The most brilliant apps free up your time, so you can do more of the things you love.

It’s called a smartphone, but just how smart is yours? Contrary to popular belief, not all smartphones were created equal. Some come with better pre-set functions than others. Some functions you still use today, some you store in a faraway dusty digital corner.  Still, the best part about smartphones is its profound ability for users to tailor it to suit their needs – be it to help keep track of finances, navigate foreign cities, or stay on top of ongoing shopping promotions.

A study conducted by market research firm Nielsen claimed that the average person uses an estimate of 27 apps a month, which doesn’t sound like a lot considering that Apple and Google’s app stores have altogether more than a million apps available.

We reckon half the fun is in downloading and trying apps out to see which works best for you. But if you would rather someone else navigate the labyrinth that is the app store, here are four broad categories of innovative apps that will help make any user’s mobile experience savvier. The best thing? They are all free.



Constantly looking to explore the world around you, both at home and overseas? We’ve combed through dozens of the latest travel apps and found two worthiest of a permanent spot on your coveted home screens. Go on, explore!

Forget about lugging around cumbersome city maps, Citymaps is one app globetrotters should not embark on a vacation without. It works free both online and offline. Its bold claim of covering every single country and city around the world is remarkably true. For each destination, users enjoy offline maps, offline routing as well as offline city guides. Don’t travel without it.

Download: Android/iPhone

If you’ve found yourself on at least one occasion wishing it were more socially acceptable to ask the people in the same taxi queue if there were going the same way, Ryde is for you. The app is a social enterprise that provides users with a sustainable alternative for the daily commute to solve congestion and pollution problems cities are facing of late. Contributions are based on distance so users will know the exact amount before they are matched with a driver.

Download: Android/iPhone



There are some apps that just make life better. Whether it’s discovering new music, grabbing a good deal or hanging out with your friends, these apps let you live life to the fullest.

DBS Lifestyle
With the DBS Lifestyle App, and your DBS and POSB Credit or Debit Card, you are set to enjoy the best deals at your fingertips. Want to have a sumptuous meal at a fancy hotel, shop till you drop online or get a well-deserved massage after a hectic week, all without breaking the bank? This app is your best friend.

Download: Android/iPhone

Competition has tripled since they’ve launched in 2008 but Spotify has shown that it is here to stay. Available in the app form as well as a web player, Spotify continues to be one of the most popular music streaming services. Choose to listen to your music for free, with the occasional ad spliced within songs, or pay a nominal monthly fee for ad-free listening, even offline.

Download: Android/iPhone

DBS PayLah!
Time to split the bill at a social gathering but realise that you don’t have any cash on hand? DBS Paylah! is the easiest way to go Dutch. Instead of running across the street to the ATM while your friends contemplate the possibility of you dining and dashing, simply open up the app, enter your buddy’s mobile number, amount to be transferred and hit ‘send’. You can even request for cash or send reminders to friends who owe you money.

Download: Android/iPhone



With the demands of work, relationships, family, social media and everything else that fills up your day, it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed by life from time to time. Why not install these productivity apps that will free up your time, so you can do more of the things you love?

If you, like us, regard your keyboard autocorrect as both a friend and foe, you’ll want this app downloaded pronto. SwiftKey is an on-screen keyboard replacement that makes use of AI to learn your writing style; the way you type and the emojis you tend to frequent. Our favourite function has to be its ability to autocorrect our text using a bilingual tongue once you’ve selected your languages on the app.

Download: Android/iPhone

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. Designed by Instagram to better facilitate its photo-editing game, Layout does exactly what its name suggests – to help you lay your photo complex collages out, well, up to nine photos at least. We like that the app doesn’t require any prior account creation, which streamlines the transition from Layout to Instagram.

Download: Android/iPhone

If you’ve space for only one app to boost the intelligence of your smartphone, make it If This Then That (or IFTTT – rhymes with “gift”). In a nutshell, it helps you automate small tasks between Internet-connected services, which IFTTT calls “recipes”. Uploading a photo onto Instagram? Connect that action with Dropbox and you’ve got an ultra-smart system that automatically saves your Instagram photos in your Dropbox folder.  

Download: Android/iPhone



The smartphone – already a Swiss-army knife of information, content and entertainment – is too convenient a medium for people to stay on top of their finances. Banking and managing your money is bound to get easier with these apps.

No, this isn’t that famous character wearing a red-and-white-striped shirt, bobble hat, and glasses that you need to find in double-page spread illustrations. This Wally actually helps you take control of your money by knowing where it goes and generally, keeping things simple. Even the most tedious task of entering your expenses from receipts is simplified with its InstaScan function. Just take a picture of your receipt through the app, and Wally will upload how much you spent.

Download: Android/iPhone

Modelled after Mint, the popular American finance management tool, Seedly is a nifty app that consolidates your finances in one place.  It automatically tracks your spending when you link your bank and credit cards through a secure channel, categorises your transactions and alerts you when you’re approaching your spending limit. It’s finance management made very, very easy. The app also allows you to communicate with its AI chatbot to receive insights, spending patterns and financial recommendations on where and how you can start saving.

Download: Android/iPhone

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