Giovanni Cernogoraz Croatia

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Date of birth

27 Dec 1982


London 2012
Gold Silver Bronze
1 0 0

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Giovanni Cernogoraz competed in SHOOTING

Did you know?

  • Shooting has 15 medal events, divided into three different groups: rifle, pistol and shotgun.
  • In the rifle and pistol competitions, marksmen aim at targets ranging from 10 to 50 metres away.
  • In the shotgun event, competitors shoot at clay targets propelled at a series of different directions and angles.
  • Shooting has been an Olympic sport since the first modern Games in 1896 but the events were very different back then.
  • There was live pigeon shooting in Paris in 1900 and pistol duelling at the unofficial Games six years later - when participants shot at mannequins in frock coats.

Results for Giovanni Cernogoraz

Date Event Rank Mark
6 Aug Men's Trap Finals 1 gold 24 pts
6 Aug Men's Trap Qualification Day 2 13 48 pts
5 Aug Men's Trap Qualification Day 1 6 74 pts