghe 6-4 7-6 (7-2) Safarova

A Vandeweghe serve hits the top of Safarova's racquet and loops between the tramlines.

That's four set points to Vandeweghe - and she does it with an ace!

CoCo Vandeweghe of the US celebrates


*Vandeweghe 6-4 6-6 (5-2) Safarova

Safarova back on serve.

She tries to poke the ball over the net from close range after a rally, but she can't clear it.

The pair switch ends, and on Safarova's second serve the Czech plonks the ball long over the baseline while doing the splits. Ouch.


Vandeweghe 6-4 6-6 (3-2) Safarova*

Safarova flights her return to a big Vandeweghe serve wide to draw the two level again.

Then a nice skip to the net from the American allows her to move in front with a backhand winner.

*Vandeweghe 6-4 6-6 (1-2) Safarova

One good, one bad.

Vandeweghe snatches a point back but can only play the next one wide.


Vandeweghe 6-4 6-6 (0-1) Safarova*

Ooh. Vandeweghe aims down the line and ends up flicking it long.

*Vandeweghe 6-4 6-6 Safarova

Now then.

Forehand winners aplenty from Safarova, and she holds to love. Hello, tie-break.

Lucie Safarova of Czech Republic returns

Vandeweghe 6-4 6-5 Safarova*

A wayward forehand is the only error from Vandeweghe as she skips through her service game.

It's down to Safarova to try and force a tie-break.

*Vandeweghe 6-4 5-5 Safarova

Clever stuff from Coco, sending Safarova this way and that before curving a backhand winner beyond her for 15-15.

The Czech then double faults - her third of the match - before a Vandeweghe backhand and a volley winner allow her to hold.

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Dennis Ethan: Please can you tell me what tennis players are looking at when picking balls to serve with?

Superstition? Fluffiness? Greenness? I suspect it's a combination of all those things.

Vandeweghe 6-4 5-4 Safarova*

A fine forehand from Vandeweghe is the best shot of a speedy game as she holds to love.

CoCo Vandeweghe celebrates

Kaia Kanepi is running away with her last 16 match against Daria Kasatkina.

The Estonian is 6-4 4-1 to the good over on Louis Armstrong Stadium.

*Vandeweghe 6-4 4-4 Safarova

Eurgh. Safarova is in complete control of the point, Vandeweghe has given up as the Czech moves in for a smash, there's acres of open court - and she plonks it down in front of her feet. Dearie me.

She still holds to 30, mind.

Vandeweghe 6-4 4-3 Safarova*

Long on the backhand from Safarova, crouching down low, and follows it up with a loopy forehand. Vandeweghe holds.

Lucie Safarova looks dejected
Getty Images

Vandeweghe 6-4 3-3 Safarova*

Vandeweghe ups her tempo to move to 40-30 after Safarova snaffles a couple of points.

That's deuce, though, as a forehand winner comes off Safarova's racquet.

Vandeweghe breaks back

*Vandeweghe 6-4 3-3 Safarova

Vandeweghe races to a 0-30 lead, courtesy of a stonking forehand winner, before Safarova cracks down an ace.

A loose backhand from Vandeweghe draws the two level, but then Safarova fluffs two backhands down the line to cancel out her break straight away.

CoCo Vandeweghe of the United States celebrates
Getty Images

Kanepi a set up

Estonia's Kaia Kanepi has taken the first set 6-4 against Daria Kasatkina of Russia over on Louis Armstrong Stadium.

The winner will play either Elina Svitolina or Madison Keys in the quarter-finals.

Kaia Kanepi
Getty Images

Safarova breaks

Vandeweghe 6-4 2-3 Safarova*

This is a good recovery from Safarova, pushing Vandeweghe all the way, and suddenly, she's got two break points over the American.

Vandeweghe rescues one with an almighty ace, but she goes too big on a forehand! The first break of this set goes the Czech's way.

Lucie Safarova of Czech Republic celebrates

Safarova saves break points & holds

*Vandeweghe 6-4 2-2 Safarova

Safarova wins a tussle at the net with a smash, and Vandeweghe then lops a serve into the net.

Safarova holds. Just.

*Vandeweghe 6-4 2-1 Safarova

A furious forehand from Safarova stretches Vandeweghe, and she can't get her racquet onto the shot.

Safarova's lead is shortlived, though, as she double faults again.

Now Vandeweghe controls the rally, running behind the baseline and forcing Safarova's big swipe into the net.

Safarova's response? A 105mph serve that Vandeweghe spoons wide. Deuce.

*Vandeweghe 6-4 2-1 Safarova

That's good work from Safarova, sending Vandeweghe one way and hammering a forehand winner the other.

Another lovely cross-court winner comes Vandeweghe's way for 40-0, but the American gets on the board as Safarova swings and misses down the line.

Now the errors creep in from Safarova, and suddenly her lead goes missing. She double faults, and that's deuce.

