Rio 2016: Did Bolt cause security scare? Ledecky recreates that Phelps photo

Monday, 15 August

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Police are investigating whether Usain Bolt's 100m win in Rio led to a false alarm about gunfire and a panicked evacuation at New York's John F Kennedy International Airport (AP)

Two people suffered minor injuries when a television camera crashed to the ground in the Olympic Park. (BBC News)

America's defending Olympic pole vault champion Jenn Suhr has contracted a serious virus which could affect her jumping. (Reuters)

Jason Kenny's victory in the men's sprint final on Sunday was Britain's 250th gold at the summer Olympics

Irish hurdler Thomas Barr did not bet on qualifying from the 400m hurdles, packing only one pair of socks. The 24-year-old clocked a season's best of 48.93 seconds to finish second in his heat and qualify for Wednesday's semi-finals. (RTE)

A forest fire broke out near the Olympic Hockey Centre during Britain's women's quarter-final win against Spain. (Ollie Williams on Twitter)

Katie Ledecky
Ten years ago, Michael Phelps signed an autograph for Katie Ledecky. At Rio, the two multiple gold medallists recreated the photograph

South African journalist Wes Botton can finally shave off his beard after Wayde van Niekerk's world record-breaking 400m gold in Rio. (Sport360)

The Games' best selfie?

Brianne Theisen-Eaton
Hepthlon bronze medallist Brianne Theisen-Eatonb posted this picture on Instagram with the caption: "Get your Olympic medal ✔️ Hop the fence ✔️ Get a selfie with Bolt ✔️"

How did South Africa's new 400m Olympic champion, world record holder and Liverpool fan Wayde van Niekerk prepare for the race of his life? By watching Premier League football. "I watched the Liverpool match before, I was losing my mind because it was a tight match," said the 23-year-old. "My brother is an Arsenal fan. Now I've got the world record and Liverpool beat Arsenal."

"I'm a big fan of the underdog. I was hoping Liverpool could win some silverware, but it is taking a little bit longer than I thought it would," Van Niekerk told BBC World Service about supporting the Reds.

Van Niekerk, who broke Michael Johnson's 17-year record in the 400m, could also call upon the expertise of his coach - 74-year-old great grandmother Ans Botha, a former sprinter and long jumper. (Washington Post)

Michael Johnson, the man whose 1999 record Van Niekerk broke, tweeted: "Thanks for all the kind words. I'll always have the memory of the accomplishment of breaking it. Like the 200 [in which Usain Bolt broke Johnson's record] I think it's in good hands."

After Jamaica's Usain Bolt became the first athlete to win three Olympic 100m titles in a time of 9.81 seconds, the question 'How fast is Usain Bolt?' overtook searches for 'How fast is the speed of light?'. (Google Trends)

Google alternative emails
Google has also produced an alternative medal table which factors in country's gross domestic product totals

NBA star LeBron James tweeted: "Nothing u can do vs that cheetah! #Bolt"

Manchester United's world record £89m signing Paul Pogba tweeted an image suggesting the only way to race "unstoppable" Usain Bolt is on a motorbike

Paul Pogba

While ESPN's Marc J. Spears made this comparison...

Marc J. Spears

The photographer behind that famous picture of Bolt smiling at the camera during the 100m final has explained how he captured the iconic shot. (Time)

The retiring Michael Phelps was allowed a graceful return to the ocean from whence he came, according to Australian satire news website The Shovel, having enthralled the world for 15 years with his swimming feats.

Canadian MP Jason Kenney felt the love on social media after his almost-namesake, Great Britain cyclist Jason Kenny won gold in the men's sprint final. The Calgary politician tweeted in response: "Thanks for the implausible congrats on Olympic cycling gold, but the credit goes to my infinitely more talented UK namesake @JasonKenny107."

Rio 2016 gold medallist Andy Murray's gran was live on BBC Breakfast
Rio 2016 gold medallist Andy Murray's gran was live on BBC Breakfast

Andy Murray's mum Judy was watching her son win his second Olympic title nervously at home and revealed she tried to answer her ringing mobile phone by picking up the television remote. His brother Jamie tweeted: "Double Gold Medalist Andy Murray. Extraterrestrial. Raised by a family in Dunblane, Scotland".

The diving platform of the Rio Olympics open-water swimming event has collapsed into the sea, with only two days to go until the start of the competition (Times of India)

Rio 2016

The success of some of the British male athletes seemed to pique interest in their love lives on Sunday, with Google Trends reporting the top five questions asked about Max Whitlock, Justin Rose and Jason Kenny all included one about their current relationship status. Also searched for on Google on day nine was "Is Usain Bolt in Team GB?", "What is gymnastics?" and "How do you play golf?" (Google Trends)

The catering company for the Olympics is hoping to provide about 5,000 meals a day to the under-privileged, in a campaign called RefettoRio Gastromotiva which uses food waste generated after the 11,000 residents of the athletes village have been fed. (The Independent)

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Hen do gatecrashes BBC Four

Quotes of the day

"The marathon is the trickiest of all the events. If something goes wrong it's not just a little disaster, it's a 26-mile disaster." US marathon runner Amy Cragg, after coming ninth.

"I think the nicest, strongest and deepest emotions you can only achieve when you play for your country. It's something which I would recommend everyone to try at least once. To win something for yourself is definitely a great thing, but winning for your country, for your people, for your fans and for the family is something which I cannot measure. I'm very proud of that and I hope the whole country will celebrate with us another medal for Czech Republic and also for Czech tennis. This medal belongs to our whole country. I'm losing slowly my words because it's slowly coming what we've achieved and maybe in the end of the mixed zone I'm going to cry." Czech tennis player and mixed doubles bronze medallist Radek Stepanek actually ended this interview laughing.

"None of my players will get up tomorrow morning feeling they were horrible tonight. They have done their utmost. No one will be buried alive after this." Romania women's handball coach Tom Ryde reacts to his side's 28-27 loss to Norway.

One of Ryde's players, Oana Manea, added: "Norway is a good team, they have a system in their game. They are like robots. Norway is Norway, all the time they win."

"My flat's right outside the McDonald's so every day I look outside and think, 'A couple more days, one more week and I'll be in that queue'. Every day I look at that queue and think, 'One more week'. I know the times when it's quiet; I've got it all down. They don't do double cheeseburgers so I'm just gonna get four cheeseburgers, throw the buns away and make my own. I've planned it all." Following reports that the temptation of free McDonald's at the Olympic Village meant the fast food chain had to limit each person to 20 items at a time, British boxer Savannah Marshall has a plan.

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