The creative agency with newsroom values


A global content marketing team that brings together the boldness and innovative qualities of a creative studio with the agility, responsiveness and timeliness of the newsroom. BBC StoryWorks builds on our award-winning global expertise in creating film and video, writing and digital innovation, and our instinctive ability to seek out stories that capture audiences’ attention.

Custom production

This is paid commercial content that is created to promote an advertiser. It is produced by BBC StoryWorks, a division within BBC Global News Ltd that is separate to the BBC’s editorial teams. It is produced to the quality expected for BBC content, running in commercial slots.

Branded Content

BBC StoryWorks also creates paid published content with an editorial style which runs ‘natively’ on within the BBC StoryWorks CMS (content management system). The content is clearly labelled as “paid and presented by [brand logo]” or “advertisement feature presented by [brand logo]’.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is BBC editorial content that an advertiser pays to associate with. The content is commissioned by the BBC’s editorial teams and is independent of the sponsor. It is usually labelled “sponsored by” or “in association with”.