Lucie Safarova of the Czech Republic serves

Vandeweghe 6-4 2-1 Safarova*

Safarova stays on her opponent's tail with some lovely return shots, but at 40-30 the Czech messes up a cross-court forehand which lands wide.

Vandeweghe holds.

*Vandeweghe 6-4 1-1 Safarova

Safarova lands her third ace of the match to move to 30-0.

She deals well with a Vandeweghe onslaught from the baseline, and the American overcooks the baseline for 40-0.

Same again on the next point, giving Safarova a hold to love.

Lucie Safarova of the Czech Republic returns

Vandeweghe 6-4 1-0 Safarova*

Coco Vandeweghe is back on serve but it's Lucie Safarova who snaffles the first point with a gorgeous cross-court winner.

The New Yorker recovers to 40-30 and Safarova nets for the second consecutive point, handing a hold to Vandeweghe.

Over on Louis Armstrong Stadium, it's still going with serve in the other women's last 16 match between Daria Kasatkina and Kaia Kanepi.

It's 3-3 in the first set.

Daria Kasatkina

Game and first set - Vandeweghe

Vandeweghe 6-4 Safarova

Safarova saves the first with a serve right into the corner of the court, and Vandeweghe nets.

She can't save the second though! A forehand winner from Vandeweghe, and she takes the first set.

CoCo Vandeweghe of the US celebrates a point

*Vandeweghe 5-4 Safarova

Safarova had three chances to break in that last game and shelled all of them.

Vandeweghe makes her wince as she thuds an almighty, two-handed backhand to an angled serve to go 0-30 up.

And then Safarova blazes an easy forehand into the net! That's three set points for the American.

Vandeweghe 5-4 Safarova*

Advantage Vandeweghe comes and goes as Safarova steps in and finds the winner.

An almighty forehand then puts Vandeweghe back in control, and Safarova can't make hay as Vandeweghe holds. That could be a costly miss for the Czech.

Vandeweghe saves break point

Vandeweghe 4-4 Safarova*

A fine rally goes Safarova's way as a big Vandeweghe backhand goes long, before a loose forehand from the Czech finds the net.

Ooh, a backhand error swings things Safarova's way, before another wayward strokes hands Safarova a break point.

No worries, though. A big serve from Vandeweghe and Safarova, going for the big forehand winner, hoicks it long. Deuce.

*Vandeweghe 4-4 Safarova

Hands on hips from Vandeweghe as there's a very late call of out on her forehand - a forehand that landed perfectly on the line and that Safarova summarily smacked wide.

Vandeweghe has her usual disagreement with the umpire over replaying the point, but errs a few times as Safarova holds to 15. Vandeweghe throws her racquet in frustration.

CoCo Vandeweghe of the US bounces her racquet

'This sport is about victory'

Piers Newbery

BBC Sport at Flushing Meadows

Rafael Nadal has headed pretty swiftly to the interview room after his win over Alexandr Dolgopolov, and is pondering the suggestion that 19-year-old Andrey Rublev has nothing to lose in the next round.

"He's young but he's in the quarter-finals and has the chance to be in the semi-finals for the first time in his career, so of course he has things to lose. This sport is about victory, it's not about defeats. At the end of your career nobody remembers the losses, they remember the victories."

Vandeweghe 4-3 Safarova*

That's nice from Vandeweghe, a backhand volley at the net getting her the first points of the game.

Safarova times the pants off an airy forehand to get on the board before consecutive big serves from Vandeweghe end things rather abruptly.

CoCo Vandeweghe hits a backhand

*Vandeweghe 3-3 Safarova

The umpire gives somebody in the corporate boxes a telling off for making too much noise, before Safarova crashes through her service game.

She sends down an ace to tidy up a love hold.

Vandeweghe 3-2 Safarova*

"Come on!" yells Vandeweghe as Safarova's response to her serve goes awry, and she holds with a corker of a second serve.

Andrey Rublev of Russia celebrates

Vandeweghe 2-2 Safarova*

Vandeweghe drops short and Safarova is so quick on her feet to get to the net and volley a winner for 30-30.

There's a noise of annoyance from Vandeweghe as she tonks a forehand long, handing Safarova a break point, but a strong forehand return from the American sees the Czech slap a pick up into the net.

Deuce, once again.

*Vandeweghe 2-2 Safarova

Pat Cash, decked out in blue, gets to his feet and applauds as Vandeweghe makes her way back out.

Safarova slices a serve out wide and Vandeweghe's return is long, but she returns a belter of a backhand down the line to draw leve.

The Czech tidies up with another slicey serve that Vandeweghe can't return, and Vandeweghe then sends a forehand out.

Lucie Safarova of the Czech Republic serves

Vandeweghe 2-1 Safarova*

Vandeweghe challenges as a serve is called out, and she's right to do so. It's an ace down the T, and the American has the advantage.

And she follows it up as Safarova lashes a forehand long.