What type of business traveller are you?

Whether you’re looking to crash in the heart of the CBD, set up a home-from-home in a regional town, or base yourself out of a spacious apartment in a stylish suburb, Quest has the perfect space for your next business trip.

Take our quiz to discover your business travel style and learn how travellers like you make the most of a work trip.

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Before you go on a business trip
you always research…

  • Galleries, shows and sights in the city you are visiting
  • Wi-Fi speed
  • The best bars and restaurants near your hotel
  • Takeaway food and supermarkets close to home base
  • Yoga classes or running routes
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The first thing you do when you walk into your hotel room on a business trip is...

  • Check out the view
  • Set up your chargers and get your devices charging
  • Order an Uber
  • Unpack completely
  • Fill the fridge with healthy snacks
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Which of the following phrases
do you most identify with?

  • You’ve got to stop and smell the roses
  • Speed and efficiency are two different things
  • If your business comes from relationships, relationships should be your business
  • There’s no place like home
  • Eating well is a form of self-respect
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Your dream location for a work conference is…

  • Paris
  • Sydney
  • Las Vegas
  • Home
  • Ubud
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The first thing you ask at check-in is:

  • What’s on locally?
  • What’s the Wi-Fi password?
  • How long does it take to get a taxi to the CBD?
  • Where can I do laundry?
  • Where’s the gym?
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Your flight is delayed.
What do you do next?

  • Grab coffee and a cake and make some calls
  • Head to a lounge and get a workspace set up
  • Start researching alternative flights
  • Look into rescheduling your meetings
  • Breathe and practice gratitude
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Which one of the following do you ALWAYS carry in your luggage?

  • Book (digital or paper)
  • Multi-USB charger
  • Berocca
  • The same toiletries you have at home
  • Workout gear
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The number one thing you
look for in a hotel is:

  • Central location
  • Fast Wi-Fi
  • Close to great bars and restaurants
  • Space to spread out
  • Fitness facilities
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